Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Frank: Hey! I'm Tweetin'! #BB14

Frank found the time in his busy schedule today to post a few Tweets.  He gets in a few shout outs to his buddies---he has a picture of Jungle Juice Daniel in the HOH Room, but I don't know about Zebra Cake Chris.

I wonder what they call Frank?

Shane Goes Drag #BB14

Yes, the title is correct.

I was on the telephone and saw Shane getting made up by JoJo and started taking pictures.  I wasn't listening to the sound, and I wasn't missing it.  The visual gave me enough---all I could handle.

I have no idea what prefaced this activity.

I went about my business and when I came back I saw Shane sitting at the dinner table, talking a blue streak and flailing his hands around.

I had to unmute the sound, and heard him speaking in falsetto as "Shanie" and puttng some little type of "show" with JoJo, who was being Extra Jersey in kind of tough girl role.

"Shanie" has bobbie pins in his hair, too.

JoJo started talking about going to get "Shanie" a tampon, and asking him what kind he wanted.  "Shanie" started saying he didn't know, it was his first time being a girl.

No, I'm not kidding you.

He got up and hugged Ashley at the door and she was flabberghasted.  I don't think she had any idea what was going on and as she reacted, it was almost like she thought he was coming out or something.

Ashley:  Oh.  That's great!

He went over and sat next to Danielle at the dining table and made eye contact with her.  When she looked away he tried to hold her hand under the table and she pulled away, saying "Stop!  You're freaking me out!"

I overheard Frank in the distance telling Shane that he did have a pretty face.

(Stop it Shanie.  You're freaking me out, too.)

Ian's Dentist Would Be Proud #BB14

It is hard to believe Ian is really 21 years old.  Twelve, I would believe.  But twenty-one?  C'mon.

Earlier today, Trixie and Pixie took restful naps in the HOH Room.

Shout Out to Kara #BB14

Shane continues to conserve energy today by laying in the bath area, watching Danielle style her hair.

Danielle and her new braid come over to sit with Shane, and Shane decides to give a shout out to Kara, speaking directly to the camera.  He asks Danielle to show him how to make the little heart symbol.

Look how happy Danielle is.  Ha ha.

Two Notes:

1. Has it not crossed anybody's mind that Kara may be coming back into the game?  Do they really think she is sitting somewhere watching the live feeds?

2.  If you're feeling all warm and fuzzy now, thinking that you're seeing a little showmance in the making, wait until you see the post coming up, um, two posts from now.  I'm working up to it.  I need to brace myself.

Big Brother After Dark - Booze + Gossip = Paranoia - 7-24-12 #BB14

This episode taped at 9:00 pm BBT on Monday night, and aired in the wee hours of Tuesday where I live.

The POV ceremony was held earlier in the day---Shane saved himself and Danielle was nominated by Frank in his place.

OK.  Here we go.

1. The episode opens with Ian asking Shane if Showtime is on yet. Shane said no.  Ian is wearing green sunglasses in the house.  The brand name is "Knock Around" and they are not usually allowed to wear brand logos in the house.  Danielle wants to know how he got to bring in all of the sunglasses.  Ian says that "he pontificated about them over and over so they had to let him bring them in".  The HG have beer and wine and you can hear the opening of beer cans in the kitchen.

2.  Dan is out at the hot tub with Janelle, Ashley, Joe and Frank.  Wil comes and gets in wearing a captain's hat and a green Speedo.  Dan says that Memphis (BB10) will have a party for them after the season is over at "one of his clubs".

3.  Dan says now is as good a time as any and discloses to the hot tub crowd that Kara is a Playmate.  Wil immediately says Kara is going to be so mad at him for telling everyone.  (He obviously knew this, and knew to keep his mouth shut.)  Janelle said she had a conversation with Kara where she said when she lived in LA she went to the Playboy Mansion every Sunday night and Kara knew about all that.

Janelle:  Then when I found out her last name....(implying she recognized who she was then)

Dan:  I picked her first, right?  So I went in the DR and apologized to Chelsea (his wife)...I didn't know she was a Playmate!

The cameras change just as Joe adds that she was Playmate of the Year.

(If Kara does come back in the house, she has every reason to be mad at Dan.  What is he thinking?  I knew that Joe knew.  I guess it's possible that because Kara was generally so demure in the house, they didn't want to gossip about it constantly?)

4.  JoJo now says that when she slept in the HOH with Willie, "they didn't even cuddle".  Shane wonders if there will be an apology video from Willie on Thursday and they all shoot down that idea.  Ian compared this to Evel Dick leaving for a "family emergency" and says Willie's exit is sure to be very unpopular with the fans.

Ian:  If he had any popularity to begin with before that.....

Willie used to talk to all of them about being able to be  on slop with no problem, but that seemed to be the final straw for him in the house.  They say that he was in the HOH for 12 days and was so comfortable up there that the change was drastic.

5. At the hot tub Frank is now wearing the captains cap and they are all talking about manscaping.  The camera focuses on Frank's hairy legs.  Wil is entertaining the crowd by telling stories.

Janelle:  What's your type of girl, Shane?

Shane, sounding angry at first:  Don't have time for a woman....(stunned silence for a quick second--not at the response so much as the delivery of it)...no, a Southern Belle is my type, from North Carolina....(they drop that line of questioning mmediately)

Dan tells them his wife is really cool and has big boobs (he said it in a different way, though) and would love the BB environment as far as drinking and hanging out.  Her top priority is making her husband happy.  I'm guessing Dan is buzzed tonight, from the topics he is sharing.

Dan: I told you guys that we do natural family planning, but the other three weeks are pretty much a free for all! (implying his wife is a freak?)

Frank likes redheads, but hair color doesn't really matter to him.

6. Janelle used to work at Mynt Lounge in Miami with Porsche (BB13).  Wil asks if this is how Porsche "became a part of the BB family" and Janelle says yes.   A table at Mynt would be around $4,000 for bottle service, but if she was working she would tell the door that her friends are coming in.  If they just showed up and tried to get in they "would probably get hustled".  Joe asked if it was a restaurant and Janelle said no, just a "VIP lounge".

7.  JoJo had a bad bathroom experience is is paranoid about people hearing from outside.  Jenn said she didn't hear anything.  JoJo is sweating and is having gastro issues.  She leaves and Ian and Jenn go back to whispering.  Not sure what they were talking about, but Ian kept saying "please don't believe the hype". Now Ian says there is no way he can beat Frank.  Jenn says it is too early to say that.  Jenn said the info she heard wasn't from Shane or JoJo.  Someone said something to her about a Final Two deal for Frank. With Ian, I think. Ian is denying it and is rocking back and forth.  He looks troubled.

8. The first week Ian said he didn't talk game to anybody and Jenn said that is the way to go---if you don't have to talk game, you shouldn't, because things you say will be repeated and will come back to haunt you.   Ian is comfortable with Shane or Joe winning HOH next week, but knows that they are running out of people to nominate outside of their group.

Ian:  The alliance is so big that it can't sustain itself!  And when I hear things like that it makes my skin crawl.

Jenn:  Especially from our own alliance...

Turns out it was Ashley, and that she was "crying about Kara".

(Is that true?  Is Miss Jenn City cooking up mad lies?)

Ian says that Willie must have told Ashley that, but Jenn says it seemed like new fresh information.  Ian says Kara mentioned a Final Two deal in her live speech, but Ian says it is untrue. (It is untrue, as far as I know.) Ian is shocked that Ashley would say something like that about him.  You can tell he is upset.

9.  At the hot tub Janelle said she got so drunk one time in the BB house she woke up and threw up in the bathroom.  She doesn't remember the details, but she woke up and it was time for the POV and she was like "fuck".  She said she didn't win the POV.  (Don't know which season she was referring  to.)  Wil's parents were "really great" and let he and his brother have a beer or glass of wine with dinner.  So he didn't have the urge to go out and get drunk and crazy.  Janelle had a friend who grew up in a strict household and she would go crazy in her 20's when she went out---drunk all the time.  Wil says this is where the "preacher's daughter" tales come from.

10.  Britney's sorority were the good girls --the Kappas - and "didn't really drink".  Danielle asks Britney if they "bumped" and she explains how in Alabama they put all of the pledges together, male and female, back to back and when you bump into someone you turn around and that is your "date for the night".

11.  Janelle talks about playing "suck and blow" (card game?) and they laugh about drinking Zimas.  Dan reminds Janelle of guys she went to school with in Grand Rapids, MN.    Dan talked about going to a club in LA when he was visiting and he couldn't believe all of the beautiful people everywhere, and the sex and drugs in the bathrooms.  I think Memphis got him into those clubs.  He was shocked by the co-ed bathrooms and Wil says they are "all over New York".

12.  Janelle remembers the old "Las Palmas days" and loved going there on Wednesdays.  She asks Boogie if he remembers those days and he does.

13.  At the hot tub Janelle is reenacting scenes from BB11.  Dan just watched the whole season (in sequester).

Janelle: That's all they had in sequester!  Someone got ahold of Season 7, I think it was JoJo, and they took it from her and said she couldn't watch it.

Wil wants to go back and watch BB6 again and Janelle gives a shout out to Quirky Dude who puts all seasons on You Tube.  Wil started watching BB7 on iTunes but only got through 7 episodes.  Janelle didn't know you could buy BB on iTunes, but Wil says that All Stars is the cheapest season  they sell.

Frank said he had a girlfriend who wanted him to watch BB, so they watched BB6 and BB7 back to back.  He was hesitant to say her name but finally said it was Megan. Dan yells for Megan to "check her boy Frank out now! He used to be a fan..."  And the cameras changed on that. (I think Dan is a lightweight, huh?)

14.  Britney has white rocking chairs on her back porch and they sit out there a lot.  They don't sit on the front porch much, but she has a neighbor who waters his lawn for 3 hours each day.

15.  Now outside Frank talks about Janelle's "spiderman kiss" with Michael during BB6 and Janelle says "shut up you're so mean"!  They all seem buzzed and Frank starts rapping.  Janelle was in The Mask and they talk about that.  (I saw her in that---just a member of the crowd in a party scene for the final cut.)  Janelle holds up her beer and says "Bye Willie!  I hope you are enjoying your tugboat!"

16. They really wanted to evict him and throw Froot Loops in his face on the live Show. Wil wanted to say to Julie Chen a statement about "taking out the trash" when he voted to evict Willie.

17. Someone has to say this....Ashley appears to have gained A LOT of weight.  She no longer looks like anything you would want to see in a bikini....

18. Ashley is moping in the hammock with Danielle and Shane.  Shane says Janelle doesn't have her best interests in mind anymore.

Ashley:  Wil doesn't give a FUCK about me.  I just don't connect with anybody on my team.  And I want to get rid of Frank. I know people said the power went to Willie's head, but the power is going to Frank's head and I'm sick of it.

Shane says the Coaches are running all over them.

Ashley:  I love Janelle, don't get me wrong.  But I think she's fake.  Boogie doesn't even talk to me.

Shane: I know.  He just talks to Janelle.  If Boogie's team wins HOH, they will put you and Wil up.

Ashley:  I know. I don't trust Ian worth shit! He has a very conniving, manipulative way about him.  We should get rid of him now, before he gets too powerful.  I think he threw HOH..and as smart as he is, he knows these games.  He needs to go sooner rather than later.  And Joe---I don't trust him at all.  He's the first one to tell everybody all of your business.

Shane:  I'll be out of the game next week if I don't win HOH.  You're a threat too Ashley.  You are very smart..And you are smart too Danielle.

Danielle:  Why would you say that?

Ashley:  Look, everybody in this house is smart.  You can tell just by talking to you.

The pressure to vote with the team last week was tough on Ashley.  Shane should have used the POV on Kara and he knows that.

(Bitter, party of two!)

19.  Ian appears on the hammock with Shane and Ashley.  Shane thinks Janelle is "fucking stupid, and he doesn't care who gets mad at him".  Ian had said that he wasn't supposed to be talking to them.  Inside, Wil is being loud about Ashley talking shit about them.

Wil, in a drunken whisper:  We gave her a frickin' get out of jail card this week!

Janelle put her hand over his mouth to shut him up.  Now Frank is chiming in about it, too.  Danielle is standing there listenng, and for some reason is holding the blow dryer on her butt crack.  Yes, you read that correctly.  She is wearing her pajamas, and has been for some time.

Janelle says that during the commercial of the live show, just before Ashley went in to vote she had to say "Vote Kara out!" because Ashley was so wishy-washy.

 In the kitchen Jenn tells Joe that she spoke with Ian and and he said the Final Two rumor is not sure.  Joe says that everyone wants JoJo to go this week and Jenn tells him the story about Ashley crying over Kara in the bathroom. Joe thinks this is all old information that got dredged up somehow.

(Jenn is pretty good about being part of the gossip train, but in a down low way.)

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More HOH Pictures #BB14

They always pep up around there when it's Picture Time.  I missed the shot, but in that first picture Shane "put his dukes up" to Willie's picture on the Memory Wall.

HOH Picture Time #BB14

And they start with a composed shot of the guys in the pool throwing balls in the air.  Frank stops and "checks the gate" and they all like the shot.

Dan is going bald.  Sorry Dan.

Ashley has been causing a lot of drama in the house, for no apparent reason since she and her team are safe this week.  I will post last night's BBAD update soon, but today the fallout from her behavior has continued.  She confronted Jenn (gently) on the patio about what Jenn told people last night and Jenn did a good job defending herself.  But Jenn asked her twice to go in the Arcade Room to speak privately and Ashley said no.

This pissed Jenn off and she complained about it to Wil later.  Wil is very annoyed with Ashley's behavior.  She keeps telling people that she feels alienated by her team.  Jenn says she thinks Janelle has bent over backwards to spend time with her and Wil agrees.  Wil points out that Ashley was hanging out in the Have Not room with Shane and JoJo and they chew on that for awhile.

The HOH picture crew is jumping around to get action photos and tried at least three times to get the shot of Frank and Mike up in the air.  Janelle says it is like a real photo shoot, having to do shots over and over and over.

Janelle is Ready for Her Close Up #BB14

She just painted her fingernails and blows on her fingers periodically. The only sound is the sound of Chef Joe chopping and slicing in the kitchen.

I'm not digging the braid Janelle.  Yesterday's braid was enough for me.

Mike Hates Nancy Grace #BB14

Mike is telling the story when Lindsey Lohan was pulled over with the cocaine in the back pocket of her jeans.

The next day Mike was getting ready for work and he had the morning news on, and he hears Nancy Grace saying that "she won't stop until the owners of "Lay Doooo" pay for their crime of selling liquor to minors".

Mike said he had a mini-heart attack and called his partner to tell him "Nancy Grace is after us!"  He was thrilled when Paris Hilton got in trouble a few days later and that took the heat off the Lindsay situation.

(I think that was when Paris went to jail.)

Mike:  When Nancy Grace is on the warpath...that bitch is relentless!

Britney follows her on Twitter because she is funny.

Britney asks Mike what the deal is with Lindsey Lohan.  Mike says she didn't have any parental  supervision, had access to everything bad, and it's just as bad as you think it is with her, probably worse.

Mike:  She's not even cute anymore.

They keep getting in trouble for singing.  Britney wants to know if she can "talk in a sing song voice" and Wil says he doubts it.

Britney starts singing "terry cloth cushions....terry cloth cushions..." and we go to FISH.

Britney reads the tag off the furniture cushion and says "Dear Patio Renaissance Company, your furniture sucks!"  And we get FISH, of course.

Inside the house Joe gets a package of carrots ready to roast.  Maybe he's making carrot soup?  (yum) I do think he should have peeled them first, or at least cut off the tops.

Ashley put on make up today and looks pretty.  Today is HOH picture day--might be a coincidence?

Let's Talk About Drugs #BB14

Britney has a book recommendation called The Glass Castle and I think it might be a true story about a woman who overcame a horrible family background to become a successful author.

Mike watches Intervention and mentions an episode where the addict stole money from her daughter to buy drugs.  (Isn't that all of them?)  Britney loves to watch Intervention and details a simlar episode where someone broke into a safe repeatedly to steal cash and valuables.

Joe says that in rural areas a big source of income is taking pills from "Grandma and Grandpa" and then selling them to addicts.  Joe thinks a Vicodin will go for about $20 for one pill.

Wil tells a story about a Dateline show (or one of those news magazines) where they featured a community in West Virginia where babies had Mountain Dew in their bottles instead of milk.  Mike Boogie saw that show, too.

Britney used to sell a "pain medication" and she could tell if the Pain Clinic where she called on the doctors was open because there would be a line outside dozens of people long and there are a lot of people waiting in cars for the drug handoff.  She said the doctors would see hundreds of patients each day for pill scripts.  She said her medication was reformulated so that if you tried to crush it up, the gel coating would cause the active ingredients to be inactive.

Mike:  So that makes it less attractive?

Britney: Yes, they like to crush it up for a quick high.

Britney explained that the industry is evolving to electronic scripts so that you can't just go from doctor to doctor to get more pills.  Joe thinks ObamaCare is going to make this worse for some reason.

Britney said that when they reformulated the product she reps, she went online to a website called BlueLight.com where drug users share tips about finding and abusing drugs.  She was amazed at the technical details, and all of the equipment they use.

Mike likes the end of Intervention where you can see people that clean up and make a success of it.  He mentions the old episode of the competitive bicycle guy who was in bad shape.  (I remember that.)  Mike used to watch every episode years ago but it got too sad for him.

Britney talks about the anorexic who would only only eat cabbage and was wracked with guilt one day for eating one peach.

Wil would like to get some anti-anxiety medication but they gave him a hard time about it, and ended up perscribing something that gave him the shakes.

Britney mentions a medical examiner show where the doctor said that no matter what happens to her car on the highway, she will ALWAYS go to the next exit before stopping the car.  She saw so many people who were hit by other cars when they got out to check their tire, etc.

Now they talk about Casey Anthony and how guilty she was. Mike thinks that attorney is getting a ton of business for getting a murderer the not guilty verdict.  Wil mentions that she cut her hair, colored it, and now does YouTube videos.

Mike and Wil thought Amanda Knox was not guilty, but Mike argued with his business partner about it all of the time.  Mike watched at least 4 shows about that case.  He hopes Amanda is well compensated for books and movies to make it up to her.

Dick at Nite - Feat. Big Sheila - Know That! 7-22-12

I don't want to be a broken record, but Dick's opening for the show is KICK ASS. I effing love the song and all of the highlight video.  My favorite is hearing Amber tell Dick that he's the "devil in disguise"  (He's not really wearing a disguise, Amber..) and the video of Jameka clapping in Dick's face (she said she did that to keep her hands busy so she wouldn't slap him).

I might buy the song in iTunes, but I would miss the BB soundbytes imbedded in the opening, I'm sure.

This episode stars Sheila Kennedy (BB9), Jun Song (BB4 Winner) and Adam Poch (BB13 Loser) but when the show starts for some reason Adam is being represented by a crispy rasher of bacon.  Jun is always prompt and on time--very professional even though she lives across the pond in Belgium.  Ghent, if you're familiar with the country.

(I visited Belguim for my job a few years back and remember eating a lot of ice cream in fresh waffle cones for dinner.  There were a lot of organ meats on the menu over there and you probably know I don't touch that sort of thing.  A member of the local management of my company was assigned to drive me around over several days to tour the various company plants and warehouses around the country.  At first, I was excited to drive around in a personal car with a local and see the countryside and hear inside dish.  But the guy's breath was SO BAD I thought I would pass out.  I had to roll down my window and hold my face to the crack so I could breathe.  Maybe he ate a lot of organ meat and had a few year's worth stuck between his teeth.  I hope Jun's husband has better breath--I'm sure she would let him know if he didn't.)

1.  Dick jumps right in and asks Shelia which year she was Penthouse Pet of the Year.  She said 1993 and he totally insulted her age.  I would have loved it if Shelia said "Fuck You" and hung up on him.  Evel Dick is so disrespectful to his guests.

2.  Dick mentions that Sheila is from BB9 The Summer of Secrets, and that her partner Adam who won the show is currently in jail for drug trafficking.  Dick says they were all just talking about him, and they believe Adam "keistered in some coke" and was high during most of his DR sessions.  The girls giggle at that.

(Is that what you call it...keistering?)

3.  Now we hear Adam but do not see him.  Dick told him he couldn't talk about Tori Spelling.

4.  You may know that Big Sheila dated Scott Baio back in the day.  Dick has a special video message from Scott that he shows on screen.  His mouth is moving and I recognize Dick's voice saying that he had many great memories of using a machete on her bush.  Classy.  Dick says Shelia dated Scott before he dated Pam Anderson and Dick says he saw Pam at a club when she was out with Courtney Love.  He said she was tiny with little stick legs and bolt on boobs.

5.  Dick starts talking about Britney and all of the mistakes she has made in the house.  Somehow they started talking about Tori Spelling again and Adam says that he and his GF Fara have a deal where they can each hook up --he with Tori and Fara with Hugh Jackman.  (ha ha yeah right)

Jun tops that by saying she has a deal with her husband where they will each "bring the others into the circle".

6.  They are having a number of technical difficulties with cameras.  But I can hear everybody just fine.  Dick points out that Willie didn't win anything--Britney have him the HOH and he got too full of himself.  Jun called Jodi Kalia and Adam asked her to please use Jodi's name to give her credit.  Jun apologized and didn't realize she did that.

7.  Dick wants to hear everybody's opinion about Ashley.  Sheila says that Ashley's vote to evict with Julie was so breathy and annoying.  John, Sheila's "fake husband" likes Ashley and Dick says he just likes her tits.  Sheila said she seems like she's high all of the time and maybe that is why people like her.  Adam likes Ashley and Dick brings up her "grossmance" with Ian.

Jun:  I think Adam likes Ashley because Ashley has had as much work done as Tori has....but as far as she goes I think she's playing a good game.  She knows the game and is trying to play Jordan 2.0 but that's not working.

Jun thinks they aren't showing us her DRs, where she might be discussing her strategy.  Dick thinks she is stupid, and is the "ultimate jedi mind trick" and will listen to whatever she is told until the next person tells her something else.

Dick brings up the $800K lawsuit for Ashley to do an S & M porn movie. Sheila is shocked at that number and vows to start doing MILF and Cougar porn.

Sheila:  Cause I've been asked!

Dick has Sheila's Penthouse magazine and is going to go get a Hustler Magazine to show us.  Dick mocks Frank and Boogie's fake Chilltown phone call.  Jun is so over it --there is only one Chilltown and the rest don't cut it.  Even Adam didn't like it.  Jun compares it to "that fake Jorchel shit...one person in the DR at a time, please".

8.  Dick comes back with the magazine and shows us the cover.  He was interviewed inside with the owner of the Bunny Ranch (Dennis Hoff) when he visited for their anniversary (or something like that.)

Dick got to meet the chick on the cover and then shows us his feature article.  Even his mother who is a minister has this "tacked up at her house". 

9.  Now Dick does a "bit" with Mike Boogie gloating about winning All Stars over BB greats like Howie and Chicken George, as well as Jase and Kaysar!  (ha ha ha).  He starts to say "Ian is my boy...my little boy" and the video kicks off.  Note the T-shirt...hmmm..

Adam is clueless and Dick suggests that Adam google Mike Boogie and Uncle Jerry to learn what it's all about.  Sheila is sickened and can't believe it.

10.  Now Dick complains about the "Ian Date" and Adam is the only one who liked it.  Jun says it was old footage but Adam is charmed because Ian is a Super Fan and has been wanting to be on the  show for 10 years.  Dick jumps in and defines a date as having the "possibility you could get laid at the end of it", so this was NOT a date.

Dick thinks Ian could end up as a 40 year old virgin (true).  Adam says he would rather see Ian's date than the Danielle-Shane date and then Jun interrupts by saying that "it's not gonna happen because Shane doesn't even like girls...Shane is gay!"

Now Dick talks about Shane wearing a woman's tank top.  Jun points out it was leftover from the Coach's competition  but Adam says it was from the 1st HOH competition.  Sheila brings up Frank's "Julie Chen...." shirt and says they took away all of her Victoria's Secret stuff.  Dick corrects her by saying they take away Brand logos but other slogans are okay.

11.  Adam lost 130 lbs. before going on the show.  Jun gained 17 lbs. on BB4 and is the only HG with a CBS segment featuring her weight gain, according to Dick.

12.  Dick wants to know if it is the hats, or is something really wrong with Boogie's head?  And is it true that Marcellas is his stylist?  Dick rips on Mike's aging face and jowls.  Jun thinks he looks like a Hobbit.  Adam says he keeps wearing Chilltown gear and he wants to live off that for his entire life.

Dick says Shannon was part of Chilltown, too, and that she stayed in the game a lot longer than he did.  Dick says the only reason why Mike was on All Stars is because Dr. Will refused to appear on the show without him.

Dick:  Boogie rode Dr. Wills coattails the way Adam did to get to the final four!  (ha ha ha)

13.  Adam doesn't understand why the coaches get more TV time than the newbies.  (Adam is probably the only one who would ask that question.)

14.  This whole show disintegrated into Dick shredding everyone on the show for their appearance.  For example, he thinks Britney has a wonkey eye..does she?  Anyway it is too much for me to type and to Adam's credit he tries to keep his comments fact-based.  I am going to cut this recap off here but will come back and update it if there is some new fresh information.

15.  Also Dick is salty about all of the CBS reality show cross-promotion.  Survivor, etc.