Thursday, August 2, 2012

Joe Cheers Quietly for Ashley #BB14

saying it would be "funny as shit if she won something".  But then a moment later she's in the water, saying she slipped and didn't mean to step off.

Britney looks miserable.

Here's who's left:  Shane, Frank, Dan, Janelle, Britney, Wil and Ian.

Now Dan just fell, making some sort of little speech before dropping.  Mike didn't enjoy it, I don't think.  I think he just said WTF was that?  Dan is wearing jeans and Mike says they must feel awful.

Frank asks Dan to "grab his sweatpants" and we get TRIVIA. I wouldn't get them for him.  Let his ass freeze to death.

Janelle Gets Chatty #BB14

Britney can tell there is another storm coming, and tells Janelle to take a good breath.

Britney: It's good training for child birth!

Janelle makes a comment to indicate giving birth is much harder.  Her Janie Doll voice is energetic, which must suck for her competitors.

Mike called from the sidelines to ask Janelle about the Pressure Cooker (from her previous season).

Janelle:  Well, the pressure cooker was for like 14 hours...

You can see that although he talks a big game, Frank is hunched over.  His back must be killing him.

Somewhere in America though, Sid Vicious is feeling no pain.

Frank says to the crew that they can go home in 15 minutes if there are two cases of beer for the cast.

I think I heard Mike say Frank cut a sweet deal, but I'm not sure I heard correctly. 

I think Joe is giving Mike info---he just told Mike that "he ought to know what he's dealing with".

I Think Ian is Already Getting His Ass Kissed #BB14

Wil calls out from the other end of the ship that Ian's color combination is a good one. 

Shane is alone on his end but calls out encouragement for everyone.  And then gives Britney some kind words but says he doesn't have to suck up anymore.

Frank is looking comfortable, but this isn't good for a tall guy.  Joe asks Ashley from the sidelines if she can stay up there all night.

In front of the losers are the new HOH possibilities---time to start the game all over again.  A little while ago Wil yelled, "Well, it's back to Square One" and there was nervous laughter.

Frank says they now know that they have a LONG time until the half way party.


One More Down #BB14

and Joe gives in as Frank yells that they are eating pizza already.  It looks liek Joe had to swim to shore, huh?  No, it is like a kiddie pool.

I don't see pizza, just towels and the three of them gathering to watch the show.

You can hear the boat creak as it rocks back and forth.  Mike mutters that this favors lighter people, and Shane's name comes up.  Joe tells Mike somthing about Shane (he was next to him) and Mike says "oh really?" and we get FISH.

Mike says Ian asked him how many hours Mike had left. 

Mike:  I said, not even one, and he said ten. 

Mike and Jenn don't talk.  Jenn's pissed.  Britney is jogging in place.  I know she's cold and I predict her fall won't take long.

Two Men Down. Sort Of. #BB14

I wouldn't want to be in a fight against Dan.  He is one tough customer.

Mike:  Well, it's been fun guys.  I'm out.

He jumps and walks inside.

Jenn makes a splash seconds later and walks inside.

Frank: Preesh!

I think Ian told Mike that he felt really strong, and gave him some assurances.

Mike brought Jenn a towel and gave her a hug.

Is Mike For Real? #BB14

He is bitching aloud as the rains come down that he came in the game under one pretense, and now he's getting shit on in the rain.

Oh, we heard the birds squawking and some more white bird shit splattered them.  Frank and Jenn caught the worst of it.

If Mike is playing, it makes him look better in the eyes of the newbies, actually, like he didn't want to do this.

I hope he is gaming with that.  I don't want him to go out as a quitter.  I love Team Chilltown too much for that.

Joe Looks Rough #BB14

Britney does some leg kicks.  Boogie looks miserable, but I think most of that is mental.

Ian Admits Willie was Right #BB14

and after a moment, some of them say, "Yeah, he was".