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Big Brother After Dark - Hantz Free - 7-21-12 Part #2 #BB14

I started recapping this Showtime broadcast earlier today.  It was so action-packed, I decided to split it up into two pieces.  You can read the Part 1 post here, if you haven't already.

OK.  Let's get on with Part #2.

1.  Ian grabbed the pork rinds that Willie threw at Janelle and is planning to sell them on Ebay.  (ha ha ha)  Janelle remembers being broke when she was 21, too, so she understands. Frank mentions that Ian got a scholarship to Tulane.  Danielle says she looked into going there, but it cost $40,000 per year. 

2. Danielle talked at length about HIV transmission and how men carry the HPV virus. Janelle was visibly uncomfortable discussing this.  I guess Danielle forgot she is supposed to be a kindergarten teacher.  Frank started talking about the HBO show girls and the camera changed. (This is Showtime, after all.)

3.  Janelle discussed a traffic ticket she got on I-75 in Georgia when she was doing a road trip from Miami to Minnesota.  There was a cop on the side of the road and Janelle didn't change lanes away from where the officer was pulled over, so they pulled her over too and gave her a ticket.  While she was getting written up a semi-truck drove by in the closest lane and when Janelle pointed that out they told her not to worry about it.  She had to pay $570 later for missing her Georgia court appearance.

4.  Frank said it looks funny if a guy has no hair on his balls.  Wil say he feels naked if he shaves all the way down and the razor burn hurts.  Frank says the conversation is getting X-rated and Janelle agrees.

5.  We saw a quick DR leak of Dan laughing.

6.  Britney visited the HOH to chat with Frank, Mike and Ian.  She was in the DR fir 45 minutes and is exhausted.  She said she talked about the game from the moment she first moved into the Coach's room with Willie and probably talked more about the game in one week then the entire BB 12 season.  She almost picked Frank first in the draft but chose Shane instead.  When Willie was still available and it was her turn to pick, she was glad to have another strong guy on the team.

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Dick at Nite - 7-18-12 #BB14

This episode was taped on July 18th, in the remaining days of Willie Hantz's HOH reign.  I'll say again that I love the new opening with the rocking Evel Dick song.  Here is one of the stills from the opening--I think it is from a Housecalls Show. 

Today Evel Dick's guests are Parker Deleon (BB9) and Bunky (BB2)

1.  Dick opens by saying he and Bunky both hosted Housecalls, but never appeared on a show together.  Housecalls was a daily web show that was accessible from the CBS website.  There was a host named Gretchen who had various co-hosts that were former Big Brother houseguests.  Marcellas Reynolds worked on the show for several years, and was replaced by a rotating cast of co-hosts that included Bunky, Danielle and Dick Donato. 

2.  Dick says he and Gretchen never liked each other.  Bunky is not exactly a powerhouse on camera, as he doesn't smile very easily and seems pissed off to be there.  Parker is an easy going brother who has frequent tweet insult wars with Dick.  Dick says that CBS does their best to forget that BB9 ever happened, since the winner is in jail now.  (Adam used his winning to finance an Oxycodone distribution ring.  Matt from BB9 was involved too and is also in jail.)

3.  Dick points out that Parker's partner on BB9 was Jen Ditourno.  (The HG were put together in pairs to compete.)  Dick said Jen had sex in the BB bathroom with her fiance, who was also in the cast, Ryan.  Ryan went to the Final Two with Jailbird Adam.  Jen had on her microphone during this sexcapade, and asked "is it in yet" during the act. 

4.  Parker said in sequester Jen was saying that Ryan's dick was extremely small and that she had to get on top all of the time.  Bunky commented that "that is love".

5. Dick has a kitty cat perched on his windowsill.

6.  Dick comments that everyone on BB9 was having sex. 

Bunky:  Wasn't that the season with two gay guys?  And one of them left?

Dick:  Yeah, that was Neal.  By the way, great name for a gay guy.

Bunky, laughing:  Well, better than Ben Dover!

Dick:  Well if it was Neal Bendover that would be the ultimate name!

7.  Bunky is only watching BB14 for Evel Dick, to be on this show. He is over it.  Dick tries to get on track by reviewing BB14 and asking for their feedback.  Parker says that Willie is playing too hard too fast and will be out by week four at the latest.  Bunky has something in his eye and uses his shirt to clean it off.

8.  Ronnie Talbot, Dr. Will Kirby, and Jeff and Jordan are upcoming guests.  Brendon and Rachel are appearing on tomorrow's show and Dick has his bright red wig ready for that.  Dick likes Rachel in real life but not on his TV.  Parker says Rachel is a little phoney and manufactured for him.

9.  Dick thinks Dr. Will is the best player of all time.  Parker responded to that, but I was busy reading tweets from Alton Brown, so I don't know.  Bunky points out that being good looking helps out in life, and it is also good that Dr. Will refrained from telling the other HG how he really thought about him.  Bunky says he is a good actor and a good liar.  Parker has a poster of Barack Obama on his wall.
10.  Dick says that the BB2 production values were so low--the budget was much smaller back then.  He says Parker's season was much harder because there were 14 contestants.  Parker says that he never watched the show before he was cast--he did watch part of one of Dick's BB8 episodes but turned the channel.

11.  I hate it when BB contestants say they never watch or watched the show. 

12.  Now Dick says that Jen called her fiance Ryan racist on the show  (true) to turn the other HG against him.  He wasn't allowed to talk about this on Housecalls, nor the fact that Crazy James (BB9) was doing gay porn before he was cast.  He mentions that a website called was promoting James' videos and Gretchen said on Housecalls that "James is a dirty boy" and Dick said "dot com" and all of their producers were cracking up.

13.  Parker said that James told the cast on the show that he "banged dudes before" but they had no idea what the extent of that was.  Bunky interviewed Crazy James in the backyard after the show and says he didn't get a gay vibe from him--he thinks he was just "gay for pay".

14.  Dick mentions Natalie from BB9 ("chatty natty" on twitter) who was giving BJ's to Matt within the first week of the show.  (Wow I forgot what a disaster that BB9 season was.)  Bunky was on Deal or No Deal and got that job on his own from some casting website.  They were looking for a guy with a hairy back.  He submitted a picture and casting said they didn't even need to meet him--if he looked like that he could just come in and do it. Bunky played the "Banker's nephew" and one of the contestants had to shave his back.  Hair was going everywhere and Howie Mandel was a germaphobe and was going nuts. He was paid $500 for that. He ran into a guy backstage who was the casting agent for BB2.  He was there all day taping for it.

The POV is Over #BB14

and Shane won it, saving his butt this week.  They got dirty and Shane has green stuff on his back.  JoJo is cold from the freezing shower.

The HOH crew says that they were surprised that JoJo did so well, and Shane beat Ian who has a great memory.

Shane fans can relax--we will see plenty more of him in the next week.

Shane:  Being on slop makes me stronger, I guess!

Danielle expects to be nominated in Shane's place and is whispering with Dan about how to handle it this week.

Sounds like an anti-JoJo campaign is going to go down this week.

Brandon Hantz Issues a Video Announcement #BB14

Brandon Hantz, who is the:

  *  Nephew of Willie Hantz
  *  Son of Shawn Hantz
  *  Nephew of Russell Hantz
  *  Former Survivor player with the Loco tattoo
has issued a video addressing us, the Big Brother fans.  I guess.  After watching it, I'm not really sure what his point is.  Other than pseudo-threatening Mike Boogie.  That much, I understood.

I think they just need to let it go, in the interest of good mental health.

You can read what Andy Denhart from Reality Blurred says about this here.

The World is Riveted.... #BB14

Welcome to all international visitors!  I hope you are enjoying the Big Brother 14 season---it has been a wild ride so far and the craziest first week that I can remember.

In the past 24 hours, visitors from the following countries have visited on multiple occasions.

Crack of Noon in the BB House #BB14

The POV competition is starting soon.  Ian and Frank guess different games for today---they think today will be "Hold 'Em and Fold 'Em" or "Baggo".  (WTF?)

Ian, Ashley and Wil were picked to play with Frank, JoJo and Shane.

 Frank comments that the stress of being on the block was really bad and he didn't realize it until now.

Frank:  Like, now, I don't give a shit!

Ian:  Yeah, like today I'm really excited to play, but it's more fun now.

They discuss how bad their POV draw was last week.  They didn't know that Wil was on their side at the time.  Ian is drinking a glass of soda and the ice clinks pleasantly.  It sounds refreshing.

Britney comes in the room and gets in bed to hug Ted.  She said she needs some contact and Frank says Ted needs some lovin' too. Britney looks exhausted.

Frank jokes that Ted has dirty underwear after Britney pats his butt and for a moment Britney is alarmed.  Then she realizes Frank was joking.

Ian said The Glass House sucks and it is probably cancelled by now.  (ha ha ha)

Ian:  How are you supposed to choose a winner after only seeing them for 30 minutes per week?

Britney agrees.  Ian never watched it but both Britney and Frank watched the first day.  Ian mentions "some guy who said the season would be so funny but he was voted out the first week."  (i.e must be Prime Time Alex Stein)

Frank started quoting a line from the show and the cameras changed.

We see Joe enjoying a hearty breakfast and Danielle is cooking something.  JoJo eats a pickle and talks nonstop about anything and everything.  She is wearing a sparkley top for the occasion.

Back in the HOH Dan talks about his crazy dream he had last night---some sort of intruders stormed the house and one of them was a football coach Dan works with in real life.  He kept saying why didn't Dan pick one of the football players for his team?

(Very revealing, huh?)

Frank cuddles with his boy Ted, who is wearing jewelry from the Coach's Challenge yesterday.

Frank:  I wish for once they would put Ted's picture up down there, just for a minute so we can see it!  (i.e. the memory wall)

After Britney left Dan revealed the real reason for his HOH visit---he wanted to know if Danielle would be going on the block if one of the nominees won the POV.

Frank:  Yeah.  Probably.  I'm not gonna lie to you.

Dan goes to the DR.  Ian is going to take punishments like crazy today if it is that sort of competition. They want Shane out of there.

Frank thinks it is too early for OTEV, but you never know.  Ted is relaxed today and kicks back in the HOH suite.

Big Brother After Dark - Hantz Free - 7-21-12 Part #1 #BB14

This episode was taped at 9:00 pm BBT, on Friday night. I watched it on my trusty DVR this morning, after it aired in the wee hours of Saturday morning where I live.

At the time this aired on Showtime, the live feeds had been down for hours during a Production Emergency that occurred after the conclusion of the Coach's Challenge on Friday afternoon.  During the live feed outage, Willie was ejected from the game due to violent behavior towards Joe Arvin, and Frank held the belated nomination ceremony. JoJo and Shane were nominated.

If you need more information about this incident, you can read my account of the last moments of Wilie's appearance on the live feeds here.

The live feeds resumed about 30 minutes before the Showtime broadcast.

OK. Let's begin.

1. The show begins with the HG sitting around the dining table, finishing up their dinner.  Production ordered pizzas for them, after all of the drama.  I think the new Have Nots were allowed to eat the pizza, too. Mike says that the Showtime broadcast is about to start, and Ian starts describing the opening credits of the show, and all of the Showtime commercials within it.  Janelle asked Ian about the BBAD theme song and Ian tries to describe it.  Britney looked calm, stating that it was all behind her now, and she just wanted to move on.

2.  JoJo and Shane visit Frank in the HOH room to talk with him about the nominations.  JoJo's chatter is in High Gear as she tries to minimize her devotion to Willie.

JoJo:  We didn't do anything...know what I mean? What could I do?  Know what I'm sayin?

3.  And so forth. Shane says that after the Coach's Challenge he told his teammates that he couldn't follow them anymore---he is going to play an individual game now.

(I think that competition got really, really ugly. I heard Janelle on the live feeds say that she thought Dan threw it.  I heard Mike Boogie tell Frank that before he started "showboating", he made sure that Janelle "was right behind him".  Sounds like he let Janelle win it.  No word of Britney's progress, but if she screwed the pooch maybe the team started falling apart then.)

4. Frank was very calm and supportive of JoJo and Shane, saying that he only had a few people he could nominate, and that he was on the block himself last week and worked hard to prove to everyone that he wanted to stay in the game.  Shane notes that "hopefully the POV will be hard and they can man up and woman up and win it".

5.  Frank notes that "ya'll didn't pick him to be on your team" and they agree.  Frank invited Willie last night to come over and eat tacos with him, but Willie made his own decisions.  Frank pumps them up saying he didn't even win POV but he kept working all week to stay in the game.

6.  Willie will be excluded from all CBS Big Brother events.  JoJo mentions that the only thing he can attend is "the Vegas Bash".   Shane brings up that Willie promised Frank not to nominate him, and then did anyway.  Shane also says that the first week Willie told him "I want blood on my hands".

7.  The pizza they just ate is not sitting well with Shane or Frank.  Frank says he can just "feel that melted cheese" sitting in his gut.  Shane is not thrilled with being on slop for another week.  They discuss how Ian volunteered to be a Have Not.  They think Willie was trying to do his team a favor by backing off and separating themselves.

8.  Ian is cocky downstairs saying "did anybody just hear that?"  They say no, is it an earthquake?  Ian says, "no, it is the sound of having a 1 in 9 chance to win a half million dollars"! (Not if AGP brings in former players, Ian.)  Ian also mentions that Willie will have an "orange bar for the rest of his life on Wikipedia".

(ha ha ha)

9.  Frank wrote "Ted was here" on the bathroom door.  He put his laundry downstairs and says he put Ted's T-shirt in there too for laundering.  JoJo wonders if the BB writing on the front will come off.  She tells Frank TWICE that she was the one to do that with non-waterproof mascara.  There is confusion regarding what Fluff and Fold means---he thinks the clothes won't be washed but who knows.

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Let's Check in With Evel Dick #BB14

Evel Dick was online last night for the entire Wilie Hantz situation.  Say what you like about Evel Dick, but he is a true Super Fan and likes to mix it up with the fans. 

Here are some highlights from his Twitter Time Line in the past 12 hours or so.



A question about Dani Donato:


And get this:  Dr. Will Kirby, bitches!

Yours truly, the FeedWatcher even chatted with Evel Dick when the situation was just breaking.  I asked Dick what happens when security rushes in and he says they HAVE NO SECURITY!  What???

I'm going to ask Janelle about that when she is out of the house.  Because I heard her assure someone just last week that there was security of some sort.  She was telling them that "two huge guys from her season...." and then the feeds cut.  I was watching that night on the live feeds and remember the whole thing quite clearly.

Doesn't the lot have security?  The BB house is really a soundstage, so I picture golf carts with security teams with walkie talkies, etc. But I have a vivid imagination so maybe not..

And Dick retweeted me with this one.  When Evel Dick retweets to to his 70,000+ fans, it is good for business.  Let's just put it that way.

One more thing.  Willie Hantz has been in touch with his family, if you believe the following tweets from Brandon Hantz. I can feel the Waves of Crazy from here.

If that last part doesn't make you get out your wallet and subscribe to Dick at Nite, nothing will.

Let's Walk Down Memory Lane with Willie Hantz #BB14

 If you follow the Big Brother drama like a Super Fan, then you know something Really, Really Big went down last night.

Janelle won the Coach's Challenge and appointed Britney's team to be Have Nots this week.  (Ian also volunteered so she wouldn't have to appoint anyone else.)

There was a lot of tension in the house as Willie moved into the Have Not room, slamming things around.  To make things worse for him, there was an Indoor Lockdown, so he couldn't go outside and smoke.  Nicotine calms perturbed smokers like a baby sucks a pacifier. 

(Proud non-smoker here --three year anniversary on 7-8-12.  Quit the night of the BB11 premier after I was too buzzed to go and buy a new pack.)

The group in the HOH room was relaxing and celebrating.  Willie came upstairs in a clear state of panic and anger and acknowledged that he expected to be nominated and voted out, and that he "would be evicted first".   Then he left the room and that was the last I saw of Willie on the live feeds.

Also,  I didn't see this part myself, but I read on Jokers that Willie told Britney downstairs that he was going to "knock someone out".

**Caution:  I also read on Jokers that Willie was listening in at the HOH door, but this is incorrect.  The HOH crew saw him coming upstairs on the spy cam and ran to the door to lock it but they weren't fast enough.  So he didn't have time to listen in to their conversation***

After Willie stormed out, the HOH crew watched the spy screen for about 15 seconds. Joe commented that everyone downstairs was terrified, and they wondered if Willie was going to hit Frank.

Then the feeds went to TRIVIA for over three hours.  The feeds returned about 30 minutes before BBAD started, and Willie was gone.  Production ordered pizza for the cast, and I think the new Have Nots got to eat it, too.

Ian and Janelle tried to tell the live feeders what happened during the break, but the feeds kept switching around.  Also, there was so much activity that the feeds got slow and choppy, as hundreds and hundreds of Super Fans logged in to see the action for themselves.

Apparently Willie started throwing pork rinds at Janelle and called her a Bitch and maybe a Cunt.  (Note that the Have Nots were given Pork Rinds & Pudding by the fans this week.)  Now, cursing at Janelle and throwing fried salty snacks don't sound like enough of a problem to get ejected to me.

But what happened next was surely Willie's downfall.  He reportedly "headbutted" Joe Arvin at least once, but up to four times according to some accounts.  This caused him to be removed from the game. 

I saw Joe later on the live feeds and he appeared to be okay.   We will see the CBS viewpoint of this on Sunday night, since that show is scheduled to cover everything up until the Nomination Ceremony.

This year, we only saw Willie Hantz as the HOH, and didn't get the chance to see how he would play the game as part of the General Population.   A pity, for the fans.  I hope CBS learns a lesson from this.  Russell is a proven star on Survivor, and is one of the most infamous characters that show has ever seen.  But Brandon Hantz was ill-equipped to play the game, and now Willie Hantz has imploded as well.

Enough with the exploitation CBS.  I hope your Legal and Casting departments have all of their ducks in a row.


Don't read this part if you don't want to know about the upcoming Survivor season.  As a matter of fact, I will print it in white lettering, so you can highlight the text and see it only if you'd like to.  This information comes courtesy of Missyae @TheGameSurvivor, who has a proven inside line on Survivor Spoilers, so I tend to believe it.

Brandon Hantz appeared once more on Survivor #26, which just finished taping a few weeks ago.  The season includes a series of former players---I think they are mixed in with Fans but I'm not sure.  Brandon Hantz LOST IT and his own team asked to have him removed from the game.  He did not go to Ponderosa---he was sent home and I think he spent some time in a hospital. 

OK.  That's all I know.

Let's take a look at some of the highlights of Willie's Big Brother career, which I will classify as Short and Bittersweet,  with a Sour Aftertaste.

Big Brother 14 PreSeason

1.  The casting news caused a huge stir---a local TV station posted an interview with Willie one day before they were supposed to, causing chaos among the fans.  They removed the interview from their website, but you can see it here.

2.  Willie's official SuperPass interview was posted online.  You can read my recap here, along with my predictions for Willie's success.

Willie's HOH Reign

3.  Willie was appointed HOH by Britney after her team won the first HOH competition.  There were early signs of a power struggle on Team Britney, as Britney's coaching skills weren't enough to control her team.  You can read about that here.

4.  Coach Britney can't handle the stress and strain and constantly shows her weaknesses to her team.  The beginning of the end for Willie was when Britney told him that she suspected the Coaches would join the game as players sooner than later.  Willie never did name Britney as his source for this information, but once the words came out of her mouth, the damage was done.  You can see some of the drama for yourself here.

5.  Willie is the driving force behind the Coach's Revolt meeting, which was held the morning after Britney's meltdown.  Willie's objective (I guess.) was to turn the players against the Coaches, with himself as the leader of the entire operation.  You can read about that here.

6.  Willie issued three Tweets during his reign as an HOH.  You can see them here and here.

7.  Everything came to a head during the season's first Fight, which featured Willie verbally attacking Frank, before Mike Boogie got in on some of the trash talking himself.  Willie was extremely emotional, and was no match for the likes of Mike Boogie.  I watched this unfold on Big Brother After Dark and provided a concise but accurate account of the Fight here.

8.  Willie's HOH blog was a short one, but may have been a clear signal that he was unable to control his feelings as things spun out of control.  You can read it here.

The Beginning of the End

9.  The Coach's Competition ended, and chaos swirled in the Big Brother house.  This post recounts the last sighting of Willie on the live feeds (for me, at least.)

10.  Shortly after the live feeds returned over three hours later, Willie Hantz was no more in the Big Brother 14 house, and nominations of his former teammates had taken place.  The camera crew show us the picture wall where Willie's picture had faded to black and white.