Wednesday, July 11, 2012

BB5's Drew Daniel has a Bad Day, and is Going Bald

According to this article, Drew Daniel is still in law school.  You know, I've heard rumors here and there about Drew over the years, but he's kept things pretty quiet until now.

Drew was arrested for 'a domestic violence' incident at his home in Urbana, Illinois last week.  Drew actually charged the deputy who came to investigate the domestic violence report and needed to be Tasered.  Yes, tasered.  I don't know if you watched the BB5 live feeds, but I did and I didn't see any of this coming.

Well maybe some parts of it, but definitely not the violence part.  Nor the tasering...nor the balding.

Welcome to the Big Brother Hall of Shame, Drew.  Somewhere, Diane Henry is smiling into her plate of hummus.

***Thanks Missyae***

Production Test Leaks....The Drama Builds #BB14

***Caution***  If you don't want to know some of the Big Surprises that will be revealed on tomorrow night's premiere of Big Brother 14, STOP right now, turn around and leave.

Everyone with a stake in this season's show is testing their equipment, getting ready to go live tomorrow night. In fact, last night around 11:00 PM EST I downloaded and tested BBLite live feed viewing software and was shocked to see them testing their own streams with footage from last year's opening feed stream.  (You can read about that here.)  BTW the same thing is streaming now if you use BBLite--the whole "where is Evel Dick drama" from BB13 is unfolding all over again.

Well, about 4 hours later SuperPass starting testing their own live feed stream, and leaked some of the quad camera shots of the action inside the Big Brother house.  Big Brother Buddy had the sharp eye and was alert for some reason (or on auto pilot) and captured six shots for the fans.  I believe the shots were captured every fifteen minutes.

Thanks to for sharing with the world.

Here we can see one of the bedrooms and Dan is lounging on the bed, chatting with the lovely Kara.  Jenn is walking around and appears to be rocking a red Pat Benetar-style headband.

The swirly room is the Have Not room, I think.  I don't think I will be able to watch a lot of live feed action of the Have Not room this year if I have had too much red wine.  It looks like it will lead us all to vomiting...good thing they are often hungry in that room.  Will is rocking his shirtless look in the Storage Room with Frank, and Kara has moved to the Have Not room and appears to be talking to JoJo, who is rocking a halter-type sundress and what looks like stilettos.  You go JoJo.  Work it girl.

And here is Mike Boogie making a truly Boogie-esque hand gesture in the Have Not room.  Large and in charge in his straw hat.  Joe is sitting in the HOH that Willie Hantz laying in the HOH bed?  That doesn't mean he is HOH though.  I am often shocked at how they all just get in the bed when they enter that room, even getting under the covers.  That is just so intimate to me but whatever.

That's not Leif Garret in there---that is Frank in the Have Not room talking to JoJo who appears to be under the covers.  And Ashley is chilling in the HOH room with a large group, probably buttering up the HOH, whoever that may be.

And...wait for it...IT IS JANELLE in the Have Not room with her trademark wet Big Brother hair!.  Ah, I am a happy Feed Watcher now that I am sure Janelle is there.  And yes, there is Willie Hantz himself laying in the HOH bed.  If Willie did win this week, I think we are in for a treat, drama-wise.  So far I have seen both Janelle and Dan in the Have Not room chatting, so I don't think we can conclude whose team lost the Food Competition.

And there's Ian, clutching what may be a teddy bear in the Have Not room.  You're a looong way from home Ian.  The Super Fans need you to step it up bitch. Please.  Joe is chilling in the HOH room.  He looks like a Regular Guy.  I'll bet he and Willie would be going fishing or something in the real world this weekend.  And burping and farting galore.  All the Regular Guy stuff.

No sign of Britney or some other supposed Female mentor on the feeds.  But maybe she is there in the group shot--my eyesight is not that great right now.

Rumor Control with Dani and Rachel #BB14

The much-discussed 3rd and final of Rumor Control for the BB14 season was finally posted tonight on SuperPass.  Instead of being aired live, the show was taped earlier today and then posted.  Some people think this is some kind of ploy related to the Mentor Twist.

Maybe.  I'm kind of leaning towards technical problems at SuperPass. Just a guess.  I know watching the video has been a challenge....

This is the first show (that I'm aware of) to give us a look at Ellen Tailor, a new host at SuperPass this year.  Ellen chants "don't mess up...don't mess up" and Spicy jokes to get used to it. These two will host Happy Hour on Thursday along with Missy to drink margaritas and get ready for the Thursday show.

Rachel appears on screen.  She enjoyed her trip to Costa Rica but mentions that they got robbed the last day so the trip was bittersweet. 

Dani then appears and Spicy compliments her bright red lipstick.  Dani seems chipper and happy, which is nice.

Spicy asked them what the first few days in the BB house are like.  Rachel remembers Lawon putting together some sort of fashion show that they all participated in.  Dani chimes in that they all had fun and liked each other.  This was the first 5 days, before the live feeds started and then it looked like they all hated each other for the rest of the summer.  She mentions that they all celebrated Brendon's birthday and  got to know each other and it was fun.
Ellen asks what happens if you don't like the food in the house.  Rachel can't imagine that--there are so many choices and they make special concessions for people with food issues.  She mentions Kalia and how they bought "veggie patties" for her (Kalia went in the house saying she was a vegetarian last year.)  But then she does say that "if you don't like it you're screwed".  Dani says it does get boring eating the same old things every week.

Rachel says that you do hear the BB voice in the house from the first day because that is how you get called to the DR or get other instructions.  They can't remember if BB notifies them when the feeds go live, but they do tell you when Showtime comes on.  Rachel says that Adam was aware when the feeds went live and told everybody.

Dani mentions that "last year the feeds were delayed because of an incident".  I think she is referring to her dad, but the feeds started right on time, so I'm not sure what she meant.

Spicy asks if winning the first HOH is a curse.  Rachel said she and Hayden won the first HOH's in BB13 and BB12, respectively and they both won their seasons, so she nips that in the bud.  After Rachel won, she said it was great to get advice and feedback from Dani and Dick about who to nominate.  She pointed out that this was when she and Danielle "were besties".

Both of these girls are ready to represent today and are well-prepared to answer the questions.  Dani appears to have studied for it and gives a lot of examples to support her opinions.  She thinks that in the old days, it was bad to win the first HOH, but now it is okay.  You have two weeks to hang out in the HOH and spend one-on-one time with everybody.  You can use it to your advantage.

Dani says that it is hard to judge the new house guests based on just their interviews and profiles.  Rachel thinks Robin Kass does a great job with casting and the build up allows everyone to build a fan base.

Ellen jumps right in there by saying she is disappointed with the lack of good looking male houseguests.  Dani says that having a chef in the house would be great --Spicy likes Joe because he is her age.  Dani said that the looks wear off really fast and the qualities like cooking and cleaning the bathroom go a long way with the house mates over the long run.

Rachel says that there are two cute guys in the house.  She mentions she thinks "puka shell guy" will hook up and they all laugh. (Shane is going to regret that damn necklace !)

Ellen and Spicy want to do a Fantasy Draft with the house guests. Dani did this with her roommate for Top Chef recently and it was fun.

Ellen chose Kara the Playmate first. Spicy is glad she chose her because she didn't want her (me owww).  She wants Joe the Cook on her team.  Dani chooses Frank and Ellen and Spicy are shocked.  Dani supports her decision by saying that he seems like he will get along with everyone, but she's not sure about why he is unemployed at the age of 28.  She thinks having a famous dad will give him sort of advantage.  She thinks he's smart, but Ellen rips him by saying he's not smart enough to get a hair cut.

Rachel is also 28 and she struggles with getting a job, too, so she can sympathize.  She would choose to draft Ian because he is adorable and she would keep him around.  Dani pointed out she only likes Ian because Ian said Rachel was hot in one of his interviews.

Ellen goes there again by telling Dani that her boy Frank ripped her in an interview but Dani sticks with him, saying that people often draw the wrong conclusions from just watching someone on TV.

Rachel then gets to pick again so she picks Ashley.  Dani says Ashley seemed totally stoned in her interview (ha ha) and says it might be a great pick because no one is going to worry about her in the house and she could go far.  Rachel thinks the fact that she moved to West Hollywood by herself shows how brave she is.

Dani's second pick is Willie Hantz.  She has never met him, but she's met Russell and thought he got robbed by not winning Survivor.  She denies that Willie's praise of her in his SuperPass interview impacted her decision.  She thinks that Willie was coached by Russell and knows what he is doing.  He described a game similar to Shelly last year, and if he can pull it off he will win.

Rachel points out that people will figure out who he is and he will have a huge target on his back. Dani thinks he won't let it slip and is sure he is practicing keeping it a secret.

Now it's Spicy's turn and she picks Danielle (the Alabama nurse).  She thinks she has the brains, the looks and charisma to go far. 

Ellen picks Shane the houseflipper next.  She thinks he must have something going on and might be smart, but then she "gets judgey" about his hair.   Dani thinks if he is Mr. Cosmo for Vermont that he must be a douche.  Rachel thinks he will make the classic Big Brother mistake and get into a showmance and mess up his game.  She thinks he will hook up with Danielle because Kara is from the entertainment business and will know better. 

Dani points out that it's not always the girls playing the guys--in Season 5 Diane got played by Drew so it is possible that Shane could have a showmance  and come out a winner.

Now Ellen picks Jodi.  Dani says that Jodi is a server in a restaurant and everyone knows they run their mouth the entire time.  She thinks Jodi's game will get blown up since they've all seen that before.

Spicy picks Jenn and likes that she's a "lesbian rocker chick".  They all like her but Rachel thinks that the girls are all so girly that Jenn is going to be a target.  Dani thinks Jenn will get along great with the guys and that will let her coast with them for quite a while.

Now Dani has to pick from who is left.  There is no way she will pick Wil---she has seen his Speedo pictures and that is great but he is going to be way over the top and be seen as a fame whore.  So Dani takes JoJo because that is all she has. Spicy and Ellen don't like JoJo and think she is way too abrasive.  Dani agrees that because JoJo is a bartender "she is going to run her mouth". They agree that she is going to cause way too much drama which will be good for TV, but she is going to be on the edge every week.

Dani says that if JoJo gets to stay in the house, she will "become the next Rachel".  Rachel seems shocked by that but laughs anyway.

So now Rachel must choose Wil.  She looks on the bright side by saying he is funny and she thinks the others will be entertained by him.  He will try to keep the other targets like JoJo and will try to evict the better players. She doesn't think Wil can win, but it is possible he could go far.

Dani compares him to Joe Barber from BB8 or Lawon from BB13 because they are funny in the house but have no longevity because they aren't playing the game to win.

Who on their teams do they pick to win?

Rachel picks Ian because he will be good at endurance comps like Dani is. Dani thinks he will be thinking too far ahead due to his intelligence and will make mistakes that way.  He can tell just one person that he knows the game and that person will tell everybody else.  She sees it every year.

Dani picks Frank as the winner.  She says she is two for two picking winners for BB10 and BB11.  She  tells Rachel that this is the first year she is watching as a former player and it is surreal to watch people play the game and have insight into it.  Rachel is already tripping out by reading all of the websites and interviews--she was a fan before, but wasn't as involved in the BB community as she thinks she will be this year.  Dani says turning on the live feeds is crazy too, because you can't help thinking, "oh no, they show that!".

Dani says she went in the DR last year with all of these strategic thoughts about what everybody was doing and the DR people kind of pointed out that Dani was thinking too far ahead for the other house guests.

Spicy picks Joe to win, with Danielle as a back up.  She says Joe is a "big guy, and he eats" and Dani points out that if he aligns with people who can win the competitions (endurance) he can win.

Ellen picks Kara to win and Rachel disputes this.  Kara doesn't even seem like she cares about the game.  Rachel brings up Dani last year, and how she would tell everyone, I'm going to win!  And she would.  Rachel thinks you need that kind of desire to win and Kara doesn't have it.

Ellen googled her and saw some skin and says if she looked like that she would do it, too.  Dani points out that every summer there are models who only want to lay out and hang around and she thinks Kara could be that girl.  She mentions Jen Johnson from BB8 who could have played to win, but just wanted to take the summer off. 

Rachel can't wait to lurk in the chat rooms and get involved with all of the action.