Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Testing, 123..... #BB14

I don't know about you, but I'm in Countdown Mode for Thursday night's premiere.  One of the items on my list of things to do was to download BBLite and install it for this year's live feeds.  BBLite is freeware that allows you to easily take snapshots of the screen for live feeds, as well as a one-stop shop for logging on to SuperPass.

Once installed, the screen opened with this shot, just minutes ago.

My heart stopped.  Rachel Reilly is in the Big Brother house, and this is a scoop.  Someone messed up and is broadcasting a live stream from the Big Brother house, before the scheduled kick-off. 

Then I realized this is eerily familiar, confirmed when Porsche appeared.

These are the opening scenes from last year's BB13 live feeds.  The season opened with Rachel and Porsche whispering in the storage room about the nominations.  Then continued with the entire house wondering what happened to Evel Dick.

Even the Fish Tank ("FISH") is a welcome sight at this point.

Dom, Jordan, Dani, Kalia, Jeff...it's a walk down Memory Lane.

As fun as it is to look back, I'm ready to move forward...

Big Brother Fans are Sleuthy... #BB14

Thank you to the Anonymous reader who sent me the link to the following CBS video.  They pointed out that the backdrop behind the new house guests is similar to the back drop behind Rachel during the 2nd episode of Rumor Control last week.

Here is what Rachel looked like on Rumor Control:

And here are a few stills from the CBS video.  The back drop is not identical, but the lighting is different.  If Rachel was lit for a commercial, the results might be persuasive, huh?

Do you think that is Ian's Sexy Look?  Oh dear...

The CBS video also features some black-and-white pictures of the mentors holding signs.  I think I recognize Britney's fingernails, but I'm not sure.  At this point I'm totally confused about the strategy--are they good and evil Mentors?  Or just fan favorites?  

I guess we will soon see!  You can see the CBS video for yourself here.  What do you think?

Newbie Preview - Meet Willie Hantz, Reality Legacy #BB14

Meet Willie Hantz, one of the lucky newbies cast for Big Brother 14.    This is a recap of a SuperPass interview that is exclusive Real Network content.  All of the SuperPass house guest interviews, all sorts of original content, and of course the live feeds can be right at your fingertips and on your computer screens if you sign up at the link in the upper left corner of this webpage.  The Early Bird Special offer of $29.99 for three months is only available through tomorrow night at 10:00 PM EST (January 11th) so hurry now and get 'er done.  The live feeds will crank up for the year at midnight, EST on July 13th, or 9:00 pm PST on July 12th.

It's almost here!  So exciting!

OK.  Here we go.

1.  If you don't know that Willie Hantz is on Big Brother, then you are surely in the minority of Big Brother Super Fans.  Willie is the younger brother of the infamous Russell Hantz, who has appeared on three seasons of Survivor but has yet to win Survivor's $1,000,000 prize.  He might have won the first time, in the finals, except the other players hated him so much that he did not get any votes.  Russell always seems to forget about the social game...like Big Brother, it's not enough to get to the end, you have to win the votes from the people you beat to win the prize.

2.  So Willie Hantz is well aware of this, going into Big Brother.

3.  Although I am recapping Willie's SuperPass interview several days after it was posted, I have already discussed Willie's casting in the following places.  He has been chipping away at my initial disgust over his casting and has just about won me over, if you can't tell from the progression here..

4.  Willie is certainly reminiscent of his brother Russell, but one of the main differences is that he does not come off as cocky as Russell, nor as superficially evil.   I'd like to think that if I were a BB14 house guest I would be able to spot a Hantz from across the storage room, but I think your judgement is impacted once you are in the house.  Remember BB5?  The Fitness Twins Adria and Natalie were similar, but one had a facial mole and the other didn't, and one had a booty that was at least 2 sizes larger than the other, but none of the other house guests suspected that they were twins tag-teaming each other in the Diary Room and switching places daily.  So anything is possible, I guess.

5.  Willie tells us he has been a "tankerman" for a long time, and it is a hard job.  A tankerman basically works on the oil docks and loads and unloads oil barges.  It is boring and tedious, but that is Willie's profession.

6.  Willie admits he is a big gambler, and has won and lost a lot of money over the years, losing more than he has won.  He is a risk taker in his real life and will be a risk taker in the BB game as well.

7.  His strategy is to get people in the house to hate each other, but to stay out of it so that people don't know he is the shit starter in the house.  He predicts that "people are definitely going to hate me when this game is over".  He's not there to make friends though, he's there to win a half million dollars.  He will be playing the Alpha Male role, but his goal is for no one to know that. He will not belittle people or let them know he is playing them.  Willie is going to lie, people, it's in his blood.

8.  He doesn't care if he has to go on slop or has to "sleep on the floor".  To win a half million dollars he can do both of those things forever if necessary.  To Willie, the more miserable the house is, the better it will be for him.  (Sounds like you don't want Willie on your Food Comp team.)

9.  He is certain to yell at people in the house and lose his temper, but he will try to contain himself as long as he can and not make rash decisions. He thinks that might be his downfall, if he loses.  People will drive him crazy with their paranoia.  Willie mentions the "other people on his team" worrying about everything---does that indicate that he knew in advance about the Mentor Twist teams?  Hmmm.  Interesting.  Willie feels that it will be impossible to make him cry in the house.

10.  He thinks he can do well in competitions, but may not win on purpose.  As far as the first HOH competition goes, if he thinks he can win it, he will go all out to win it.  If he thinks he can't win, he will bail out close to the halfway point.

11.  He likes to drink, but since "one beer ain't going to get him drunk" he's not going to drink in the house and let somebody else have that beer, get drunk, and do something stupid. (Smart strategy, if you can do it.)

12.  He's not very tidy.  He's not filthy, he showers, but he's not going to pick up or clean up after other people.

13.  If he wins, Willie admits he will probably "blow the money".  (You may recall Dr. Will said almost exactly the same thing when he was "campaigning" to the jury during BB2, and he won...)

14.  Willie has watched BB2, 10, 11, 12 and 13.  I would classify this as a Big Brother fan who studied before coming in the house, but Willie has been thinking about this.  He's no Fan Boy, and that may be to his advantage in the house.

15.  His favorite player is Dani Danato--I guess he is basing that on BB13 since he has not watched BB8.  He thinks she did a great job working with what she had.  He was not a fan of Adam, since Adam didn't make any big moves--he has no respect for that game.  He mentions that he doesn't think he would work well with Dominic (BB13) because they wouldn't bond.  He also admires Russell's game from BB11.  He didn't win, but everyone was terrified of him and they were scared to nominate him.  Willie thinks this is brilliant and he wouldn't want to live with him for a week after nominating him, either.

16.  Willie is not a fan of animals.  He wouldn't have them in his house because they are dirty and stink.  (Look who's talking?)

17.  His favorite movies are comedies.  He just saw 21 Jump Street and loved it.  He doesn't read and says in fact he can barely read and doesn't have the patience for it.  He names So You Thnk You Can Dance as one of his favorite TV shows and doesn't know why he loves it so much.  Yes, he does watch Survivor too.

18.  He loves all types of music, particularly hip hop.  He proves this by listing favorite artists like Celine Dion, Michael Bolton, Eminem, and L'il Wayne.

19.  He will miss eating some good Louisiana gumbo this summer.

20.  He would love to see somebody like Rachel in the house because she would accomplish his goals for him.  She's crazy and he wants people to cause chaos in the house.  He would kiss her ass and tell her she's great and sit back and watch.

21.  He finally mentions who his brother is when they are discussing Survivor.  (I watched Laremy the SuperPass interviewer on Rumor Control and he said that the interview was almost finished before he discovered Willie was a Hantz.) He says Russell was "one of the biggest villains ever" but Willie thinks that he can do better than Russell did.  Russell would "kick people when they were down" but Willie wouldn't do that.  He acknowledges that Russell had good strategy and was one of the best player ever, but he didn't "do it softly".

22.  Willie will miss the day-to-day freedoms of "going to the convenience store" but he will get over it. He wants to win the money and is not there to make friends.  He will not dominate the game physically, but he might dominate the game mentally.  He's going to "win if he has to" on a weekly basis.

23.  If he's in a good situation in the house, there is no way he will open Pandora's Box.  He mentions Porsche who opened the box in BB12 and messed up her game (true).

24.  He loves the ladies, but he would not have a showmance because it seems like the men who do are always the target to go home first.  He mentions Jeff and Brendon as examples of this, summarizing that he will not have a showmance, but "if he can get away with it one night...."  He admits he has a girlfriend but says she knows he will use his charm in the house.  He realizes he has screwed up and says "Oh shit" and he and Laremy laugh about being in trouble before the game even begins.

25.  When asked to promote the live feeds, Willie tells us he will put on a show to "make the summer go faster" and then pauses before letting us know we "might see him nekkid".

 FEEDWATCHER FORECAST:  I think the key to Willie's success in the house depends on not being recognized.  Being recognized as a Hantz may not get him evicted immediately, but it won't help his game.  If there is indeed a lot of drama swirling around everyone else, it could postpone the inevitable for Willie until he can start to win some challenges.  It is rumored that one of the Mentors knew about Willie before the game started, but I don't know if that is true, or what the impact would be.  

Unlike other years, there is not a lot of male physical force to worry about this year in the challenges (I assume...).  That will help Willie, but some of those girls sound like they are there to raise some hell in the challenges.  Can Willie beat the girls?  If not, can he handle it in a way that will not get him booted immediately?  We shall see.

I'm sure CBS and AGP have the "family package" for Willie Hantz ready to air in the first week since he may not be there very long.

I hate to say it, but I see Willie leaving the house before Jury.  If so, maybe CBS will find a way to bring him back in.  Hell, if what I am hearing about them being worried about the lack of chemistry in the house is true, they may even bring the cast of Magic Mike in to stir some things up.  (Just kidding ladies.)

Who Will Be Willie's Mentor?  Mike Boogie is the man there.  Evil times two can be deadly.

Rumor Control - The Plot Thickens.... #BB14

Last night, I reported that today's scheduled broadcast of Rumor Control was cancelled due to "scheduling conflicts".  You can read about that here.

I got the information about the show being cancelled from Twitter, but the fact that Missy from Real Networks is the person that retweeted it gave me some comfort that the information was accurate.

FYI the originally-scheduled show with Dani Donato and Rachel Reilly would be airing right now, since it was to start at 3:00 PM EST.  So imagine my surprise to see the following tweet just moments ago.

Turns out, you can tweet your questions for the ladies and the show will not be taped live.  Instead, they are going to post it up online later today.

Hmmmm.  I was able to confirm this by going to SuperPass, where I saw this:

So, is Dani in the house?  Is Rachel in the house?  Is Britney in the house?

Is somebody taping their part of the show in the Diary Room?  Or do they just want us to think that..

Who is in the damn house?  I guess we'll have to wait and see...the intrigue continues...

What is Big Brother Alum James Rhine Up To?

James Rhine was one of my favorite Big Brother house guests (BB6 & BB7 All Stars).  Not only was he a handsome piece of eye candy by the pool, he was brilliantly devious and was unafraid to play both sides against each other.  He is a risk-taker who didn't win, but he made things more exciting.

If you didn't watch the live feeds, you may not have heard James in his element.  He didn't just sit around and pick his nose during the down time.  He was involved in real conversations about real things with other house guests who were up for the challenge.  James is very interested in world events and politics, and has informed opinions about all sorts of topics. 

You may not agree with all of his opinions, but you feel wiser for having listened, and might be inspired to do a little research on the topic.

So it is really no surprise that James has created an opportunity for himself where he gets to do what he does best, discuss relevant issues with other informed, good-looking people.  And enjoy what looks like some scrumptious high-end food and drink.

His show, 3 Guys in a Booth, airs on the NBC Nonstop channel, which is visible in nine major markets in the US.  An episode also airs every night in Chicago, apparently, since that is the show's home base.

I'm not able to watch the show where I live, but I did just view some excerpts on their website.  (You can do the same here.)

One of the excerpts I watched features James' friend Howie Gordon (BB6 & BB7 All Stars).  I just watched a snippet from that show, where James was passionately discussing a recent Chicago incident involving a traffic ticket that cost the local taxpayers over a million dollars.  As you might guess, Howie had nothing to say.  Not a word.  I guess he was waiting for a topic where he could talk about boobies.  There Howie is below, imitating a bump on a log.  And still wearing a tank top--that's Howie.
Jeff Schroeder (BB11, BB13) has been on a few episodes, too.  I don't know if Jeff had informed opinions about the topics discussed, but I did see him enthusiastically  tweeting about a piece of fish he enjoyed while appearing on the show.  Escolar, I think it was.

If you want to refresh your memory about James Rhine, his bio is below.  If you are able to view his show in your local market, you will likely come away with some new ideas and information.  And from what I've seen you will be very hungry...