Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Britney - Weepy, Janelle, Sleepy #BB14

Britney is getting weepy talking to Janelle in the Chess Loft.  She keeps saying she understands that Janelle has to protect her players.  Britney feels all alone in the game, Janelle tries to assure her, yadda yadda yadda.

Janelle wants to stay in Britney's Coach Room, but she feels uncomfortable since Willie is targeting her.  Britney is all "woe is me" and "you don't have to stay with me, I understand" and can't sit still.

She is wringing her hands, adjusting her microphone, playing with her ponytail, and appears on the edge of some sort of quiet breakdown.

Janelle makes soothing noises and is calm.  Britney couldn't sleep, is so stressed out.  And we all know she needs some sleep, after the last 24 hours.

We just had a FISH break of about 90 minutes.  At the beginning there was a flash of a stocky man in a prison-stripe suit (horizontal black and white stripes) in the storage room with some other people.  One was a lady with a beer gut.  Obviously they were up to something.

Now a few newbies come upstairs--Kara, Will and JoJo.  They are trying to figure out what may have happened in the house during the break.  JoJo approaches the giant chessboard==-I'm guessing she realizes all cameras are on Britney and Janelle and decides to join in.  She wonders if it's Pandora's Box.  Janelle snickers and says no, there is no room.  (The Mentor's Room is adjacent to the HOH, where Pandora has been held before.

JoJo--honey you are just an extra in that scene.  Enjoy the craft service and then be on your way, honey.

Wil Hates Willie #BB14

Wil and Joe held a brief meeting to discuss their new alliance.  Joe said Frank met with Willie and came right downstairs and told Joe that Willie thinks the next targets are Joe and Wil.

Joe:  Frank is with this alliance, our group.

Wil:  Willie is a dumb fucking redneck...just a dumb fucking redneck!

Joe says he's going to "go off tonight" and they have a moment of saying things like "fuck him to think we are stupid...and so forth". Then before they leave the storage room they tell each other they need to stay calm and cool.

Wil:  We need to keep it classy!  Keep it classy!

An outdoor lockdown is called and they all groan.  There is a rush to the bathroom so everyone can go.

Wil and Jenn high five in the bathroom about their new alliance and Jenn says "an eye for an eye"!

They head outside.  Frank has the good sense to bring Ted outside with him and shouts "Ted almost didn't make it out!"
Janelle lays out with JoJo and Kara.  For the live show, Kara is going to wear a dress and Janelle is going to wear jeans with a dressy top and jacket.  JoJo plans to wear a romper.
FYI Frank's mood is better than it was this morning.  He feels a sense of relief that he has the votes to stay.  But as we all know, anything can and will happen in a 24-hour time period in there...

Lots and lots of technical issues with the feeds today, particularly sound problems.  Let's get that ironed out, Alison.

Thank you.

Mike Boogie Talks Marriage

He is sitting on the patio with Dan and Janelle, rehashing the events of the day.  He can't believe that Willie didn't allow Britney to attend the meeting this morning, and thinks that must not have gone over too well.

Janelle:  Do you think you'll ever get married?

Mike: I don't know... having the baby has been pretty fulfilling..

Janelle nods.

Mike:  So many marriages don't work out. No offense to the two of you, I hope your's works out, but for me...if the girl pops up, great.  But it's weird.  I used to meet girls just from going out at night, and I don't really go out at night anymore.  For ten years, I just went to work and it was organic...I could just say, stop by and have a drink...or ten...

They laugh.

Mike:  I might....this is something I've never done before, well maybe a few times at the park but I might try to meet some young mothers...that type of thing.

He discusses various options for meeting young mothers. 

***Does anybody know about his baby Brady?  Did he adopt him?  Where is the mom?***

About Willie, Mike says he just played way too hard, too fast.

Mike:  I thought he was better than that.  He is so worried about not having power anymore--he should have never asked for it.  And he has a good personality, he might have been okay!  I don't think he should have told anybody (about being a Hantz).  I mean, all of the coaches knew, but did you tell anybody?  I didn't...

Dan:  No...I don't know...when will we get dropped in?

Quick FISH.  (Did Dan just give something away?)

Mike:  I'm fucking praying that Ian can win HOH, just for the drama around it. 

Dan laughs.

Mike: I don't know if he can get his nerves straight. That energy on Thursday with the live show, and the rehearsals, it's palpable.  I don't know if he can keep it together.

They discuss Ian's OCD.  He is always obsessed with something, and told Boogie that it is good he is in the house with messy people so he has had to get used to it.  At home he would freak out but he has had to control it.

Dan:  I pray..I pray that Julie asks him a question.

Mike:  I know, me too.

Sweet. They know how huge this is for Ian.

Snackers Galore... #BB14

JoJo made some pasta that Ian is enjoying.  Without being able to drink coffee, he doesn't think he could have lived through a week of slop.

Frank, who is always up for food, is going to give JoJo's pasta a try, too.

Menawhile, Wil is whispering with Jenn in the backyard, plotting Willie's demise. I don't think the meeting today went as well for Willie as he thinks it did.  So, the "Coach's Revolt" could end up being the "Willie Revolt".

Wil is whispering that Willie is a "little fucker" and an "arrogant son of a bitch" to call them all sheep this morning in the meeting. 

A little while ago Team Janelle met without her and vowed to stay together.  The whole Willie Hantz experience is over for Joe, apparently.  They want to fight against whatever he wants to do, but pretend to play along.  Wil is bringing in Jenn, and I think that is part of the plan, too.

Willie has rubbed Chef Joe the wrong way, and I can see him rising against him.  Joe is unique because he's a father of four, but doesn't come off like too much of a dad in there. 

Has Willie forgotten that he didn't win HOH? That Britney appointed him HOH?

I'm not even sure the beds in Britney's lane were bouncing around as much as the others were in the first HOH competition.  Can you imagine Alison Grodner allowing Willie to be the first one evicted, like Jodi was? 

Me neither.  No way.

And meanwhile Mike Boogie has been sleeping ALL DAY.  I'm kind of worried about him...

Bathing Beauties #BB14

Janelle talks about the morning's events with Ashley for a few minutes, and then lapses into girlfriend chatter.  She would love a margarita, or maybe a Miami Vice...

Ashley loves those.  She agrees it would be great to have Daytime Drinks today.  She went to get hats for both of them, since the sun is so strong.  The hats came from one of the competitions they had.


Wil runs by in a rush.  It was hard to get him in the picture he is dashing so madly across the backyard.  Good to know that Wil's legs don't come for free.  If you haven't seen them, Wil's legs could rival any Rockette's...

And, because there is something for everyone, I bring you Ian, who basks in the shade talking to Britney, who babbles about food and needing to take a long nap today.  Ian is off slop today and would love to "split a pizza four ways".  I think he should go ahead and scarf the whole thing down himself, but I don't have 37 cameras pointed at me today.

Willie Grabs His Junk #BB14

and doesn't care who sees it. Then he handles that decorative pillow from the bed.

A HazMat team needs to go in there on Thursday to prepare for the next HOH.

Is Britney Judas? #BB14

Now Britney approaches King Willie, who is holding court in the HOH room, and tells him that the other coaches were "outside freaking out" about being excluded from the meeting.

Shane is topless, with bare feet.

[I watched them, and no one was "freaking out".  They were discussing weddings.]

Shane seems thisclose to Willie Hantz, and professes his allegience to Willie.  Now they discuss Joe and that he can't be trusted---he is too close to Janelle.

I guess he told Willie during the Coach's Revolt that he thought Willie was playing too hard, too fast.

Britney reports that Joe ran right to Janelle to talk to her..and she says all Janelle has to do is turn one of Boogie's people in order to keep Kara.

Willie:  No.  It's not going to happen.  No way.

Britney:  OK. If you feel that way, okay.  I'm not gonna stress about it.

Willie:  Guess who came  up to me and wants to talk?  Ian!  And he never wants to talk strategy...that Ian.

Britney:  Good!  Because I have a good relationship with Ian.  And Ashley does, too.

Shane:  That's because we were all Have Nots together in that room.

Shane has moved across the room, and is splayed about in an alluring manner.

Britney is throwing shade on Janelle, and is sure to pay at some point.

Britney:  The person who screwed up this whole house is Janelle!  By trying to get on Dan's side for her own benefit, for her own side.  She thinks I'm an idiot and can't see it.  She messed it all up last night.

Willie:  She's gonna blow up on somebody..I've watched her seasons, and she always does.  She's gonna blow up.

Willie says he's glad this has happened.  Now it seems that Joe is Enemy #1 since he is tight with Janelle.

Team Janelle in a Huddle #BB14

on the outdoor chaise lounge.

Janelle asks them what they think about all of this.  Ashley thinks he brought up some good points, but Willie was so bossy.

Wil:  He thinks he's like our leader and he can tell us what to do...

Janelle:  He's a bully!  Like Cappy from my season...we revolted against that!

Joe:  Let me ask you a question...if you're coming back in the game, is this an alliance?  (meaning, Team Janelle)

Janelle:  Hell yeah!  I'm going to vote Willie's ass out!  And Frank too.

Wil says that Willie stared at him during the entire meeting..

Janelle:  He's a bully!  He doesn't think you have the balls to go against him!

Janelle:  And Britney...she's like this with Willie!  She's so snowed by him...I've been really close to her but I just can't because of Willie!  She buys everything he says!

Lies, Lies, Lies.... ##BB14

Joe is asking Janelle to confirm that she has never heard ONE THING about the coaches re-entering the game.

She denies it, and even has the BALLS to blame Mike Boogie, who is sleeping upstairs (still) and has missed this whole event.

Janelle:  You can't tell me that those girls are going to follow him (Willie) and do whatever he says?

Joe:  Yeah, they are.

Janelle noticed that Britney was upset this morning and thinks it could be Willie's attitude.

Joe:  We need to send a message...

Janelle: To Willie?  Someone just needs to win HOH and vote him out.

Now she pushes to evict Frank this week....Janelle knows he is working with Willie.

Upstairs Willie watches his Spy Cam...it's going to suck for him to live with the commoners downstairs next week.