Saturday, August 4, 2012

Same Old, Same Old #BB14

Ian has a good drink from his bowl outside.  He says it is a pleasure to sleep in the dog house after the Have Not Room for three weeks.

No doubt Mike wants his entire bed back, too.  Dan took Ian for a walk to the bathroom, waiting outside and mugging for the cameras.  Janelle admires her stomach in the mirror.

Frank is already uncomfortable in his Spiritard, and has already opened the back of this so his back can breath.  I don't think the week will end well for Frank.  I can't imagine Frank wearing that on the live show to sit with his Homegirl Julie Chen.  If I were Frank I would go ahead and wear real clothes on Thursday.  What are they going to do, fire him?

Danielle Feeds Ian from the Dog Dish #BB14

Has there ever been a better sport than Ian?  Can you imagine Shane or Mike Boogie doing this? 

I didn't think so.

Really Disappointed in the Dog Costume #BB14

We just saw it for a second or two before we went to FISH.

Doesn't CBS have  a costume department?  I mean, god damn...

Here is his doghouse area.   Cute.

Dinner Hi Jinx #BB14

The camera shot above with just two shots indicates that someone is in the DR.  And yes, Ian just went in there. He went in to get his Dog costume.

Frank: Don't You Wanna See My Spiritard? #BB14

Frank bursts into the room demanding that everyone feast their eyes on his purple Spiritard.

 Wil and Britney laugh their asses off in the bathroom.

 Britney's wearing some real Daisy Dukes tonight, slicing an avocado in a way that worries me.  Someone's going to get hurt.

Sshhhh. Sleeping Beauties. #BB14