Friday, July 20, 2012

The Camera Crew Feels Our Pain #BB14

And cuts us some visual slack on Camera #3 of the Quad Cam.

We see Frank Eudy's color photo on the Memory Wall.

And you can see Willie's picture has gone to black and white, just over Shane's shoulder there. Shane stares off into La La Land, a familiar place for him.  But in fairness to him, the biggest target just left him there, holding the nomination bag this week.

I trust that even under heavy surveillance and safety guard (required upon leaving the house per prior house guest accounts), Willie Hantz is unwinding with a few packs of Marlboro Reds, as well as unfettered access to one of his favorite snacks.

I hope Wilie knows that is not the proper way to spell Froot. I mean, Fruit....

Julie Chen is Frank's Homegirl #BB14

Frank is wearing his new T-shirt that he made himself, a little yellow number that says "Julie Chen is my Homegirl".

Production took it away from him when he came in the house but returned it to him in his HOH basket last night.  I'm guessing The Chenbot had to approve it.

Mike is going to run tonight, if he can get in the backyard.  There might be a lockdown if there is a POV competition tomorrow.  I think they just finished off the last of Frank's HOH sushi.  Frank is joyfully announcing the goodies in his HOH freezer.

Frank: Got some ice cream in here!  Oh yeah!  And some DiGiourno stuffed crust! Oh yeah!

Frank has to give Mike a tutorial on how to use the Spy Cam remote control.  It's not working so great and it's starting to irritate Frank.


Mike reassures Frank that they should still celebrate, because this was a Gift From God.  Not too many players, if any, have been HOH and knocked out two players in one week.

Mike:  You've just got to slowly, and methodically, start thinking further down the road.  Who do you wnat to go to the Final Six with?  Instead of kicking them when they're down, why don't you start nurturing those relationships, like with Shane. Shane is all alone right now, and if he wins HOH you want him to nominate the other players.

Wille is Gonzo #BB14

Shane and JoJo are nominated.

Mike Boogie is giving Frank a pep talk in the HOH suite.  Frank is frustrated with the situation and it sounds like Britney didn't get a replacement for Willie.  After this week Frank says that Britney and Dan will both be down to one player.

Mike says everybody's "reaction was so broad" that it was too risky. If Dan and Danielle left, then Shane and JoJo would still be there, playing for the next HOH.

So What the Hell Happened? #BB14

The live feeds were abruptly shut down nearly three hours ago, after Willie "Pulled a Hantz".

I'm right here waiting for them to return.  It started raining here so I ordered Chinese and will be monitoring the situation for awhile.

The feeds were down for a few hours for the Coach's Challenge.  Whey they came back there was electricity and tension in the air, and within a few minutes Willie imploded and something big happened.

From a live feed viewer with over a decade of experience, I know this is a Big Fucking Deal.

You can see the play-by-play from my viewpoint here.

So What's Up with Ashley? #BB!4

The feeds are still showing TRIVIA after what I can only assume was a Willie Hantz breakdown.  And a potentially violent episode and Producer intervention.

This all happened in the aftermath of the Coach's Challenge, where Janelle won. I didn't hear her discuss her choices, but from watching the feeds and reading updates across the web, she did not trade any of her players.

Instead, she reportedly saved Ashley.

This was a brilliant move.  If you don't know Ashley was the swing vote last night to keep Frank.  She kept going back and forth all week about her vote.  Janelle intervened Wednesday and spent all afternoon getting Ashley firmly back on Team Janelle.

But if you noticed, Ashley voted last on Thursday's live show.  To build the drama for the viewers.  Until she voted, I wasn't positive she would vote for Frank.

I heard the HG say today that during the commercial break, Ashley went to the bathroom and Willie went in there to try one more time to get her vote of support.

Ashley was frazzled and they say if she hadn't been sitting next to Janelle on the couch during the TV program, the vote could have gone the other way.

So if Janelle indeed saved Ashley today, it was a smart move to reward Ashley for her loyalty, and to let her know her contributions are valid.

**Don't you just know Britney is a mess in there tonight?  **

I'm not sure the live feeds will come back anytime soon, but they have to be restored before Showtime Big Brother After Dark, right?

Another exciting day in BB14 Land, huh?

The Coach's Competition Concludes --CHAOS #BB14

Frank hosted the competition and Janelle high fives him and complements his performance as a host.

I think it was a dirty competition---they all need showers and Frank looks like he is wearing the bottom part of a genie's costume?

Janelle thinks Dan threw the competition because he doesn't want any blood on his hands.

Janelle: That's what he does--he throws competitions and then starts winning at the end.

Willie is seen moving into the Have Not room.

Dan and Danielle whisper and Dan acts like he is disappointed.

Ashley and Janelle talk about how Wil wants them to stay a tight team.

Joe comes up to the HOH and says Willie is going crazy down there slamming things around.

Joe:  He's about to blow!

Mike:  Let him.  We'll get him out.

Now Janelle comes up and is rejoicing with Boogie, jumping up and down.  Janelle won the Coach's Challenge and JoJo is a Have Not too, along with Shane.  I think Ian may have volunteered, too, so no one else would have to do it.

They discuss how mad Willie was and we see some rare shots behind the walls, as the camera appears to search frantically for Willie.

Oh shit now Willie comes up to the HOH and is steaming mad.  They tried to lock the HOH door first but didn't get there in time.  Willie came in breathing hard and said this:

Willie:  I fucked up last week, I know that.  I'm gettin' voted out this week but I'm goin' to get evicted first. 

Then he storms out. Janelle is confused but Joe says he's probably going to hit somebody so that he'll get kicked out.

Mike:  Calling Dr. Zackary!  Calling Dr. Zackary!  (the BB shrink)

Mike then points out that Willie can't smoke either and Janelle is so happy she is jumping up and down.

 Joe says everybody downstairs is scared as hell and someone looks at the screen and asks if he is about to fight Frank.

We go to TRIVIA.  And I predict we'll be here for awhile.

This is Big Brother people!

Dick at Nite - Feat. Enzo Palumbo & Jessie Godderz - 7-16-12 #BB14

Wow they have added a new theme song and video to the opening of Dick's show.  The background song is a real rock song called Evel Dick (by Suicidal Tendencies?) and it's a Chair Dancer for sure.  The clips of Dick are awesome and show him at his finest in the Big Brother house, and in interviews.  It reminds me of how great Dick has been to the BB franchise.

This episode was taped on 7-16-12, just after the 2nd episode of the BB14 season.

The guests tonight are Hayden Moss, winner of BB12, who is looking good in a cap that covers his hair.  Enzo Palumbo is there in the bottom left corner, sitting in the dark, apparently (BB12).  Michelle Costa from BB10 is there and Dick says "she hates Dan Gheesling".  Jessie Godderz is also expected to join them, and Dick also says "he hates Dan".

So Dan's family might not want to watch this episode.  Although they might have wanted to call in live and say that DAN BEAT MICHELLE AND JESSIE.  But haters gonna hate, right?


1.  Dick holds up an iPad with a "Diary Room session" from Willie Hantz.  They make his mouth move like Conan does on his show.  Willie said a lot of "Yee haws" but other than that I can't recall much.  It wasn't very clever, but the season is young and with some good material this prank could be a keeper.   Keep working on that, Dick, and maybe get Russell to tape some of the voiceovers.

2.  Dick brings up that Hayden, Enzo, and Lane as The Brigade in BB12 banged Britney harder than her prom date.  Hayden says that he was HOH that week, and while he was in the DR Lane and Enzo told Britney, so he missed the excitement of the Brigade Reveal to Britney.  Dick said that was his favorite part of the season. (I recapped this in a multi-part Flashback series way back then---you can see one of the key moments here.)

3.  Michelle is very annoying and can't sit still.  She wants attention and keeps waving her hands around.  OK Michelle.  We see you hon.

4.  Jessie appears on screen to much fanfare and Michelle starts yelling over and over that she "wants to paint his nails".  Jessie looks embarrassed so they turn the focus back to Britney's Brigade heartbreak.  Jessie said he loved that part and just watched the rerun recently.

5. Remember when Jessie visited the BB12  house and Britney got to spend time with him as a punishment?  Here is a a brief reminder of that situation here.  Jessie also made an appearance in Pandora's box with Rachel during BB13.  You can relive Rachel's nightmare here.)

6.  Jessie likes to talk about Jessie so he shows his arm, then they discuss how he is going to be in a movie soon.  I really think something is wrong with Michelle and she might need some medical attention.  She is flailing her arms around, at one point holding her arms out and chanting "Jesus burning on the cross".  The guys ignore her but that doesn't stop her from making devil's horns and other "look at me" gestures.  She's too chubby looking for meth, right?  I mean, right?

7.  This is why I didn't like BB10, I think.  Between the likes of Renny, Jessie, and Michelle I think I remember why I was less than enthused about the whole scene.

8.  Now they really trash Dan, and his strategy of throwing compeitions and then claiming he was some sort of mastermind. Enzo says that Dan couldn't even win a competition against an old man (BB10's Jerry).  (Enzo talking about winning competitions?)  Dick make a crack about Jerry being dead, but I think the odds are just as good that Evel  Dick will kick the bucket ahead of Jerry.

9.  Jessie is going to be in a movie, but instead of plugging the name of the film, he decides to stand up and show us his leg.  Makes sense, I guess.

10.  Now Jessie mimicks Dan's DR sessions and it is pretty funny, if not horribly bitter.  Dick tries to bring some order to the proceedings by asking the panel not to speak over each other.  Someone's chair is squeaking, I think, and the sound is annoying.  Enzo says the "newbies don't know what they're doin'".  Uh, OK Enzo.

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JoJo Loves to Talk #BB14

But I don't think she would enjoy being talked about like this.  Ashley and Janelle are sitting at the table in the HOH suite, enjoying some of Franks snacks.  Wil and Jenn are lounging on the HOH couch.  Mike Boogie and Ted are reclined on the HOH bed.  Frank is somewhere else, it seems.

Wil likes to talk The Trash, and starts cracking on JoJo in his hilarious fashion.  He mentioned JoJo discussing her sister this morning, and saying she sure threw her under the bus.  (I covered that conversation here.)

Wil:  She can't wait for us to meet her sister...who is her make up girl...what, is she going to be a celebrity now?  And have her sister wait on her?

Wil loathes JoJo and loves to talk about her.  Mike Boogie has made no secret of his distaste for JoJo, but is a little more contained in his crticisms of her.  Jenn points out that there is value in being a quiet team member, in laying back and staying under the radar like she has been doing.

Jenn:  It pays off, but that chick can't do it...

Wil:  Drugs and and drugs...that's where JoJo always takes it!

Janelle:  Yeah, that's what happened at our last Ladies Night!

Jenn, agreeing:  It all went to trash, downhill, once she started all that.  She started talking about taking it in the butt...she loves to take it in the butt!

The guys groan...

Mike:  We should get her up on the block and give her about 6 beers and let her go.

Jenn:  Yeah, let her just go...

Within a minute, the cameras turn to TRIVIA.  I think the Coach's Competition is happening now.  Or very soon..

Big Brother After Dark - Post-Live Show 7-20-12 #BB14

This episode of Showtime aired in the wee hours of Friday where I live, but was broadcast live in BBT (Big Brother Time) at 9:00 pm.

At the time this program was broadcast, the first live eviction had taken place (Kara Monaco) and the new HOH Frank Eudy had yet to take possession of the HOH Room.

1.  The show opens with JoJo and Willie outside smoking, as usual.  But this time instead of spirited gaming and discussion of their plans (i.e. to win HOH every week, to evict Frank) there is grim acceptance of their situation as Underdogs.

2.  JoJo would like to smoke a big joint.  At home, she likes to go to Sonic, where you can place your order while parked, and then spark up a joint while she waits for her food.  Then she feels guilty (or probably paranoid) about the poor 20 year old car hop who brings the food over, so she tips heavily.  Nice.

3.  Willie would just like a bottle of whiskey.  He says his biggest mistake was wavering between pushing for Kara to leave, then Frank, then Kara, then Frank...  He does not think "the fight" was his biggest mistake.

(But what about holding the Coach's Revolt meeting Willie?)

4.  Britney is moping around and complaining about wasting her summer, and other general statements that are unCoach-like.  She discusses the potential trade with JoJo.  She might trade Willie for one of Janelle's people, even though that will make Janelle mad.

(First, Britney needs to win the Coach's Challenge.  And win against Mike Boogie, Dan Gheesling, and Janelle Pierzina herself.  And that's a tall order.)

(The smart move would be to meet with Boogie and Frank, and discuss the potential trade of Willie for Danielle.  Then Frank could evict Willie and Dan would be removed from the game as well.  But Boogie and Janelle would need to agree to let Britney win.  And Dan is going to fight like a demon, for sure.)

5.  Mike Boogie gave a shout out to Brady's mom, commenting he intends to "keep it anonymous".  He tells the HG that she is probably not watching BBAD, because why would she want to watch him sit around and play pool?

Mike:  But what if she says I didn't even give her a shout out?

They agree he is covering his bases by saying Hi.

(Hundreds of people have been searching for information about  Mike's private life, i.e. his marital status.  Sounds like Brady's mom is going to stay a secret for awhile...)

6.  Dan told Mike that as of that morning, he was confident Kara had Ashley's vote to stay, but that's not what happened.  Janelle got to Ashley at the end and changed things.  Mike says he would have done the same thing as Dan, scrambling to get last minute votes.

7. The Frank Farting on Jenn situation comes up AGAIN.  Mike heard that Jenn was very angry at Frank for farting on her (or near her, Mike doesn't know if it was deliberate) and he went to work right away to calm her down and make sure her vote was solid.

Mike:  Can you imagine getting voted out for that?

Dan wants to ask Jenn about it to get all of the details of "FartGate" and Mike thinks Jenn is open to discussing it.  The topic came up later in the evening, with Joe describing how mad Jenn was and how he tried to calm her down.

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Britney Tries to Do Something #BB14

I've been listening to Britney talk to Frank and Mike Boogie about what their plans are, but I'm not sure what she is proposing.

She's not very focused, and is full of excuses about her team's behavior last week. 

Mike told her that having Shane and Willie nominated this week is a virtual certainty.

Frank brings up that Willie made him promises last week, and ended up wanting to fight with him.

Britney reminds them that the BB house has a very short term memory.  She wants a confirmation that their goal is to send home Willie this week.

Frank says yes, this is his goal.

(I'm guessing Britney will trade Willie if she wins today.  And that is a big IF.)

Ted is relaxed this morning, kicking back in the HOH bed and letting Frank lean on him for support. 

Ted is down for whatever this week.  Anything except being traded...

Coach Boogie Talks Offense with his Team #BB14

Mike meets with Frank and Jenn in the HOH and asks them to keep this meeting private---not to breathe a word of it to anyone.

He is thinking ahead, and if he wins the Coach's Challenge today, he is considering trading Ian for Shane. He isn't sure that Ian can "come through in the clutch".

Jenn:  Are you that impressed with Shane though?

Mike:  Well, I like that he was so loyal to Willie.

Jenn agrees, but the conversation is interrupted when Wil comes upstairs.  Mike is a Pro and invites Wil in, but immediately starts talking about his fears that Britney might trade for Wil if she wins today.

 Wil says that he doesn't care, but he doesn't want to be on JoJo's team because "he can't stand her".

Mike flatters Wil by telling him that he gained a lot of "street cred" yesterday by voting out Kara in the interest of the game over friendship.

(Take a look at all of Frank's tasty HOH snacks there on the table.)

Mike says no matter what trades take place, if their entire group can stick together they will have a great advantage.

Mike:  Take a look at that Nerd Herd in BB6...they stuck together and that girl ended up winning!

(Poor Maggie Asburn.  She gets no respect.  She beat Janelle solidly but still remains in her BB shadow.)

Now Britney comes up and is fixated on turning on the spy cam.
 Mike changes the subject to benign topics like their workouts being interrupted by the indoor lockdowns.  Britney asks Jenn and Wil to leave so she can chat with Mike and Frank.

Britney:  I feel bad kicking people out, but I don't know how long we have until the Coach's Challenge so we need to talk.

Let's Review Willie's Pre Season Strategy #BB14

Before Willie came in the house, he participated in the usual media interviews and promotions.

I can remember feeling kind of hyped up about Willie--he seemed to have a level head and was thinking about a good basic strategy to get as far as he could.

I just reviewed my recap of Willie's Superpass interview and found the following Pre Season promises that have gone wrong...

1.  Willie promised to "start shit" in the house this summer, but then to stay out of it so that no one would know he was involved.

***FAIL*** (no explanation needed)

2.  Willie vowed not to drink, and to allow others to get tipsy from his share of liquor instead.

***FAIL***  (not sure if this has impacted his game yet, but he has been drinking his share)

3.  Willie vowed not to get into a showmance, since that would make him a target.

***SEMI FAIL***  (Willie has been sleeping with JoJo and they have discussed waiting to make out until Day #30.  However, the other HG probably believe they have already become intimate with each other.  Perception becomes reality sometimes.)

To his credit, Willie did expect to lose his temper this summer, and yell at a few people.

I think the worst thing that happened to Willie is having the HOH power, and having it for so long---nearly two weeks.

A famous person once said that you can tell a lot about a person by observing how they act when they are in power.  Or something along those lines.

Willie did not wield power gracefully.  He started out that way, but his ego took over and he seemed to think that the power would last forever.  He didn't even WIN HOH, he was appointed by Britney, but he seemed to take for granted that his mighty skills would ensure a team victory each week.

If he can keep his mouth shut and let a few other people step up to the forefront and make a few mistakes themselves, he might have a chance to survive this week.

You can read my summary of the Willie Hantz Pre Season interview here.

Indoor Lockdown and Morning Chatter #BB14

One of the morning wake up songs was by New Edition.  It wasn't 'Cool It Now' since Mike Boogie just sang the entire chorus of that song while discussing the history of the group with Frank.

They are locked down indoors---I'm guessing the Coach's Competition is being set up outside.

Frank moves around the kitchen, putting cookies away and looking at himself up close in the mirror.  JoJo discusses her twin sister and can't wait for everybody to meet her.  She is JoJo's make up girl, and she was born 2 minutes before JoJo.

Jenn is still in bed.  Britney seems in okay spirits--she slept in Kara's old bed in Skid Row and wore a big sweatshirt since that room is so cold.

JoJo's mom took an old fur coat and had it made into two small fur coats for JoJo and her twin when they were 10 years old.  She said their names were "engraved" in them twice, but we all know she means "embroidered".

Yes, there are Triscuits on the counter, in case you were wondering.

JoJo tells a twin story about she and her sister having  "Poop Party" when they were two and throwing crap everywhere.  Charming.  But JoJo is mending fences this morning, that's for sure.

Mike Boogie and Britney get in on the baby talk, discussing "explosions" that occur when changing diapers.  You know, the typical breakfast table chatter.

Britney was a sassy child who was always in trouble.  She was only allowed to wear lipstick with her cheerleader uniform.