Wednesday, July 18, 2012

FYI Big Brother Nixed the Salon Idea... #BB14

Sam from the DR came on the intercom and told them they aren't allowed to change their appearances until after tomorrow.  See, Production may need to call some last minute DR sessions and their look needs to be continuous.

Mike Boogie keeps himself busy by perusing the Big Brother rule book, from the looks of it.

Boogie isn't the only houe guest impacted---Janelle, Jenn and Ashley also planned to make some color adjustments.

Janelle asked Boogie if she should touch up her color tomorrow, or wait until next Thursday.  I think she decided to wait until next week.

Salon Night for Mike Boogie #BB14

Jenn Arroyo is going to adjust Mike's hair color tonight, and she fiddles with it like any hairdresser would during a consultation.

I don't think I will be awake when this happens, but at least you know the game plan.

(When I scratch right behind my schnauzer's ears, she is in heaven.  The joy is sublime for her.)

After Jenn leaves with a promise to return later to work on Mike's hair, he sits quietly on the couch in the bathroom, alone.

JoJo comes in the room and applies fresh makeup in a noisy fashion.  Mike totally ignores her.  It's a nightmare for JoJo, I'm sure.

Janelle is Called to the Diary Room #BB14

and she's no dummy.  She stops by the bathroom mirror to apply lip liner, lipstick, and finally lip gloss with one of those foam wands.  A little blush too, for good measure.

Janelle:  Coming BB......

Big Brother doesn't have to call for Janelle twice.  They know she'll be in there when she's good and ready.

You know Janelle sells Mary Kay, don't you?  She has a territory (or however they work it) in Minnesota and I have heard Dan Gheesling give Janelle a shout out with a website address.  I don't know if this is the right way to find her, but that is her business now.  It has been six years since played on BB7 with Mike Boogie, if you can believe that.

She's finished now, and camera ready.  Janelle sashays down to the DR hallway, waiting for the buzz on the doorknob to her know that Big Brother is ready for her.

Janelle: Is This F*ckin' Kindergarten? #BB14

Right on cue, I turn off the CBS show and on the live feeds I see Mike Boogie and Janelle enjoying a quiet moment mocking the behavior of the newbies in the house.

Janelle:  I would fucking love it if Wil won (HOH on Thursday)...

Mike agrees.  They discuss Willie's behavior with the newbies--offering one week deals to Kara and Danielle.  They laugh at how stupid that is for the newbies.

Janelle:  His power is over!  Who cares what he says!  I can't believe they play that way.

They discuss Ian and Mike says that he is doing much better.  I know I heard Janelle say she hated him just last weekend, but he has done a turnaround with his behavior. 

Janelle leaves, and Mike sits quietly with Ted for a minute or so, cracking his knuckles and laughing to
himself.  He is chanting quietly "vote kara out, vote kara out"..

That Ted sidles, doesn't he?  You don't even know he is sitting there until it's too late.

Wil walks by and Mike asks him to stop and chat.  Wil sat down and Mike started putting down the Chilltown moves on him, and yadda yadda yadda Wil is indicating that he agrees that Kara needs to go.

It's late and I am semi-impaired but trust me Wil gave every reason to believe he would vote for Frank to stay, and that he understood that this is a game and he may need to vote out his friends.

After Wil left Boogie was chanting to himself, clearly visualizing that not only would Frank be saved on Thursday night, but he would be awarded the HOH key.  He tenderly puts Ted back into his chair.

Anatomy of Thursday's Live Eviction Show #BB14

So, tomorrow is the first live eviction show of the season.  Exciting, huh?

As big of a deal the live show is for the house guests, and of course the nominees, it is a bigger deal for the crew and the network.  It is one thing for Dr. Drew to have a live CNN call-in show every night, where the format is relatively predictable, but for a show like Big Brother there are so many variables to plan for, and worry about.

A few variables from the Production perspective:

1.  As the show starts, the house guests will have to sit on the couch for a couple of shots, giggling nervously as the camera pans their group.  Then they will have a "conversation" with Julie Chen and answer any questions she may ask them. They have no idea who she will question, or what she will say.  There are always interesting results, such as house guests who will freeze and give one word responses, and others who drone on and on, requiring Julie to hush them up so she can move on.  Still others say things that are inappropriate.  Janelle mentioned the other day that Dr. Will called Julie Chen "Sweetheart" on the live show during BB7 and was later chastised for this slur.  Janelle also said Julie likes to stick to the cue cards and doesn't like surprises.  The Chenbot is a pro, people.

2.  The HOH will sit alone in the HOH room for a one-on-one private interview with Julie.  Last year they skipped Rachel's HOH interview every time, and she was not very happy about it.  Your guess is as good as mine as to whether Willie will get his interview or not.  I'm sure they will be concerned with his constant profanity.  They have no idea how he will behave under that kind of pressure.  I wouldn't be surprised if they tape his interview and then show it tomorrow.  They can't afford to take risks.  And as we know, Willie is a Hantz.

3.  The nominees will have to stand up and plead their case to the voters in the house.  This is always nerve-racking for me to watch.  I expect Kara to say something short and sweet, and for Frank to win America's heart with a funny but touching plea for votes.  (Most people on the live feeds love Frank already, but remember most of the CBS audience has no clue what has happened in the house, other than what they saw on CBS.)

4.   The house guests will vote live for eviction.  Each one of them who is eligible to vote will have to trip down the hall to the DR for their quickie session with Julie.  These sessions are highly controlled and there is a very short leash as far as what they are allowed to say. The smart ones manage to make a statement along with their vote as quickly as possible, like "I am absolutely THRILLED to evict Ted".  Others have little gestures for the folks back home, like Shelly's "cigarette kiss" for her daughter Josie (BB13), or Amber's necklace charm gesture for her child (BB8).  I like to watch for their transition movements in the DR hallway, like high fives or other hand gestures.  I will be very disappointed if Wil doesn't bust a few moves as he makes his way to Julie for his vote.

5.  The announcement of the voting results, and the evicted house guest's walk to the door.  Sometimes there is a lot of beef that goes with this, but it may be too early in the season for that this week.  However if Frank has to leave, I don't expect Willie to act gracefully---I can see him making statements that require bleeping.  One of the funniest exits was when someone told Natalie the Fitness Twin (BB5) that "karma was a bitch" on their way out of the door, and Natalie was truly puzzled as to what "Carmen Electra" had to do with anything.  There are also people who leave every year and refuse to hug certain people on the way out. Last year Jeff Schroeder's exit was horrible because it was so unexpected and angry.  America wanted to see him embrace Jordan in a loving manner but that wasn't what America got.

6.  Finally, the live HOH competition.  We'll have an idea tomorrow about what type of competition it will be.  For example, they will have a rehearsal for it, and that will give the HG an idea of what to expect.  Also, they will receive direction about what to wear---that is how we usually know if it is an endurance competition or not.  If they are told to wear athletic wear, we know it is going to be physical.  Sometimes they let them go in the back yard after the live show is set up---if there are just podiums for a simple 'true or false' or 'higher or lower' or some other multiple choice.  That is the likely situation for tomorrow.   (Just ask Ian.)  Production needs to hold an accurate, efficient competition with a solid, non-contested result.  All buzzers need to work.  All house guests have to follow instructions.  No one is supposed to curse

You remember Rachel saying the Eff word on the live show last year, right?  I think that happened a few times.  Rachel also went to use the bathroom on a commercial break and was caught peeing on a live mike during the CBS show.  It was LOUD, too.    I think they cut that out for the West Coast viewing, but if you watch the live East Coast anything is possible.

I'm nervous just thinking about it.  I can't wait to see what happens.

Expect the Unexpected...Big Brother fans.....

Gratuitous Bikini Shots #BB14

Danielle and Britney discuss European vacations in the backyard, both wearing tiny hot pink bikinis.  They are laying in the shade, which seems strange for sun-worshipping purposes, but whatever.

At this point, Danielle notices that "there is totally a camera pointed on them".  Britney looked up and told Danielle the camera was pointed at her, and to give a "shout out to the live feeders creeping on her bikini".

Danielle elaborates that she had "no idea the cameras were on her, and her legs were just splayed everywhere".

Britney went inside to go the DR, sarcastically saying that she just loves to go in there half-naked.

That Danielle must have a serious case of short term memory loss, because she appears to have forgotten about those pesky cameras again, sitting like this only moments later:

and then slowly rolling over like this.

Remember that Danielle didn't tell her parents she was coming on the show.  They found out the same time we did how Danielle would be spending her summer.

The Nominees Comiserate #BB14

Frank tries to take a nap to pass the time.  He woke up Janelle in the next bed, telling her that Ashley had been up in the HOH with Willie most of the day.

Janie groaned and got out of bed to go find her and do damage control.

Janelle:  Uh....I tried to keep her away from him but then I slept all day...

Kara came in after her workout and is grabbing her shower stuff.  She and Frank had a quiet moment where they both said they just wanted to get the next day over with.  Kara is tired of talking about it.

Frank said the results were still up in the air.  Kara agreed that things change all the time in there.

Frank mentioned the whole drama about Wil getting disrespected by Willie, but thinks he needed to know what was said about him.

Joe walked in from hanging out at the pool and Frank made a funny.

Frank:  Hey Joe!  I'm tryin' to talk Kara into takin' a nap with me...if she would only wash her dirty butt!

Kara left to shower (maybe to prepare for her nap with Frank! ha ha) and Joe changes into his clothes while chatting with Frank.  Frank tells Joe the votes are neck and neck, with Willie being the tie breaker.

They discussed Ashley and Frank feels Janelle can "really work on her".  (Last night I heard Ashley tell Willie that Janelle hadn't "spoken to her all day", but I know that is a lie because you can see them talking here.)

Joe:  I know Ashley seems dumb, but does she really seem dumb?

Frank knows what Joe is getting at, but doesn't know the answer to that.

At one point he sees Joe's undies and says he bought the same kind before coming in the house.  (Jockey "no tabs", maybe?)  Then the camera swing to Joe and Frank says "can't you see the man is trying to change?"

The Plot Thickens.... #BB14

As it always does in the Big Brother house.

Wil whispers to Kara that something doesn't add up in the house.  Like Janelle....he can't quite figure it out, but something is off there.  He obviously thinks that the Coaches expect to come back in the house at some point, and this is impacting her advice to the newbies.

He just doesn't trust her as much as he used to.  He brings up the "key spaces" on the picture board next to the Coach's pictures.  Also, he knows he pledged to take some time off from the game, but that was before last night's events.

I saw Ashley upstairs in the HOH with Willie and JoJo.  She admitted that she is playing both sides, but she also said she doesn't trust Janelle.  Sounds like she might be voting with Willie and JoJo, but I can't be sure until I see it with my own eyes.  That Ashley is crafty.

In a scene that is sure to please Joe's wife, he has a poolside chat with Danielle. If Kara leaves, he wants her to know that she has friends in the house--he's on her side.  Looks kind of Lolita-esque, no?

Wil and Kara see Britney's luggage in the storage room and they dance around, delighted.  (Britney was told earlier today that she had to pack up her stuff just like Willie does, to prepare for the next tenant.)   The newbies are getting tired of the Coaches, it seems.  They feel that this is "Their Season".  Uh, okay.  In fairness to Wil, he always dances in the Storage Room.

 Now Mike Boogie and Frank have a meeting on the sly, with Mike giving Frank some good solid direction regarding planned actions for today.  He wants Frank to remind Wil that he can be friends with Kara outside the house, even giving Frank suggested wording to use.

He also suggests that Frank bring up the insensitive remarks that Willie made---reminding Wil that he doesn't want to evict the one person who stood up for hm in front of the whole house.  Boogie shrewdly points out that Kara didn't say one word to support her BFF Wil last night, and even crowed about it later, that the fight may have helped her game.

(You can read about the fight here.)

Britney came out and they diverted her attention by talking about which airports have the best food.  Mike compliments Britney's bikini, telling her that it is really working for her.  She thanks him but says she doesn't "want to look slutty".

Also, Mike Boogie said that "if JoJo wins a fucking thing this season he will be SHOCKED".  She is dumb as a box of rocks.  Frank agrees, and adds Danielle to that list.

Mike says Danielle is hot, but something about her just leaves him cold.  Frank agrees.  But I bet he would still hit it once this whole nomination thing is over.