Monday, July 30, 2012

Big Brother After Dark - The Danger of a Pretty Face 7-30-12 #BB14

This episode aired at 9:00 pm BBT on Sunday, and in the wee hours of Monday where I live.

Sunday was a Day of Rest for the BB14 house guests, after the raucous events of Saturday night.  There were no scheduled competitions or game events, however since the POV ceremony is scheduled to occur on Monday, there is sure to be some scrambling from Team Janelle.

You can read about Saturday night's booze guzzling, sloppy smooching, and nudity here.


1.  As the show opens Janelle is in the HOH with Britney, obviously trying to influence Britney regarding Shane using the POV on Monday.  She is pushing the fact that when the Coaches come into the game, it is going to be very hard for the two of them, so they need to think about that now and try to remove the stronger players from the game.

Britney is suspicious of Janelle's motives, and tells her that directly for a change.

Janelle:  I would bet money on it!  Of course the Coaches are going into the game....we have key slots by our pictures!  It couldn't be any more obvious!  I know you are a smart girl and you know this!

Britney thinks for a second and then tells Janelle they need to think about their best plan.

Britney:  OK, we need to figure this out.  Who is going to roll with us all the way?

Janelle:  Well, Ashley for sure.  And Shane seems trustworthy...

The decide Danielle will stay with Dan, and Britney says Danielle talks a big game and Janelle is surprised.  Janelle thinks they should work with Dan for a few weeks to get out the harder targets.

Janelle:  Do you know how hard it's going to be to get Boogie out?  It might take 3 or 4 weeks to get rid of him!

Now they discuss Joe--Britney thinks he is a devious liar with "like 15 deals in the house" but Janelle objects to this.  Britney thinks Wil and Frank have a Final Two deal.  (What?)

2.  Outside at the hot tub, Wil and Jenn sit and discuss what to do this week.  Joe chimes in that his advice is for the newbies to "band together" against the Coaches.

Joe:  Start playin' for you!

Wil and Jenn keep talking and Joe struggles to be heard above them, saying he is "more than likely gone this week" and that "he will be working in the Jury for them".  (Not yet you wont, Joe.)

Joe is smoking a cigarette---was that one of JoJo's?

They talk about the endurance competition this week (everybody expects it, including me).

Jenn:  If it's endurance, I'm holding on for life...

Joe says that when he went up to the HOH to talk to Shane, Shane said Wil was his number one target (true).

3.  Back upstairs Janelle is pointing out that Frank and Boogie work out for "like, three hours".  She says Mike always beats her when she plays against him for HOH  (BB7).

Britney:  But even if we get rid of Frank, we still have to get rid of Mike Boogie.

Janelle: That's why we need to weaken him by taking Frank out.  If it's a weight thing this week, then you can win HOH and get out whoever.  Then if it's Q & A I can win it---I'm really good at those.

Britney:  I'm just not sure we're going in the game.

Janelle:  I've known it since they asked me to come here!

Britney:  I just keeping thinking about what Ryan said in his letter---he said try not to get too stressed out when things don't go your way..

The cameras swiftly change to the hot tub scene outside.

4.  Then they come back to the HOH as Britney discusses Frank's obsession with Janelle.  She says Frank is in love with Janelle.  They asked him earlier to describe his perfect woman and the description fit Janelle to a T.

Janelle: It's kind of sad.  I feel sorry for him.

Britney:  Did you hear about his past relationships?  He said he cheated on his girlfriends, and that his dad cheated on his mom "all of the time".  Frank had to lie to his mom when she asked him questions about it.

And we go to commercial on that....this is the kind of thing they should  not broadcast for legal reasons.  When we come back they are still in the HOH, and I think Britney just called Frank a psycho.  Then she became frustrated with the faulty Spy Cam remote control.

5.  Outside they are discussing Shane's cocky attitude this week.  Jenn says that Shane should remember what it feels like to "be on the poopy side of the game".  When Jenn went to the HOH to talk to him, he was snotty when he said "Oh, you want to know what's on MY mind?"

Joe is smoking another cigarette. If he still has a pack from JoJo, he should make sure they last until Thursday, at the rate he's going.

6.  Now upstairs Britney is putting powder on, while they discuss Danielle's obsession with Dan being her coach.

Britney:  Today Danielle was comparing Dan to her dad---his name is Dan too.

Britney says Dan knows Danielle will never turn on him and he knows he can beat her in the competition and then "win another half million so he can buy more houses".  (Dan is in the rental real estate business part time now.)

Janelle:  Remember when we were at CBS offices to sign our contracts?

BB:  You ARE NOT allowed to talk about production!

Janelle:  Well, she came up and said in my ear, Expect the Unexpected!  (Alison Grodner???)

Britney:  I know that the last part of the contract said they can change the whole contract at any time.

The cameras quickly move away, and then come right back.

Janelle:  If you're at home watching this show, would you rather watch Dan sitting around coaching a girl who's never watched the show to play the game? Or would you rather watch Dan play the game

Brit, applying powder:  Right...

Janelle:  Or would you rather watch me, who is known as one of the most competitive, physical girl players of all time sit back and coach my newbies on what to say and not say to people?  Or would you rather watch me compete in an HOH and a Veto?

Brit, walking through the HOH suite:  Uh huh...

Janelle, following her:  And Boogie, who is one of the most manipulative players of all time---would you rather watch him talk to his newbies about shit, or would you want to see him actually make some moves in the game?

Brit, pulling on a pink cardigan:  Right...

Janelle, arms folded:  These are just things...everything makes sense.

Brit: Yes, everything does make sense.  But I don't like it.  Even if it's obvious.

Janelle:  Yeah, I mean you and Dan both have one fucking player.  It didn't make sense for you to even play in the Coach's Comp---what could you do?

Janelle doesn't think there will be a Coach's Comp next week---just a have not competition.  She picked up the jar of Shane's Nutella and examined it.

Britney:  Oh my god!  With us involved?  You realize we're going to be Have Nots, right?

Janelle talks again about her CBS meeting, when she was discussing the verbage in the contract that said "you are not allowed to play for the $500,000".  That is when the unnamed female said to Janelle to "expect the unexpected".

7. Outside they discuss their suspicions about Frank.  They think there is more to him than meets the eye, since he indicated to Mike to give the prize money to Ian and Jenn.  And Joe has noticed something about Ashley that leads him to believe she is "going to be the shocker of the season".  (i.e. something about her job or life).

Joe:  I think Bama's straight....and Wil's straight...well, he's not straight!

Jenn laughs.  She knows what he means.

8.  Upstairs the girls try to guess what the competition is this week---maybe standing on a rolling log?  Janelle says she is tired of talking to Dan---he keeps giving her little coaching tidbits, but never shares any real information.  Britney agrees.

Janelle:  It's going to be something you and I can win...or another girl....

Britney starts to bitch and complain about going to Jury---she doesn't want to go to Jury because "it is hell".

Janelle:  You want to know another reason why I know this is going to happen?  When I was talking to Michelle...

She approaches Britney and quickly addresses us by saying "sorry Internet, but I have to whisper". She leans over and cups her hands around Britney's ear, and the cameras move.

(Janelle is a BB Goddess because she is one of us, a Super Fan.)

9.  Now we go to the living room, where Dan and Ashley are reclined on the couches. Dan is wearing a bandana on his forehead to help cover his balding patch.  The camera pans back and we see the living room is full of house guests---Mike and Frank are sitting in the nomination chairs, Shane, Ian and Danielle are on the other couches too.  Ted has been tossed carelessly to the floor at Mike's feet.

Dan mentions his website ( and Ashley says she googled it.  She was just talking about someone whose twitter she read that kept mentioning casting events--I think it was Dan?

We hear BB warning the girls upstairs to STOP talking about Production.

The house guests talk about Dan's website and products.  Frank told his mom if he ever got on the TV show to buy a domain name with his name but he doubts shle did it.  Ian calls out for his Mom to buy his domain.  Danielle plays dumb and has to have them explain very slowly what that means.

The girls upstairs keep getting warned by Production, so Mike and Frank wake up and go upstairs to see what is going on. (Maybe their ears are burning?)

Janelle said they were just "talking about baby stuff" and they need a few more minutes.  After they leave Janelle giggles and says Britney is "going to get bombarded".  Britney is going to make a pot of coffee and they plan to stay up late.  She has to "run everything by Shane, too".

Janelle leaves and speaks in a chirpy tone to Mike who is sitting right outside.  She says she was "just in there snackin'".

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Frank the Diplomat #BB14

Janelle and Wil got in bed on Skid Row to take a nap and whisper.  They are very pleased about today but Janelle has already moved on  in her head to the next HOH.  They need to win this week..

Jenn came in and out twice to get ready to work out and answered Janelle's questions quickly but politely.  Team Boogie seems to be taking Mike's example to fight the anger by getting strong and fit.

 Frank came in after his workout to change clothes and put on swim trunks.  He did all of this wrapped in a towel, facing Janelle and Wil.  They chatted lightly and then Frank told Wil that no matter what happens this week, he knows that Wil is going to vote for his teammmate Joe and won't hold it against him.  He compares this to Danielle voting to keep Kara, and says he understands.

That room must really stink.  Frank took off his nasty sweaty socks and shorts and left them on the floor.  It's not like they have a laundry hamper or anything.

After he left they said he's taking it really well.

Janelle:  He'll be like that all week, like he did last time.  Bet he won't be yelling anymore...

They discussed Mike and Janelle thinks he is nicer than he was in BB7, but a "leopard doesn't change it's spots". 

Wil:  Did you see his face when Shane did it?

Janelle:  You should have seen his face when I evicted his best friend Dr. Will...

They say Brady Mike's son is super cute.  Wil can't imagine coming in the BB house a second time, much less a third time like Janelle.

Wil is thankful that Janelle chose him for her team, and says she is the "most beautiful gem in the costume jewelry drawer".

Pride Comes Before a Fall #BB14

Ian is very upset about Frank going up on the block.  He's a Big Brother scholar, and I think he knows what this means.

It means don't UNDERESTIMATE your opponent.

Mike Boogie is pissed, but is channeling his anger through a brisk workout.  He spoke to Dan outside as he got started.   He knows that Danielle is going to be the swing vote, and if it looks like she is going to vote Frank out he is going to tell her on Wednesday that her boy Shane is GONE if she doesn't vote out Joe, and that will hurt her chances to get closer to him.

Dan:  I don't think I'd use that method with her......

Mike, thinking:  Well, after playing this game without emotions, or trying to, I think that may be what needs to be done.  I know you know what I mean, but I'm not sure she knows...

Mike was confused as to this sudden change of plans---Shane told him that he gave Frank a heads up yesterday, but Mike had no idea.  Did Dan know?  Dan hemmed and hawed but said no, he didn't know.

Mike started running and when Danielle came outside he asked her if he had any reason for concern.  She made a small response and laid down in the sun.

Minutes later, Dan came over and laid next to her.  He spoke without moving his lips, trying to be stealthy, saying:  "tell them that you didn't tell me about the switch because you couldn't find me in the house".

Dani couldn't hear him, so he repeated it with her looking at him.  That girl must have damage to her ears, because she still didn't get it.  (I heard it 3,000 miles away!)  He asked her to get in the pool with him so they could splash around and talk, I guess.

A few moments later Mike finished his workout and  jumped in the pool to cool off.

Mike:  Oops!  I splashed the Swing Vote!  How about breakfast delivered every day this week to the Boom Boom Room?

Now they whisper.  Joe torches up a smoke on the patio---I hope he's counting how many he has left, because now he might be there a while longer.

Joe's anniversary is today, and he asked Britney to ask all of the house guests to talk to the cameras and go to his website to wish his wife a happy anniversary.  In fact, he's going to make a little speech to the cameras later himself about it.

Britney is sure to mock this later.

He said to go to the Mad Love Cooking Facebook page, or something like that.

Also, right after the POV ceremony Shane reported that Jenn gave him the cold shoulder downstairs and ignored him totally as she fixed her lunch.

Britney Celebrates with Snacks #BB14

Britney has her trusty donettes and green-cannister nuts with her for this important celebration.

They are making fun of Mike Boogie trying to sell things on Ebay after the show.

Janelle:  People fucking hate him!  He had like, a 2% approval rating from BB7!   People loved me and Will's relationship on the show and hated him and he can't stand it.  Nobody wants to buy his shit on Ebay!

Janelle is mad that Dan brought up the "Basket of Secrets" that she sold on Ebay, and mentioned this year's "Winelle Basket of Secrets".

Janelle:  Dan's pissed.  All of the fans in his season said that he and Keisha hooked up a bunch, so we can't say anything about Keisha, or Chelsea (his wife).

Ashley acts out the guy's body language in the back yard before the ceremony.

They know that Danielle is going to get "hammered" by the guys all week for votes.  They know Jenn is just there to get publicity for her band, and Britney says it is like Boogie's team is all there to give Frank half a million dollars.

Danielle should stick next to Shane all week.

Ashley:  She wants Shane SO BAD!  But Dan won't let her stay up here!

***Breaking**** POV Shocker #BB14

Shane used the nomination to save Ashley and nominate.....FRANK.

Tension is high in the house.  This is the result of SUPERIOR efforts on Janelle's part last night to convince Britney to make the change.

I have been working on my BBAD recap for last night and will be posting it as soon as I can, but trust that Janelle DID A NUMBER on Britney to make this happen.

Shane just told Mike Joe is still going.....but Frank's face says it all.

I hate to see Frank go, but this shit just got really, really good.