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Big Brother After Dark - The Week-Long Janelle Beating Begins 8-6-12 #BB14

This episode aired on Showtime at 9:00 pm BBT on Sunday, and early Monday morning where I live.

Sunday was a slow game day, as there were no competitions or other events scheduled.  That doesn't meant the players took the day off, however.  There was plenty of plotting and scheming  to be had, however, as everyone (except Janelle, apparently) prepared themselves for Monday's POV ceremony.


1.  As we now know, the Monday POV ceremony changed everything.  But on this night Frank and Mike are hopeful, but aren't sure things will go their way with Danielle's POV ceremony.  Mike and  Frank sat in the nomination chairs (why would they sit there?) and talked in low voices about everything going on.

They discussed that "they are making this way too hard" and I think they are whispering about Dan, wondering why he couldn't just commit to the new plan.  I am fairly certain Frank spoke of going back on their word in a week or so, once it was okay for them to do that.

Mike, muttering:  There's Joe over there, looking at us. Yes Joe, we're over here talking.

Frank implied he wanted to go off on Joe today but held back.  I think at this point in the evening, they don't think their plan will work, and they are bitter that things won't go their way.  The cocky air of this morning isn't there yet.

Mike notices someone in the kitchen is separating the M & M's by color.

Mike:  Why would she do that?  They all taste the same.

Frank:  Why would anybody do anything in here?

Mike:  I hate it here.  I hate it.

Mike doesn't want to stay up all night.  He just wants to have one more meeting with both he and Frank in there, and maybe one more chat tomorrow morning.

2.  Ian and Dan are in the pool, talking about the game and other seasons of BB.  Dan tells Ian that Britney got some information today about Mike and Janelle teaming together.  Ian thinks that if the HOH competition is a "knock out" competition, Ian will "win for sure".  (In that game two people face off and the one who gets the question wrong is knocked out. The winner gets to pick the next two people to face off.)

Ian:  Joe is fucking Chicken George of this season.

There are a lot of small planes flying over and they are quite loud.

Back in the living room Mike and Frank continue to smirk and complain.  Frank says they sound like a bunch of grumpy old men.

Frank is thinking about bringing up the fact that his dad is a professional wrestler, trying to bond with Dan, but Mike thinks it might be too late.  Frank thinks Dan might be a wrestling fan and Mike says he is the right age to be a fan.

Danielle is the one who separated the M & M's and Mike talks with her about it and mutters something about it.

3.  In the backyard they have a race between Shane, Britney, Jenn and Joe where they crabwalked backwards across the yard and Shane kicked everybody's butt.  The came back inside.  When they came back inside Mike said "why did they have to come back in here?  it was so nice.."

Mike:  I'm about to explode.  Let's just go somewhere and fucking talk.  This sneaking around and waiting around...I can't take it...there's so many people in here... I hate Jenn's laugh, don't you?

Frank:  Just about everything about her..

They laugh.

Now we see all of the M & Ms have been separated, and they are counting them by color.  I guess they are analyzing how many of each come in a bag.  Finally Dan comes inside and motions fro them to follow.  Frank joins Dan in Skid Row and starts his pitch.  He wants to know what Dan's plan is if Frank goes home.

Frank:  This seems like a good plan for all of us...if we just go with this six and keep going...I've been trying to play this game as honest as possible so there's nothing out there that can hurt me...

He is whispering and Dan is stone-face, wearing a lime green towel around his waist.  Frank thought this plan was great for he, Mike and Dan especially.

Dan wants to know who Frank would nominate if he won HOH.  If Janelle is gone, Frank says he will nominate Wil and Joe.  Dan is concerned that this is a very aggressive move.  Frank says that she might be all buddy-buddy this week, but next week whoever wins HOH will be her buddy.  Frank is surprised, since Janelle didn't play that way in the past.

Dan really does have a great poker face.  He says his group will meet and let them know "later for sure".  Frank's cheerleader skirt swishes around his legs when he walks.  The skirt is so small, he can't wear it at his waist because his junk will hang out, so he pulls it down to cover.  It's not very cute.

(Don't large cheerleaders exist somewhere?  Doesn't CBS have seamstresses?)

4.  Janelle sat outside and talked to Ian at the hot tub.  Ian says the Endurance comp was one of the best ever.

Janelle:  Why was April wearing a dress?

Ian:  From BB10?  I don't know..

I guess April had a dress on for the endurance comp.  Thank goodness Ian remembers those important details.  Ian thinks the viewers really enjoyed the Walk the Plank because it lasted longer by today's standards.

Janelle:  How long did the BB13 ski comp last?

Ian:  It was over before Showtime.

Janelle was surprised.  Ian explains why it was different, and how the BB12 surfboard competition was different.  Britney said the surfboards were not as slippery as the planks, because there was a ridge down the middle of the surfboard you could hang on to.  Ian describes the order people fell off the surfboards, and explains that the first 5 off were Haves, so there was an incentive to drop for some people.

Ian's goal on Thursday was to stay long enough to make a deal.  He did his best. 

Janelle:  Is this going to be your favorite BB season?

Ian:  I don't know.  I have to watch it first.

Janelle:  You will.  Because you like BB3 best.

Ian explains that there has been more action than past seasons.

Janelle:  Anything can be better than BB12.

She started talking about how she had to watch the live feeds because she had a show on SuperPass with Jordan and the cameras changed.

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Kalia Badmouthed Janelle #BB14

and Janelle heard about it.

She mentions the conversation where Kalia said Janelle wasn't that pretty.  I distinctly remember that, and did a live feed update about it.  I just tried to find it so I could include a link, but had no luck.

(Reader Denise found it--thanks Denise!  Here is it.)

The girls were talking about who they thought the prettiest house guests on BB were, and when Janelle's name came up Kalia said that she saw her get out of the shower and wasn't impressed.  Janelle said just now that Kalia commented on Janelle being chubby, but I don't remember that.

Surely Kalia wouldn't have had the balls to say that, right?

Frank got a new Spiritard.  It is a 2X and is heavy cotton.  Frank says he can hardly breathe in it.  He showed Mike Boogie and said that the unitard is for girls--they didn't expect somebody so big would be wearing it.

Mike and Frank had a quick conversation, and Frank reported that Joe said he might have to change his vote if there are only going to be two votes to keep Janelle.

Mike:  She might be goin' out of here on an unanimous vote!  (aww)

Frank:  I wish it was Thursday now!

Mike says that when it's time for Frank's speech on Thursday, to not even use that 60 seconds to ask for votes.  Do something really funny and the crowd will love him.

(Don't get too cocky over's only Monday.)

There are Only Three Cigarettes Left #BB14

and Janelle has all three of them, she says. 

They try to figure out when the movie luxury competition usually happens.  They decide that it is usually the 3rd or 4th week.  They remember last year, when it was only a David Hasselhoff television show.

Janelle:  That sucks---it was only 40 minutes without the commercials!

They discussed how Jordan picked Kalia and Shelley, and Rachel and Brendon were so mad about it.  Janelle mimicked Rachel talking to Jordan about not picking the HOH to watch the TV show.

Janelle told Britney that in Allstars Neil Patrick Harris came in the house and they celebrated Christmas, and everybody opened presents.

Janelle:  And I got a lot of bras...tons of lingerie.  I was like, okay, who's doing the shopping for me and buying bras?

Britney doesn't remember much about All Stars.  She tells Janelle that she was only 17 when Allstars was on and Janelle was shocked.  She was 26 during All Stars.

Britney:  Do you think your BB fame is going to start all over again?

Janelle:  No.  It doesn't last very long...just a few months.

Janelle says that she lived in Miami, where not many people watch the show, but in smaller markets where people all watch the show it might be different.  She says that in Lakeville Minnesota people may approach her more.

Britney said it was starting to die down in Arkansas when she moved to New York.

Britney:  You'll see.  When you first get out of the house and tweet something, you get like 700 replies!

Janelle is surprised.  Then she tells Britney that she got a tweet from someone last summer that said something like "I think you're a good mom---you'll get your son back soon!"  The girl thought Janelle was the Janelle from Teen Moms.

They laugh that those girls have hundreds of thousands of "fans".

Janelle Has a Pretty Dress to Wear on Thursday #BB14

It is purple and is from Nordstrom.  She thinks Julie Chen will like it---it's classy.

Her back hurts from sleeping on that bed--she says sleeping in there really is like Skid Row.  Bodies all over the place.  There is always noise and people walking through.

Britney is sitting with her.  Janelle is reading her bible. 

Janelle asked Britney what's wrong---is she sad?  Britney said no, but Janelle doesn't believe her.

Janelle:  Have you been crying?

Brit:  No.

Janelle:  Britney you can still win if I leave here.

Brit, crunching ice:  Get real.

Janelle:  Just don't take so many guys with you at the end.

Brit:  I think without the Coaches, this would be a repeat of season 12.

Janelle agrees.  She thinks that Frank knew about this last night, based on snide comments that Frank made to her about her eviction on Season 7. 

Britney just listens and crunches ice.  She says Danielle won't tell her anything.  Janelle is very calm and is being sweet to Britney.  I haven't heard her complain, or campaign in any way.  She asked for votes from her team this morning, but didn't really believe what they said to her.

Outside the group is laughing and making fun of the situation.  I think Frank needs to calm down a little and stop being so cocky, if he wants things to work out for him this week.

Janelle:  The worst thing, is if I leave this week, it's like I got backdoored.

Brit:  It's not like you got backdoored, you would get backdoored.  You didn't get to play for POV.

Janelle doesn't think she could have won anyway.  She's not good at the skill competitions.

Janelle says she was talking to Ian about science last night, and Joe said Wil came in the kitchen and commented that Janelle was "even being nice to Ian now".  Janelle says she can't count on him--he went 24 hours without even talking to her.

Janelle:  I told him that you shouldn't lie to people in this house.  The more you lie, the more people won't trust you.

Brit:  What about Ashley?

Janelle:  She'll vote for me.  And Joe.  Joe hates Frank.

Brit:  I need to talk to Dan.

Janelle:  If you think I'm definitely going,  you'll tell me won't you?

Brit: Yes.  I'll tell you.  We need to figure out what Dan and Shane are going to do.

Scenes from the House #BB14

It is very hot outside.  The house guests plan to hang around the pool.  Ashley put sunscreen all over her face twice. 

Wil stood in the kitchen and slathered himself with sunscreen.  He then sat in the shade for a few minutes to allow it to soak in. 

Janelle put all of her make up on and is brushing her teeth.  She just went into the DR for a very short session and is headed outside, too.

Ian resembles Alfalfa today.  Right?

Britney went in the house and got a glass of tea with ice.  Then she walked around the entire house, looking for someone.  You could hear the ice in her glass clinking, and her flip flops slapping.  She even went upstairs and stood at the door before coming back downstairs.

Britney has been telling everyone that she doesn't want to be alone with Janelle because when Janelle starts "going around the house and telling lies" she doesn't want people to think that she was involved.

She asked Wil to come talk to her.  She quickly told him that Janelle said she thought Wil had turned on her.   She said she was shocked at the POV today, and didn't know anything about it.  She wants Wil to know that if Janelle corners him, she has his back and is willing to sit there and support him.

Britney talks to us for a moment.  She says Danielle is "freaking out" and that she is very brave to have done that to Janelle today.  She thinks she will either look back on this as a great move, or her worst one.  She hopes it is a good one.

It makes her sick to think of Boogie and Frank in the DR together, celebrating and laughing.

Janelle came over to chat.  Britney still claims she knew nothing, and that "they" probably didn't tell her because they knew she would tell Janelle.  Britney says she knew something was up, and Janelle agreed.

Britney asked if she was upset.  She said no, but she was very surprised.  She talked about Wil for a moment, and doubts he will vote for her.  She knows that Wil has been disloyal to her in the past.

Janelle:  Oh well.  If I leave this week I get paid the same amount, so send me home.

Britney:  Yeah..

Janelle:  Whether I go home now, or 5 weeks from now, it's the same amount of money.


Janelle:  Oh my god my boobs are huge.  Are you sure they're not as big as Rachel's?

Britney:  Probably the same size.  Her's are huge.

Jenn Talks to Us, the Live Feeders #BB14

First she talks about the weights in the backyard.  Just basic bullshit.

Then she mentions Randy from Lamb of God.  She knows he "got himself into a spot of trouble" and she hopes he's okay.  She wishes we could tell her.


Jenn:  Lamb of God.  Great band if you're into metal.  Especially if you like the drums.

She mentioned some different summer festivals and sends good wishes to friends who are playing.

The cameras move.  Jenn should talk to us your thing Jenn.

Meanwhile Danielle tries to snuggle with Shane in the HOH bed.

***ALSO ***

I looked up Jenn's friend Randy Blythe.  Wow.  Sounds like they were playing a concert in Prague and a fan who ran up on stage was thrown off by security, with an assist from Randy.  I guess he died, so  Randy was imprisoned for manslaughter.

I don't know anything about this, but I don't think anybody tried to kill anybody.  There is some footage of the incident at the bottom of this link.  They show it a few times in slow motion.  How scary that that guy could just be playing a show one moment, then arrested for manslaughter the next moment.

Shane Makes a Point #BB14

Danielle is in the HOH, eating a bowl of Froot Loops and discussing the morning's events with Shane.  Shane is proud of Danielle and knows that took a lot of guts today.

Shane:  It sucks to use the POV.  Now imagine this...imagine that this week both Janelle and Frank get to stay this week, and both of them are coming after you.  That's how I felt last week.  It sucked.

BB warns Shane to stop talking about Production.

Danielle is certain that Janelle is going to be very angry and take some sort of action against her.    

Janelle thinks that there were closeups of her face during the ceremony and she was all puffy, with no makeup.  Wil just came into the Arcade with Janelle and Joe and sat there in silence, making a few comments here and there.  Janelle asked if she had his vote, and he started counting fingers and people.  He didn't answer, really.

After he left Janelle asked Joe if he thinks Wil will vote for him.  Joe says no, he doesn't buy Wil's act. 

Dan's Web of Lies #BB14

Dan and Janelle go in the storage room to talk.  Of course Dan is wearing his red T-shirt and bandana to cover his thinning hairline.

Janelle:  Dan, what the hell happened?

Dan:  I asked her and she said you told her you didn't want to work out last night.

Janelle:  I ate too much for dinner and didn't feel well!  I can't believe that!

Dan:  I played with Memphis....we didn't have all of this female emotion bullshit.

Janelle is trying to get to the bottom of it.  She didn't even put on make up today---she was shocked to be nominated.

Janelle: I'm probably going home...

Dan:  You think?

Janelle:  Yeah.  Joe is probably working with them, and Mike and Frank.  Wil is the one who sold me down the block, too.  I need five votes.  I have Ashley, and Britney, and probably you...

Dan says that if there were discussions about this, he didn't know about it.  He doesn't want Janelle to leave.  Janelle eats a banana.

Janelle:  At least I'm against Frank, huh?  Do you think Shane will vote for me to stay?

Dan:  I think he's under Britney's control.

Janelle:  Did you tell her that if she puts me up, I'm probably going home?

Dan:  We didn't even talk about this.

The camera closes in on Dan the Liar.   I guess it's okay with Jesus if Dan lies, huh?  I mean, because he's so into prayer and all.  I guess he cleared that ahead of time.

Ian came in to get some food and took it quickly.

Janelle is disecting everything that Danielle told her and she'll figure it out soon.  She mentions that Danielle told her "one person after another" came upstairs and told her that Janelle is coming after her.

Dan is worried about getting caught.  You can see it in his face. 

Janelle: I Think Wil Sold Me Out #BB14

She tells Britney and Ashley that Danielle told her that she heard Janelle was after her.  Janelle said that was not true (it isn't) but Danielle insisted that a number of people have told her that.

Danielle is up in the HOH telling Dan that everyone hates Janelle, and she says a lot of nasty things about her.  She tells Dan about her conversation with Wil this morning, when Wil told her that Ashley and Jenn both hate Janelle, and that he promised to keep both Dan and Danielle safe next week.

Now Danielle tells Dan she told Janelle that she glares at her all of the time, and yesterday when she went to Janelle to see if she wanted to work out, Janelle was sleeping and asked her to leave her alone.

I don't know how Dan can just sit there and listen to Danielle ramble on and on like a jilted teenager.

Dan is apparently worried because just now Britney came up to the HOH and they asked her to leave.  Now he tells Danielle what to say to Britney about it.  (Dan is all about Dan, 24-7.)

Dan wants to know if his name came up in the meeting and she said no.  Danielle feels she was "very meticulous" with what she said to Janelle.  Dan tried to look angry during the meeting, but like he is trying to hide being angry.  He didn't get to look around very much, but Danielle said Janelle was glaring at her the entire time.  Frank was acting really sad during the meeting, too.

Janelle doesn't know what to do right now.  She can't believe Danielle nominated her.