Saturday, July 14, 2012

Mike Trashes Atlanta #BB14

Specifically, the quality of the Atlanta labor market.  He owns a 'bowling lounge' in Atlanta right now --Ten Pin Alley.   Joe asks how he got into it and he explains that Kenny Rogers approached Mike and his partners about options in a new mixed-use development in midtown Atlanta (Atlantic Station).

Mike explains that Atlanta is highly segregated market and when the economy crashed the housing units didn't sell and went "section 8".   He said the labor market was the laziest he's seen, and he wanted to "go on record" and say that.   He hated traveling to Atlanta so when the housing development went under, they closed the restaurants.  (Geisha House and a steak house).

Most of what he said about Atlantic Station was true, but he omitted the part about suspected arson at the building site (dozens of homeowners lost their homes which were under construction) and the rash of armed robberies they have during the DAYTIME.

[No one I know goes there anymore.  The underground parking garage is scary as hell, even during the day.]

He also didn't mention that Ashton and Demi were two of the marquee investors.  I remember they came to town  a few times when the restaurants were opening to create publicity.

Danielle has been to Atlantic Station a few times--she drove over from Alabama but under questioning Mike said she visited under the previous management.

Joe wants to talk to Mike after the show and share his business plan--he wants to open a multi-unit casual dining chain based on his 'mad love cooking" concept.  I didn't hear him mention Smashmouth Burger but maybe I missed it.  (You can read about that here.)

Ashley compliments Danielle's boobs in that top and wonders how it stays up.

Kara is outside too, and the camera men  like her, it seems.

On the other hand, Jenn is basking in the sun, too.

Bathing Beauties #BB14

Yes, most of the Big Brother 14 house guests are enjoying the California sunshine and the tiny pool in the backyard.

It's just after noon out West, so the sun is super strong now.

The guys carry on a conversation, but the girls mainly just lay there, baking.  (I think Jenn needs to step it up and start conversating more...Janelle doesn't like her and said she can't talk to her, so Britney is likely not far behind.  A solid HOH win could set her game straight.)

They discuss how you can place bets on many elements of the Big Brother game.  Like who will win HOH, etc.  Ian tells a story about how he placed a bet during BB6 about Janelle's showmance---he bet on Michael Donnellan to win but they figured out Ian was underage and pulled the bet.  (Lucky for him, huh?)

Last year we had Big Jeff, but Frank is this year's Sun God, I think.

During the HOH PowWow, Joe said that Frank is so charismatic and believable, he spoke with him for 10 minutes this morning but he "had him at Hello". 

Mike joins in on talks about TV.  They can't wait until Breaking Bad returns and they know they are missing it.  Boogie says the season premier is tomorrow night on AMC.  (Yo!  So excited!)

The movie Super Size Me comes up and Ian says the movie was required viewing at his school.  That grabs everyone's attention and Ian says watching the movie made him crave McDonald's food.

Dan, chuckling:  That makes perfect sense.

Frank:  Well, when I watch porn I wanna have sex!

Laughter all around.

Tidbits from the HOH PowWow #BB14

The summit between the Janelle and Britney Mentor teams continues in the HOH.  As of right now, they plan to keep Frank, but Britney knows it is too early to decide.  They feel Frank is very dangerous, and plan to get rid of him by week 5 or 6, but they want to cripple Dan by evicting Kara.

Britney says Dan came in the HOH to talk yesterday and he is so good, she was ready to quit her Mentor position to join Dan's team.

JoJo is attending the meeting in her bikini.  I'm sure that is a little irritating to the other ladies.  I know the guys are looking, but most of them have expressed their wish at some point that JoJo shut the eff up.

Look, Paris is just outside!

Shane and Ashley are there, too.  Shane's puka shells are there, too, but are hiding under his blue crew neck T-shirt.

And let's talk about Willie.  At the moment, he is super powerful.  He is the HOH, and has been for over one week.  It is hard to remember that he is not a returning player, but a newbie.  He told Frank last night that they are playing together, but just put on a convincing show that he is working with the Janelle and Britney teams.

If you're a Big Brother fan, then you know that after Tuesday (?) all of Willie's HOH power is gone.  As soon as the POV Ceremony is over, Willie's reign is effectively over.  I think Shane plans not to use the POV he won yesterday, but even if he does, once Willie names a replacement nominee, he's done.

Everyone instinctively starts preparing for the next week, since Willie can't play for HOH on Thursday.  Willie's been the HOH for the whole game now.  It's hard to imagine him being a Have Not, or having to beg not to be nominated, but it's going to happen.  It's coming...but can Willie handle it?

The Mentor Twins - Janelle and Britney #BB14

These two are BFFs in the house.

They are having a meeting in the HOH with Janelle and Britney's teams.  They are basically planning to evict Kara but have a brief side meeting to trash and make fun of Danielle and also Ian.

Janelle announces that she doesn't find anything that Ian says or does amusing.  Britney thinks everything he does is an effort to be on TV and he constantly comments that "this might make the show...this will get 1 1/2 minutes of air time".

Wil gets in on it and dramatically says that Ian is an attention whore and is here for the exposure.  They also think Ian may be America's Player because he is in the DR constantly.

Britney also applied deodorant, in case you feel that is important.

Mike Boogie Name Drops on the Patio

Britney brings up her idol Britney Spears and Mike says he is a friend of Jason Trawick, who is Britney's fiance.  He was just at their house to play basketball and says it is crazy with the helicopters flying around, etc.

Britney can't take it and asks follow up questions. Mike mentions that he met Jason when they had a common friend die.  Jason had been making a film....

"In London", Britney says, finishing the sentence.   Mike laughs that Britney knows so much and we experience a break in the feed while they chat.

Mike is going to hook Britney up with a meeting with Jason and Britney, and she is so happy about it.

Britney mentions appearing on Lance Bass' Sirius show Pop 10.  Mike talked to Lance recently and says he promised to do Lance's show too, but didn't realize it was a call in show.

Then they chat about the Backstreet Boys. Britney is a big boy band fan and says she can't take it if Mike knows BSB members in addition to In Sync.  He knows Kevin Richardson and disputes Britney's claim that Kevin recently re-joined the band.

Mike: They just had their big payday with the reunion, and the tour...Kevin didn't want anything to do with it because he wanted to be a serious actor...and you think he's joined the group again now?

Britney:  Yep.

Mike:  No....Donnie has to come back for ________  (some show he's on?) so I don't think so.  You need to check your information...

Britney talks about being on Pop Ten with Nick Swisher and his wife and how nice they were.  She didn't know Nick was a big deal until she saw his jersey hanging in a store somewhere.

As you can see there are a lot of people out there but the conversation is mainly between Britney and Mike.   I did hear Frank say his "Nana's" favorite show was American Idol.

Oh Mike also said he is friends with the guy that Demi Lovato hit --the backup dancer incident that sent her into rehab.

Also, Ashley mentioned a tattoo she is trying to have removed, but the pink part is hard to erase.

Boogie takes the opportunity to plug Dr. Tattoff, located on the corner of Wilshire and La Cienega.  He says Ashley is part of the BB club now and can get a discount.  He says people listening at home can go there and have a pain-free experience at Dr. Tattoff.

Production also allows him to plug the many other services that Dr. Tattoff provides.....ha ha ha. 

Brush with Big Brother Greatness

OK I don't want to brag, but I had a Twitter conversation with Evel Dick this morning.   He snapped at me on Twitter about something the other day, and I thought that was exciting.  On second thought, it probably was more exciting than this, but whatever.

What would Dick do in the BB house without smoking?  That's hard for me to imagine.  Regarding the cigarettes, I don't think he really expects to keep it up....he has said that he feels like he is between his last cigarette and his next cigarette.

He's been smoking for decades, I'm sure.  At least three, if not four.

OK, OK, We're Up Already... #BB14

Everyone has dragged their asses out of bed now.  Some of the HG have been up for hours, and the others only woke up when BB had the morning wake up call.

I'm surprised Dan isn't more of an early riser---doesn't he have to get up early for his coaching job?  Two days in a row as a late sleeper...

Jenn said she woke up right away when she heard Rob Zombie.  (BB plays about 3 songs for them very loudly each morning to get them out of bed.  We see FISH during that time period so BB doesn't have to pay for broadcast rights to the songs.)   They also played Xanadu by Olivia Newton John and Dan is shocked that Jenn can Name That Tune.

Jenn:  Yeah, I could be on Rock and Roll Jeopardy!

She hums a few bars to Let's Get Physical and mentions the aerobics videos.

Ian sits quietly after saying he had a good night's sleep.  He woke up once because he was cold, but otherwise slept well.  He sat silent after that, not heeding Mike Boogie's advice yesterday to ask other people questions about themselves.  (This was a fairly significant conversation in my opinion--it was a gentle Come to Jesus meeting.  You can read about it here.)

Danielle eats up a bowl of slop. Wonder if her ears were itching when the guys were talking about her this morning?  Boogie isn't buying her lie about being a teacher---she was talking about electrolytes and other stuff and kept saying she had to study it for her certification.

What did I say about them lying about stupid things like that?  Just be a damn nurse and go with that.  As a matter of fact it is ironic that one of Dan Gheesling's big pieces of advice in order to be cast on a reality show is to be yourself.  Now he has to team members that are both dishonest about their lives.  Although Kara might not be lying as much as not telling the whole truth.

Danielle Takes a Beating #BB14

on the patio.  Her name comes up in conversation and an Anti-Danielle rant takes place.

It started when Frank told Mike he had an ant crawling on his arm.

Mike:  Well, that's because everybody leaves their fucking crap all over...when I came out today the hummus was just sitting there (on the patio table) open, with fucking ants all over it.

Frank says the girls were eating "fucking oatmeal cookies" in his bed and left crumbs all over.

Mike:  Danielle brings laziness to a whole new level!  I knew Janelle and Britney were lazy, but damn.  I was about to ask Danielle if her parents were in the storage room.  I mean, you've got somebody cooking for you (Joe)...

Joe:  Let's bring back Jodi to be her damn mom..

Frank:  I think she uses being on slop as an excuse not to clean..

Boogie agrees with that and they realize that Shane is on slop, too. Mike says he doesn't believe the kindergarten teacher story..she seems to know too much about medicine....

Danielle is in trouble.