Saturday, August 11, 2012

Oh No...The F*cking Zingbot! #BB14

  The Zingbot just came down the DR hallway and everyone stood around in horror.  He started talking, "House guests...." and we went to TRIVIA for the POV.

I hope he really slams Danielle hard so we can hear her cry about it later.

Hurry Up and Wait #BB14

They are sitting around waiting for the POV to start.  Dan and Britney played a game involving throwing cards into the top hat on the table.  Britney won.  Danielle read the bible.

Britney decided to eat some candy and got her own camera for almost as long as Janelle would without her make up on.


Supposedly Britney heard Joe playing with himself in the middle of the night in the Have Not Room.  She swears he is always watching Danielle at all times.  Tonight she is going to wake up Danielle if she hears it again so she "won't have to go through that alone"!   (ha ha ha)

Now Britney reads the bible and finishes her candy, while Danielle got herself some sort of Have Not beverage.

And where's Joe?  Well, he's right there of course.  Better not fall asleep on the couch Joe.  You're not allowed to sleep anywhere inside but the Have Not Room.

And neither is Shane.

Britney is just reading the scriptures and eating her candy.

Big Brother After Dark - Sweet Candy and Sour Attitudes 8-11-12 #BB14

This episode aired on Showtime at 9:00 pm BBT on Friday night, and in the wee hours of Saturday where I live.

Today there was a Have Not competition, with Danielle, Shane, Britney and Joe being the losers there. America chose Candy Canes and Cod as the add-on foods for this week.

Frank as the HOH nominated Wil and Joe for eviction.

(Supposedly Wil is the target, but I can't believe they would waste this HOH with such a relatively-weak target.  Although, they don't want Wil or Joe voting with the Jury, so maybe this is the real goal.)


1.  The show opens with Britney, Shane, Danielle and Ian pawing through a mound of multi-colored candy sticks on the dining room table.  They are sorting them by flavor and Britney gathers the flavors deemed "nasty" into a separate glass bowl, to isolate them.  These so-called nasty sticks include Spearmint, Sassafras, and a few others.  The maker of the candies is Gilliam.

 Danielle is eating a blueberry stick and her tongue is very blue.  I predict we will see many different colored mouths this week, and maybe longer.  They have A LOT of candy sticks.  Are they really Candy Canes though?  I guess Big Brother can call them anything they want.

Shane tries a blackberry stick and offers to break off a piece for Britney but she says she is not that interested in trying it.

Frank went outside with Danielle to develop a Spiritard cheer.  BB wants them to have that cheesy "shunning" ceremony when he removes it for good tonight and since Danielle was a cheerleader she helps him come up with a cheer.

Something like:  Bye bye Spiriitard wearing you has been so hard. B - I - G - B - R - O....

You get the picture.  I think it is going to be a good cheer.  The ceremonies are always cheesy--they usually have to do it in the living room and everyone has to say something about it.  I don't see Ted involved at this point, but BB didn't spend the money to put Ted in a Spiritard for nothing.

2.  Lots of candy crunching noises since the mics are right there by their mouths.  Britney and Ian played pool.  I don't think they have booze yet tonight, from the sound of it.  The pool table is very crooked tonight but Ian wants to wait until the game is over to level it.  Mike is going to help her.

Britney and Dan are whispering in the bedroom.  I think about getting picked for the POV by Wil.  He is going to pick Britney or Danielle to play for him if he gets the choice.  Britney tells Dan that Wil approached her today saying that he and Ashley need a place to go now and people to work with.  He said Frank and Mike were bullies and he's tired of their attitudes.

(Why didn't he keep Janelle then?  What a disaster Wil has turned out to be...)

Dan advises Britney to tell Mike and Frank about Wil picking her in advance, so they don't think it is weird if it happens.  I think that Britney and Dan are both nervous about getting backdoored this week, so they are being extra careful with perceptions.

Britney, whispering:  Mike and Frank need to go!  But not if we're involved in it!

3. Jenn does a mini commercial for the iPad, telling Dan he should get one immediately.  He can use it to show people his real estate properties and other presentations.  Dan doesn't like the touch screen but Wil says you can attach a keyboard.

The pool table is still crooked.

Ashley is laid out on the bathroom on the lounge and Frank came in to give her an update on what has happened in the house.  She was trying to sleep but figures out it wasn't a very long nap.  Frank told her about the candies and offered to get a Pina Colada stick and she said not, she's trying to "get skinny with all of this hurt stuff".

(If you don't know, Ashley is in a lot of back pain and can barely move.  Due to her pain she was excused from the Have Not competition.)

Wil asks her pain level and she gives it a "9" right now.  She said the pain is concentrated on her butt cheeks, and it feels like she is being hit with a stun gun.  Wil says that sounds like a nerve, and that this is not a muscle problem.

Ashley:  I think I'm just really disappointed, because when I got the shot two days ago on the other side it helped.  But this time, on the other side it didn't.

She got the shot directly in her butt.  Wil says that he hopes she feels better.  Frank jokes that they are all "talking mad shit about her out there".

Ashley: I would hope so..this is Big Brother!

Now Britney comes in and asks how she is, and Ashley doesn't respond.  Instead, Frank does all of the talking for her.  Then Ashley kind of interrupts to say she doesn't want to keep talking about it.  (Hmmmm.  Interesting...)

When we come back from commercial they were filling Ashley in on the fish dinner they had tonight and how good it was.  Joe fried the cod for them and the had pickles on the side.  Now Britney is having dessert coffee.

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Danielle Talks About Trey Again #BB14

Britney started it, by asking her if she spoke with Dan about Trey.

I guess there is a song called "Forgot about Dre" but they two of them sing "Forgot about Trey". 

Dan grills Danielle about Trey.  She says they went on two dates.  One was for lunch at Jason's Deli, and the second was a group function.  (We all know that was a lake party---Danielle told us!)

Dan:  Did you kiss him?

Danielle:  Yes.

Dan:  After two dates?

Danielle:  Well I've know him three years!

Now Danielle launches into a story about her friend Petey and why she didn't get with him, but apparently he introduced her to Trey.

Danielle told Trey that she might "get kidnapped" and not be around, so she told him if she doesn't respond to his texts he shouldn't get upset.  

They "took her phone away" so she couldn't talk to him before he left.  Britney enjoys a cup of coffee and some of Joe's baked slop delicacies. 

Joe's Cooking #BB14

In the HOH Ian has joined Mike and Frank to chat about things.

Joe made "candy cane" cupcakes along with banana bread this morning and Ian tried one of the cupcakes.  He found a "huge" piece of the plastic candy wrapper in his cupcake.

Mike:  Aside from the wrapper, how was the cupcake?

Ian:  Well, it was burnt on the outside and raw and slimy on the inside.

Frank:  Am I the only one who thinks that Joe's cookin' was better in the first few weeks of this?

Mike agrees.

Ian said that people are talking about this week being a fast forward, but he pointed out that he's never seen them do that with more than 6 players in the game.  He thinks that is because there isn't time to pick players for the POV, so they wait until there is no need to do that.

Mike thought about it and said they did it in his season when they got down to 6 players.

Downstairs Britney and Dan are talking about who they keep in touch with from their seasons.  I didn't get to hear all of it, but it was interesting.  Dan is saying now that Jerry came to his wedding, and talked to Dan's mom about his wife dying of cancer.  He says that Jerry loved Memphis and tried to talk to him all of the time but Memphis shut him down.  He didn't like Dan but we get FISH as Dan talks about and now all cameras are on the HOH.

Wil is Screwing Up #BB14

They just finished the POV player pick, and Frank and Mike are discussing Wil's shitty attitude.  Mike tried to clap and act like he was hyped but Wil wouldn't even look at him.

Frank:  His attitude is even worse than it was yesterday.

They plan to push that Wil is much more likely to win HOH than Joe is.  They are sure that Wil is coming after him because of the way he is acting.  Mike points out how pissy Wil was yesterday after the Have Not competition, when he was one of the winners---Mike handed him a green bandana before it started.

Mike:  We don't even need to tell Jenn what to do...we can just vote with our team.

Here are the players for the POV:  Britney, Shane, Jenn, Ashley, Wil , Mike and Joe.  I think there are seven players this week since Shane used his POV ticket to play. 

Frank:  I wouldn't mind if it's a tie, and I can say "get the fuck out, son".

Mike:  You can be real sassy with it, too.

Frank:  After it was over he was huggin' everybody and he wouldn't even hug me...I was like OK son.

Mike:  And that face....

Mike is pissed that Joe picked him as house guest choice.  He says it is so stupid for him to put there little arrangement on shout like that.   They want to "leave Joe on the ropes all week" and then tell him on Thursday so they can "own him".

Mike:  You know, I love all of these bad players.  It is just going to make it easier for us. It's BB14--and these people don't know how to play.  Even Ian....he's a BB historian, but he doesn't know how to play.

They chat about Danielle and her two personalities.  Mike thinks she is good to have around, except for her winning endurances.  Frank said it was made for her, but thinks Britney or Ian could have hung in there and won.

Mike wants to keep pushing with the rest of the Silent Six that Wil has a shitty attitude and knows about their alliance.  They need to be sure everyone keeps thinking about it.

Frank:  It would be great if it were a fucking double eviction, and they could both just go...

Frank asked him if he's getting "bromance" questions in the DR and we get FISH.

Now Mike and Frank talk about Janelle at home watching the feeds and make smart comments.

Mike:  Now you can leave your fucking cotton balls on your own counter!

Frank has been saying she always left her flip flops everywhere for him to trip on.

Um.....Yummy. #BB14

Shane tried to eat a bowl of slop but couldn't finish it.  He and Joe plan to wait for the slop banana bread, then have protein shakes for lunch and more fish for dinner.

Can it be much worse than oatmeal?  I don't get what is so horrible about having one bowl per day. They can use maple syrup and brown sugar in it....

Back in the early days instead of slop, they had the PB&J diet and everybody bitched about that, too.

Mike put his fish and eggs into a bowl and I just saw him squirt yellow mustard in there.  GROSS!  And you know he doused it with hot sauce, and whatever is in the bottle on the far right below.  Ketchup maybe?  Yes, it is Ralph's ketchup.

And he's eating that voluntarily.   No one is making him eat that.

Britney is out of the DR and sits down with a bowl of slop.  She asks Mike a question about being in the military and what they eat.  He says she needs to ask Danielle since her parents are Marines.  Mike thinks the food selection is somewhat limited, with fewer choices than "the sorority house".

Mike gives a shout out to someone in Afghanistan, and then to "Meow Meow Mr. Enzo Palumbo". 

Fish for Breakfast #BB14

Mike Boogie took the left over cod and is heating it up.  He is also making scrambled egg whites.  The black cod that BB house got yesterday is of superior quality and he knows it. 

I was tempted to say that he should leave that cod for the Have Nots, but Danielle won't eat it, and I think Britney will only eat fried fish.

I think Joe is cooking down a banana candy stick in water and reducing it to make banana bread out of the slop.

Mike doesn't serve lunch at Geisha House.  Joe says that is smart since it is hard to make money on $8 a plate.  The restaurant closes on a variable time--usually by 12:30 am or so.  Mike hates it when he hears from a customer that they stopped by at 11:30 and it was too late to order.

Mike:  Then I know my manager wanted to go out drinking.

Joe describes a time when he drove by his restaurant and the lights were off a full hour earlier than they should have been.  Joe stopped the car and went inside and fired the guy.

Mike:  My favorite line is, now you have all of the time to do what ever you want.

Lady Gaga Wake Up Call #BB14

The song was You and I and Britney was talking about it yesterday.  She and Jenn are the only ones who recognized it.  Joe thought it was a country song and Frank thought it was Shania Twain.

Britney says that it was one of her big hits!  (I've never even heard of it...)  But of course Britney has to complain about it.  She says she hates how the song changes according to what state it is played in.  They change the state from Oklahoma to Arkansas, etc.

Jenn and Britney both want to hear the original lyrics (Nebraska).  Jenn knows her boyfriend, apparently, and says Gaga's fame and popularity aren't necessarily what broke them up.

Ashley is feeling better today and has put on a face mask and took a shower.  Britney holds up Janelle's Mary Kay cosmetics and gives out Janelle's website at least twice.  She mentioned a particular product and said it cost $35.  I think it was a Nighttime Recovery Complex or something like that.

Britney's roots are very dark.  She needs to color them soon.  Joe is making a big pot of slop for them in the kitchen.  Britney had a bad night's sleep and plans to move to the floor tonight.  BB calls her to the DR.  Maybe she's in trouble for all of the singing she's been doing this morning.

Britney went into the Boom Boom Room where Danielle was laying down and said she had a 911 Emergency to tell her about.  But I don't know what it was about.

Jenn says that Janelle left all of her hair products in the house for them, too.  Dye and applicators---Jenn plans to use it. 

Shane tasted the slop and said it needed more milk but tasted delicious.  I think Joe is going to use the slop to make "banana bread", but I guess he means without the bananas.

Jenn calls out Janelle's website again and Ashley says "check it out!"  (

They will pick players for the POV soon but know the competition won't be held anytime soon, since they didn't lock down the backyard and start building until 8:00 am or so.