Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Don't Pick Your Hair at the Table, Wil #BB14

It's rude.

Thank you.

Well, that lasted about 10 seconds.

I guess if you don't look over, it won't spoil your appetite.

One Big Happy Family #BB14

They are having salad and pasta.   I just watched Joe load up a platter with chicken and fish and touch everything, picking up small bits with his fingers and tasting it.

Why, there are Joe's hands on the food right there.

Frank laid low today.  Mike Boogie told the backyard group that Frank was getting bummed about having to wear the Spiritard.  It's hot and too tight for him.  

Janelle ponders the array of Wishbone salad dressings Big Brother has provided for her.

 Britney is starting to regret the Janelle backdoor situation.  A tiny opening, but an opening nonetheless.  What in the world is that blue thing around her neck?

Mike Boogie had an episode the other day when there was no hot sauce in the storage room.  I guess someone scurried over to Ralph's to pick up a bottle to keep him happy.

In the picture below, Janelle wanted the green shaker of parmesan cheese.  She asked Shane to slide it across the table, and he did.  Janelle giggled and thanked Shane.

Danielle didn't like that.

Dan Interrupts Naptime #BB14

Shane was listening to Danielle's CD and she was draped all over him.  I don't know what was going on, but I assume nothing since the cameras weren't on them.

Dan asked if they were in Makeout City and Danielle told him to shut up.  Of course they launched into a discussion of Janelle and her evil web of lies. 

I do know one thing.  I saw Shane hit her on the butt just a second ago.  I didn't get a picture, but I saw it.  I think he tapped her with the back of his hand, not the palm side.

And he did reach over and try to grab her toes.  As you can see here.   Hmmm.

Mike Boogie with No Topper. #BB14

A rare sighting of Mike Boogie without a hat, bandana or doo rag.  He and Wil and Jenn are on the patio complaining about Joe using all of the meat to make his meals.  He used all of the ground turkey and they are all upset that it is gone for the week.


Mike feels they need to do a Reset on that process next week.  Wil proposes that Joe pick one night to cook and they will fend for themselves the rest of the week.  Mike likes that idea and thinks they should go with it.

Wil:  It's one thing if you keep saying you want to win Chopped, then go be on Chopped!

Mike:  Yeah.  It's not Big Chopped Brother.

They discuss how Joe thinks because he cooks, he thinks he'll never go anywhere.  Right on cue, Joe opens the back door and calls out that dinner is 30 minutes away.  He repeats that at least once.

Jenn starts talking about the ground turkey and she's throwing the eff bomb all over the place.  Don't get her started on food, I guess.   She found a thumbtack in the backyard and they joke that Production created land mines out there.

Chilltown Talk #BB14

Janelle and Britney are sitting in a very bored fashion and talking about previous seasons of Big Brother.  I swear they seem like they are running on low speed.

Britney hardly remembers Dan's season, but Janelle says Season 10 was one of her favorites. 

Janelle reminds Britney that her group had to win HOH every week because the house was so divided.  No one wanted to go after Chilltown --when Janie was HOH the others would tell her to put up Mike and Will and she'd say "why don't you do it?"

Janie:  If I leave, I hope you'll get it.

Britney is very quiet.  I guess it could come off as sad.  Or guilty. Or a little of both.

Britney: I Wish We Could Go To Target #BB14

Danielle:  Oh my god.  Me and you would have so much fun in Target!

Britney:  You know what gets me in there?  That little home goods section behind the greeting cards.

Big Brother After Dark - Danielle Talks. And Talks. And Talks. 8-7-12 #BB14

This episode aired at 9:00 pm BBT on Monday night, and in the wee hours of Tuesday where I live.

The POV ceremony took place today, and no one was more surprised than Janelle to find that Wil was taken off the block and replaced with Janelle, herself.

In fact, no one else was surprised.  They all knew.

A sad day for many Big Brother Super Fans.  Hopefully we will see Janelle try to fight.


1.  The show opens with Danielle and Janelle talking in the HOH bathroom.  I know many people have expressed horror at the sight of Danielle without make up.  I have decided I like her better without it.  It is way too heavy and cake-like, and using eyeliner under her eyes doesn't do her any favors.  I think she looks a little like Ashley Judd without it.  But I digress...she is wearing full make up tonight during this conversation with Janelle.

Janelle is talking about BB7, and trying to make the point that a girl shouldn't go to the end with big, strong men.  She correctly points out that the men will win the final competitions because they are often physical.  (I hope she points out what Dan and Memphis did to Old Jerry, too, at the end of BB10.)

Danielle asks questions, but the blank look on her face doesn't reveal her true thoughts.  She did ask Janelle a question about "Scrubika".  Since Danielle has never seen BB4 or BB7, I don't think she should call Erika that name.  Respect your elders Danielle.

They discussed Botox and fillers. Janelle considered fillers but has never had either. Danielle says that she can tell because Janelle's forehead moves, and then implies that some other people'e foreheads don't.  Janelle calls out Mike Boogie for having a lot of Botox.  Danielle asked her if she's had her lips done and she denies it--she has always had huge lips, she says.

2.  The cameras change to the backyard,where Ashley is describing a workout class she takes at Crunch Fitness in LA where you use rubber drumsticks to pretend you are drumming.  She says the class is awesome and it is called Get Pounded.  She tells all of us to go Get Pounded and everyone laughs.  She also describes going to Kundalini Yoga and Dan asks some questions about that.  She discovered yoga because she had to take an elective course at Penn State and she took yoga.  There were only two people in the class and she loved it.

Jenn gave a little class on how the streets go in New York --numbering and lettering and such.

Frank did a few cheers inside, and called Janelle Sweet Cheeks again.  (Janelle HATES that.)  He dated a cheerleader or two, and could hear the cheers from playing football, so he knew how they went.  He grabbed Britney and told her that he had something to tell her and they went back to the bathroom.  Ashley interrupted them and they talked about how full they were from dinner.  Joe made scalloped potatoes and they weren't what Britney expected.  She liked the carrots.  Ashley liked the carrots and the potatoes.  Frank had two helpings of potatoes and his Spiritard is so tight now.

Janelle comes in now and says the pom poms are "ghetto esque" and "no one uses stuff like that anymore".  She is pretty sure that BB wanted a girl to win this prize and Frank agrees.  He just took it halfway off to put on more deodorant.  They try zipping it up halfway and the sound of the zipper always scares Frank.

Frank:  It sounds like I'm about to get got!

(Shout out to The Wire.)

Janelle says the costume is embarrassing.

Now we see Wil playing with his hair and talking to Ashley about the votes this week.  He tells her that "they" are going after Joe next because they don't want him on the Jury.  Ashley thinks that is smart.  Wil says they only need six people in their alliance for the votes.  They are in the storage room and there is are huge bowls of candy on the counter.

They complain that Joe used all of the chicken to cook dinner.  Ashley doesn't want to tell Britney much anymore about their plans and Wil approves.  Wil doesn't know if he can trust the Coaches.

Now back in the bathroom Frank whispers to Britney that Wil approached him for a deal, saying that he could deliver the votes this week for Frank to stay.  Frank asked him if he is working with Joe and he told Wil that Joe was at risk next week.  Wil told Frank he wouldn't nominate Mike and Frank next week, and that he doesn't trust Joe very much.

Ugh...Frank just had a conversation with Ashley about his regularity and bowel habits.  As soon as Frank started talking about his "heme..." the cameras changed.  Not a moment too soon.

3.  Now we see Janelle playing badminton in the backyard with Shane.  Shane talks while he plays, commenting on the cameras that are in their way and the shots. Mike and Dan are outside exercising.

Inside Wil, Ashely and Frank are upset with Joe and Wil wants his cooking habits to stop now.  Frank says he used all of the turkey for the burgers, but he could have made them much smaller and made the meat go further.  They know they will run out of food soon and it will be Joe's fault.

Ashley: I thought when I was on the block with Joe that I would go home because of his cooking.

Frank:  No...no.don't think like that...

Now Mike comes in and they tattle to Mike about not having any more chicken.  Mike wants to take action on that right away.  He would rather not eat all the meat fried, and because they run out of meat they have no choice but to eat those fatty fried meals.  Frank is also upset that Joe used all of the avocados.

Mike found Ted face down in the corner of the dining room and picked him up.  Mike wonders if Ted drank all of the beers.

They give a shout out to JoJo who is home watching on Showtime, they say.  Wil is preparing a piece of ahi tuna he found in the storage room.  They all bitch about not having whole wheat pita bread or buns.  Mike is telling BB to just substitute some healthy products for what they are getting now and keeps saying "Waste Not Want Not".  Wil would even like to have frozen veggies--he would cook with those.

Britney:  I would be willing to give up 20 cents from my stipend if they could just get Kraft mac and cheese instead of Ralph's mac and cheese!

(I worked in the consumer products industry, and I hate to tell Britney, but the same companies often make both.)

Now they complain about the mess that Joe made the night he made quesadillas.  They hate that if they aren't there right away when the food is cooked, they dont' get any.

Ashley:  I kind of like that we all sit down like a family, together.

Frank:  Fuck that!

They all laugh.  They had more food last week because Joe was on slop and they had so much salmon to eat.  Now Frank and Shane say they saw him come out of the bathroom without washing his hands.  Wil demonstrates how Joe touches everything when he cooks and they are all skeeved out.

(Where is Joe?  They aren't even trying to whisper!)

Mike bitches that usually the food is alright, but tonight the dinner was "no bueno".  Mike says that if he starts using their muscle milk to cook with, that will be the last straw

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Britney's Tired, But Not Too Tired to Bash Janelle #BB14

Britney is outside now and she discusses the "weird" wake up call they got this morning.  I guess because it is so early with no looming events today.

Mike thinks that with the "big event" that happened this week, Production needs to get more DR comments and reactions to put Wednesday's show together.

Britney makes fun of Janelle always counting the votes she has, and including Britney's vote among them.  Britney makes it clear that she will not be voting for Janelle.

Mike can't believe people stay up so late in the house.

Mike:  What, do you want to stay up until 6:00 am just to dirty dishes?  Every morning it's like there was a 6 year old's birthday party in here.  I can't imagine wanting to be awake a few more hours a day in here.  No thanks...

Mike tells Britney that he gave Janelle's mom and husband a shout out this morning, and that she would be home with Violet very soon.  Britney points out that Janelle certainly doesn't need the money.

Mike:  Well, I would assume that she wouldn't have gotten married if there was no money..

Britney:  Did you hear what she said about her nanny?

Britney starts talking about Janelle's 18 year old nanny who lives in her house and is a nanny full time while Janelle is away.