Friday, July 27, 2012

Janelle Won and She Saved Wil #BB14

She tells Dan she thinks Frank made a deal and no way he's being nominated.

She just told Danielle her "time slot" was 5:45--her diary room call time?  Ha ha Janelle is the only one who gets a call sheet.

And We're Back #BB14

Dan and Danielle in the storage room whispering.  Dan takes her now in the Have Not room.  I don't think Dan won, because he made an excuse about not doing well.

 Something happened and Danielle was jumping up and down---Dan picked her and asked her if she was surprised.  Danielle is very happy.

Ian came in and they asked him to leave.  But in a nice way.

I don't know if the nominations happened yet, and I can't tell yet what happened with the competition.

Oh now we see Janelle in the storage room, wearing her costume.  She tells Wil to just win the competition--don't throw it! Just win!

Bowls of Froot Loops cereal nest in bowls behind her.  (Is that even sanitary?)

Big Brother After Dark - The Smell of Defeat (Janelle farted.) 7-27-12 #BB14

This episode aired at 10:00 pm BBT on Thursday night, a few hours after the live show ended on the West Coast.  Except then it wasn't live--it's only actually live on the East Coast.  This show starts an hour late on Thursdays, I guess.  I don't remember that from previous years.

It aired where I live in the wee hours of Friday morning.

Shane won HOH during the live show, and JoJo was evicted without much fanfare.

OK.  Let's go.

1.  The house guests were stuck inside after the live show, waiting for the crew to finish the backyard clean up.  I don't think the booze had been delivered yet, so they tried to find ways to entertain themselves.  The guys (except for Shane) sat around the living room with Britney.  Dan and Joe played a game where they tossed an orange ball (possibly a tangerine) across the living room, with the goal to reach 100 without dropping it.  They made it.  Then they put two of the orange balls in play, where they threw it back and forth in unison.  They made a valiant effort but did not go to 100.

2.  Janelle and Jenn laid on the bathroom lounge and talked about the competition.  Jenn is down about it (she was the worst of the bunch, I think) and says she didn't practice the right way.  Janelle says go ahead and start thinking aobut the POV--it's going to be difficult from here on out.

3.  Today is Day 20.  Joe and Dan are trying again with the two orange balls.  Danielle left home on June 29th.  Britney said Shane went in the DR "like 6 hours ago".  Dan has a large wound on the inside of his left leg that is a leftover injury from the last Coach's Comp.  The bar inside those MC Hammer pants between their knees rubbed him the wrong way, and I guess he ignored it too long.

4.  Britney wants to discuss hemmeroids. (sp?)  Ian says he has 'stress hemmeroids' the first couple of days in the house and Britney jumps all over him, asking if he's seen it, looked at them, what does it look like, etc. Frank comes to his rescue by describing them to Britney.  I guess he's had one too. Frank almost used Preparation H as toothpaste a few times, but never put it in his mouth.  Frank even has Preparation H suppositories.

Britney keeps going on and on about how having them is her biggest fear, and she has heard of women who got them when they were pregnant.  Frank says when they are bad, you can't talk, you can't laugh...

Frank:  You would be surprised how often your sphincter moves..

Britney just keeps going at it, asking questions, and then wants to ask Ian about why poop is shaped the way it is.

(Who IS this girl?)

Thank God Shane comes to the rescue by yelling, "who wants to see my HOH room"?  Thank you Big Brother.  Thank you Showtime.

5.  They all gather upstairs and wait a moment.  When the door opens the cheering isn't as loud as Franks HOH unveiling, but no one knows Shane like they know Frank.  Shane tells Ian that is his sister in the picture and not to mess with her.  Britney and Janelle look at the picture and smile.  Joe does too.  Shane looks at his treats and says "Preesh, Big Brother".  He said it is the healthiest collection of HOH treats so far this year.  He got Nutter Butter cookies (YUM) and Britney got Dunkin Donuts coffee.

6.  One of the pictures was a football picture.  It was from a Division I semi final game--they lost.  One of the guys asked if Shane played football and he said yes---they didn't even know he played football!  And Dan is a coach! No one knows Shane! (including me)

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Janelle is Up To Something #BB14

She is in the Arcade Room with Ashley, stretching and getting ready for the competition.  Suddenly she starts looking around, and unzipping each and every pillow in the room.

She looks under cushions, too, and up at the ceiling.

Ashley, who is nearly mute today, says what I think was "where are you going to hide it?".  Janelle said she didn't know, and left the room to look around.  She told Ashley to stay right there..she'll be right back.

We never got to see that, because now TRIVIA starts.  It's on, BB fans!

Getting Ready... #BB14

I think the newbies were told to dress up.  Danielle came out dressed up and said something about it, so they all started getting dressed,made up, etc.

The TV screen in the living room says Nominations Today. Mike chuckles he cans see the will to win, talking about Janelle putting on her leggings and getting ready to compete.

How many days in a row will Frank wear that T-shirt?  Why is Britney laying in bed, drunk with power instead of getting herself ready to compete?  So many questions.

Janelle stretches out in the bathroom, and the cameras stay right there.  She's the star of the show, baby.

Mike and Dan whisper about their theory that JoJo is psychotic.  The cameras don't like that.

 Britney talks to herself (i.e. us) and she thinks something is about to get switched up.  You can't just have a Coach's competition every week--it would be like having two POVs.  (true) She watches Mike and Ian sit with Frank and Jenn in the living room and guesses what they are saying, putting words in their mouth.

Ashley looks more like an Olsen Twin then ever today, with a great make up job.  Janelle keeps stretching.  Danielle is reprimanded for microphone obstruction.  It's probably time for her to eat again now.

BB: Janelle, Stop That! #BB14

Dan goes into the Arcade Room with Janelle and they immediately start with the mad game talk.

Janelle:  Did you hear about the Coach's Comp?  It sucks....

A discussion ensued about trading players.  I guess they were notified that one of the prizes will be a trade.  They were told in the DR.

Janelle said she wanted to come over to Dan's side and whisper in his ear.

She was talking about what "she" told her.  Since the door was closed, I can only assume that Janelle was talking about Production.

Dan asked a probing question and Janelle said "No, she said that about me...about me!"

BB:  Janelle, STOP THAT!

Janelle giggles and says she's sorry.  Then they started whispering about what might happen next week with the Coaches coming in the game.

Janelle:  Do you think Frank would stay with Boogie?

Dan mumbles something.  And then "That's why he's so dangerous..."

Dan says that BB wants a trade so bad.

(Maybe the losing coach should have to trade?  Even Britney!  Now that would be a scandal!)

Dan is super worried about someone trading for Danielle.  Janelle doesn't think that anyone would trade their players---if she wins she will save Wil or Joe.

Dan went to chat with Mike.  Mike wanted to know immediately what BB told Janelle to stop doing.  Dan explained that Janelle was whispering about the Coaches coming into the game.

Lots of tension in there right now....

Now Joe and Wil are gossiping about what Janelle and Dan might have been talking about.  Joe smells a rat!

I guess having Big Brother reprimand Janelle is unheard of, even to the house guests.

Scrambling...and Grumbling #BB14

As you can see, Janelle gets her own camera shot. 

Mike Boogie, Janelle and Ian chat in the Arcade Room--they don't know what Shane is going to do.  Meanwhile both Danielle and Shane have made their way to the HOH Room.

(Shane was saying earlier that he is shocked that Wil hasn't come up to talk to him, nor Janelle or Ashley.  Only Joe came up from Team Janelle, and that was to throw Frank under the bus last night, and to bring a kiss-ass breakfast in bed for the two of them this morning.)

They discuss Danielle, and Janelle mentions that she was laying in Shane's lap last night.

Mike:  Well, scratch that little plan....(to have her vote).


Mike:  They're bonded by loneliness now....(ha ha ha)

Janelle starts laughing at their teams' performance last night.

Janelle:  Our teams suck!  Well, except for Ian...

They laugh about Jenn's sorry try at the HOH game, and Ashley as well.

Janelle:  I'm traumatized by last night!

They counted everything great that Shane has done in the game, and Janelle jokes that next week he will win the Coup D'Etat.

Mike thinks that the competition may be food related only, since the food has not been replenished yet.  Ian says he ate today--some cereal, some coffee and an Arnold Palmer.  (iced tea and lemonade, I think)

Ian:  And last night I was a little piggie....(names everything he ate, which is still probably not as much as what Danielle ate).

Mike goes to the DR and now Ian and Janelle go through every BB6 competition, naming who won, as they compare Shane's performance to the Great James Rhine.

Ian corrects Janelle several times, pointing out specific issues from the competition, as well as the prizes he won, including "Sarah's TV".  Ha ha he remembers the season more than she does!

The Scrambling Starts... #BB14

Wil cut his legs shaving this morning.  Ted has his game face on.

Shane and Frank huddle in the HOH.   Frank just listened to Shane's CD.

Shane wants to honor his agreement with Mike and Frank (!) but he is committing to Frank that Wil is his Number One target this week.

Shane:  I might put Ian up....but I want someone from her team out.

Frank said that would be okay, but if he put up two people from Janelle's team it would keep them from getting one vote from Janelle's team.

He also mentions putting Joe out.  Britney walks in and Shane changes his tone immediately.

Shane:  It is what it is...

Frank:  Hey.  I'm up here beggin' for my life..

Britney:  I'll bet you are...Frank's in the hot seat huh?  Because you put Shane up last time, right?

Shane:  Yes, but I appreciate you not backdooring me.  I know Mike wanted you to do that.

Frank:  Yeah, (laughing)  he did mention that a few times!

Now he laughs about Joe bringing breakfast up to them.

Frank:  Talk about transparency!

Shane:  Yeah, he goes where ever the power is every week.

Frank:  He was up here trying to make a Final Two deal last week...

Britney: You're not the only person who has heard that.

Britney told him that JoJo is the person who went through his luggage last week.  (I think she was looking for stolen cigarettes.)  Britney left for a moment to get fresh batteries and they talked freely when she was gone.  Then she came back and they continued.

(Fucking Danielle just came in to get one of Britney's powdered sugar doughnuts!  Didn't she just eat her second breakfast of the day downstairs?  She popped it in her mouth and was empty handed as she left the HOH 10 seconds later.)

Shane tells Frank that Joe came up and threw Frank under the bus last night, big time.  Shane tells him that if Willie hadn't started fighting with Frank, every single person would have voted him out.

Shane doesn't trust Janelle.  And Dan was in the HOH bathroom listening to Joe talk to Shane last night.

Shane:  I think it comes down to who can you trust...who is going to stab you in the back.

Britney:  It hadn't even been three hours and they were up here trying to cut deals!

They brought up the breakfast in bed again, and Frank calls Joe Captain Fucking Obvious.

[Britney is running her mouth now about her Coaching strategy.  Let me see:

*  Her #2 pick Willie had a failed HOH eviction and was ejected from the game for violent behavior.
*  JoJo was evicted last night, getting only one vote to stay.
*  She lost both Coach's Challenges.
*  And SHANE has won three competitions, keeping her team alive.]

Now Frank leaves, taking one of Britney's doughnuts with him.  Britney immediately started scolding Shane about telling Frank too much info.


She starts giving Shane "the plan".  She says Janelle's team hasn't shown they are trustworthy because they haven't won one thing.  And she says Mike Boogie is very sketchy.  She saw him whispering with Wil and Joe.

About Frank, Britney says that he is an asset to Shane now, and a liability for him later.

Britney:  He's just too good at this game.  He's personable, he's social... And he's so up Janelle's butt!  I'm worried that if he wins HOH she can talk him into not nominating her team.  He's frickin' enamored!

She pointed out that no one wanted to congratulate Shane last night.

If she wins the Coach's Competition, and can choose a player from another team, who should she choose?

Britney:  I'm thinking Ian.  (She pronounces it "Aa-aann".)

Shane:  But would he still listen to Boogie?

Now Shane brings up taking Frank instead, which would cripple Boogie.  Britney thinks it would be too huge a target, and she is friendly with Ian from her "non game life" in the house. She does not want anyone from Janelle's team, since they are "enemy forces".