Friday, July 13, 2012

Danielle and Shane...Again #BB14

I'm seeing a pattern here.  These pictures were taken just before dinner.  This must be why Britney told Janelle that she thinks Shane isn't focused.

Britney:  He's just here to flirt...

I don't like the decor this year.  Way too distracting and the people get lost sometimes.  Last year's Have Not room was like a photo studio--everyone looked gorgeous in there.

Dinner Time at Joe's #BB14

And it looks like meatballs and salad.  Everybody high tails it over the table and loads up.

**Update** Joe made pot roast.  I don't eat enough meat to recognize what it was. Sorry.

Joe made something for the slop people, too.  Something he is calling an apple slop cake, or something like that.  They have flavored packets of slop or oatmeal this year, apparently.    I saw it up close and it looked great.

Everyone compliments Joe on the food.  I noticed Britney apply a lot of salt to hers and look around as if to make some sort of statement about that.

Danielle picks at it and she totally chews with her mouth full.  Maybe it was hot, but I think I've seen truckers with better table manners to me.

Frank can sure shovel the food in.  Ian is enjoying his slop treat and looking faintly miserable.  After all Mike Boogie just lectured him that everyone in the house wants to get rid of him due to his social standing.

Jenn City scratches her head at the table, which is nice.

Poor Ian.

Boogie Gives Ian a Good Talking To #BB14

He pulls him aside in the lounge area and says now is the time to step up his social game.  He is next to go based on his social standing.

Boogie's tone is friendly, but the words are hard to hear.  I guess Boogie has years of management experience and that helps him give feedback.

Mike:  People like you, but you've got to work on it.  People are still upset about the duck thing...I know you don't see the problem, but

Ian:  Yeah, I think tha t part of it is the 21-year-old part...

Mike:  OK..remember self deprecation, watch the stories....

Ian:  I just don't like the "doctor" thing...

Mike:  Well, people already know you're smart..just watch the social game.

They plan to play up the fact that Ian is non-athletic and thus less of a threat.  Mike points out that none of the challenges so far have played to Ian's strengths.

They discuss in low tones how other people in the game are doing, but the meeting has that feel of an annual performance review where you got some bad news.  You try to put a positive spin on it, but you just can't wait to get out of there.


That is Frank's bear behind Ian.  He took it as a souvenir after the HOH competition.  Mike talked Frank into them decorating Ted's shirt and Frank agreed to it.

Britney and Mike Boogie have been talking on the sly about taking items from the competitions to sell later on EBay.  Word is that Joe took some of the coins from the POV today and Mike and Britney don't like it.

Britney: I think somebody's on to our thing!

Mike:  Yeah..and the less there is out there, the more it's worth...but I guess if you go home earlier, it might not be worth as much...


Now Boogie tells Ian to ask the other house guests about their job, ask them about themselves..

Ian says he really likes everybody, and Boogie reminds him that he's on very thin ice now.  In fact, Boogie says that if Ian doesn't win HOH, the odds are 90% that he is going.

Ian appears to be listening, looking up now and then while Boogie talks.

Mike:  You'll be surprised how fast the summer camp thing ends...everything is all fun right now, but you'll be lucky if you talk to one person from this a year from now

Ian:  Yeah?

Mike:  Yeah.  This is a fucking gangster style game.  You can win a half million dollars here!   Find that place inside of you, that hard place, the dark place...

Ian doesn't have one, he says, and seems almost teary as he says he's not there for the money.  He's there for the experience and the grand prize doesn't mean anything to him.  He's there so he can go to Wikipedia and see his name next to BB14.

Mike:  Well, if that's what motivates you...grab on to it.

This is a hard conversation to have and Mike is doing a great job being firm, but in a nice tone.  If you had your ear to the door and couldn't hear Mike's words, I don't think you'd know that Mike is scolding Ian.  That's a good skill.

Now Mike tells Ian to imagine having grad school funded and knowing it's all set.....

Ian looks so young and sad.  He knows we're watching.

Mike:  And I don't know what the words would be, or the delivery of it, but you need to start letting people know what's going on with you.  You can't expect them to read your mind.  You've got to tell them you're nervous.  Find more moments, like Ashley, and just chill.   When people ask you what your favorite meal is, ask them what their favorite meal is.  People ask a lot of questions to you because they are fascinated, but I rarely hear you fire one back.

Mike lets him know that everything he is telling Ian is in his best interest.  He's not trying to make Ian feel badly or have regrets...he's trying to help him he can't be so defensive all the time.

Mike:  I'm not at Defcon 5 yet, but I'm at Defcon 3.  I'd rather have this conversation now, then a week from now when you're up against somebody who wins the POV and everybody likes them.

***Did you know that Ian is one of the people who maintains the Wikipedia Big Brother page?***

Apparently Ian put some sort of stuffed duck on his head during the nomination ceremony.  Ian doesn't see the problem, but Mike points out that it was insensitive to them and it was like wearing a clown suit to a funeral.

Wil and Joe Compare Notes #BB14

There is a mini-Team Janelle meeting in the Chess Room.

Wil chokes and says the water "went down the wrong pipe".

Wil says he has had it.

Wil:  Aren't you, like tired of people like JoJo and Ian talking only about themselves?  Aren't you, like tired of it?

Joe laughs.  Wil whispers that he's pretty sure Ian is going to "do something for the camera" during the Mentor Ceremony--or maybe the POV Ceremony. Not sure.

**I'm impressed with how Wil is conducting himself.  I was expecting him to really show out in a bad way.  But how ironic for Wil to talk about Ian putting on a show for the camera!  If' you've seen one of his YouTube videos, you'd understand.**

If you don't know what I mean, check this out. Enjoy.

Shane and the Ladies #BB14

Shane is lounging rather close to Danielle in the corner of the bathroom, with Kara and JoJo chatting as well.

They are rehashing the competition.  JoJo wishes she could have watched it--as the host she was out there with the competitors but wasn't allowed to see it.

Did you see Shane's foot?  If you blinked, you missed it.

Kara Stresses Out #BB14

She is putting on make up and is whispering to Danielle about what Wil said about Willie...

Kara:  Why would he say that?  Why would Willie say that?

Danielle whispers about trying to avoid someone.  Kara mumbles about it too.  Are they talking about Shane?  Maybe. Or Ian..I couldn't tell.

Yes, yes....I know.  I think that is the first foot of the BB14 live feeds.   Shout out to all of the feet people.  I know you're out there.

Ashley's Back from Wherever She Went #BB14

Kara finally finished her sandwich and asked Danielle if she wants to go to their room to eat it.  They want to talk but don't want to talk in front of Jenn, who is in the lounge room.  (don't know the name yet)

Kara sits on the floor and she and Danielle start talking to Ashley.  Well, Danielle talks and Kara eats.  She doesn't eat slowly, as much as carefully. 
That room would drive me crazy if I had to stay in there.  I guess that's why it is punishment.    When they came in Ashley was getting up and obviously struggling to move.  Her movements are that slow ramrod-straight movements that you have when the pain is excruciating.  She is trying to make small talk and move about normally, hiding it, but you can tell it is killing her.

She is headed into one of the bedrooms to take a nap in one of the beds--they are allowed to do that during the day, I think.  She stops at the door and breathes slowly.  I think she is dying inside.  (If you've hurt your back, you know....) 
She went into the next bedroom and eased down on the bed, appearing to hold her breath.  When she sat down she just sank into it and slowly lowered herself down.  Joe is just getting up from his nap across the room.

They are both silent.

Kara and Wil Chat #BB14

as they linger in the storage room.  Wil told Kara that Willie asked him if he wanted Kara to go this week.  This worries Kara (of course) but Wil tries to comfort her.  The two of them are good friends but they feel like they can't hang around because of appearances in the game.

Wil's voice is always so stagey, but I think he must talk like that all of the time.  I can't imagine him ever being boring.  And look at Kara---she really is going out of her way to look like crap, huh?

Wil does a little dance around the storage room.  I've heard previous house guests say that all of that produce ends up spoiling.  Ragan said by the time they get it, it's already half-gone. Wil did grab some of the broccoli's to take to the kitchen.

They went in the kitchen and Kara made herself a sandwich.  Wil tried the ice dispenser---they think someone came in to fix it because now the ice is just pouring out.

Wil squeals while the ice pours out:  It's like winning the slot machine!

Well, it's no wonder Kara is so skinny.  It took her forever to put  that sandwich together.  She is happy that there is now more Diet Coke in the storage room.

Wil:  Yes!  Now we can drink these chemicals and get cancer in style!

(ha ha ha)