Thursday, July 19, 2012

Woe is Shane #BB14

Instead of pouting, he should get off his ass and start working on a plan of survival.

If this doesn't work out, he can still get that catalog job at International Male, right?

Jenn Calls Kara Monaco Her "Homegirl" #BB14

as she and Danielle unwind after their day.

Danielle is down and apologizes for unloading, but Jenn is someone she feels she can vent with.

Jenn stops in her tracks and says yes, they had a bad day and lost their homegirl.  She perches on the edge of Danielle's bed and recounts her dealings with Willie.

Jenn says his body language tells all and she tells the story of Willie calling her "bottom of the barrell".

This week will be interesting for Jenn.  Boogie told her two weeks ago to act like she wasn't in the BB house, like she wasn't there.  He wanted her to fade into the woodwork, and she did.

This morning Mike told the live feeders that "Miss Jenn City" was the sleeper surprise pick of the season.  Mike said no one is more under the radar than Jenn except Ted the Bear.  He was quite pleased with his situation and is more so now, I presume.

OMG the farting issue keeps coming up, that Frank farted on Jenn in bed last night.  Apparently Willie heard about that and embellished the story to say that Frank shit in the bed on Jenn, trying to start trouble.

(I can't even believe I am forced to type those last two sentences.  What has civilization come to?)

Willie Greases the Skids #BB14

There is jubilation in the kitchen as the majority rejoices that the show is over, and their relief at the outcome.

Willie:  Congratulations Boogie! That's the way it goes sometimes.

Jenn describes why she didn't hear correctly, and why she had to ask Julie for clarification.

In the bedroom Britney is sniffling with Janelle and saying she doesn't even want to "look at him" and "he doesn't care"  (Willie).  Janelle tried to say reassuring things, and then Frank came in to pack up his things.  Janelle's jacket is so sparkly and glamorous.  Britney is pageant-ready tonight, but is going to ruin her make up any minute now with her crocodile tears.

Britney fakes happiness and asks if Ted is excited about moving.

Frank:  Heck yeah. He's tired of sleeping down here.

Willie approaches Britney on her way to the WC and starts yammering that it's okay if she trades him.  That Willie is all about the drama....obviously he wants to be traded...who wouldn't?

He tries to hug Britney and she doesn't follow through. So he just kind of squeezed her and walked off.  Britney went into the WC and closed the door.

Now Britney runs to Shane in the Arcade Room to ask if she should trade Willie, if she wins.

(WTF is wrong with her?  She is so far from winning anything in that crowd...)

According to Britney, this is all Janelle's fault.  And Boogies fault....

Shane seems to accept he's being nominated.  The losers accept their fates...

Big Brother After Dark - Eve of the Live Show - 7-19-12

This episode aired in the wee hours of Thursday where I live, the morning of the first live eviction.  The show taped live starting at 9:00 pm BBT.

You might think that the HG spent the entire evening trying to get votes for either Frank or Kara to stay.  This was not the case though.

Instead, the fact that Frank has the votes to stay seemed a done deal, at least Team Boogie felt that way.

A few notable events, as well as minutia:

1.  The house guests got the Big Brother Cornhole game in the backyard.  You know you're bored when you long to play cornhole, a bean bag game.  There are two sets and Danielle seemed to like playing.  It is hard to tell if Danielle enjoys herself though.  She is not a joy to behold after you get past noticing her bland physical beauty.

2.  Surprise me this season Danielle. Liven up there girlie.

3.  Ashley committed to Frank that she would vote for him, and seems to realize that hanging around Willie in the HOH clouded her vision.  She realized that they were just using her for a vote and told JoJo today that she had to vote with her team.

4.  Frank had what looked like a moment with Ashley as they laid on a bed in the Skid Row (i.e. the Sneaker Room).  She made some sort of self-deprecating remark and he immediately told her she has it going on, she started her own business, she made a cross-country move....he admires all of those things.  He was smiling at her with his red bandana on and you could just see what Frank is like when he's making time with the ladies.

5.  Wil says his digestive system is all messed up from eating Joe's cooking.  Kara agreed and Frank said he has been trying to take fiber pills before every meal to stay regular.  I guess Joe's food is really rich----I think most of the house guests are used to lighter, healthier fare.

6.  Frank, Ashley, Kara and Will discussed Willie.  Frank said that Willie made eye contact with him in a group setting this afternoon and it felt okay.  He told them that Janelle said Willie never went to high school.  Although Wil doesn't appreciate Willie's behavior, he said he wouldn't speak ill of Willie's education, as that sort of thing is beyond a child's control.  Kara added that he probably had a rough family background.

7.  Just a short time ago, Wil announced however, that Willie and JoJo were White Trash.

8.  Frank shared that his brother dropped out of high school.  He is dyslexic, and school was so hard for him he just couldn't take it.  Frank's dad didn't finish high school either, but Frank said he "did all right".

9.  Frank indicated that in the DR, he said his Froot Loop line a bunch of times and "they love it in there".  You can read about the genesis of that line here. It is in the second half of the text---I made those lines bold-faced because I knew they would be key words this week.  Frank also said that BB probably owns the word "Preesh" now and rolls his eyes.  I guess the DR is having Frank say that over and over too. 

10.  Janelle and Mike talked cars.  Janelle drives an Escalade and her husband drives "an E class".  Mike Boogie says he went family style when he "had the baby" and he drives an ML Mercedes.  (Whatever that is.)

12.  Ian told Britney's team that people on the internet will pride themselves on making fun of each and every house guest.  While he said this he was putting on underwear under a lime green bath towel.    The fact that he did that facing a group tells me he is getting used to his surroundings.  Surely he knows we were watching, and there was actually something to see.

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Shane in his Undies #BB14

You're welcome, Shane fans.

Mirror space is at a premium, Frank notes.  Funny that Ian is front and center, huh?    Frank just wants to shave, but needs Kara to scoot over a little.

Frank is Sporting J Crew Tonight #BB14

and says anytime he buys a shirt now, it has to have a collar.  He's going to iron his clothes himself.

Wil is spending quality time on his hair, and Shane commented that he was jealous that Wil doesn't have to shave very often.  Every few days, Wil says.

The drama regarding the vote now centers around Danielle.  Joe is pushing for Danielle to vote for Frank to stay, since the vote is expected to be unnecessary and therefore "wasted".  They want Willie to freak that he lost the votes of JoJo or Shane, his team mates and only supporters at this point.

Britney is fighting back on that, advising Shane to tell Danielle that her word is all she has in this game---if she promised to vote for Kara then she needs to follow through on that.

Dan just made another run at Ashley--telling her that she can take a stand and make a big impact on the game by voting to keep Kara.  Dan doesn't give up easily.  He's a good coach.  He just picked a bad team.

Frank is hopeful about tonight and says he will probably faint if the vote is 6-2 to keep him.  He is sure to say "Preesh" but that is just me guessing.

Willie is grousing that Production won't let him shave---won't let him do anything!

Danielle eats silently next to Ted.  There is nothing more Ted can do help anymore--just be there for her.

The HOH Lockdown Begins... #BB14

and Willie, JoJo and Shane spread out silently in the HOH bed.  It feels hostile.

The BB Salon has migrated to the HOH bathroom, where Janelle and Ashley start checking their roots excitedly.  Ashley took her top off but that is a bra she has on.  For real.

The BB music starts playing loudly and Janelle and Boogie jam out.  Britney says in her season the music did not play in the HOH suite, only in the rest of the house.

Jenn gets to work rinsing out Mike's hair color and the water is cold. 

Jenn:  Hey BB, you need a new theme song!  Holla at your girl!

Britney chatters with Will about previous seasons, etc.  Her team in the bed doesn't even try to make conversation.  They are bitter.  Frank seems upbeat as usual.

The music is very loud. 

Jenn tells Mike to wait until his hair is dry to see the color.  He seems pleased.  Willie eyes his cast mates but JoJo pulled the covers over her head.

Jenn mentions again that we need a new theme song, and says every time they play it someone goes "ching!  ching!"  (earning money)

Janelle says her roots are perfect.

Everyone Must Trust Jenn #BB14

to just allow her to color their hair like this....

I'm just sayin'...

Ashley doesn't look so sure, does she? 

Joe missed a lot of catering jobs this summer, being in the house.  Weddings, etc.

Britney resigned from her drug sales rep. job but thinks she can be rehired.

Joe used to work for Ken's Salad Dressing company and invented the "Texas Petal" (?) flavor and now it is used for the Outback Bloomin' Onion.  Mike Boogie knows about this and the flavor from the restaurant business.

Joe:  Because I invented it for their company, they get it....