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Frank's HOH Blog #2 #BB14

Well Frank has unleashed another HOH blog on us.  It's a good post, but I have to say the picture they posted with it is creepy.  Particular with the Julie Chen shirt, and his declarations of heartbreak if she won't spend one-on-one time with him this Thursday night.

Easy there Frank.

I think he's got some serious fears regarding the actual trustworthiness of Mike Boogie.  Maybe Janelle did plant some seeds there about Mike's ability to engineer a betrayal and laugh about it later. 

HoH Blog: Frank

Posted on Aug 15, 2012 01:14pm

Hello again everyone in the Big Brother Fandom!!! This is the comeback kid coming atcha, but don't call it a comeback!! After Three times on the block I pulled off another HOH win helping guarantee myself a week off the block! If anyone is out there sending good vibes and prayers my way, thank you very much, and will I ever get a chance to vote?!

Even though I was on the block last week, sitting next to Janelle as she went out the door on an eight to one vote, it felt pretty good. I was a big fan a Janelles on season 6 and season 7, but she has been my main adversary for the last few weeks, and has dogged me pretty hard so seeing her go was a big relief.

House Updates: A chunk of the house has been participating in the Big Brother Boot Camp lately in the evening, Shane has been organizing some workout stations to shake up the monotony of working out in the house. I've done a few myself and they are pretty tuff. . . The tickle monster has resurfaced after what was thought to be the extinction of the species, its funny how moods change in a weeks time!

Mike, Dan and I, despite Dan originally trying to get me out, have formed a core alliance within the silent six (Dan, Danielle, Brittany, Shane, Boogie, and myself). I just hope I'm making a good decision and trusting the right people for now. This house can play mind games on you, and the people you trust the most one day might be the people you trust the least the next and vise versa. Ex-coach Boogs and I seem to have a pretty good thing going, I just hope its as concrete as he says, because we all know the Boogster can get one over on ya!

The house is definitely taking a tole on the house guests. Ashley has been dealing with the repercussions of being a have not a couple weeks ago (worse beds ever), and Boogie is suffering from a Lemonade ear infection thanks to the X-Squeeze me have/have-not competition. Not that we're complaining, its all part the game!

I would like to send a shout out to all of the friends and family of all the house guests, you are all loved and missed very much. Specifically I would like to say hello to my nana, my momma, my dad, and Gunnar, also to Jungle Juice Daniel and Zebra Cake Chris, Candace Bailey and Sarah Underwood, and all my other homies out there! David and Carm you better be keeping the house in good shape. For my boy Boogs, big love to Brady, keep it moving little guy!! I would also like to shout out to my homegirl Julie Chen, in case we don't get our one on one time Thursday (which would break my heart), your home skillet says hello and watch me go!!!

Frankie and Big Teddy
CGR (Clean Game Running)

Big Brother After Dark - Ice Cream and Dashed Dreams 8-15-12 #BB14

This episode aired on Showtime at 9:00 pm BBT on Monday night and in the wee hours of Tuesday where I live.

Wil and Joe are on the block, and one of them will be evicted on Thursday night.  We don't think this week's evictee will go to the Jury, or will have the opportunity to return.  ("We" consists of just me and the house guests, I guess.)

We're about a month away from the Finale, so things need to start picking up. There are a lot of bodies left in the house.

Earlier today, Ashley asked Frank for an "ice cream date" in the HOH room.  Somehow this has grown into a planned date for the two of them tonight.  Frank has quite a bit of booze up there in the HOH, so they are going to get liquored up, apparently.  I do not know if there will be any ice cream involved.  Ian has heard about this, of course, and is "being a Danielle" about it.


1.  When the episode opens, Ian and Britney are talking about who will do what in the house.  They discuss what Ashley would do if she were HOH.  Ian says that she won't be nominating Frank if she keeps "going on ice cream dates with him".  It makes him wonder who she would nominate if not Frank.

Ian says he is jealous of Frank, and Britney says that Ian has only been on only one date with Ashley for the past month--he has really dropped the ball on the whole Ashley showmance.

Ian:  Oh c'mon...we spend time together every day....we you really think they're gonna?

Britney:  Gonna flirt?  Well, yeah maybe.  But only because there is alcohol involved.  (I think they have a whole bottle of wine and three beers to drink together.)

Ian:  Yeah, she does get really loosy goosy.

Now they talk about Danielle and Shane and what the DR is asking them about it.  Britney is being evasive about it, and Ian mentions what the Zingbot said about Shane and Danielle (Shane serving her with a restraining order.)  They ask each other why Danielle might not think there is or is not a showmance between them and they are both cagey about it.  No one wants to really go there.  They wonder what Shane said to the DR about it, and finally decide that Shane was very adamant with the DR about not having a showmance with Danielle.

(I think they all have been told what they can't talk about on the live feeds.  I heard them say they can't talk about the Zingbot (his fainting spell) or the Banana Suit (that Mike Boogie brought into the house), and maybe now the showmance.)

We saw Mike reading the Bible to Dan and Frank a few minutes ago, but he is adding street slang like "Yo" and "Bro" and they are making certain things sound nasty.  Like there was a story about some prophet in Proverbs going out and looking for asses.  Except I think that they meant donkeys, not women.  It was funny and even Dan was laughing.  I think Mike  Boogie has had some acting training, and it shows when he does improv like this.

2.  Outside Shane has joined Britney and Ian.  Shane is in a financial crunch right now.  He has the houses that need to be sold, and he tells Britney that he is paying $600 per month on student loans for 15 years at 5%.  He has a $25K loan, and then a $15K and a $10K loan for school.  (I have heard him say that he can't conduct his profession where he lives right now---why pay all that money to study a certain thing and then not do it?  What did he major in...something related to entertainment?)

Shane can't even think about moving right now.  He has 5 credit cards that are maxed out---he pays $100 per month on them just to make the minimum payment, plus a car loan of $371 per month and $108 per month for car insurance.  He also mentions that he's paying his parent's mortgage (?).  I think he borrowed money on their house.  He says that once the houses sell, he can pay off everything and then he will break even.

In the middle of this Britney says she is lucky that she got scholarship and doesn't have any student loans.  The timing of her comment was really bad.  Shane's bad financial news was just pouring out of him at that point and Britney's comment was kind of braggy and rude.  She realized that and kept quiet while he continued speaking.

Shane has been working since he was 11, and his parents have worked their asses off their whole life.  Shane's dad manages a paint store and has been there 10 years.  Shane's mom works at a school and just started making $10 per hour after years of working there. His mom took the training to be a flight attendant but is too afraid of heights to actually pursue it as a career.

Shane likes being a personal trainer but says he can't make a living at it.  He will need to work in the beer and wine industry for years so he can afford to live.  He says that he tries to stay positive several times while all of this is pouring out of him.  He says that he doesn't have much of a social life at this point---he doesn't have much money to spare and can't afford dating.  The $5,000 that he could have won in the POV would have gone a long way.

Britney says she's sorry but that wasn't the right thing to say.  Guys are different than girls as far as that goes.  When she said that Shane kind of snapped out if it.  Britney said that if she knew all of this, she would have "given Shane the $6,000".

(Mike Boogie won the $10K to distribute to his team, not Britney's team.  So I'm not sure where Britney is getting that.)

3.  Inside the house Mike is talking about Kara Monaco, talking big smack to Dan and Frank and Ian about how if Kara was still there he would be spending quality time with her on the hammock, snuggling up with her and kissing, maybe touching her boobs through her shirt.

Frank says maybe he would give Mike some competition with that.  Mike said he already started things, asking her to have dinner on his birthday. (She shot his ass down.)

After the commercial Frank is talking about how Shelly used to blow a kiss at her daughter in the DR.  That made Frank nauseous and he said he had a special "Shelly Bucket" that he held while he watched BB13.  He said he used that a few times to vomit.  (ha ha ha ha)  Mike says that Shelly was "freaking riding Schroeder and Jordan" on the show.

4.  Outside Ian and Britney worry about next week, and what Ashley might do if she were HOH.  Ian doens't want to be nominated, and he doesn't want to go back to school yet.

Ian:  She won't nominate Frank, not after tonight!

Britney:  And she won't nominate Jenn.  Those two are BFFs, sleeping together and cuddling under the sheets.  (!)

Britney leaned over and whispered to Ian so we couldn't hear, and then starts saying that would only be the case if "there were three of them".  Now Ian mentions that Shane said he doesn't date much, and the cameras change to the hammock.

4.  In the hammock Wil and Danielle are talking.  Wil doesn't demand an answer from her, but he'd like to know about Thursday.  Wil thinks he wins both ways, and wants to think positively.  He says Danielle is doing great at this game and should be thinking positively.

Danielle:  I'm just tired and starving, and I can't take these comments anymore...

(She is referring to Shane's comments about wanting to meet Dani Donato.)

Wil:  Then why you talkin' to me?  No one talks to me or Ashley or Jenn.  No one talks to Jenn anymore...

He tells her he and Ashley went to Frank and tried to get him to make a big move.  He didn't name names for who should be backdoored, but he tried to make something happen. His gut instinct is that "it's a guy's thing" this year on BB14.

Wil wishes "he had told Janelle last week...because of how things turned out." 

 They discuss what is going on in the outside world.  Wil's voice is shaky.  He's being real now.

Wil:   Sometimes when I think about my family....I try not to....

Dani:  Do you miss them?

Wil:  I miss them so much.. I try not to think about's just too hard

Dani:  It's like when I think about Trey I get this knot in my stomach, and what scares me is that I know that this will never get air...he'll never know how I feel...

Wil:  There's live feeds....don't forget that.

Dani:  I don't think he's watching the live's midnight where he is.

Wil:  Well, write down his number on a sock and I'll call him and tell him.

Dani:  You promise?

Wil:  Yeah.  I'll do that for you!

They pinky shake on it and Danielle is so relieved.  She starts semi-crying and says to tell Trey that no matter what he sees on the show....

Wil says he knows what they show, and that she and Shane are just friends and she thinks of Trey all the time.  Danielle wants him to know that he can come to the finale if he wants and she prays that he isn't seeing anybody....

Wil jokes that he has 4 weeks to break up with the other girl.  Danielle is crying and is so relieved.  She has apparently forgotten that Wil is about to be evicted and now she is so happy that he will leave and call Trey for her! 

Now she badmouths Shane and how negative he is, putting Danielle down all of the time.  She feels like Shane is just dragging her down with all of his negative comments and actions.

(What show has Danielle been on?  WTF is wrong with her?  Paging Dr. Zachary!)

5.  Ian is sitting with Britney and Dan and is talking about how much he "screwed up the first week".  He and Dan have planned a "Man Date" tonight, with two beers each.  I think Dan planned this after he learned about Frank's Ice Cream Date with Ashley.  Dan tells Ian to go ahead and get one of the beers.  Dan has been hiding his bogarted beers in the HOH fridge.

After Ian walks off Britney tells Dan that Ian is super upset about Ashley dating Frank tonight, and is obsessing about it.  (I can actually see a change in Ian's body language--he seems to be regressing and is very nervous and fidgety.)

6.  Inside the house Ashley is getting ready for her date with Frank.  Britney comes in to chat and watch her get ready.  She fixes her hair in a poufy way wearing a headband, and is wearing a long skirt and top.  She tells Britney she is excited to just get some attention from a man.  She tells Britney that she just "stopping by his place---it's one of those dates where they get right to it".

Britney makes her promise over and over that she will report back any action that takes place.  She indicates that they might kiss, but that's about it.  Britney asks if Ashley feels any chemistry with Frank and she says sometimes she does, and sometimes she doesn't.

Ian walked through the bathroom and Britney was extremely insensitive to the situation.  She immediately started talking about how awkward it was to be there with Ashley while she gets ready for a date with her new boyfriend and to see her ex-boyfriend.  Britney is aware of how hurt Ian is about his and she totally mocks him in front of Ashley.

After Ian leaves Britney asks Ashley if she knows who the first person is that she will have sex with when she leaves the house.  She says there is a guy, but "her mom will be so upset with her if she goes back with him".

You can hear the refrigerator door chirping in the kitchen---someone has left the door open.

Frank has showered for the occasion and comes in the bathroom to blow dry his curls.  (I guess there is no blowdryer in the HOH?)  He tells Ashley she looks pretty and says he is going to change before their date.  He explains  that he likes his hair to be touchable on dates and doesn't want to use too much hair product.  Wil told him about Bumble + Bumble products that provide control without making your hair too stiff.  Britney told Frank that he shouldn't get too dressed up---if you're having someone over to your place you don't want to look like you tried too hard.  There is an air of excitement in the BB house, to be honest.  

Ashley asks Jenn if she can borrow her denim vest for the date and Jenn says sure.  When Ashley picks it up, she holds it with two fingers and sniffs it,  making a face with Britney about it.  Then Britney says that she is wearing "layers of scent" tonight for her date.

She thinks the vest might make her look thick but Britney disagrees.  It is a very small vest, more ornamental than functional, if that makes sense.

The scent that Ashley is wearing is Unforgettable by P. Diddy.  (Is that right?  What a random scent, huh?)  Wil came in and Britney made it clear that Ashley is "desperate for attention" and has stooped to new lows to be going out with Frank tonight.

(What if Ashely really likes Frank?  Britney is so rude.  Ashley and Frank could team up and boot Britney's ass right out of there.)

Britney tells Wil that unfortunately Ashley is wearing a thong, and Frank prefers a girl to wear a "full brief".  Wil giggles at that.  Britney says she never saw this event coming, and keeps asking for a full report afterwards.  Wil jokes that they would like a front row seat.   

7.  Joe just took a cheesecake out of the oven and sits with his face 6 inches away, sniffing it.  He said the DR called him in to remind him not to taste the food he cooks.  He and Shane curse the food restrictions and Shane says "the damn coaches got a Have Not pass for 3 weeks."  (true)

Outside Mike plays pool with Ian and Dan.  They are discussing a BB All Stars season where they have good against evil.   Mike says Matt Hoffman would be on the evil team but Ian isn't sure he'd be asked back.  Ian also thinks he would be on the evil team and Mike and Dan don't know what he's talking about.  Ian says that Jeff would be on the good team.  Mike agrees but then says "Schroeder?  He's got an evil side, too."  He seems to be fond of Jeff.  They said Janelle would be on the good team, and when Ian brings up Dani Donato the cameras change.

(Didn't they just bash Janelle as a terrible liar for a week?  And now she is on the good team?)

8.  Ashley went upstairs and knocked on the HOH door.  Frank wasn't quiet ready for her yet, and had to go downstairs to get some cups or something.  She waited by the chess board and then they went in the HOH room together.  Ashley joked that she got there early because traffic was light.

Frank is wearing jeans and a blue shirt.  As they sat down Frank immediately asked her if she wanted to start with a few beers.  He opened a can for her and offered her a glass.  They made light conversation with no awkward silences.  Frank is very good with small talk and is a good listener.

Ashley talks about the beers she used to drink and when she uses the slang Frank knows what she is referring to.  For example, she mentioned drinking The Beast and he knew that was Miller Genuine Draft. (I think.)  She just asked him where he lived and when he said Naples she knew a few spots in town and asked him about it.  She had been to The Keys and they stopped in Naples on the way.  Her dad is a foodie and wanted to go to Grouper House.  Frank has heard of it but hasn't tried it.

Ashley says it is great, but then says they love to go to Shoney's, too.  Frank's Nana loves the sauteed mushrooms on the Shoney's buffet and Ashley says "Me too!  That's my favorite!"

9.  Now Frank gets the bottle of wine from the fridge.  It is red wine, but red wine is supposed to be chilled a little.  He had already opened the bottle (to save time?  or to let it breathe?) so all he had to do is pull out the cork and pour.

Frank has lived in Naples for a year.  Ashley says what about Daniel and Chris? He says they have visited once, but they still live back in Marion.  Ashley wants to meet them at the Finale.  Frank doesn't know if they'll be there, but they've gotten some air time on the live feeds so maybe they can get an invite from Julie Chen.

 Ashley feels certain that Frank will make it to Jury, but Frank is not sure.  He hopes so, but it's been a rough ride for him so far.  He points out he hasn't even voted on the show yet. (!)  They both like to watch Eastbound and Down.  Ashley liked Season one but hasn't seen It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia yet.  She has heard it is funny and Frank says it is one of his favorite shows.  There have been 7 or 8 seasons so far so Ashley has a lot of catching up to do.  Frank has all of the DVDs and says she can watch them.

He also likes to watch Rob & Big with the DVR commentary.  He says the commentary includes them saying that they were high when they filmed the show and the camera changes.

(I can imagine  Ashley and Frank sparking up a big doob on this date.  I would totally buy them as a couple.)

10.  In the kitchen Britney is mentioning going to Alice's Teacup in NYC and she lists all of the teas she likes to drink there.  Wil and Jenn make a beeline outside so they can cut this conversation short.

Outside the Man Date is in full swing, with Dan and Ian playing pool.  Wil offers to get some messages to Jenn's friends.  She tells him where to go on Facebook to find her and mentions she expects to have some nasty messages "because of Janelle".

11.  Back on the Ice Cream Date they are talking about Snoop Dogg and Frank raps Gin and Juice on the spot.  They are sitting at the tiny HOH table and most of the snacks are cleared away.  Did Frank eat them all?  Or did he clean up for the date?  He sits leaning back with his legs kicked out, looking at her directly as she talks.

It's a good date, I think.  They might have some chemistry there.

Ashley tells him he should grab his boys and move out to LA.  They can rent a house near Snoop Dogg "for like nothing" and he would love it.

Ashley:  Oh, I know!  You're BFF with Mike Boogie and he, like owns all of the real estate out here!  He could hook you up with something.

Frank:  Well.  What if Mike Boogie stabs me three weeks from now?

Ashley likes to see the good in people and doesn't think that will happen. Frank tells her that Mike Boogie went to work last week to save him, to get Danielle to nominate Janelle.  Ashley seems to have the idea that it was Danielle's doing.

Now they discuss Wil.  Ashley thought Wil was going to be okay this week. but he is so stressed and paranoid that he's having anxiety attacks all of the time.  She points out that Joe is being calm this week.  Frank thought he would self-implode this week, but he's been super friendly and Frank is proud of him.  He points out how loyal Joe was to Janelle, and that is a good quality.

(Ashley, however....)

I don't think they should be discussing work so much on a date.  They are about halfway into their bottle of red wine.

They continue talking about the game.  Frank thought he would come in the game and just play a social game, because he's good at that.  But he's had to fight so hard every week.  He throws Shane's name out there as another target that may be bigger than him.  Ashley says people might start feeling bad that Frank has been on the block so much this year.

This is feeling more like a business meeting than a date.  Frank has laced his fingers together in front of his chest, which seems like a huge step back in the body language department.  They are too serious and aren't covering personal information anymore.

12.  If anything, she might be showing Frank too much, that she is actually thinking about the game and has been analyzing the players.  She doesn't think Wil is going to stay this week.   Frank says he and Mike decided that Wil was malicious, and Joe was annoying.  They have to decide which of the two evils to keep in the house.

Frank brought up Banana Gate, and Ashley starts talking about how she found the banana suit in the white plastic chair in the bedroom and Dan grabbed it and put it on.  Frank was napping all afternoon and so they all thought that Frank was in Pandora's Box or something.  Ian was guessing that Casey from BB11 would come back and throw a party for them.

(Casey was evicted wearing a banana suit on BB11 and is a party DJ.)

Now they talk about Ian.  Frank tells her what he said to Britney to get him nominated last week.  Frank thinks he knows the game, but is too nervous to do the right thing sometimes.  Frank says he sees the Coaches as obstacles in the game that he needs to remove, with the exception of Mike Boogie.

(I am getting the impression Frank will turn on Mike before Mike even thinks about turning on him.)

By the way Ted is still wearing his tiny Spiritard, and is on the floor by the HOH bed.

***As the show ends they are still talking about the game. You probably know by now that they ended up kissing.  This happened about an hour after BBAD ended.  I have seen pictures (see below), but haven't flashed  back yet to see it in person. The kissing is about the extent of what happened. He let her know she could come up later for "under the covers cuddlin'".   But she didn't show up later.  I'm sure he didn't really expect her to.

I watched her visit him in the HOH today, the morning after the date   Danielle was in there, too, and didn't get the hint to leave, so it was just the three of them in there for awhile.  I definitely saw chemistry in the room, but Danielle and Ashley left the room at the same time.  That Danielle is a cockblocker, I think.  How fun would it be if she went after Frank now, too, to grab back some of the Showmance limelight?  I watched her help fold Frank's laundry today---is that normal for her?  Maybe Danielle is putting together a big move on Frank.

Here are pictures I found posted on Joker's.

Dick at Nite Show - STARRING JANELLE - Part 1 - 8-14-12 #BB14

This episode of Dick at Nite was taped on August 14, 2012, and is part of a special two part interview with Janelle Peirzina, aka Janelle Desanto, aka the Most Popular Big Brother Star of All Time.

Everybody knows I love Evel Dick's kick ass opening montage.  Today is no different.  Here is a still of part of the action---we all remember this, right?  Wake up, bitches!


1.  The show starts and Evel Dick introduces Janelle as "one of his favorites".  She is wearing a Minnesota Vikings shirt so Dick has to rag on that as a Jets fan.  She says she's been a Vikings fan since 1980---she was born that year so she says she was born a Vikings fan.

2.  Dick brings up Russell Kairiouz, from BB11, who appeared on the last Dick at Nite episode.  (You can see that here.)  Dick says he brought Russell out of BB retirement to talk about the season, and they agreed that most of the Big Brother fans are batshit crazy.  Dick points out that there are a lot of nuts on Jokers Updates, and mentions that not everyone is crazy, but if "you have one, two or three shit stains on your couch, you don't go and sit on it".  (ha ha ha)  Janelle says she likes Jokers and visits several boards but Jokers is her favorite.  She used to post there quite a bit.

3.  Dick says he and Janelle did a SuperPass chat together in Seattle and it is still the "most watched show EVER" on SuperPass.  Janelle wasn't aware of that, but says they had fun that night.  (More watched then the Jeff and Jordan shows?  I don't know about that.....)  He asks Janelle if she remembers the "crazy transexual woman who wanted to start a fight with him".  She doesn't remember, but she does recall going to a spanish restaurant in the Pike Place market.  Dick says they were "pretty lit that night".  I bet, huh?

4.  Dick says the fans who shit talk are pretty nice in person, and ask for a picture with him.  Then they go right back to shit talking him on the internet.  Dick says he gets his info off Twitter, instead of going to websites.

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CBS to Goose Their Ratings this Week #BB14

by having Jeff Schroeder announce that he will appear on this week's show.

Maybe he's hosting a competition?  Or just sitting on the couch with Julie?  Maybe they are grooming Jeff for Julie's job? 

The fans don't care, they just want to see Jeff.    Who knows, maybe they will throw him in the game by creating a new "Tag Team" twist, similar to the wrestling world.  He can tag out with Frank so Frank can take a few relaxing days off living with Jordan.  And Jeff can break the Bromance spell that Frank has put on Mike Boogie before tagging Frank back into the game.

(I totally made up the above, of course. I've had a lot of coffee today.  But you know that AGP hired a writer for BB this year that used to write scripts for the WWE, right?)

 The ratings for BB14 haven't been very good this year--some people may attribute that to the Olympics, but others say it is the quality of this BB14 season.  Pulling out a few Jeff Schroeder appearances might be just the thing Alison needs to get things going in the right direction again....

You Can Own Janelle's BB14 Bag! #BB14

Janelle has listed her BB14 bag on Ebay.  This bag is collectible for some lucky Janelle fan because she is including her name tag.

Good luck bidders!