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Dick at Nite - Feat. JoJo, Adam Poch and Sam Simon #BB14

This episode was taped on Thursday, just after the live show where Janelle was evicted.  The panel includes Jun Song (BB4), Adam Poch (BB13), JoJo Spatafora (BB14, of course) and Sam Simon, for some reason.  He says Adam looks like he was just released from prison tonight.  (ha ha ha)

Sam is one of the creators of The Simpsons, but he left after the 4th year.  He still gets paid though, and the show has been on over 25 years.  You can see all of his Emmy's behind him.  I know Sam from his affiliation with the Howard Stern Show.  He is good friends with Ralph Cirella and lets Ralph stay in his guest houses in California and Maui.  He was also married to Jennifer Tilly at one point.  Sam is very, very, VERY rich.  He puts a lot of money and time into animal rescue and other related charities, and is a vegan, so I'm into that.  I guess if I were a multimillionaire I'd still be a Big Brother fan, right?  Smoking dope in Maui and talking to Evel Dick on a webshow.  Sure.  Why not?  (I don't know that Sam smokes dope, but his friends sure do....)

The kick ass intro for this show played in the lower right box, and you could see the panel watch it and laugh.  It's funny, and it kicks ass.  You can see it here.  JoJo had no idea we could see her as the opening intro played---she started primping herself, arranging her hair and posing with her cigarette as the intro ended.


1.  Sam lit a big fat cigar during the intro.  JoJo is smoking a cigarette, of course.  Jun is drinking out of a large Campbell's soup mug.  Dick opens the show by introducing everyone, with Sam getting a special mention, of course.  He's a real "celebrity".  Dick takes the opportunity to talk about his own significant experience working on the Fox Channel.  He was an extra in the background of most of the early shows, and saw Tracy Ullman smoking a ton of pot while filming her old show.  Dick wanted to go up their onstage and get some for himself. 

Dick is all hyped up tonight.

(If you don't know, the Fox Channel started from scratch way back in the early 90's.  They had a handful of shows they played several nights each week.  That was just crazy and unheard of back then---to air the same show several nights each week.  But everyone does it now, right?  There was a show called 21 Jump Street that starred Johnny Depp and he was a teen idol back then, but hated it.  So he moved to France and tries now to look as dirty and unappealing as possible.  He's a rebel.)

Dick got to meet Richard Greico and did some stand in work for him on 21 Jump Street.

2.  Dick starts with Ian in the Dog Costume.  He asks Adam about it, since he was Cruddy the Creepy Elf last year.  Sam remembers that and laughs.  Ed mentions the bunny suits during BB8 that a team of HG had to wear for the week.  (I remember Zach and Danielle Donato wearing them.)  He said Kail was supposed to wear it, but he watched her balance it on the tip of her toe by the pool while she was sunbathing.  Dick went into the DR and said "Does Kail need to wear the costume or not?" and then Kail was called to the DR and was told to put on the bunny suit.

They agree that Ian did a great job in the costume.  Adam asks JoJo what she said when she was asked in her BB interviews if she were willing to wear a costume.  JoJo starts talking, but we can't hear it.  JoJo has a microphone problem.  (Perfect for people who don't like listening to JoJo run her mouth...)

Oh, now we can hear her.  Great....  She says "she would have rocked that shit".  Ed says she would have been in the Spiritard.  Dick says that little skirt would not be there on JoJo though---he thinks it is only there to hide Frank's package.

JoJo:  What package?

They all laugh.  JoJo says that the ones who brag are always the ones with the smallest ones, and that Ian probably has a bigger dick for all we know.    She hasn't seen either of them, though.  She and Jun are enjoying this conversation more than the guys, I think.

4.  Ed calls Frank Sideshow Bob, and says that it is too easy to compare Frank to clowns because of his hair.  Sam said he is discouraged by BB this season, and only watched tonight because of his appearance on Dick at Nite.  He didn't like the Ashley-Ian "Showmance" (Sam:  Ashley and Ian?  C'mon...) and he doesn't like the Coaches twist because they obviously planned to bring them back from the beginning.

This gives Ed the license to start bitching and moaning about how he will never watch BB anymore after this year.  He brings up how Shane got screwed out of the biggest blindside since Dustin was evicted in BB8.  (True...)

Sam:  They used to be good at manipulating the show into a way that you wanted it to go, but now they are going in ways you don't want it to go.  Even the Diary Room seems so scripted...and so unreal.

He says they must have new can't get to meet new people and be charmed by them.  Instead we have to hear "Mike Boogie talking all of the time".  He says All Stars is when you bring back the former players.

Dick agrees and says he still "doesn't know shit about Jenn" and that "he's had more time on the show's commercials than she has this year".

5.  Adam asks Dick why he agreed to come back last year, if he felt that way?  (!!)  Dick says he wanted to play with Dr. Will --no one told him who he would be playing with.  He says that in the week he was there, he set up a month's worth of evictions for the group, implying no one knew how to play.

He doesn't like Boston Rob going on Survivor 4 times, etc.

6.  Dick says Robyn Kass is "up Boogie's ass about being a great player".  Dick wants to know where these people were last week, when Frank was about to get blindsided?

Sam says he started watching BB because of Evel Dick, and doesn't get the whole Mike Boogie sensation.  He thinks he is just some clown in the DR.  Dick explains that he only came on All Stars because Dr. Will wouldn't appear unless they brought him back.

Adam says the Coach's meeting in the HOH and how Boogie handled it will go down in BB history but Dick disagrees.  Sam asks isn't Britney a dumb player?  Isn't she easy to manipulate?

Dick agrees and says she got blindsided so hard on her show. You can see Sam sucking on his stogie in this picture.  Adam tried to say that all of the guys were pulling the wool over Britney's eyes, but Jun says no, that little bitch knew exactly what she was doing.

JoJo:  Why did they even bring her back?  Of all of the coaches, I didn't want her, and look who I got stuck with...Britney!

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Joe's Cooking Demonstration #BB14

Joe demonstrated how to make salsa in the kitchen and pretended like it was a cooking show.  I came in near the end of things, but he basically put all of the salsa ingredients into a blender and pureed them.


Here is Joe at the blender.

Now he shows us the fish.  There is only smoked paprika on it, as well as a little olive oil so that it will crisp up.  He recommended that you cook with what you have on hand if you can, rather than buying special ingredients that might go to waste in our pantry.

He gave the salsa a stir, and then tasted it for seasoning.   Something controversial happened at this point---you can't see, but Joe was folding avocado into the salsa at the end and saying that you had to treat it gently at this point.  He discussed this because Shane commented on it.  Production apparently told them a few minutes later that the Have Nots couldn't have avocado.  They had said that they could eat avocados in the salsa as long as they kept it quiet, but Shane asking about it made Joe talk about it, so they couldn't eat the avocados. 

Joe dished out the salsa on the fish.  You can see the huge chunks of avocado.  Britney actually scraped hers back into the salsa bowl.   When they started eating, Jenn said the fish was good, but for her palate she would have liked more salt.  Joe's spin on that is that you can adjust the seasonings to taste.  We then saw Britney dumping a lot of salt on hers from a large container.

This is Britney's plate.

This is Britney scraping the big chunks back into the bowl

The camera showed her picking at the plate, and then leaving it there.  I knew it wouldn't be long until we heard her bitching and complaining about it.

Sure enough, she went right down the hall to the bathroom and started talking to Danielle about her horrible lunch. 

Britney:  Well, maybe I'm not the best judge....because I hate salsa.  I never eat salsa.  I mean, I never eat salsa...ever!  But here there's nothing else, so...  and there were all of these bones in the fish.

Danielle:  That sounds disgusting!

Scenes From This Afternoon #BB14

They sat at the dining table and Britney tried to choke down some of Joe's slop banana bread.   The biggest news from today is probably the fact that Frank wussed out and DID NOT use the POV.  I think he may look back on this as a big flaw in his game.  Dan will certainly get Frank nominated, but probably under the cover of someone else.  That's Dan's game.

They laid around in the backyard and talked.  I listened to them speak while I worked, but I don't remember anything earth shattering that they said.  The apples you see Frank holding in the pictures below were part of the decor in the kitchen.  They made a game by throwing the apples into a container floating in the pool.

Update on Janelle's Chat #BB14

Janelle did a chat today that was moderated by Diana Watt. I have seen Diana on Twitter before--I think she works in the reality media area somewhere.  A tweet went out from Janelle about the chat and off we went...

People were asking questions like crazy and it was wild.  You can see the number of viewers jumped from 218 to 652 in the pictures below---this was less than one minute later.  At one point a bunch of other people got on screen and took it over.  One "user" was even a feed of the live screen at one point.  They had to figure out how to get them off screen and Janelle apologized to one of them by name.  You can see this below.

 Here are a few tidbits that she said that were interesting:

*  Alison and Rich (Producers) were very upset about Janelle leaving and in the Green Room Alison said she was sorry and there was nothing she could do.  She said she knew the timing of the question was bad, but she wanted to know if Janelle would consider doing All Stars.  (She might, but only if certain other people are there too, like Evel Dick and Jeff.)

*  She is eligible for Fan Favorite.  She is aware that Mike Boogie is saying that now that  Janelle is out someone else can win for a change.  But he thinks it is a Jury prize, but the prize is open to Janelle as well.  And I guess anyone else who is home already from the game.

*  Janelle had Violet with her during sequester, and arrangements had been made to have Violet and the nanny stay in an adjacent space if Janelle was on the jury.

*   No one has asked her about being in Pandora's Box, but she is under contract this season and has to go back if she is asked.  (Alison....)

*  Janelle's husband was FURIOUS when he saw that she was getting backdoored, and heard how she was being slandered. He called Alison Grodner and said he was getting on a plane and was coming out there to get her out of the house.  Janelle says there was nothing to prevent him from doing that, but Alison talked him out of it, saying that Janelle would not want him to do that.

*  Porsche told her about Willie getting arrested, and about Ashley's lawsuit.

*  Janelle hasn't watched the CBS episodes yet, but says Willie headbutted Joe 4 time and body slammed him with his shoulder.  Joe had to see a doctor and there were marks all over his face.  Janelle also described the pork rind incident with Willie and said Joe could probably sue Production for his injuries.

*  People have asked her if she thinks Shane is gay or bi and she says he is just not attracted to Danielle and told them that in the house several times.

*  She did not realize how crazy Danielle is, but noted that many of the things she said didn't make sense, and that she would say strange things.  She did not know she was not a teacher until after she was evicted.

*  She did not know Frank's dad is Sid Vicious until her husband told her.  She added that Alison Grodner LOVES wrestlers and brought up Jessie's name.

*  She said anyone who says they don't like Joe's food is just a hater.  His food was delicious and was one of the best things about BB14.

*  Someone asked if DR sessions were scripted. She said that they kind of lead you down a path, and then she paused.  She finally said Yes, the DR sessions were scripted.  But she has refused to say things in there before.

*  When she picked her team, she picked Wil because she saw how funny he was and he seemed well-liked.  She had no idea what a backstabber he would be.  And Ashley was "all over the place".  She wishes she had picked Kara and Ian instead.

*  This year, after they picked all of the POV players, the HOH had to empty the bag of chips on the couch so everyone could see that everybody's name was in there for the picking. 

*  Janelle will not discuss her stipend, but says it is more than Mike Boogie's stipend.

*  She will not be friends with him now, and doesnt' like him bringing Erin Brodie's name into it, to make Erin "feel even worse about her".  She does not talk to Dr. Will anymore.

*  She has said she would like for Boogie to go to Final Two and not win the game because it would burn his ass.  She says it would be funny if Frank won since she told everyone it would happen and they didn't listen to her.

*  When she first left the house she thought Britney only voted her out for game purposes, which is what Britney said in her goodbye video.  But now that she has read about what Britney has said about her, she is not happy about it.  She realizes now that Britney was backstabbing her from the beginning, when Willie was HOH.  She thought she had a Final Two deal with Britney and would never have gone against her in the game.

*  She left the make up in the house for the girls to use the rest of the summer and feels Britney is only giving her Mary Kay website shout outs to suck up to the viewers after screwing Janelle over.

*  Her dog Winnie die not have puppies.  Janelle thought she was pregnant with a litter but found out later that it "didn't take". Joe will have to wait until next year to get one of the puppies.

*  Frank worked out a lot and did not wear deodorant, so she said to imagine how smelly that would be.

That's about all I can remember.  I had to log off a few minutes early to take a call, but the questions were getting very repetitive.  There were a few assholes in the chat room, but it wasn't too bad.  One person kept calling Janelle a "LIAR" so she said "hang on a minute---I'm going to block that motherfucker!".  In the picture below where she was looking up she was reading a text from someone.

Janelle is Doing a Chat Now! #BB14

She looks gorgeous!

There are some technical problems, but who cares.  It's Janelle bitches!

Big Brother After Dark - Crunches and Conversations 8-13-12 #BB14

This episode aired at 9:00 pm BBT on Sunday night, and in the early hours on Monday where I live.

As of today, Frank is holding the POV but the ceremony to use it (or not use it) will be held sometime on Monday.  Wil and Joe are on the block.


1.  The show opens with a meeting with Mike, Frank and Britney to discuss the vote.  Mike says he plans to tell everyone that he will be happy to listen to what they have to say about this week's vote, but that he can't confirm what is going to happen.

Mike: I'll just say that I've been in trouble for discussing the vote and they are watching me hard..

They think that Wil might be worse to have on the Jury than Joe.  Joe might be angry at first but will then just get over it and cook for everybody.  But Wil would present a bigger problem for them, creating negativity on the Jury.

Note that Frank is HOH, not Mike.  Britney's hair is very fluffy and wavy today.  Last night Ashley braided it for her when it was still wet and it looks good today.  Britney left the HOH and then Joe came up and said he was ready to work out.  He doesn't look happy about it, but he's ready.

Shane has been setting up a "Boot Camp" of sorts, with different training intervals that the group goes through sequentially.  Jenn has been doing it and enjoying it and Joe has vowed to do it for two weeks.  (If he's there that long.)  Joe lost 5 pounds in the first day of being a Have Not but I don't know what his latest numbers are. )

2.  Shane and Danielle were laying in the hammock talking about the first competition, the Teddy Bear Bed Hop with Ian, who was sitting next to the hammock.  It was a hard competition and Danielle was surprised how heavy the bear was they had to carry.  Ian wants to watch it on TV, and Danielle is upset about the shorty shorts they had to wear.  She said she promised her mother she would be modest on TV, and she hopes that her mom knows she didn't pick those shorts out.

 JoJo's team got good pajama-type shorts that covered more.  Shane went over to get the workout started, while Wil, Ashley and Dan are sorting out the booze in the kitchen.  They got 6 beer cans and a bottle of red wine.

(I distinctly remember Danielle saying in her pre-interview that her parents had no idea she would be on the show.  Another lie perhaps?)

3.  The Boot Camp class has started, and Shane has incorporated Frank's HOH jump rope into the series of exercises.  Frank has an interesting jump rope style, first moving his feet together sideways and then hopping on each foot.  He makes it look easy.  Then there's Joe...this workout is VERY hard for him and he had difficulty moving the rope and jumping at the same time.  He ended up just jumping up and down for the remaining 15 seconds or so of the interval.

Jenn is Gung Ho about it and even counts out some of the intervals out loud instead of Shane.  She wears an odd romper type of garment--black with silver studs--over a jog bra.  I think Jenn is probably a lot smaller than she appears in her baggy clothes.

4.  Britney and Ian were laying in the hammock whispering.  I thought at first that they were whispering about backstabbing or lies, but I think they were talking about the Wil vs. Joe vote instead.  Britney wanted to know who Ian would put up if he is HOH and he said if they have another endurance they can talk about it "while they're up there".  (i.e. make a deal,  I guess).

Shane is creating the next series of intervals for the Boot Camp group.  Shane just got up from laying on his back by jumping to his feet.  That's no joke, BB fans.  Shane is strong and nimble.  Jenn is a good listener and makes sure she understands each interval and the proper form to use before they begin.

(Every one of these house guests should get out there and work with Shane.  Mike is right about the value of the training--they would pay $75 an hour for this outside of the BB house.  I heard Shane try to persuade Danielle yesterday to start working out with them and she put him off.  If Joe can do it, Danielle can do it.)

5.  Inside the house Wil just opened a container of hummus and is snacking.  Dan made "Tuna Mac"  today and just said that one pot of that cures "a lifetime of mac and cheese cravings".  Dan is eating a small bowl of mac and cheese that he made and holds up the bowl in victory as he eats a spoonful.

He holds up the box of Ralph's Macaroni and Cheese and says it is quite possibly the best product on the store shelves.  You might walk right past it in the store, but you would be wrong, he says.  He inspects the box and sees it comes from Cincinnati, OH, and says that it is no surprise to him that it came from the Midwest.

Outside Mike is going hard on one of the intervals that makes my back hurt just looking at it.  It is that one where you start on your feet and jump down into push up position and then back up on your feet.  Now Shane is even having trouble with one of the exercises and says they need to change it.  Basically it involves laying on the weight bench and pulling yourself up using the bar.  I just watch Frank do it and make it look simple, but Shane had problems so they create something else to replace it.

(Damn Frank is strong.  Frank the Tank.)

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