Saturday, August 18, 2012

Mike and Frank Get Ready to Fight #BB14

They are running and doing pushups like they are possessed.  It's time for Mike to get to work tonight.  He needs to get Shane to nominate the right person so he can stay this week.

It's about self-preservation, Mike. Maybe he should offer Shane the $10K he won last Thursday.

Inside Danielle is making some mac and cheese with chicken.  Ashley is helping her devise a recipe plan.  It's like the blind leading the blind, as she asks Ashley for ideas.  Oh here comes Joe. She asks Joe if she can make barbecued chicken in the oven and he says yes, just baste it.

Danielle:  Do we have, like, a baster thing?

To his credit, I think he ignored the question.

In the next couple of pictures below, that is Danielle trying to wake up Britney and ask her if she would like some mac and cheese.  You can't even see Britney.  She is the lump under the blanket there.

I Love This Game #BB14

Apparently Frank has won the POV and the Castaways are all glum, knowing one of them will be on the block.

Ian is talking about the goodbye message he will leave for Boogie this week...he will say "like father like son".  Hie is disgusted with the way today turned out.

Danielle is "disgusted with Frank's cussin'".

Now Dan is On the Scene #BB14

and is out on the hammock alone.  I guess he's been here the whole time.  Danielle approaches him and asks if he wants company, if he's okay.

Dan says he's "playing possum", just laying on the side of the road, playing dead.  He will come alive next Thursday.  He seems down.  Danielle says that Chelsea would want him to check up on him from time to time.

Dan thinks Chelsea knows what he's up to.

Now Ian comes over to the hammock and wants to know how Dans' DR was.  FISH.  Now Dan is muttering with Ian that they shouldn't talk about it here. 

Ian: They can't hear us...

Dan:  I don't think it is a good idea...not here.  I'll go in and you two can talk.

(OK.. Mike or Frank DID win POV.)

Ian, to Danielle:  Do you think Ashley is going up?

Danille: I don't know...

Ian goes through names like Jenn, etc.  It's better for Ian to have Ashley up on the block and he votes to save her.

(Ian needs to start keeping stuff like that to himself.  It's not Danielle's job to make hm look good.)

I think Frank won, but I'm just guessing, based on Frank's attitude.

Still No Hint #BB14

of who won the POV.  That right there kind of indicates that neither Mike nor Frank may have won.  They are way too calm and quiet.  They are talking about Frank's coffee and tea drinking habits, and Mike says that he is bored in there.

Franks likes to drink rum and coconut water, with a splash of pineapple juice.  (yum)  Mike would like that with lots of ice.   Frank talks about some sort of "Apple Pie Juice" that someone made for him for Christmas, with Everclear (that is grain alcohol!) that was delicious, and he sipped his out of the Mason jar it came in.  (that is hardcore)

Ian and Danielle play on at the pool table.  Where is Dan, Shane and Britney?

Frank is babbling about some movie and Mike looks a thousand miles away.  Ashley is laying there and contributing from time to time.

Frank goes over to help with the pool table.  Frank asks Danielle to please watch his toes.  Frank can smell a cook-out somewhere in the distance.


And We're Back #BB14

and they are all out in the backyard.  Whatever was out there has already been cleaned up and removed.

So the POV must have ended some time ago.

Frank and Mike are talking about playing pool, and working on the table to get it even.  Danielle and Ian are playing pool, and Ian does some fancy moves behind his back.

All 4 cameras on these four house guests.  Mike says the back yard is always so different after they've been out there competing.

Don't know who won yet, but someone's in the DR.  I don't get that celebratory feeling from Mike and Frank.

The Suspense Grows.... #BB14

So, maybe you know that the POV contest has been underway for nearly seven hours.  Yes, seven hours.

Well, the feeds have been down, so we can assume that.  Or can we?

There are rumors out there of a medical emergency, and some sort of mystery tweet from CBS about this emergency.

Missy from RealNetworks tweeted them for a True or False answer about it, but has not received a response.

Who knows?  Did something happen?  I'm pretty sure something happened today, but as a Big Brother fan I know that all will be revealed in time. 

Somebody will win, and somebody will lose.

Big Brother Affter Dark - Whispers...Lies..and Allegations - 8-18-12 #BB14

This episode aired on Showtime at 9:00 pm BBT on Friday, and on Saturday morning where I live.

Shane is the HOH, and about two hours before this program aired, he blindsided Mike Boogie and Frank by nominating them.

A lot of stuff happened after that.  You can get a feel for it here.


1.   When the show starts we see Britney having a tearful conversation with Shane about the evening's events.  If I didn't know better, I would think Britney's tiny ass was on the block.  I would never guess that one of her allies is the HOH, and that she herself won Safety for the week.  She is just the saddest house guest in the world right now.

Shane was apologizing to Britney about blaming the nominations on her.  Britney was calm, and said she can see that he is trying to make moves for himself.  He is sorry she was abused by Froogie.  Britney clarifiies that they didn't "call her names or anything", but that they "told her to save it".  Shane was confused by that.  His hair has a big swoop tonight seemingly sculpted out of plastic.  Not unlike Johnny Bravo.  Shane says that he is very sorry, and still has her best intentions in mind, even if the feeling is not mutual.  Britney just wants to sit alone, so Shane leaves.

2.  Danielle came in and Britney started rehashing everything, and tells her that she "lost BB12 because she trusted the wrong people".  She did some weird angry whispering routine about how she was "the big bad girl who was so evil she was sent home on Day 67 of BB12".   She seems to be either losing it, or playing some sort of weird role. 

She said she read message boards before coming in this year and people said that if Britney was going to be a Coach, "LOL" because she was so bad last time.   Then she did the same weird routine again, but pretending she was a wicked witch.  After a moment Dan came in.

As usual Dan just sits there and lets her talk, staring and telling her nothing. Dan thanks her for not throwing him and Danielle under the bus.  Britney said that she didn't tell them anything about who said what.  Britney leaves and gets called to the DR.

Dan and Danielle stay behind in the Arcade and whisper.  Dan says that "when they come to you, then you have the power".

3.  On Skid Row Frank and Mike are strategizing.  Frank thinks they should put it on blast that Dan came to them and wanted to work with the two of them.  Mike wants to wait until they win the POV first.  Frank knows that Dan is planning on whoever stays working with him.  Mike just wants to go home if Frank is gone, but says he will try to fight.

Frank knew it would cost him in the end for not evicting Dan, but thought that wouldn't happen until a few weeks down the road.  Mike thinks Dan's playing risky and hopes that doesn't cost him the game. 

Frank:  When we say we're loyal, we mean it.  But when he says it, it doesn't come off like that..

Mike:  He's like a used car salesman.  Slimy.....

The cameras show us Dan, whispering with Danielle and Shane in the Arcade.  I think they're talking about Britney.

Back to Froogie, Mike says if he goes home this week, Frank should bond with Jenn, Ashley, Ian and Joe. 

Frank:  We'll tell them, we all got played by these motherfuckers!  Now let's bond together and get them out!

Mike says Dan is working double time right now.  Frank wants to call Dan out and say he knows he sold them out, and Mike will say you better win that POV!  Mike asks the cameras if Showtime wants to see that?  He thinks they shouldn't do it right in front of everyone, but he's down for that.

Mike:  I'll just tell them.  You moved too early dog!  That's what I respected about Rachel.  Last year she said that, it's on bitches!  That's not the way I prefer to play, but I'll do it.  I hope he walks in here right now.

Mike knows Dan and Danielle want them to be against Shane and Britney. 

Mike:  If he thinks he's being slick, we'll go to the end of the earth to expose everything we know!

Frank:  And I'll tell him everything he said when he wanted us to keep Danielle. 

Mike:  Instead of calling everybody out the night they're evicted, we'll do that all week.  And like I said to "the Wizard".  I knew what I was doing when I took that 10 G's.  And I'd do it again every time! I wasn't going to beat him anyway.

Frank:  Fuckin' Dan...

Mike:  He's a sneaky son of a bitch.

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Vintage Chilltown from BB7 #BB14

The POV is  underway right now in the BB14 house, and in my quest to procrastinate and waste valuable time I stumbled on a section of video on the SuperPass website that is nostalgic and oddly timely.

There is a section where SuperPass hosts a few excerpts from the live feeds from each Big Brother season.  After Janelle's bombshell admission this week of a showmance with Dr. Will during BB7, I decided to view a few clips that are posted.  (You can read what Janelle said here.)

The clip I watched first was a food competition where the BB7 house guests had to dig large rubber rats out of troughs of slop.  They could not use their hands, and were tied to a partner.  The team with the biggest pile of rats won.  I remember seeing this on the show, but this was one camera feed way up high on the action.  You could barely see who was doing what, but I did hear things like Dr. Will telling Chicken George that he "definitely brought the fucking heat out there".

Mike Boogie talked about this competition this week---he said he ended up with slop deep in his ears that the doctors didn't find until weeks later.  He had a very bad infection from it.  And you might know he has ear infections this week, although I don't know how he got them.

Then there was an excerpt titled Chilltown Game Talk.  Wow.  It is a 6 minute long meeting of Chilltown in the storage room.  They are so excited in this clip--things are going their way and they are celebrating.  They are both buzzed and several interesting topics are discussed, including:

*  Janelle is the HOH and everyone in the house expects her to nominate Mike Boogie.  Wil reports that they were just alone in the back yard and Janelle told him she liked him and wanted to kiss him.  He said, Janelle, don't play with me like this, and she persisted.  He eventually said that "Janelle was Rap City" with a throat-slitting motion which I think means they just made out.

*  Will said they need more alcohol, immediately!

*  They discussed splitting any future prize money two ways.  Will told Mike he is in position to win, and that if they are both nominated Will will just ask them to send him to Jury and he will start promoting Mike's win.  They shake on the plan to split the money.  (Are they allowed to do that?)

*  Will says if Mike wins BB, then they will be a lock for The Amazing Race.  (ha ha ha)

I miss the Evil Dr. Will.

Jeff Chats With Wil Heuser #BB14

Jeff Schroeder sat down with Wil Heuser Friday, to discuss the stack of questions that viewers have submitted for him.  Jeff congratulates him on 40 days in the house and Wil says "All Day, All Night!"

Helen wants to know how he keeps his hair so fabulous looking?  Wil doesn't like to wear a lot of product in his hair.  It is actually very curly so he likes to use a good shampoo, a little heat protectent, and then he "flat irons the hell out of it".  Jeff says his hair is fabulous, and Wil says Jeff is a silver fox himeself.  Jeff cracks up over that one.  

Robbie wants to know if Wil believes in karma, since just voted out Janelle.  Wil does believe in karma, but says that even if he didn't vote for her, Janelle would have gone home anyway.  Wil knew there was a large alliance in the house and calls it the Not So Silent Six.  Jeff tells him about the Quack Pack and Wil didn't know about that one.  He says Britney is so sneaky...

If Frank had gone home instead of Janelle, he thinks he would definitely still be in the house and would not have been a target for some time.  Jeff compliments Wil on playing his own game, and being smart enough to sniff out crap when it is handed to him.  He gives the example of Janelle acting like she was crying and Wil calling her out in the DR on it, and him catching Dan in a lie.  Wil says both Dan and Britney are playing the same exact games that they did in their seasons and Wil was on to them.

Wil is very poised on camera and is quite comfortable being interviewed.  It's not his first time at the rodeo.  His voice is a little toned down now, but otherwise he is the same Wil we have known for 40 days.
He thinks Joe is a reckless player who was so vocal about getting the coaches out and it was weird that he ended up being so vocal in support of Janelle.  Jeff said that if Wil had done what they wanted him to do, but put his own spin on it, he would have been very dangerous and sneaky in the house, a force to be reckoned with..  Wil loved that and said he can't wait to go home and watch the episodes to see how he could have done better.

Jeff:  Well, don't listen to me--I don't know how to win the game either!

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Tidbits after the Nominations #BB14

I'm sure you know that nominations happened last night, and that Mike Boogie and Frank got blindsided.  I think Frank may have had a bad feeling---he said earlier in the day that he had a nightmare where he was evicted and went grocery shopping with Wil.  Or something like that.

Anyway, the nominations happened about 2 hours before Showtime started.  I posted last night about the nominations, but then just watched the feeds for an hour or so while I ate dinner.  Sometimes I get burnt out from typing, and just want to watch.

This morning I started recapping last night's BBAD, and realized there were quite a few things that happened in that two hour time period that I didn't cover here.  So here are the high points, from my memory.  Sorry, no pictures...

Meeting with Mike, Frank and Shane in the HOH

*  Immediately after the noms, when the feeds returned we saw Mike and Frank up in the HOH with Shane, giving him the business about what just happened.  They kept saying that if Shane heard they were targeting him, why didn't they come and ask them about it?   Frank was a little heated at first, so Mike took over and started speaking reasonably to Shane, in a calm voice.  He kept stressing that they aren't mad at him, and they can still have a tight relationship and work together in the game if things are corrected with the POV.

*  Mike is very good at at time like this---Dan may get the credit as a master manipulator, but I think Mike may be a little better.  He doesn't lie---he just tells it like it is, and has a seemingly infiinite list of negotiating points.  He has analyzed Shane this summer and knows how to get in his head.

*  I'm not certain how Britney's name came up--it could be that Mike brought up her name and just assumed that the noms were all her idea.  Maybe he was giving Shane an easy out, who knows.  But Shane did nod his head and play along.   Mike wisely pointed out that Britney has been coasting off Shane all summer, and that she shrewdly went for the Safety prize because she knew Shane had the HOH prize in the bag.  She wanted Shane to do her dirty work this week, and next week she is free to play for HOH when he isn't.  Shane will be the one with the target on his back, not her.

*  You can see Shane's wheels turning in his head.  Then Mike says that Britney is still worried about a repeat of BB12---she doesn't want the guys to bond and lock her out of the game.  Mike points at the three of them while he says she doesn't want another Brigade to dominate this game.  He makes a circle of the three of them and says look what happened that year---one of the guys won, and another came in second.  Shane nods.

*  Mike says he knows everybody likes to talk crap about him, and they make up all kinds of stories about what he's done.  But Mike says that is all talk, and it is their actions that speak louder than words.  Frank comes back in with a calmer tone and says that his actions last week (i.e. not nominating Shane) should show him where their loyalties lie.

*  Mike says that after this game is over, he'll go back to Vermont with his stipend, and Britney will go to the bank in Oklahoma with her husband and never give him much thought for helping her win the game.  He says to look at her relationship with Lane in BB12---she hid behind him all summer, but now they've only seen each other once or twice--they went to a football game together---big deal.

*  Mike says look at the three of of us is going to win the POV.  And even if one of us goes this week, the other will be here fighting with a vengeance.   There is still plenty of time to make the right choices this week.  Shane says he needs to talk to the both of them every day, to keep this in his head, because of all the other chatter he hears.  He says that this conversation has gone much better than he expected it to go, and that they have given him a lot to think about.  He stresses that he is open to ideas and plans.

*  Mike Boogie is a very good talker when the chips are down.  He seems to come alive at that point.  Just my observations.

Meeting with Shane and Britney in the HOH

*  Shane went downstairs to get Britney and bring her back upstairs.  He wanted to tell her that her name was brought up in the conversation with Frank and Mike.

*  I didn't listen to every word of this meeting, but trust that Britney was very upset with Shane.  She keeps saying that he threw her under the bus and is now making her a HUGE target.

Meeting with Ian, Mike and Frank on Skid Row

*  Ian came in and expressed shock at the nominations.  His key was pulled last, and he tells Mike he thought he was nominated for "one hot second".

(But did you know he asked Shane to put his key in last?  He is worried that Mike and Frank will know that he is part of the Quack Pack.  For some reason the Quack Pack just lets him come off like the good guy.  So now people like Jenn are saying that "Ian's next" on their list, when that is not at all true right now...)

*.  Ian nicely covered his tracks with Froogie (easier to type) and then says he is bound and determined to win the POV.  He says if it is How Bad Do You Want It? he will win.  (That should be very interesting....will he really want to win?)  He asked them if he wins, which won of them should he pull off the block?  Frank said they don't want to have that conversation right now....obviously both of them want to be taken off--they will just wait and see what happens.

*  After Ian left they discussed how to handle Britney.  Mike said he was just going to act like a wall was between them, and ignore her.

Meeting with Britney, Mike and Frank on Skid Row

(This is a conversation we will surely see on the CBS show....)

*  Britney comes bounding in the room and tells Froogie that she knows that Shane has thrown her under the bus--she didn't have anything to do with the nominations.

*  Mike:  Britney, who the fuck do you think you're talking to?


*  Mike:  One or both of us are staying this week, so save it Britney!

*  Britney was nearly in tears during this conversation, but Froogie's not buying it.  Not at all.

*  Then she started SCREAMING at Frank and we went to FISH for a few minutes.

Maybe Production said, can you please postpone this argument until Showtime starts?

This is barebones, I know, but it will let you know how the shit hit the fan tonight.  What started out as an expected blindside is disintegrating into a huge finger pointing session against everyone except the two guys who are nominated.

I expect this to be an interesting week....