Thursday, July 12, 2012

What Are People Searching For Now? #BB14

Ashley Iocco has been the most popular search topic in the past hour.  It's calming down now, but at one point searches for her were nearly half of the list.

Janelle's husband is a curiousity, too......

Strange that no one is looking for Kara.  They didn't mention the Playmate connection, did they?

Boobsterbating?  What the hell?

Mentors and Teams #BB14

The Mentors had to choose teams very soon after meeting the newbies.  Janelle and Boogie giggled in the living room about Willie Hantz.  They know he is related to Russell and neither of them want him on their team.

Mentor:  Janelle Pierzina  (BB6, BB7 Allstars)


Mentor:  MIke "Boogie" Malin  (BB2, Winner BB7 Allstars)


Mentor:  Dan Gheesling  (Winner BB10)


Mentor:  Britney Haynes (BB12)


 Jodi was picked last and is in Dan's group.  The 12 house guests must vie for 11 keys.  The coach has to nominate the HOH for winning teams, or choose who is going home on the losing team.

Ian Knows a Hantz When He Sees One #BB14

CBS posted a video clip on their website today that shows Ian Terry knew what was up with Willie Hantz the first time he opened his mouth.  You can see the short clip here

Good to see that Ian is indeed no dummy.  What will he do with this information?

Happy Hour on SuperPass - Premier Night #BB14

This is a Super Sized Happy Hour show in honor of the Big Brother 14 premier tonight.  The show started out with just Missy and Spicy and I can tell they are drinking real drinks.  

The show started and they basically started going through all of the house guests and making comments.  They are not holding back when they don't like someone.  Missy makes the statement that she is going to judge the house guests by their game and their conduct in the house.  She doesn't want them to watch this later and get mad about it.

They have varied opinions about the house guests and there is some good-natured ribbing.  They talked for about an hour and then took a short break.  When they returned Laremy is there wearing a sombrero, and Chelsia Hart (BB9) is there as well.  Laremy was the SuperPass guy who interviewed the house guests this year, and is apparently going to take more of an on-camera role this year.  He also has some distinct opinions and is not shy about sharing them, so that is refreshing.

Chelsia talks about that tote bag---in order to raise money for a good charity she is going to have each of the house guests evicted sign it, and then she will auction it off at the end of the season.  I think there is another bag just like it that Jeff and Jordan are going to sign, or something like that.  It is a cute pink bag so be on the look out for it if you are interested.

Chelsia is very slim, calm and beautiful and it is amazing how she has grown up over the years.  I think she is angling for a management role at RealNetworks or something like that.

Spicy is getting lit and her voice is louder, she is giving loud shout outs and doing the Vickie Gunvalson "Whoo  Hoo" quite a bit.  It is fun.  I would do some drinking myself but this is going to be a long night and I have to pace myself.

My goal is to somehow stay awake until the feeds go live at 1:00 am EST tomorrow morning.  I'm not gonna lie, that is going to be tough.  It's great to see the CBS show on East Coast time, but the stretch of time we have to wait until the feeds go live is excruciating every year. 

I am so excited about this season.  If you are new to my website, I write live feed updates and plan to cover this season in detail.  I also subscribed to Evel Dick's webcast so I will recap those here as well.  You can follow me on Twitter (button on the left somewhere) ---each update that I make here is linked to my Tweets.

Is Someone Getting Evicted Tonight? #BB14

Oh no they didn't!  Big Brother Access got out their detective hats today and analyzed the clues CBS threw out there today.  CBS posted some pictures of tonight's show earlier today, and this is one of them.  Note that tonight's show is not a live show---it was taped over the past week as the house guests moved in, had their first HOH and food competitions, etc.

Big Brother Access noted that this studio set up is the one used for evictions---this is July standing in front of the "Eviction Couch".  Here is how summarized their findings.
I think that photo caption sums it up, right?  I think this would definitely add to the excitement, and I'm not sure that the 12 house guests we have met are the only house guests who will be playing the game this year.  I'm hoping CBS has some tricks up their sleeve that we don't know about...

I also want to say that Julie Chen looks especially beautiful, and is rocking that orange jumpsuit with flair.  Has La Chen had some work done recently?  Hmmm.

Here is the link to the Big Brother Access post where they disclose their evidence...

Here are a few more pictures--this is from the first HOH competition and I think it explains where Ian got his teddy bear.  I think Big Brother does a great job with the competition props. 

And here are three house guests I think are guaranteed to stir up some drama this summer, Jenn, JoJo and Willie Hantz. 
The speculation is that Kalia Jodi Rollins is the one getting the boot tonight.  Hmmm.  It would suck to be a fan like Jodi and get evicted so early, but I think this might be a good thing for the live feed viewers.  Just a guess.  I don't want to start rumors, but check out Danielle and Frank enjoying an intimate laugh over there at the breakfast bar.

And here are four newbies entering the house for the first.  Check out Wil's long locks flowing in the air.  Frank's curly locks seem to be catching a breeze as well. 

And here is some mingling in the kitchen.  Look at Joe staring at he thinking, "where do I know you from?"

How thrilled is Frank to be there?  He is a Super Fan and this has got to be an experience he will never forget.  I have to say, I'm Team Frank, yo. (A Jessie Pinkman reference, if you don't know, yo.)

Evel Dick Sandwiches - Blast From the BB8 Wrap Party

I found these pictures while I was doing research for my Drew Daniel post.  They are from the Big Brother 8 wrap party festivities, after Evel Dick walked away with the $500,000 prize.

First a BB6-BB7 Sandwich, with Janelle and Howie.  As a bonus, Janelle is holding Mr. Bear, her Pomaranian doggie. (I have no idea how to spell that.) 

Who is more handsy in this picture, Evel Dick with his paws on Janie, or Howie who appears to caress Dick's tattoo sleeve?

And here is an entirely different Evel Dick sandwich.  These are two of Dick's BB8 victims co-stars.  There is Amber on the left (i.e. Whaaamber), and Dustin.  Evel Dick pulled off one of the best blind sides in Big Brother history by kicking Dustin out when he thought he was running things.  Dick's strategy was to evict the acting leader of the opposing alliance every week.  And that strategy worked pretty well, I'd say. 

Dustin made it easy for Dick to identify him as the leader, since he was walking around the house wearing a crown.

Let's Skip Down Memory Lane with Drew Daniel

Some of you may remember this picture from the Big Brother 5 memory wall.  Drew Daniel won Big Brother 5 by shrewdly taking the snaggle-tooth halfwit "Cowboy" with him to the live finale, rather than his showmance victim, Diane Henry.

I think I actually cried for Diane a little, seeing her genuine shock when Drew cruelly evicted her without any advance notice on the live show.  And it didn't get any better for Diane sitting on the Eviction Couch with Julie Chen, holding back sobs as she realized what just happened.

 Big Brother 5 was famous for the Twin Twist, where twin sisters Adria and Natalie were able to switch in and out of the house without being detected for the first 7 weeks of the game.  To complicate matters even more, there were two houseguests who each had identical twins, Drew and Diane Henry.  Here is a picture of these twins in the Big Brother backyard after the end of the BB5 season.
That's Diane with  the Getty Images overlay on her pink poncho (sorry about that) and Drew and Ben Daniel standing over them.

Such happy days.  Except for Diane getting dumped and all...

Drew pursued a career in acting.  Back in those days, the entire Big Brother cast actually thought it would be easy to have a show business career.  That was before reality TV was on every network and cable channel, every night.  Drew appeared on The Bold & The Beautiful.  Here he is with his script.

And here he is with some handsome men who must be members of the cast.  I do recognize the guy on the left as Ridge Forrester, who was one of the Big Cheese Actors on The Bold and the Beautiful.  I think Ridge called the shots on that show.
And here is our Drew with Quentin Tarantino, and some other guy, taken in 2009 per IMDB.  Drew still looks all shiny and hopeful here.  Unlike Quentin, who appears to be on the far side of a few six packs.
So how did we get from there, to here?  It's only been three years, and Drew is only 30 years old.  What could have gone so wrong?

If you don't know, Drew was arrested for 'domestic violence' by assaulting a man in his home on July 2, 2012.  He didn't go quietly, however, and required a good stiff tasering before they could cuff him up and corral him in the squad car.  Unfortunately for Drew, this is the most publicity he's had for a long time.  He even made TMZ--you can read about it here.

Drew picked a bad time to be naughty.  It just so happens that all of the Big Brother fans are online at least 25 hours a day right now in anticipation of the BB14 premiere tonight.

Does anybody know what happened to Drew?  Here is his IMDB page.  It looks like he dropped out of sight after working on the movie "He's Such a Girl".  Hmmm.  I'm not familiar with that film, are you?

Being the nosy FeedWatcher I am,  I also poked around for some information regarding Ben Daniel, Drew's twin brother.  Other than Ben's own rather sparse IMDB page, I came up with nada.

Looking on the bright side, at least Drew didn't chew that guy's face off or anything.  Who knew Drew knew how to fight like this, and was so agro?  I know I might go to hell for saying it, but it's kind of hot.  Big Mean Tasered Drew is kind of hot in a sweaty, Shut-Up-or-I'll-Slap-You way.  But I've always had a thing for the Bad Boys.

The Glass House Loses More Eyeballs

The fiasco that is The Glass House on ABC continued it's downhill slide this week, although the dip was small then last week.  I reported the season ratings for the season as of last week here.

The episode that aired last Monday, July 9th, had a 1.0 share of the 18 - 49 year old audience, with a total of 2.8 million viewers.  Last week the share was the same, but the number of viewers was 2.83 million viewers.

Look on the bright side ABC, maybe those .03 million viewers died, or fell and couldn't get up.  Maybe it's not your fault.

Kenny Rosen  might want to contact Evel Dick to see if he has a job for him, since Dick has spoken favorably of working with Kenny on Big Brother.

No word yet on whether this show will involve Dr. Drew.  Just kidding Dick.  Kind of....