Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Let's Celebrate Shane's POV Win #BB14

with this little blast from the past---way back on July 22, 2012.

The title was "Time for the Shane Show", and it certainly is time for that.


Poor Ted Needs Protection #BB14

Ted has taken a beating this morning.  Britney walked by and slugged him and Frank was very upset.

Frank started yelling:  Ted to the Storage Room!  Britney to the Diary Room!

(ha ha ha just like Willie's episode)

He was telling Dan about this and Dan gave Ted a karate kick to the head.  Frank chased Dan to get him, but left Ted unattended.  He came back to get him safely to the couch.

Frank:  Ted to the Storage Room!  Dan to the Diary Room!

Ian sits with Ted on the couch and comments on how heavy he is.  He can't believe they had to carry Ted (and his co-bears) across that obstacle course for the first HOH challenge.

Ian thinks that if they have an Endurance Comp this week, they might not have time for the Coaches comp this weekend  (i.e. the crew won't have time to break down the HOH comp and set up a new one).  Frank thinks they still have a few weeks of Coach's Comps and no one really responds to him.

Maybe they're thinking that Frank will have SEVERAL surprises this Thursday.

Shane is reading the BB Rules Manual and says if there are two people nominated, if someone receives a penalty nomination then there will be three people on the block!  Ian says he doesn't think that has ever happened.

Finally....Jenn Starts Playing the Game #BB14

Jenn has been bonding with Ashley, and she just quietly approached her with a Girl Power Alliance.  They shook on it and Jenn kept saying "for real"..."this is for real".

Jenn:  What about Danielle?

Ashley:  Danielle? Oh, she's all about Girl Power!

Jenn:  Cool.

(Danielle is probably all about Girl Power if it's okay with Dan. )

Jenn plans to hang on for dear life tomorrow if it is an endurance contest.  And she's not drinking tonight, if drinks are served.  Ashley says that too, but who knows.

Jenn:  Can you believe we are part of a multi-million dollar TV production?  CBS is making cash money!

Ashley:  Yeah, I love Big Brother!  Were you a big fan?

Jenn:  No, not the biggest fan, to be honest.

Jenn says she has a friend and she gives him a shout out.  I would repeat it here but it was a long string of numbers and I couldn't handle it.  That friend is a huge BB fan and could probably rival Ian in the knowledge department.

Ashley asks how she got on the show, then.

Jenn:  Facebook.  Yep, Facebook.

She says she gave a birthday greeting to a "great old friend" and the BB casting director saw her picture, clicked on it and saw all of the music connections, Jenn's pictures, and was intrigued.  They communicated through FB and on Skype, and everything came together in about two weeks.

Do you think that was Robyn?  Or someone else?

FYI when the feeds are like they are above, with two pictures of the same camera shot, supposedly that means someone is in the Diary Room.  I guess some of the camera crew moves over to work on that.

I feel I must mention Frank's snack he just made.  You can see it in the picture below.  It is a toasted English muffin, with peanut butter and honey, topped with crumbled bacon.  He enjoyed it with a glass of milk.

Frank is one of the calmest, most relaxed Big Brother nominees I've ever seen.  You would never know he is probably going to be out of the house tomorrow night.  Even if he thinks he might squeak out a win over Joe, he's still pretty calm about it.

Please STOP Talking About Production: #BB14

Frank remembers Britney from the BB12 sequester process.  They sat at the same table and she remembers he had on a black and red patterned shirt.

Both Frank and Britney remember seeing Rachel during sequester.  Frank said that he and Britney were on the same schedule for time at the pool, meals, meetings, etc.  He said last year there seemed to be more people going through the process for BB13.

They discuss a guy with the big stretched earlobes.  Frank saw Wil the very first night, but he saw him from behind with the hair and boots.  He thought Wil was a girl and they laugh about it.

Both Frank and Britney remember seeing Annie from BB12 with blonde hair, Britney's color.  BB made her change her natural hair color to brown for the show.

After Dan wrote his book about how to get on Reality TV, he was contacted by a few people who say they were in sequester with him for BB10.  One person sent him a picture they took from the balcony of their hotel, way up high, that showed Dan down at the pool.  Dan thought that was strange. Frank said that wasn't allowed--you weren't supposed to have your phone or a camera.

Britney told Production before the show that she knew who all of the coaches were going to be, and named them but they wouldn't confirm.  She started to tell us why she knew that Janelle would be there, and we went to FISH.

This is Frank's breakfast you see in the pictures below.  He does a great job with his omelet.  It's all neat and tidy.  Props.

FYI Danielle has been obsessing about America seeing her big love scene with Shane on tonight's CBS show.  You know, the passionless peck he gave her while playing Spin the Bottle.

I'll bet CBS will make it into a big freaking deal, right?

SHOCKER: Erika Isn't Rooting for Mike Boogie #BB14

What, did you think she was?  And she's not pulling for Janelle, either.

And don't feel badly for Erika...she's got a man now.

And she still looks good.  You know, looking good is the best revenge. 

BB Key Surprises #BB14

It looks like they are locked down inside today.  If that is the case, there is an extensive set being built for the live show, and we all know what that means.  (Endurance competition!)

The first year Frank got a BB key, they served it to him in a pizza box and he was very surprised.  The next year he was expecting it, but they put the key inside a box of Rice Chex  and he found it while making a bowl of cereal.

Wil said he was on his parent's rooftop and was asked if he wanted "another glass of champagne" and that is how he received his invitation.  I have heard Wil say that his parents live in an old elevator factory that has been renovated near downtown Louisville.  The ceilings are extremely high, and his mother uses a long pole to pull down folding racks of clothes in her closet.

(I guess he will inherit that house? Lucky little bastard...)

Joe says they put his BB "invitation" in a kitchen drawer and "he missed it".  I think they had to tell him to go back again and BB told Joe to stop telling us about that.

Jenn loved the first song today and Frank said both he and Mike both said "Jenn's loving this".

Frank sings a few bars of Sister Christian before we go to FISH.

I predict a long, frustrating lockdown for these people.  Frank sings the first line of Night Moves and gets away with it.  It's one of his favorite songs.  Joe likes John Prime and thinks he is a great songwriter.

You Can't Hide from Dingo.... #BB14

The sharp eyes of Dingo over at HamsterWatch have been watching Joe verrrrryyy closely.  And he's seen Joe put a few forbidden things in his mouth this week.

If Production wants to keep Frank (and I think Production wants to keep Frank) this could be a problem....

Jen Johnson got a penalty vote on BB8, after she was warned by Production to stop eating.  Her eating was intentional--she knew she was headed out of the door that week.  She ate several turkey burgers and an apple after a fight with Evel Dick, a great night on Showtime.

Jeff Schroeder got an extra day added to his Have Not week during BB11 because he drank some Gatorade without realizing it.  I don't recall knowing anything about this until Jeff mentioned it on the live feeds.

And Enzo Palumbo snuck cubes of cheese and other goodies inside his penguin suit numerous times during BB12.  Nothing happened to Enzo.  I guess no one cared.  About Enzo, or about BB12.

So, I guess Production can do whatever they want to do with this information.  As they say, they can "check the tape".  How great would it be if they showed the tape live on Thursday night and Joe found out he lost a vote then?


Thanks Dingo.

Shane's HOH Blog #BB14

CBS posted Shane Meany's HOH blog today.  I think this is one of the best ones yet this year.  Shane takes care of plenty of personal business first, then gets down to the Big Brother business....

He has great writing skills, and does imply that he is indeed flipping houses.  You know, in addition to modeling in "men's magazines".

And no one would be more pleased by the picture CBS selected than Danielle, huh?

Big Brother After Dark - Janelle's Tangled Weave (No, Not That One.) 8-1-12 #BB14

This episode aired at 9:00 pm BBT on Tuesday, and in the wee hours of Wednesday where I live.

At the present time, Shane is the HOH, and the nominees for eviction this week are Frank and Joe.  The house guests expect Julie Chen to announce a new twist on Thursday.


1.  The show opens with Frank and Britney talking on Skid Row about Frank's situation.  I think they are also badmouthing Janelle and her lies.  Earlier today Janelle was talking strategy with Britney and proposed telling Wil a lie about Frank wanting him out---Janelle was worried about Wil's relationship with Frank and didn't want him to vote to keep him.  Britney went right to Danielle and told her about Janelle's devious plan.

Frank leaves and there is some discussion about how many beers are left.  Then Britney tells Danielle she is starting to "rethink the whole plan" this week.  (i.e. the plan to evict Frank).  She thinks Janelle's entire team is falling apart.

Britney: We're trying to decide among six untrustworthy people---who should we trust?

Dan:  You pick the ones you know you can beat!

Britney:  Your're right.

Britney starts whispering to Dan that Frank hates Janelle---he knows that she's been talking smack about him.  I think she is implying that if they leave Frank in the game he will target Janelle.  Assuming that Janelle will join the game.  She also says that Ashley is "all over the place".

Britney is not sporting pageant hair tonight.  She let her hair dry naturally so it is rather wavy and she has added two braids on each side to hold her hair off her face.  Kind of a hippie-girl look.  As if on cue Danielle just complimented her hairstyle and Britney complained that it "looked like crap".

2.  Janelle came in with a Tecate beer in a wineglass.  She told Britney that Ashley and Frank also drank beer too.  She burped, said 'excuse me' and that she felt so disgusting and left.  The entire visit was about 15 seconds long.

Dan:  What was that?  That was weird.

Danielle, whispering:  They STALK!

3.  In the Arcade, Frank is meeting with Jenn and Mike.  Jenn is saying that she doesn't want to get caught talking shit, but she had a conversation with Wil about next week.  They were speculating about an endurance contest this week.

Jenn:  If that's the case, I have a really good shot, but then he said he wanted me to know that if he wins, I'm not his target.

Ian joins them and Mike says they are going over what happened today.  Frank is talking about the plan he had to call out Joe tonight.  Britney told him that Janelle was expecting it, and that she was looking forward to it so she could call him out, too.

So Frank is re-considering his choices right now.  Britney also told  him things look good right now for him---that Danielle might vote to keep him.  Mike says Ian's best plan is to "do nothing".

Mike:  If he leaves (Frank) then you need to be ready to play and win.  Also you want them to think that you are here just enjoying the experience---not playing the game.

Mike also wants Frank to stay up all night if he has to, to thwart Janelle and drive her crazy.  Jenn is also going to look for opportunities to approach Danielle and try and shore up votes for Joe to leave.  Now they talk about Britney--maybe she planned this the whole time----to come in and look like she is helping out Team Boogie since they are certain to target Team Janelle.

Ian:  She's not stupid....Britney's not stupid...

Frank tried to talk to Dan and Danielle last night but Wil interrupted with them.  Mike likes meeting in the Arcade Room because you can close the door, and anyone trying to listen outside would be spotted in the hallway.  Mike doesn't want to let Janelle have too much momentum in her conversations with the newbies.

Ian thinks the game might be a rhyme where you have to guess which type of competition you are referring to (POV, HOH or Coach).

After a commercial break, Frank describes a conversation he had with Ashley where he told her he never wanted to backdoor Wil, and that if he was still around next week, there would be retribution.

Ashley:  What's that?

Frank:  Payback!

They all laughed at Ashley's stupidity.  Ian thinks there will be a montage of Ashley's stupid questions on the TV show.  Now Ian says that Ashley went to Penn State, and he has friends who got rejected from that school that are very smart.  Mike says that Ashley might be the world's best actress.

Mike:  Maybe she cheated....I can't imagine someone acting that stupid.

Ian:  She asked me what sublime meant!  How can she not know that?

They all chew on that.  Now Jenn describes a situation where Ashley was acting like her normal dopey self and then she suddenly stood up straight and used a different tone of voice, and then dropped back into her normal posture and tone.

Jenn: It was like two different people!

After Ian leaves Jenn tells Mike that sometimes Ian says strange things.  Like he was shocked that Ashley picked Wil to play with her in the POV last week.

Jenn:  He said, I wonder why she picked Wil.  Because it was smart to pick Wil!  There's a difference between knowing everything about the show from watching it on TV, and actually playing it!  I watched the part about the game!  It's the game!

Mike:  It's like, how can you be so smart and be so stupid?  That's why I don't want him to do anything...and if it's endurance, stand up there all night and don't talk to anybody!  Obviously I need your help with're a girl...

Jenn describes a conversation with Danielle where she said she needed a break from the game.

Mike:  This is a game to win a half million dollars!  You don't need a break!

(It was nice to see Mike having a substantial conversation with Jenn about the game.  She notices more than she appears to notice, apparently.)

4.  Now we see Frank on Skid Row, talking to Dan about Danielle's vote.  He doesn't want to be overbearing with her, and wants Dan's advice.  As usual Dan takes the opportunity to try and get information out of Frank about Team Boogie.

Frank:  Joe went up to Jenn today and said things were looking good for him---now why would he tell her that?

Mike arrives and tells Dan that he doesn't plan for Janelle to have  4 hours without interruption tonight to hammer Danielle about the vote.  They want to stay up late and foil that plan.  Frank tells Dan that if he wins HOH this week, Janelle and her team are his targets, not Danielle.

Frank:  At that point, Danielle is rolling with us...she's completely protected right now.

Mike goes into a rant about how if Frank leaves and one of his remaining players wins HOH, Mike says during the live show he will tell the entire house to not even bother to come upstairs.

Mike: There will be a velvet rope and not one of them are coming up!  Think about it---if Frank goes, what does any one of them have to say to me?  And I'm going to ask to speak at the nomination ceremony! When I run this is the shit I think about----I get pissed and my heart starts pumpin'!

Now they talk about Janelle's tough competitive spirit.  Mike mentions that on her bachelorette party weekend in Napa Valley she and Beau Beasley got into a physical fight with "another gay guy".

Mike says Britney doesn't like conflict.

5.  Now we see Janelle and Wil in the kitchen, joking about how Ashley is really a scientist, and an actress...

They are drinking beer out of champagne flutes and have decided to drink all of their beverages out of the glasses, even coffee.  Janelle is going to braid her hair tomorrow, and then wash it the next day.  She tells Wil that time will start flying by after Week 6.

Ashley walks through the kitchen following Mike, doing the little laugh that Janelle and Howie used to do, calling him a "beefcake".  Shane jokes that Mike is Ashley's type, and Janelle corrects him and say that he is Ashley's type.

Jenn comes in the kitchen dancing with the shoulder rolls on her way outside.  The mood between Janelle, Wil and Ashley is very jovial and it seems trouble-free.  They discuss Jodi again---a favorite joke topic.  Wil says they made a Final 2 deal.

6. Mike goes back to Skid Row and gives Frank and Dan an update on where everybody is in the house. The minute he comes back and sits down, he gets called to the DR.  Frank and Dan continue to talk in low voices, but does Frank ever notice that he is the one doing all of the talking?  Dan just listens and asks questions.

Frank:  The best thing about working with Jenn and Ian is sittin' next to them in the finals.  I can beat either one of 'em.  And no offense to Danielle, but I think I can beat her too.


Frank:  I'm thinking about approaching Shane and Danielle for a deal, and Mike doesn't need to know that.  They thing is, with his ego, you can just work that..

Mike has told Ian and Jenn that if Frank leaves, they are both sitting ducks.  Frank just talks and talks.  Frank thinks Mike knows he is the best chance for Mike to win.  Now Mike is back and says the DR visit was "about shit....circles".

7. In the kitchen Janelle and Wil are talking about extensions, and the proper way to remove them.  When they are removed, a lot of real hair comes out with them.  Janelle's hair thinned out a lot after the took her's out.

Shane asks Wil about "convention" (i.e. sequester).  Shane remembers Wil as being blonder back then. Wil confirms that, and says he got new extensions just before he came in the house--it took 8 hours.

Janelle:  OK.  Here's my story.  I did buy some extensions right before I came in.  They were virgin, Russian, like tracks.  And...I'm a psycho, so my hair would have been down to here (motions to the back of her waist) and it looked awesome, almost like a porn star..

Shane:  I was going to say that!

Janelle:  ...and here's the thing.  They said it was all natural, never been dyed, I paid like $400 for the hair, but it wasn't my color.  So I had to bleach it so it would match--this was two days before I left.  So I put my hair product on it, wrapped it up in Saran wrap, and put it in the microwave...

Wil:  OH MY GOD!

Janelle: ..listen...I put it on High for a minute and a half --high heat. I took it out, it looked bleached blonde, so I waited 40 minutes with the heat on it.  When I rinsed it out...(giggling) the track was broken down to here (shows hair about 3 inches long).

She couldn't get her money back since it was her fault.  She has plenty of hair now..she just wanted a little something more.  Ashley wanted to bring in her extensions--they are clip on natural hair but she didn't "want to be like Rachel".

Janelle:  So, everyone on Survivor Sucks who says I have a weave this year, you can KISS MY ASS!

Shane: Yeah!

Ashley gives a shout out to Shannon, Shane's sister and he appreciated it. She is a paralegal who got her masters in criminal psychology and wants to work for the FBI.  She had a 4.0 in school and is very passionate about her career.

Shane and Shannon are the first in their family to go to college.  His Mom went to flight attendant school, but didn't pursue it because she was scared of heights.

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