Thursday, August 9, 2012

Suddenly Britney Knows It All #BB14

and she's a whiny mess in the Have Not Room with Danielle.

Britney:  Frank's gonna win this game Danielle!  He's survived the block three times in four weeks!  He's won HOH twice!  They might as well write the checks now!  If he goes to the end no one in this house can beat him!

Britney says Week #5 is when Pandora's Box always appears, and the HOH gets some sort of special power.

Danielle says Janelle called her a fat ass with chunky legs!  She had to go!  (ha ha ha ha ha)

Britney: I don't know if we did the right thing.  But we have to go out there and act happy Danielle.

So, as sad and remorseful as Britney is now, just a few minutes ago she had a little celebration in the hallway with Mike. They sure seemed happy, happy, happy.

At least Mike Boogie is honest.

Ashley Heard the Audience Groan #BB14

when she cast her vote to evict Janelle.  Frank jokes about his HOH letter, that his family would have had to write it while he was on the block.

Shane shaved today.

Frank joked that Nana wrote a letter that says "Frank, I hope you're not reading this, because I'm kind of a Janelle fan.."

Danielle just sits and stares, jiggling her legs like crazy.  I was kind of hoping Ashley would win so she could spend some time alone with Shane in the HOH.

Maybe Danielle is mad because she didn't get her one-on-one interview with Julie. 

Jenn asks if Julie has a sister.  The cameras give the fans a bittersweet tribute to America's Favorite Houseguest.

Frank is hoping to get Biggie Smalls Ready to Die and Jenn hopes so too.  Frank keeps mentioning a Snickers with Peanut Butter bar.  He wants some of those Pretzel M & Ms, too.

Jenn talks about the new Korn album that includes dubstep tracks. 

Is Dan worried?  Maybe just a little?  He should be.  Mike pointed out to Frank this afternoon that Dan was "just a little too good with everybody".

Meanwhile, I can't even imagine Danielle living downstairs with the common folk, can you?

Britney came very close to winning HOH this week.  I wonder if Britney remembers that Mike and Frank do DR sessions together.  They'll be laughing at you Britney.   Hope you're happy now.

Or maybe you're wondering who's talking to Janelle now, and telling her what really happened last week.

The HOH Wears a Spiritard #BB14

Mike jokes that some will probably throw a molotov cocktail through the window of Geisha House, if they didn't already do it last night.

Wil jokes that the are the most hated Big Brother cast in history.   Wil looks concerned.  He should be, right?  I'm guessing he may end up sitting in that chair with Joe next week.  Or Dan or Britney. 

Danielle sits silently and plows through a few Twizzlers.

Joe Wants to Call a House Meeting #BB14

We come back from a brief TRIVIA and Joe and Shane are in the storage room.

Joe is telling Shane that he just asked Danielle a simple question about how things are going and she brushed him off and basically told him to go to hell.

Janelle is frantic, telling Joe just to calm down...don't call a meeting.

Shane:  I just came in here to get some hair clippers...

Shane leaves and Janelle says Joe please calm down.

In the living room Wil is whispering to Mike and Frank about what just happened between Danielle and Joe.  The feeds get interrupted because they keep talking about production.  Mike was saying he thinks they use stand ins to set up camera shots.

Wil asks about Frank's nominee speech tonight and Frank and Mike just grin.  Frank says he can't practice out loud (maybe they're not allowed to?) but the cornerstone of the speech is going to be "classy".  Wil made up a quick cheer he could do and they all laugh.

BB Household Chores #BB14

All of a sudden the house guests have a million things to do.  Joe is going to iron his chef coat for tonight.  He's waiting for the iron to heat up, and nosing around in the storage room.

 Danielle is going to vacuum and has a difficult time figuring out how to empty the dirt cannister.  Frank barked a few suggestions from the sidelines, but then came over to help her.  Frank finally figured out how to open it.

No, Jenn is not wearing a sari tonight.  She has red hair dye on half of her head and is waiting before she can wash it out.

Shane and Ashley chat about tonight.  They wonder what the HOH will be.  Shane thinks maybe questions, or a knock out competition (where people eliminate each other).  I have no idea what is in Ashley's bowl.  I thought it war a bowl of raisin bran or something, but she just blew on it so it is something hot.

Mike Wants Britney to Get the Boot #BB14

and points out to Frank that her social game is strong.  From their seats in the living room they can hear Britney keeping up constant chatter with the newbies.

They can't wait to see Joe in the hot seat for nominations.  Frank says whoever wins HOH should put names in a hat for them to choose who will be nominated against Joe.  Frank said he will never forget how Dan was watching him pack last week and telling him he was golden. 

Frank:  I'll never forget that.

(Isn't that what they are all doing to Janelle?)

The hole in Frank's Spiritard is getting bigger. 

I'm just sayin'.