Thursday, August 16, 2012

And...It's Shane. #BB14

Alison is probably opening that bottle of booze in the bottom drawer of her desk.  Everyone congratulates each other.

Frank tried to slide home on his stomach and it didn't work.  Mike had tried that too and was disappointed.

 Shane wants to get in the DR fast and ask for some different things.  He says he doesn't want anything healthy this time.

(ha ha ha)

Britney and Mike whisper about some collectibles they want to scavenge over behind the barrels and goes over to get them.  They are all going in the house for a lockdown.

I'm Ready to Call Shane the Winner #BB14

Close enough for me. 


Frank liked hearing the basketball news.  Britney is excited about the female footbal referee.  Frank is too.

Just kidding about that last part.

Frank asks Ian if he wants him to try and save that rockin' chair.  Ian says yes and then jokes that he just peed his pants.  They discuss that for a moment and Ian says he is just kidding---that was last time when he peed in his pants.

Shane only has a few more trips.

The Zingbot is a Girl #BB14

Britney is talking on the sidelines with Frank and Mike.  I clearly heard the following:

Britney:  The Zingbot heat stroke girl is someone you would recognize...


*  She announced that there would be no Have Nots this week and was thrilled.  Everyone starts discussing the bed situation, and who will sleep where.  Dan asks Frank not to fart but Frank says he can't make any promises.

*  She told Frank about Wil's singing career and albums.  I'm not sure what Frank said but I guess they'll talk about that later.

The tidbits of information that Julie gave them from current events are news they are savoring.  A few minutes ago Jenn asked "How many gold medals?" and Britney yelled "46!".

Joe had a very hard fall a few minutes ago and they told the crew on the roof that they could go ahead and laugh if they wanted to.  Britney pointed to one of them and said he had never cracked a smile in his life!

They've been working on this for about 75 minutes now.  Britney whispers that Wil would have been really good at this--with the cardio skills and the balance.


They're already treating Shane as the HOH.  They asked him what his CD might be and he says it might be Poisen's Greatest Hits. (OMG.)

Britney:  Did you ask for Eminem?

Shane:  Yeah, near the bottom though.  I asked for Blink 182 near the top...

Everyone hopes for that.  They enthusiastically say they love Blink 182.  Anything but Poisen, huh?

Britney says that Dan is as far along as Ian now, and he spent half the time on safety.  She thinks he could have won HOH.  Frank wonders if there is booze in the storage room yet.  He wants to go ahead and start getting drunk.

Britney: Yeah.  They still owe us for watching the Zingbot guy....

(I thought she just said it was a girl! )

Britney, to Danielle:  Hey!  Chubs Number One over hear is getting ready to rage!

Danielle:  Chubs Number Two is getting ready too!

Does Anybody Know Wil's Real Job? #BB14

I think Frank asked that, but I'm not sure. Maybe Dan.

Danielle:  I do.  He told me!

Shane:  Doesn't he work for his family's business? 

Frank:  He said he did the payroll for his family's business.

Britney:  He told me this morning.  I don't think it was any big secret.  Danielle, were you the one in the bathroom with me?

Dan:  They're both surgeons.  Maybe he's a surgeon!

TRIVIA.  When we come back, no one's talking about it.  They must not have announced the job because they would still be talking about it, right?

Mike is running fast back and forth and Mike has just a few more trips to fill it.  Frank calls out that Mike's muscles are glistening and he yells that he's representing Concord.

Britney tells him he can stick his hand in to get the ball--he doesn't have to wait for it to float.  Mike tries to showboat and falls on the last lap. Ian yells that it is Fat Stax all over again.

Mike thinks about that and decides not to cut corners.  He wants to be safe and not get shunned like in Fat Stax. 

Frank yells:  Hey Mike!  Money in the bank, Mike what 'chu drank?

A bell rings and we get trivia for a second and then see Mike winning, then stretching.

Franks Asks for A Cigarette #BB14

He looks up at the crew on the roof and asks if any of them can drop a cigarette for him.

You know, if I were Frank, I would be pissed as hell at Mike.  He's putting Frank in jeopardy by not going for HOH.  He's all about the cash.

Dan keeps reminding everyone that Mike is trying to build Brady's college fund.  Getting in those little digs to try and protect himself.  Danielle just fell flat on her ass but laughed about it and said she is okay.

Frank tells Ashley to slow it down and she tells him she'd like to see him do it.  Jenn fell hard and Frank told her "You know Brooklyn always gets back up!"

Dan is getting more annoying to me every day. He is now telling everyone that they have to have goals, and that is why his next book is called "Punch it In".  He is giving football commentary.

Britney Just Won Safety #BB14

So she is safe this week, and free to compete for HOH next week, too.  She's not even breathing very hard.

Danielle is in 2nd #BB14

according to Frank's announcement, just ahead of Ian in the HOH running.  I haven't seen Joe in a long time.  Is he still playing? 

Shane announces that he likes this better than the Pirate Ship.  Danielle and Ian say no, put them back on that ship.   Britney is about to win Safety, Frank says. Mike is halfway to the $10K.

And We're Back.. #BB14

The backyard looks like the woods--very rural.  They have to shuffle back and forth on a very slippery surface with cups of liquid.  It is hard and some of them are already crawuling, like Ashley and Danielle.

The largest container is the HOH prize.  There is one half as large that is a $10,000 prize.  And a much smaller one that brings safety, or immunity for the week.

After watching on TV, I can't imagine some of them getting very far with this.  I'm calling Shane as the HOH, but I guess we can let it play out before they crown a winner.

So now we're back Shane is winning the HOH race, and Mike is "chasing the paper" and yelling "Clean Game Running"!

Ian is crawling now, and Ashley can barely do that.

I don't know why Mike is laughing--he's not safe if Shane wins.  Shane is about a quarter of the way there.  Ian is going after HOH too but is a few inches below Shane, crawling part of the way.   Ashley is in bad, bad shape and I hope someone runs to CVS for her pills tonight.

Dan has never done a competition like this, and says he never wanted to.  Ashley is only 1/4 of the way there filling the safety bucket.  Frank says Britney is tearing it up, and looks like she's power walking at the mall.

I think Britney's going for safety, and it sounds like she's going to win. 

Big Brother After Dark - When Confined, the Monkeys Groom Each Other - 8-16-12 #BB14

This eipside aired on Showtime at 9:00 pm BBT on Wednesday night, and in the wee hours of Thursday where I live.

Frank is the HOH, and Wil and Joe are on the block.  Someone's going home on Thursday.  Unless of course Production decides to change the rules on us again.


1.  As the show opens there is a poker game underway in the HOH Room.  It looks like there are six players---Mike, Frank, Joe, Britney, Dan, Shane  and Danielle.   Frank asks Danielle where her big stack went and she pointed at Joe.  Joe's glass bowl is chock full of tootsie rolls, which I think are worth $25 each.  He's rich.  Danielle's glass bowl is nearly empty.

Britney's fingernails are painted white and remind me of White Out.  She asks Frank if he is going to Vegas after this and he says he may need to stay home with Nana. She might be upset about "all the burpin' and fartin' he's been doin' this summer".

Frank and Britney are just watching, and aren't playing.  The Have Not week should be ending soon---maybe at midnight.  They are usually allowed to eat in order to replenish before the next HOH competitiion.

Downstairs Ian and Ashley are eating pizza in the dining room.  Wil and Jenn are joking about Wil finding out that after eviction tonight he will be in sequester for "three months, in an undisclosed location". 

Britney looks at the Spy Screen and makes a snide comment about Ian and Ashley's "pizza date" downstairs.  The poker players joke about looking around for the casino waitress and raising their hands for a refill.  Mike is distracted and says he was thinking about his DR session.  Britney asked him what it was about and he didn't answer.

2.   At the dining table Ian is muttering about making it another week, and tells Ashley he hopes it is not their last night in the house.  (He suspects a double eviction in the next week.)  Ian needs another week in the house to ensure he goes to Jury.  He doesn't want to have to go home for the rest of the summer.   They are very bored and start tapping on the table in unison.  Ian stops tapping first.

Upstairs Mike looks at the Spy Screen and says Ian has "little shot of closing the deal with just a DiGiourno Pizza and no booze or no private bedroom".  They say he and Ashley at least need to move to Skid Row...

Ashley and Ian went up to the HOH and Ashley commented on the good vibes up there--it felt friendly and nice.  For some reason Ian started talking about Marcellas Reynolds and said "Doesn't Marcellas try to distance himself from BB?" and the cameras change.

(I think it is likely the other way around, after Marcellas' deplorable behavior on All Stars.  He sat around and constantly complained about how the show was rigged by CBS.  There was absolutely no trace of the humor and charm he had back in BB3.  And he wasn't even voted to be on BB7 by the fans.  He was one of the ones "appointed" to the All Star team.  Yep.  Just like Mike Boogie and Chicken George.)

3.  In the bathroom Britney and Danielle decide to take on a new Ian project.  They wanted to use Nair to remove the hair under his arms.  Ian laid down on the bathroom lounge and Britney applied the Nair using yellow rubber kitchen gloves.

Ashley tells him to breathe deeply--this is "a zen thing".  Danielle is holding zuchini slices over his eyes, like a spa (should be cucumbers though).  Britney says he looks like he has dead animals under his arms, then later says a moldy ferret.

Britney:  I seriously think we need a jackhammer to get to the root of this problem.

They tell him to just relax and Britney gets a wet cloth to put over his face while they wait.  Ashley starts pointing out the blackheads on his nose and he says "Stop That" like BB does.  Britney says his underarms look like what you would pull out of the shower drain.  (Ewww.  It does.)

Britney uses tweezers to see if the roots of the hair are loose yet.  They're not.  She says he needs more time.  After waiting for some time Britney decides now is the time and is wiping off the hair with a wet towel.  Ian is saying it burns, it burns, and he wonders if he is bleeding, or if the skin is coming off.

Ashley says that it is awesome---the hair is gone but they did "miss a few spots".  He is grimacing while she removes the hair and then he stands up and looks in the mirror.  His skin is very red so he strips down to his bright green underwear and gets in the shower to wash his underarms.  He gets called to the DR but calls out he has to wash off first.

He is very sore but says he might keep his underarms shaved but isn't sure.  Danielle says it "looks way better".  They are playing a 10 Questions game about guessing which BB house guest they are thinking of.  Ian wants to keep playing while he is in the shower.  Ian is very good and always guesses correctly.  They decide that they can't ask which season--that makes it too easy.

Ashley laughs that they are sitting there playing the game with Ian and he is totally naked behind the glass.  Ian says "true".

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