Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Frank: Hey Nana! I'm Tweetin' Again! #BB14

Frank has posted another volley of HOH Tweets.  It's not his first time at the redeo --he's a pro at this by now.

Frank manages to say hello to family and friends, as well as get in a few flirts with Julie Chen and Janelle.  He's a patriotic guy, too, thinking of the USA's performance in the Olympics and in the armed forces.

Big Brother After Dark - Someone Has One in the Have Not Room - 8-14-12 #BB14

This episode aired at 9:00 pm BBT on Monday night, and in the wee hours of Tuesday where I live.

Today was the POV ceremony and Frank did not use the POV.  So Wil and Joe are both still on the block, and one of them will be evicted on Thursday night.


1.  When the show opens, Shane's Boot Camp is in full swing, and we see Shane struggle with a very difficult abdominal exercise.  We know it's a hard one, because Shane actually says he's having a hard time.   We hear Jenn agreeing with him off camera. They're working up a sweat out there.

Then we see Ian and Dan talking in the living room.  Ian is talking about the BB ladies from seasons past that he thinks are fine.  He visits a website where they admire Dani Donato and Britney Haynes.  He says there is "spaghetti falling out of pockets" about Dani Donato.  He had to explain it to Dan, but Dan didn't understand the expression and neither did I.  He seemed to mean getting embarrassed when an attractive person is around, but who knows.  He also talked about Kristin from BB12 and makes the "call me" gesture to the cameras about her.

2.  Outside we see Britney having a hushed conversation with Ashley about this week's vote.  Britney promises to tell Ashley what she thinks will happen as soon as she knows it.  Ashley might be throwing Wil under the bus by talking up how much Joe likes Britney.  She says Joe is always saying how funny Brit is, etc.  Then she says Wil is having anxiety attacks and kind of thinks he's the one going this week.

Frank came outside to sit with them and mentioned the camera "focusin' on him while he was fixin' his junk".  Britney tells everybody to relax and says the cameras are "pervy sometimes".

Britney:  I've never watched the live feeds, but the person I was dating the last time said that he would get really mad when he was watching the live feeds....the cameras were really pervy..

Ashley:  Do they focus on your boobs?

Frank starts talking about his new briefs he is wearing---they are still super tight and he's "always havin' to stretch 'em out".

Britney, continuing: I don't know that for a fact, but the person complained to me about it...(long pause)..but what didn't that person complain about, know what I mean?

Ashley:  Oh...one of those!

(For the record, I think Britney has watched the live feeds.  She used to talk to the live feeders a lot during BB12, and I think she said in the pre-season that she and her mom watched them every year.  Also, she wasn't "dating" Nick, he was her "fiance" and she said that constantly.  Just keeping it real Britney.)

3.  After the commercial Britney is doing "curtsy lunges" and says they are "courtesy of Janelle Desanto" and Frank says "for real?" and does a few with her.  I think these are moves from Janelle's Brazillain Booty class.  Frank starts jump roping and makes it look really easy.   He says the jump rope is too short for him to go backwards with it.  He says it is easier to do on a hard surface as opposed to the fake grass.

Britney and Danielle are stretching and just kind of standing around.  I'm sure the slop diet isn't conducive to wanting to work out, but Shane is on slop too.

Joe is doing side by side shuffle-type moves across the backyard and Britney says that is a "straight up basketball move".  Joe and Jenn are high fiving as they move through the intervals created by Shane.

Looks like the Boot Camp is over. Shane is running laps now and Joe is walking laps to cool down.  Mike already gathered his stuff and went back in the house.  Frank works the jump rope like a pro and says he does a lot of "jump ropin'" at home.  Danielle does bicep curls but doesn't hold her elbows steady so her biceps aren't isolated, she's just swinging her arms.

Inside Dan is asking where Ian would take him and Chelsea if they visited him in New Orleans.  Ian said for an authentic meal you would want to go to Dickie Brennan's, and then says he has a "palace, or something like that".  (Does he mean the Commander's Palace?)  Ian says that Dickie Brennan has a steakhouse that is underground and it is really cool.

Dan says Chelsea wouldn't like that because she has a fear of buildings collapsing.  Ian says it is in a skyscraper (in New Orleans?) but you have to walk downstairs to get there.  Now Ian mentions The Commander's Palace and Dan says that sounds like his kind of place.  Dan mentions the King Cakes and the little baby that is baked in the cake.  (If you get the baby in your slice you have to buy the cake next year.  I worked with a guy who chewed it up and swallowed it so he wouldn't have to pay.)  Ian says the cakes come in many flavors and are delicious.

Now Dan talks about Monkey Bread and Ian says that sounds like a "New Year's Pretzel" which he says has icing on it and doesn't taste like a pretzel at all.  Dan asks if Taylor likes to eat those and Ian says he didn't talk to her about that.  Dan asked what they did talk about and Ian said classes she would take and stuff like that.   Dan asked if Ian was nervous and he said yes.  (I guess Taylor is a girl Ian likes at school.)

Ian told Dan the newbies were in the house for about an hour before the Coaches came in.  Ian knew somebody was coming in because the four corners of the memory wall were covered up.

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Dick at Nite Show - 8-12-12 Feat. Kara Monaco & Jodi Rollins #BB14

This episode was taped on Sunday night and includes a Big Brother Star-Studded panel of James Rhine (BB6 & BB7), Russell Kairouz (BB11), as well as Kara Monaco and Jodi Rollins who were both evicted this year from BB14.

Once again they played the intro in a corner of the screen and could see the panel watching it.  I feel like I haven't seen Kara in a long, long time.  Russell was late and then showed up with a big glass of white wine.  When I first saw that pop-up window in the middle of the second picture below I freaked out, thinking that Russell was calling me.  

Hint:  I would not have accepted the call.

 1.  For some reason Dick starts out talking about BB9 and what a disaster that was.  Then he compares that show to BB14, and how the newbies got screwed this year just like they did back then.  (In BB9 the house guests were unexpectedly teamed up by Production.)

Now Jodi says she was prepared to do "whatever she had to do" to stay in the house.  And she says she was kind of glad to be picked last for a team, since that meant that no one saw her as a threat.  She made a comment that indicates she is aware that Wil is telling jokes constantly about her in the house.  (I hope we talk more about that later.)

2.  Dick brings up Jordan running across the yard in BB11 to chest bump Russell and is comparing it to Willie's headbutts, I think.  Russell says that was an entirely different situation, and then launches into a discussion about how if he were in the house, he would be targeting Mike Boogie and getting his face the way he did with Ronnie.

Dick makes it about him (of course) and starts talking about his situation with Amber in BB8 and I couldn't follow it.  Or didn't want to follow it.  Whatever.

They all agree that if they were in the house they would target Mike Boogie, except James, who says he would keep him close the entire game and then kick him out at the end.  James thinks Mike would respect that game play.  Dick doesn't give a damn who respects him, Frank and Mike would be at the top of his radar if he were in the game.

3.  Now Dick makes a slur about Kalia's eating habits last year and Jodi jumps in to defend her, saying that everyone has faults in the house---Kalia ate, Dick smoked... Dick jumps in and shows them the photo of Kalia shaving in the HOH tub and everyone is horrified when Dick puts it up on screen.  James warns Russell to look away...

Jodi says that if Kalia didn't shave, we would be talking about that, too.  Dick said he has no problem with her shaving, but she should go into a space with a door and close it before doing so.

Dick:  Where is the video of Kara shaving?

Kara:  There isn't one!

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Digging Some of the Dirt #BB14

There is a lot of dirt to dish out there on the internet about the house guests right now.   I think we can all agree that Danielle is not going to win America's Choice, and there is a lot of information coming out from her former sorority sisters that aren't exactly starting a fan club for her.

I've seen that stuff and although I read it with great interest, I chose not to post it here.  I think I'm giving Danielle enough grief based on the things I've heard and seen with my own eyes and ears.

But there is a new drama that has cropped up this week.  Some might say there has been an outbreak of rumors.

I have heard it mentioned on the live feeds and Big Brother After Dark that one of the women in the house is taking a certain medication that begins with a V and ends with an X that is commonly taken by people with a communicable STD.  I didn't report that at the time because the BB cameras changed quickly and I didn't feel like I had enough information to talk about it.  And people's medical information is sensitive.

But apparently a certain female house guest who was recently evicted made a statement somewhere alluding to the identification of the owner of those pills.  I didn't hear it said myself, but I saw a published article today that discusses what was said.   And then a tweet appeared from Britney's account---the first tweet since early July, I think.

Hmmm.  Interesting.  I think "lawsuit" is one word, however.  Unless the tweeter means buying a new garment from say, Brooks Brothers. 

Didn't Britney make statements about Rachel having STDs?  And weren't they broadcast on TV?  Hmmm.  Even more interesting.

On a more positive note, I saw this posted on Britney's twitter from earlier in the year.  Cute picture.

Frank Makes a Sandwich #BB14

While Joe's pot of slop simmers on the stove, Frank has built himself a big sandwich with turkey, ham and roast beef.  Joe complimented him on it, and said he should put some avocado on it.  Frank decided to add some tomato first.

He cut some tomato slices and cut out the center part of the slice and threw it away.  Now he's adding the avocado.  Frank puts away each component of the sandwich as he goes, carefully closing the ziploc bag of swiss cheese slices and putting them back in the fridge.

I would feel better if Frank used a hair net, to be honest.


He adds seasoning, too.  Then the mayo and some mustard.  There was an issue when he opened the mustard and it squirted up in the air and on the counter.  Joe joked that that was "a little premature". Frank wishes he had some creamy horseradish sauce for the sandwich. 

(I'm surprised that he didn't get called to the DR immediately to pick up his bottle of sauce.)

Joe watches him intently, and is probably salivating.

Joe:  A man who can build a sandwich like that, with such care, is a man that should have used the veto.

(ha ha ha)

I have said here a number of times that Frank LOVES to talk about food.  Dan has noticed that too, and says that Frank is a foodie, since he has such solid and informed opinions about his likes and dislikes.  Mike says that maybe there is a way to use Frank's name after the show is over, like Eudy's Foodies, or something like that.

They keep getting warned by Production and Joe says, "we're not doing anything!".  Then he said "The Tuesday crew's gotta go!"


Frank gave Ashley a bite of the sandwich and she said it was so delicious.  I think she oohed and aahed a little too much, with three of the Have Nots right there in the room watching.  And salivating.

They're Baaaaaaaacck! (The Ants) #BB14

The kitchen is infected with ants again.  Joe has done some investigative cleaning, and found that the source of the problem seems to be the maple syrup.  He said there must be 500 ants in the bottle of syrup.

Mike was sitting with Jenn and Wil outside on the patio and is talking about Britney's poor cleaning habits.  Wil says he has seen her do the dishes once, and Mike says it is Day #39---maybe she will do them one more time before the season is over.

(You can see the packing in Mike's ear---he has a painful ear infection right now.)

Mike wondered if Britney is this sloppy about cleaning in her real life, or if her husband is one of those whipped guys who just accepts her being like that.

Mike:  I'm pretty sure Janelle cleans at home because she's just sitting there all day, but Britney....

I think Mike was waiting for her to come outside so he could say something about it.  I heard him say, "She has to come out here sometime..".

Frank wonders why the ants didn't infest the bag of M & M's that is apparently just laying out on the counter.  Joe thinks it is because of the hard candy shell. 

I guess the ants are lazy, too, and eat the easiest targets first. 

Meanwhile all cameras now show us Britney curling Danielle's hair and chit chatting about various topics.  Britney wants today to be a Spa Day for herself and wants to spend a few hours giving herself a facial, talking a bath, etc.

Danielle looks a little like an Oompa Loompa in the picture below, right?  

Why is Ashley Playing with Frank's Hair? #BB14

They are discussing large insects.  Ashley thinks the Praying Mantis is the largest insect.  They called Ian in to ask him, but he didn't know.

She's teasing his hair now, apparently.  I think they are getting ready for HOH pictures. 

In case you are wondering, this is all that is on the feeds right now.