Friday, August 10, 2012

Big Brother After Dark - Life Goes On Without Janelle 8-10-12 #BB14

This episode aired at 9:00 pm BBT on Thursday night, and the the wee hours of Friday where I live.

This was the night Janelle was evicted, so pardon me if I wasn't chomping at the bit to watch this episode.



1.  The episode begins with the HG sitting around the hot tub.  Wil is talking about how Willie implied that he had special powers during his HOH, but he didn't.  They all suspect there will be a Have Not competition tomorrow.

Britney sees dirt in the hot tub and says BB used to clean it, but it is nasty now.  During BB12 they would complain about how dirty it was, and then someone would clean it during a lockdown.  Wil hears actual crickets and gets Ashley and Britney to quiet down so they can hear it too.  Ashley loves the sound.

Jenn used to live a block from the police department in Brooklyn so she heard sirens all night long.  She moved into a new place but only stayed there one night before "going to convention".  (sequester)  Britney went to her "first convention" for BB12 around Memorial Day, but they went later this year.

Wil thinks there was increased pressure this year to ramp up casting due to competition from other networks.  (i.e. Glass House)  Wil says he thinks they did a great job as far as diversity.  Britney says that they had a new casting website this year.  Shane says that Robyn Kass is cute and Jenn says, "she sure is!".

2. Wil went around the hot tub and asked everyone what they missed most.  He kept changing the rules as they went-sometimes it was an object, sometimes a non-family person, etc.  Shane chose his phone as the object, and his dog as the "person".  Jenn picked her phone as the object, and her three band mates as the people.  (Erin, ______ and Josette, is what I heard.)

Danielle picked her iPad, and then she said her friends and named a few names.  She DID NOT list Trey---maybe because Shane was right there?  There was hesitation in her voice as she listed names.  I think there was a Jeff in the list but she clarfied who that was.

Britney chose her Clairsonic skin machine and she couldn't choose her husband or her mother, so I think she chose her dog Molly.  I don't remember hearing Ashley have her turn.

3.  Frank got called to the DR and everybody cheered that he would be getting his HOH room key.  So they all moved to the living room to wait.  Frank ran to get Mike Boogie, who was asleep in Skid Row.  He told him he was going in the DR, so I guess they want to do their little Chilltown-like DR session.

While they wait Wil does his Sharon Osborne imitation.  He does that A LOT, and then Frank is there saying "who wants to see my HOH room?".  He takes Ted with him.  Ted has a cute little matching Spiritard now and Frank stopped to find his pom poms.

(I guess we'll see a Ted segment on Sunday's CBS show.)

Frank is wearing his glasses so he looks different right now.  There is a picture of Nana and some blue jean cutoffs.  (We saw him pack those in his intro video.)  There is a picture of "Zebra Cake Chris" and a CD that wasn't Biggie Smalls.  I didn't recognize the band--it is M83.  It is electronica and Mike says "oh great..".  (He wanted to hear some rap.) 

He sees his Snickers with Peanut Butter and is thrilled.  There is "sush" in the fridge and California Pizza Kitchen pizza.  Frank also got his NASA cap that he's been talking about and says they hooked him up.

The letter was from Nana.  She misses him and loves him.  Chris is in the Dom Republic but Daniel and Jonathon are there.  There has been a drought so everybody is wanting feed---she's been busy busy busy.  (Frank has said Nana is a commodities broker so she is involved with feed and grain, etc.)  She is proud of him and says to mind his manners.  She signed off that Frank was a precious human being and she loved him.  Awww.

Frank got his jump rope and "that is tight".  There is a picture of Frank with really short hair and they are freaking out over it.  He got some "new house shoes".  There are three bags of coffee and Britney is excited.  Frank is happy to have a big bag of Starbust ("Flav Reds---the best kind!")  He got 6 beer bottles and put them in the fridge.  I see a box of Fruity Pebbles and he also got Kashi Go Lean.

Dan likes M83 and wanted to listen to it.  He "hated to be that guy" to listen first but Frank said to go ahead.  Dan recognized the first song and I guess he had some college memories of it.

4.  Britney says he looked like he won a million dollars when he saw those Starbursts.  He loves them and says the ones he got are the best ones.  Frank is stoked about the jump rope--that's how he likes to start his workout.

Frank got boxes of tea and after prodding from Britney he says he doesn't really drink it.  There is a picture of Zebra Cake Chris, Jungle Juice Daniel, Sir Kahn (not sure about that one) and Frank on a night out.  Frank doesn't remember where they were going in the picture.

Britney wants to discuss the various teas she enjoyed in New York but keeps getting interrupted.  She tried it a few times but finally gave up.

Ian says the "second haul was the best haul", meaning that he got better stuff in his HOH room this time.

(Well, he is one of the stars of the season.)

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Ted Has Spirit, Too #BB14

I don't know if you can see it, but Ted is wearing a Spiritard, too.  He's on the floor next to Frank.

Frank said Ted may need to wear it a few more days, since he got a late start on wearing the costume.  I don't see Ted carrying pom poms, though, so that might be an infraction.

Danielle is asking dumb questions like "what is fish and chips" and "why do british people call each other mate".

Candycanes and Cod #BB14

Are what America voted for the Have Nots.

Mike tells the group that Geisha House has a delicious black cod with a soy glaze that is buttery and delicious.

Joe fried some cod and Britney ate it. Danielle refused, saying she doesn't like fish.

Mike:  A southern girl who doesn't like fish?

Britney:  I don't really like fish--I wouldn't order it in a restaurant.  But fried fish is good!  This fish is good.

Danielle refused to try it, choosing instead to eat a candy cane.

At least she gets to sleep in the same room with Shane, huh?

Britney has some sort of a blindfold or sleep mask.  Not sure where it came from.

Frank just had a quick meeting with Joe in the storage room.  He gave him a heads up that he would likely be nominated, but as of now he is not the target.

Frank:  If things go well, the person that you want out of the house may be leaving.

Joe nods.

Frank:  Just keep this quiet.  I mean really quiet.  And act like you expect to leave.  And we'll try and get you to the jury.

Dan is making a salad and Joe is teaching Dan to make a balsamic vinaigrette.  Dan looks interested as Joe explains how to put it together.  He added a little sugar to balance out the acidity of the vinegar.  (I might try that myself.)

He is broiling some cod and it sizzles on the pan when he turns it.  The fish has smoked paprika and a little butter on it.  Dan chopped up the veggies for the salad that you see here.

Joe assembled the salad for Dan.  He went a little heavy on the salad dressing, if you ask me.  Jenn tasted the salad dressing and the fish and said it was "stupid good", adding she knows it sucks to be a Have Not though.

Jenn is going to split the salad with Dan.  She can't believe how good the cod is and says the salad dressing is "just stupid".

I guess she likes it then.

Joe says the fish they got today is Black Cod Butter Fish and it is so delicate and delicious that you don't want to do too much to it.  Tomorrow they will make British style fish and chips if he can get some seltzer water.

Joe can't eat it because the fish will have flour.  Jenn says do whatever works.

She really wanted the fish and chips, with malt vinegar.

Some Will Have Not.... #BB14

The team who lost the competition and will be Have Nots are Britney, Shane, Joe and Danielle.

Sounds like there was a controversy when the house guests grabbed bandanas in the living room to choose players.

Danielle claims Ian grabbed the green bandana right out of her hand, keeping her from being on the winning team with Dan.  She is also claiming he shoved her into the coffee table while grabbing for the bandana.

If this is true, I like Ian getting physical like that. I hope BB shows us that on next Wednesday's show.

At the present moment, Wil is meeting with Frank in the HOH.  The tone of the conversation is nice, but that is primarily due to Frank's friendly speaking style.  (Even when arguing with Willie, Frank still had a smile in his voice.)   I'm not sure Wil is helping himself with this conversation.

Wil's tone just sounds argumentative, and as they wrap up he said he didn't really have a plan for this conversation, and he didn't mean to make digs at the fact that Frank and Mike are working together.  (Wil made a comment outside that Mike was running Frank's HOH.)

Frank:  Mike and I have kind of a good cop, bad cop thing going.  Sometimes he says the really tough things for me so he talks a lot, but that makes me nicer sometimes to make up for him.

They hugged at the end and Wil left.  Frank snacked on his pretzel M and M's.

Time for the Have Not Competition #BB14

Frank just burst out of the DR yelling that it's time for the first Have Not competition.   I don't know if you can see what he has in his hands, but it's a cowboy hat, and a sandwich that appears to be made out of foam rubber components.

 I don't know about you, but I'm getting very tired of the Spiritard.  Frank said last night that he had to wear it until midnight.  Or something like that.

Also, about Ashley....she can barely move today.  I think someone came to give her a shot of cortisone, but it's supposed to be some big secret.  Will she compete?  Will they let her be a Have if she doesn't?  Is that fair?

I hope Ian doesn't tamper with the process this week by volunteering to be a Have Not.  I'd like to see Mike Boogie be a Have Not, so he can have the true Big Brother experience.  I heard him talking to Janelle about it, and he's never had to do anything like that on the show, and wasn't sure he'd be able to handle it.  The America's Choices were pretty bad---if he doesn't get the choice with the Cod, the experience is likely to be pretty rough for someone who likes a high-protein diet.

Shane Gets His Hands on the Ladies #BB14

Danielle needed her back cracked, so Shane went over to the bathroom lounge where she was laying and tried to help her out.  Britney came in and joked that she felt uncomfortable witnessing this.  They ended up moving the back-cracking action to the floor.

He tried a few times and then said he was done.  I'm sure she would have laid there all day if possible.  Did you know how competitive Britney is around other girls?  Well, she is.  She wants to see if Shane can pick her up to crack her back, so he does.

Danielle, however, is still laying on the floor.

Britney is now walking on Danielle's back. Frankly, I'm surprised Big Brother is allowing this.  What if Danielle claims back problems later?  Who do you think she's going to blame?

I guess Britney likes to be competitive with the guys, too.  She tells Shane that none of the guys in the house are as big as her husband Ryan.

Shane ponders on that.  What about Frank, he says?

Britney:  He's bigger around than Frank.

Shane. Wow.

Joe May Squeak by This Week #BB14

Because Wil just made a HUGE boo boo in his conversation with Frank and Mike Boogie in the HOH room.

I just came home and turned on the feeds and saw Wil sitting on the HOH bed saying that if he's nominated he won't have hard feelings, but won't make any deals or promises about next week.  After he left a whole conversation started about his crappy attitude.

Mike said that Wil made some sort of comment about knowing there is a big group working together in the house and smirking about it.

Mike:  Well, fuck him then.

Mike says that is the wrong time to have that sort of attitude.  They want to backdoor him, so they'd like for Shane to use his POV ticket this week to reduce the risk that Wil can play for the POV.  Frank also said that he doesn't trust Dan.

Frank: I don't like the thought of me goin' on the block again and havin' Dan snake around and get votes against me.

Mike wants to get Shane and Britney up in the  HOH but without Dan and Danielle.  We go to FISH and now Frank is downstairs with Shane, who is preparing to shave his chest, and Dan is in the HOH.

Shane may be using Nair instead of shaving.  I'll keep you posted.

Now Frank is back upstairs and announced that Shane is "Nairing" his chest.  He says he gave Shane and Britney a signal with his eyes to come upstairs.  He's not sure if they caught it.

Mike says that if everyone wants their alliance out in the open, that is fine and they can "go ahead and steamroll, but as long as he and Frank aren't the first ones in the line of fire".

They told Dan about what Wil said and they discuss how much damage he just did to himself.  He shouldn't have even come upstairs, they say.

They mention that Joe keeps saying his family just wants him to make jury.  The Silent Six don't want Wil or Joe on the Jury, though.

Downstairs Daneille announces she has her eyebrows waxed, but has never waxed anything else.  Britney has, and says it hurts.  Then Danielle says she had her mustache area waxed (I think?) because she repeated THREE TIMES that she had a HUGE SCAB on her upper lip.