Friday, August 3, 2012

Big Brother After Dark - Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda 8-3-12 #BB14

This episode aired at 10:00 pm BBT on Thursday night, after a live show and near the end of a long Endurance competition.

During the live show, the Coaches were given a choice to either enter the game or to pass on it.  If one Coach chose to "Reset", then the entire game would reset.

In the Diary Room, Britney, Dan, and Janelle ("Thanks America!") chose to Reset.  Mike Boogie shockingly said "no thanks America".

Because the game was reset, there was no eviction this week. So we didn't get to see that great blindside we were expecting. (Thanks Alison!)

As the show begins, the Endurance Comp is in it's final moments.  Only Danielle, Britney, and Ian are left.  I was actually live blogging this at the time, with pictures, so you can look for that if you scroll down a little through the posts.


1. Frank asked Mike if he was "goin' with Janelle" and Mike said no, he thought of Frank like Dr. Will now and he was ready to "ride or die" with him.  You could see some of the worry leave Frank's face as he said that.  That was a relief to him.

Mike told Frank that last night Wil was going to turn on them and vote Frank out, as well as Danielle.  Frank believed the Danielle part, but is having trouble believing that Wil was putting on an act with him.  Mike said they can look into it further, and see what comes up.

2.  All of the newbies say now that they have known all along  this was going to happen --it all seems clear to them now.   They also seem to think that Jodi has been in sequester the entire time and was just sent home.  (No, she's been home since July 12th.)

On Skid Row, Mike approached Dan to find out when he knew about Danielle's vote.  Dan is shady about it, saying he didn't think it would ever happen because they were going in the game.  Mike says he was right, but he certainly took a huge chance at the risk of Mike's top player.  (I'm pretty sure Mike knows Dan is a stone cold liar.)

Mike also knows that Dan knew about Wil---Mike refers to him as a "Double Dealer".  It also seems like Britney and Janelle are going to blame the Reset on Dan---I don't think they are going to cop to the fact that they chose to Reset, too.

Janelle told Mike and Dan that Frank told her two weeks ago that if the Coaches are coming in he was going to target them immediately. Mike listened, but clearly doesn't believe it.

Mike:  Let's grab some bodies and go.  (i.e. build a team in the house)

After commercial, Janelle is saying that each Coach should have had the choice to stay a Coach or not.  After Janelle leaves Mike tells Dan that Frank isn't a threat to them---he just told Janelle that he was targeting the Coaches--it isn't true.  (I don't think it is.)

Mike tells Dan that anytime he hears Mike complain about the Reset, to remember it's not personal.  He understands why Dan did it---he was down to his last player and "she wasn't going to win, anyway".  Britney came in and they gave her props for doing such a great job.  Britney wanted to talk to Ian while they were up there, so Ian swung from one position to another to get next to Britney so they could talk.  Mike missed seeing that but seemed impressed that Ian did that without falling so he could talk to Britney.

The cold is what got to Britney---her legs were shaking.  Britney announces that Ian just took a shower with her and Danielle.

Dan:  I know you're shocked Mike, but I'm ready to make a run at this with you.

Mike:  I like your attitude.  We'll find a place to talk.

3.  Shane is walking around shirtless, crunching on snacks.  He came to Skid Row and chatted with Mike and Dan about what was hurting them after the competition.  (He's light and breezy since he knows he will enjoy a week off, I guess.)  Jenn walked through with a curt greeting to the two coaches.  (She's just pissed in general, I think.  She tried to start a Girl Power Alliance last week and that might be a good option.  I think she's embarrassed that she did poorly in the competition, too.)

Joe's Have Not status is coming to an end--he wants a steak, but Dan says Production usually orders pizza for them---it usually just appears in the storage room.  Frank offers to ask the DR if they should start cooking or not.

Dan is concerned that Mike told Frank about the blindside tonight.  He asked a lot of questions about where Mike told Frank, and what he said.  His agitation is palpable.   Mike reassures him that Frank won't cause trouble in the house--he knows how to stay cool.  Mike's conversation is tense with Dan, but they both indicate they will make the best of it and work together.

Frank comes in and says the "last three weeks are a waste".  He tells Mike that he said he was coming after the Coaches when Willie was in power---it was just something to say.  Mike understood and said don't worry about it.  Frank reports that Joe is rallying the newbies to vote out the Coaches.

Britney comes into the room (Skid Row) with wet hair and Mike says he wants to find out who knew about the blind side.  Britney says she thought Danielle would vote Joe out.  I think she also failed to cop to pushing the Reset button.  Britney says she is confused now and plays dumb.  After she leaves Frank whispers that "he can't trust her as far as he can throw her".

Ian came in wrapped in an towel and apologizes for not winning.  Mike says don't worry about it and asked Ian how it ended, and what deals were made.

Ian:  As soon as it was just the three of us we were like nominations, no backdoor, no blindsides, and that is about it.

Mike:  As far as I'm concerned, we're still a team and nothing's changed for me.

(Ian, Mike and Frank are in the room, but not Jenn.)

Ian left to get some warm clothes, leaving Mike and Frank to talk.  Mike is calm as he gives his take on the situation.

Mike:  There's a lot of opportunity here to start some trouble, obviously.  Joe's running around, yelling from the hilltops to get out the coaches,   Dan's feeling his oats, obviously (i.e. feels he has some power after Danielle won tonight) and maybe he'll get his girl to put Joe's ass up against a coach.

Frank:  Absolutely.  I'd like that......I don' trust anyone....

Mike:  I pretty much trust you...and Ian.  I don't trust too many people at this point.  The only reason why I think it's trueaobut Wil  is that he joined every conversation with them before and during the show----he was holding hands with the girls before the thing...

Frank:  I want to believe him, because he straight up told Kara to her face that he was votin' her out, and I asked him in the bathroom during the show if we were okay, and he said yeah. The only thing....I'm worried it's my ego tellin' me that I had his vote... (smart)

Mike:  Yeah.  I'm just super fuckng paranoid about everything....the whole game.

Frank:  Do you think Dan's saying this stuf to get us riled up?

Mike tells Frank that Dan was upset about Mike telling Frank about the blindside.

After the commercial break Britney joins the group and they are bitching that they should have kept JoJo and evicted Danielle, because then Dan would be gone.

Britney:  You couldn't given us a few more cigarettes?  (i.e. JoJo's bribe to Joe)

Britney is playing dumb about Wil's vote.  Mike says Joe and Janelle told him point blank that Frank was gone---and they brought it up to him--he didn't ask.

Britney:  So...they're trying to throw Danielle under the bus?  Because if you had Wil's vote, why would you need Danielle's vote?

Mike:  No, I think Joe was trying to blame Wil for coming up with the idea to be a double agent.

Britney:  I'm glad I didn't even have a vote last week--this is too much for me!

(She has a Final Four deal with Shane, Danielle and Dan.)

Biritney:  I wanted to see the "vital information" given at the door when he left.

Frank thinks both Janelle and Dan hit the Reset Button.  Britney implies that she didn't--she doesn't like playing this game and it was sold to her that she would be a coach and relax for the summer.  Now they bitch about going to the Jury.

Mike is demanding a Xanax tonight and Frank wants one too.  Mike isn't going to ask for it, he's demanding it.  (ha ha)

Frank wants to ask Wil about the blindside. Mike says to go ahead, whenever you can get him alone.  Mike refuses to to the HOH--he doesn't care if he's nominated.  They are short on beds now downstairs since the Coach's room was closed.

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Britney is a Tattletale #BB14

and a damn good one.

She went right up to the HOH and Danielle is complaining that the parade of people to talk to her has started.  Britney says she needs to make it fast, then.

Britney reports that Frank talked to Wil and Wil gave him all sorts of shady answers and Frank didn't believe him. 

Britney:  So, Frank and Wil now hate each other.  And Frank and Mike both hate you.

Dani:   They hate me?

Britney:  They think you are a liar.  And Boogie says he can go home this week smiling.  He doesn't care.

Dani keeps saying someone ratted out her vote to them and she wants to know who.  Britney starts telling her about the conversation she had with them last night but then point blank denied being the one to rat her out.  Britney is eating Cheez-Its and has closed and reopened the box several times.  Danielle has two boxes of Cheez-Its (at least two boxes too many) and a big box of Honeycombs cereal on the HOH table.

Britney: They say Dan won't even look at them.

Dani:  That's because they're so damned awkward!

Brit:  They want you to go and talk to them and apologize. 

Dani:  What?

Brit: We were arguing out there!

Dani brings up nominating Janelle, but Brit tells her if she nominates Janelle with Frank, Frank will not go home.

Brit:  If getting Frank is your target, you can't put up Janelle. 

Dani:  It's been Frank's time to go for weeks.  I'm tired of seeing him in this house.  I'm tired of smelling his stinky butt in this house!

Britney thinks a lot of things are coming to a head this week and it's going to get nasty.   She says there are so many people they need to get rid of, and they can use Janelle as a replacement nominee.

Brit:  Mike is mad that Dan pushed the button.  He knows he did and he's pissed.

Now Britney says she needs to tell Shane to stop throwing so many names out, and that Joe is the biggest liar in the house.  He denies that he told anybody anything about the blindside plan.  (That Joe has balls!)

Danielle says she is so stressed out. She is bitching about having to make this decision.

Danielle:  I can't even eat today!  All I've had is cereal and Cheez-Its and two Twizzlers!

Danielle is going around in circles.  She says she isn't changing her mind, and then says she wants Janelle out.  Britney confirmed that Janelle is a dirty, dirty player and needs to go.

Danielle manages to find the strength to open a box of crackers and start eating them. 

Nominations Today #BB14

and it sounds like Danielle has decided to nominate Frank and Wil.  She is talking to Dan about it, and she seems certain.

Danielle:  Now that somebody ratted me out, and all of my cards are on the table, instead of everybody thinkin' I'm just a physical threat, they're going to know I'm a frickin' genius!  It's game on with twelve people...

(Yes, Danielle is a frickin' genius.  That is exactly what I was thinking.)

Is she really not going to nominate a Coach?

She wants Dan to go get Ian on the sly and have him go upstairs to talk to her.  Then she wants Britney and Shane to come up so that they can all meet.  Dan is wearing a green towel.

You can see Wil running to and fro in the backyard.

Outside Mike is talking to Britney and she is going around in circles trying to talk her way out of her troubles.  She admits that she wasn't a 100% perfect person last week, then she turns it around on Mike and accuses him of working with Janelle.

He denies that, and says he doesn't sneak around the house about anything.  He talks to people straight to their face. 

Now Mike is complaining about the way the season has been handled--he's not happy to be forced to play in the game.

TRIVIA.  Maybe due to Mike's mouth, maybe for the nominations.

No, it's Mike's mouth.  He goes on that he left his son, coming in under the pretense of being a Coach and now this.    He mentioned fans going on Facebook and voting to ruin his summer.  He and Frank are also angry with Dan, and say they would like an apology.  Britney is happy that they are mad at somebody besides her.

Frank: We feel like we're owed an apology.

Mike:  Yeah.  I'd like an apology before I have no key.  And I'd like everybody to know that I'm not in cahoots with anybody but him (Frank).

Now Ian arrives in the HOH and Danielle gets right to it.  She has a lot of respect for Ian and would love to work with him.  Ian says he is concerned that there are five of them, and he would be the odd man out.  And he would feel bad when it got back to Mike and Boogie, but he acknowledges it is a new game.

Ian is taking a bath tonight after nominations and he feels that "everyone knows that".  He thinks that would be s a perfect time to talk and repeats all this twice.  (What?)

She hammers Ian and I think she got an agreement from him, warning him not to go back on his word.  He leaves and as soon as she stands up, BB calls an indoor lockdown.

Wil is a Ticking Time Bomb #BB14

as he sits outside this morning.  Frank has been saying that he is going to call Wil out on his lies.

There are long breaks of silence in the backyard.  They think the crew broke everything down super fast. 

They discuss the competition---it was called Walk the Plank.  Danielle thought the plank might come in an out, but it never did.  Wil was afraid the bar they were hanging onto would come out further and they are all glad it didn't.

I'm sure they are all sore.  Joe is pretty quiet, after yapping like a terrier all night long.

He'll get his, too, but probably not before Wil.  I wonder if Wil even knows it is coming....

Ian is in the Shower with Two Chicks #BB14

But don't worry, he still has his tights on.


Mike Just Missed the Boat #BB14

He was telling Frank they should get outside to "keep their boy Ian in".

But now Ian's down.  Too late Mike, he could have used your encouragement.

Britney's down.

Danielle is the winner.  And just got kisses and hugs from Dan and Shane.

Boogie and Frank are in the bedroom, oblivious that the competition is over.

FYI Frank can't accept that Wil was playing him on the vote.  He looks like he lost his best friend.

Britney Wants to Settle It #BB14

and says they can "ask for privacy".

Everyone is called to the storage room to get booze, I guess.  Here come the poopy seagulls.

I think they are alone now to discuss their plan.  Ian assumes they are all safe, but wants to check first.

 In the storage room, it sounds like a mutiny might be afoot.  They are bitching that it is like starting over, but the coaches know all of their game info and alliances.

Ashley:  What messed the newbies up in BB13 is not sticking together.  We have to make a plan and stick together.

Shane bitches about being on the block this week again.

(Remember on the Biggest Loser where the cast walked off?  I didn't watch that season, but I know they were upset about a change in the game rules.)

Danielle Can't Feel Her Hands #BB14

and neither can Britney.  (Her own hands, not Danielle's.) 

Ian is visibly uncomfortable.  Just look at him. 

Frank is in the shower.  Mike is back outside now with Janelle, sipping a drink and nice and warm with a hat on.  Janelle is still wrapped in a towel.

Mike:  BB14!  How bad do you want it?

Ian:  Pretty bad!

Danielle asked Ian to get down.

Ian:  I want to see pictures of my family too!

Inside Joe want's to "chat" with Frank later.  (Joe and his lazy ass should get outside and support the fighting house guests.)

Mike and Frank Make Plans #BB14

Mike told Frank that they just missed a blindside. 

Frank: You're not going with Janelle, are you?

Mike: No! I'm with you!  Me and you are like me and Will.  I'm rolling with you!  Now, if Britney wins.....but you'll be with me!

Mike thinks Dan knew that Frank was going to leave, and plans to make a huge deal out of it.  Mike also plans to call out Wil, because they think he was lying to them big time.

They went inside and started to change clothes.  Outside Dan gives Danielle a Made for TV speech about how he picked her for a reason.  She can win this game if she starts rignt now. She can see her family pictures, a Bama flag...all she has to do is hang on.

Dan:  You don't take deals, you MAKE THE DEALS!

Mike and Frank say say they would want Ian to nominate Dan and Janelle.

Oh shit.

Now Dan is talking shit to Ian, encouraging him and saying that two former BB winners have great respect for him.

Then he starts some real bullshit about a "woman named Taylor" who will be waiting for him with open arms at Tulane". 

WTF Dan?  Just shut up.

Ian just turned around and I'm not sure it helped.

Joe is rooting in the fridge.  Mike is in a hot shower.  Britney, Danielle and Ian keep hanging on.