Sunday, July 29, 2012

So Who is Shane Meany? #BB14

I don't see evidence of "houseflipping" anywhere on his Twitter page, particularly in his Following list.  Why didn't they just say Shane was a fitness model for men's magazines?

 I guess I can forgive Shane for lying to us, when I see some of his Tumblr pictures.

Frank is in Love with Janelle #BB14

Britney just told Janelle this as they sat on the patio.  Janelle told Britney that she and Frank were talking about the finale, and she said she would wear a Herve Leger dress to the finale.

Janelle:  And then Frank said, if I win I'm going to buy you one of those dresses.  It was so awkward!

Janelle had to put Frank in his place, she says, because he kept telling her that she looks hot.  Janelle had to say that she is married, and that kind of talk is totally inappropriate.  She said he's gotten better about it since then, but the dress comment was awkward.

Britney:  Remember when he told you that you have a womanly body?

Janelle, grimly:  Yep.

Britney:  I think you are his perfect woman because you're so tall, and he's tall.

Janelle:  Well, my husband is going to kick his ass!

Janelle has three Leger dresses right now, in response to Brit's question about it.

Brazillian Butt Workout #BB14

With Janie and Wil.  Janelle goes to a class at a gym that features these exercises, so she leads Wil through the routine.  At the end Wil really gets into it and take out his ponytail holder, shaking his head with abandon.

Big Ted and Little Ted have a front row seat for this exciting workout.

Sunday Tidbits #BB14

Mike and Frank chatted briefly in the storage room while Frank used Shout to treat the various food stains on all of his clothes.  Mike reported that Joe came up to him and said he "found a way to stay in the house for two more weeks".  They both scoff at this and Mike says he is glad he had sunglasses on so Joe couldn't see his eyes.

Frank:  How much you want to bet he's gonna say he doesn't want to be alone with JoJo for a week!  (Some people think JoJo is on the Jury now.)

Janelle dragged out of bed at the crack of noon today, and sat at the kitchen counter to sip her coffee after finding out how hot it is outside today.

Wil came to join her and then Britney came over there, too, and they had an interesting conversation for an hour or so.  A few conversational tidbits:

*  When Britney lived in NYC recently, she lived at 81st and 1st.  She used to love going to Pastis in SoHo.  When Janelle lived in NYC, she took Chelsia Hart (BB9 & SuperPass) there to get drunk.  She said Chelsia is a lot of fun.
*  Janelle spent one Christmas in NYC when she lived there.  Her friend Dena from Miami came up to visit and they did all of the traditional Christmas things.  She loved it, but her Mother was very sad that Janelle didn't come home.
*  Wil usually drives home on Christmas Eve to Louisville from NYC.
*  Britney spent one Thanksgiving in NYC.  Ryan came up to visit and they want to see the Macy's Day Parade.  They ended up arriving just as a large marching band was joining the parade route so they easily grabbed their spot right on the front line of the parade.
*  A saleswoman at the Coach store in Louisville was very, very rude to Wil when he tried to buy a birthday present for his mother there and he will never shop there again.  (I will take Wil's side on this because I am a fan, but basically he had two credit cards denied, and came back with his father's credit card and they wouldn't let him use it without ID.  I don't blame the shop clerk, but she didn't need to be rude.)
*  Janelle likes the Coach leather gloves because they are lined with cashmere.  She also has a few pair of Coach winter boots.
*  On Sundays she has brunch with her husband and they take Violet with them.  At this time of year they sit outside and she has a "few Mimosas".  (I wonder if people recognize Janelle everywhere she goes---it is kind of hard not to, I would think.)
*  She consulted with two doctors about leaving Violet--they both said leaving the baby after it is 18 months old would be damaging.  But at this age Violet has no memory.
*  It turns out that Ashley and Janelle lived in NYC at the same time and they both say they would have "totally partied together".  No doubt.
*  Both Wil and Janelle were in NYC for the Obama inaugeration festivities.  Janelle said she never went to a party "for the president" before.  They talked about how crazy everything was.
*  Britney used to read Perez Hilton obsessively, but doesn't anymore because he is "so slow" with the new information now.  But that is where she first learned about Lady Gaga.  Wil loves him some GaGa but points out that he is not one of those crazy fanboys, though.
*  Janelle said GaGa performed at Mansion on South Beach when she worked there, opening for Prince.  Janelle said her look back then was 'super funky' and she had dark hair.  Janelle thought she was good but didn't guess how popular she would be one day.  She guesses this was in 2006.
*  Britney went to Mansion one time on Spring Break with a girlfriend.  They met some guys that got them into the VIP area. (Janelle asked Q's about the timing, but it turns out this was 2007, after Janelle stopped working there.)  Britney said Usher and one of the "Littles---Jon or Wayne" was with him and the guys she was with kept saying "stop staring at them or we'll get kicked out!"
*  Wil asks the date again (2007) and says it was L'il Jon, because he was "staying at the W and saw them together at the pool".  He mentioned the song they had together at the time, and says a child at the pool kept taking about L'il Jon's "diamonds in his braces".  (Small world, huh?)
*  Janelle starts telling a story about "when she had to wait on Diddy" and immediately the cameras all switch to this:
* Then we go back and hear the end of the story, which ends with Janelle "getting stiffed by him"--no tip.
*  Janelle also mentions going in some club where Jay Z was always "smoking blunts".  I  think she said Jay Z lived "right next door to her", but I might have been mistaken.
*  Boogie told Janelle that Dr. Will would come back for All Stars II.  (Really?) Janelle said she probably wouldn't, since she wants to have more kids.  She does point out that she said she wouldn't come back a third time, though, and here she is.  Britney says she probably won't, so "don't ask".  Janelle thinks Jeff and Jordan will be asked, as well as Brendon and Rachel.  They're not sure if the cast will include people since BB7, or the entire series.

Janelle also gathered up her laundry, as you can see below.

Britney ate potato chips poolside.

Sunday Showmance Watch #BB14

It is very hot in the backyard today.  Frank has been working out like a madman since they haven't really been outside much since Wednesday. 

Shane came in to cool off and get a drink of Gatorade.  Danielle was on her way outside but stopped in her tracks to sit at the kitchen counter and enjoy the show.

The kitchen  is silent, except for the sounds of Shane digging ice out of the freezer.  They had to take the label off of the bottle since Gatorade (i.e. Pepsi) is not a show sponsor.  Even though Shane has been sweating, he has not worked out yet.  He announces he must do that tomorrow, or tonight if it is cool enough.

Shane sits down at the dining table and is apparently tired of doing nothing yet of note today.  Hey, that's Big Brother.

Danielle is sitting right there at the counter but doesn't make any move to talk.  They're not even dating yet, and they are already out of things to talk about.

The room is silent until Frank comes in and chats about his work out.  Shane walks over to the counter to pour himself some more Gatorade.  Danielle makes a show of finishing her glass, ice clinking and all, but Shane just pours himself a glass and walks away.  This is him on the right of the screen below.

Danielle grimly pours herself her own glass of Gatorade.  I am from the South and lived in New York for a few years, so I know that general chivalry and manners are different in those places, but he might have offered to pour her a glass.  You know, if he cared.  But she could have coyly held her glass out and clinked the ice, too.  It wouldn't hurt her to plug in her personality a little, in her attempt to lure him in.  A little flirting would help, Danielle.   He's only going to be in that HOH room for a few more nights...

He finally sat beside her at the counter, and you could cut the tension with a knife.

Finally, someone speaks and he asks her if she had a good night's sleep.  She said she had weird dreams.  They don't look at each other while they talk. There is no witty repartee.  They both crunched from a bag of chips and he mentioned how many carbs the chips have.  Dani angrily said that "ya'll can probably have twice as many as we can have".

Shane:  What?

Danielle:  Boys.  Boys can have twice as much as girls can have.

***crunch  crunch  crunch***

She then calls Shane a Manorexic.  Ian walks in and announces that he has to start picking the raisins out of the Raisin Bran, since he's a Have Not.  Frank says he is the one who asked everyone that question last night--he should have kept his mouth shut!

Finally Danielle stands up and stares into space.  Shane asked her what she was doing and she said she was thinking about lunch.

A few minutes later, Danielle is laying in the back yard alone and gets called to the DR.  When you see her in that leopard print bikini top in the DR talking about Shane, remember where you read it first.

Danielle stands up slowly and wraps the towel around her waist to walk inside.  As if the cameras read my mind, it pans slowly over to the left, at least 10 feet but probably more, where Shane is laying out alone.

No showmance here today.  And certainly not a flirtmance.  You have to have witty repartee for a flirtmance.  Just ask Janelle.

Also, Shane got up and moved, so I snapped a few good shots of that for you.  You can see how far away Danielle's empty layout towel is from where he was laying.

More on Janie later...