Monday, July 9, 2012

Tomorrow's Rumor Control Broadcast is Cancelled #BB14

And I can just hear Alison Grodner cackling madly as the rumors swirl and swirl.  Cancelling the show is only going to add to the anticipation and speculation, and she knows it.

This was the original promo that mentioned tomorrow's Rumor Control show on Superpass, featuring Dani Donato and Rachel Reilly.

According to a tweet that circulated earlier this evening, the show has been cancelled due to the ever-popular "scheduling conflict".

Needless to say, this is not the way to control rumors....

Here are the links to my recaps of the BB14 Rumor Control shows that have occurred to date this year.

And from the FeedWatcher Archives, recaps of last year's Rumor Control episodes.

BB13 Rumor Control Episode #1 (with Ragan and Dani)

Memo to Ragan Fox: Don't F*ck with Evel Dick #BB14

I'm not even clear on whether Ragan has addressed Evel Dick directly or not.  Apparently CBS held some sort of online poll regarding who the fans considered the best Big Brother players.  And Ragan was upset that Dr. Will beat him in the poll.

I'm not even going to react to that.  I'll let Evel Dick react and just sit back and be entertained.

Wow.  I don't follow Ragan on Twitter.  I feel like following him would make me a huge hypocrite because I have trashed him on this website.

Plus, I respect his obvious intelligence, but I don't care what he has to say.  It isn't fun, and isn't funny.

Recently Ragan posted a 10,140 character tweet about how he is not going to watch Big Brother this year, and doesn't want to hear about Big Brother this year either.  @BBAllSummerLong was kind enough to share it with me. So I will share it with you.

zzzzZZZZzzzzzz  Oh sorry, I dozed off there.

OK, one more snippet from Evel Dick's tweets.

I'm telling you Evel Dick is laugh out loud funny, and so are his funny followers.  I will gladly give him $9.99 for access to his podcasts.

Let's Catch Up with Mr. Spoiler, Missyae #BB14

His Big Brother Whispers Facebook has hundreds of members now and they have been playing some sort of game, having fun in the Pre Season.

Some newsy excerpts from his Twitter are below.

Among other things:

*  He is of the belief that Britney Haynes is on the Mentor Team now.  He looked at the poolside pictures (you can see that here) and drew that conclusion from the petite pair of legs hiding behind the towel.  I love Britney, but they must be backing off from their Good/Bad Mentor plans, because how is she the villain?  She was the broken-hearted BB12 player that got blindsided and jilted by The Brigade!  (I used to call her Britney Benet Ramsey when she did her pageant schtick.)

*  Wil Heuser is apparently a grumpy, moody little bitch.  I can hardly wait!

*  Missyae is a little testy with the fans now.  I don't think he had any idea how tenacious and ravenous we are for information.  And some of us need several "coats of paint" before we grasp the issues at hand, right?  He is having to repeat himself over and over...and over.

Not sure what happened to the rumors of a Survivor player entering the game this year.  I was hoping and not hoping to see Boston Rob, if you know what I mean.

I can't believe it's finally here!  Just a few days away!

Newbie Preview - Meet Jodi Rollins, NOT a Floater #BB14

Meet Jodi Rollins, one of the lucky newbies cast for Big Brother 14.  Only about 72 hours left-- 3 days--before the CBS show premieres, and the SuperPass Early Bird Offer expires.  Be sure to lock yourself in at the 3-month sale price of $29.99 before then.  Or pay a little more later, your choice.  You can get the ball rolling on your own live feed stream by clicking on the icon in the upper left side of this webpage.

OK.  Here we go.

1.  Jodi is a 42 year old who is a newlywed--she got married 9 months ago, and has 5 step-kids.  In this interview she did not discuss any details around that situation, but I know I would have quite a few questions for her about that.  She does proclaim loudly that there will be no showmancing for her this year, since she is married.

2.  How many stepchildren does Jodi have?  Five, yes five.

3. Jodi is very articulate and enthusiastic.   She actually might be a native Californian, because I can't detect any other traces of accent.  The town she lives in Calipatria is fun to pronounce, but sounds like it is out in the desert---an hour south of L.A and two hours east of San Diego (or something like that).

 4.  Jodi describes herself as a Big Brother Super Fan.  She shows us the pyramid structure of the Fandom, and shows us that she is right there at the top, with Rachel Reilly right beneath her. (?)   She watches the live feeds, she goes on all of the websites, and she also watches Showtime's Big Brother After Dark.  And she has watched every single season on CBS, and now she is going to live it.  She can't wait to get in the house and touch things, see how big the swimming pool is, and even make some lifelong friends if she can. 

5.  She says she visits Jokers, but she says that hesitantly, like there was a question mark at the end of the name.  So that was a little strange.  She also mentioned "a new website called Realitea", and didn't seem 100% sure of that.  She goes on the message boards and chat rooms and greets other posters that she remembers from last year.  Jodi extols the virtues of the live feeds and how great they are.  She loves how you can flashback the feeds to see the fights, and "what Lane did".  She admits she is a nerd.  (Me too, Jodi.)

[SuperPass clearly had Laremy ask each house guest about their live feed habits, and to do a sales pitch for us. Some of them are more natural about this than others.  I feel Jodi's enthusiasm, but she laid it on a little too thick, I think.]

6.  She thinks she will have to disclose that she is a Big Brother fan in the house, because otherwise they will figure it out and when you get caught lying in the BB house, you will be sorry.

7.  She backs up her knowledge of all things Big Brother by mentioning  past Big Brother players she doesn't like.  She mentions Shannon (BB2) and her nasty toothbrush escapades, and Amy from BB3.  She bravely states that she is not a Jeff nor a Jordan fan.  She might like them outside the house, but not the way they conducted themselves in it.  She mentions Jeff's temper.  (If Jodi feels this way, she should NOT have said it since she may depend on the Big Brother fans for votes of some sort at some time.  Say Bye Bye to Fan Favorite, Jodi.)

8. She also doesn't like Russell from BB11, but then incorrectly attributes the "Technotronics" issue to him.  Maybe she meant his mocking of Jeff for trying to spell that stupid word, but many people online are using this error to discredit Jodi's Big Brother knowledge.  I do think she is a bona fide fan, but is such a nervous chatterbox that her mouth gets ahead of her mind sometimes.

9.  Did I mention that Jodi is a chatterbox?  Yes, she is.  I now understand why she is being compared to Kalia by the fans.  I thought that was a racist-type attitude, but after seeing and listening to her I get it.  Kalia was also very self-confident going into the game in her interviews last year.

10.  Speaking of self-confidence, Jodi mentions that she expects to be on Big Brother All Stars.  Slow down there Jodi.  Let's get through this season first, OK?  Also Jodi will not be a floater and gives us at least 87 reasons why floating is a bad thing.

11.  She expects to do well in the competitions because she has run two LA marathons and is outdoors in the desert exercising all the time.  She lifts weights, does spinning class, and flexes a bicep to prove it. She admits that her body isn't in perfect shape, but she thinks she is in good enough shape to kick some butt in there this year.  She thinks the "Before and After" competitions might be the hardest for her, but otherwise the mental challenges should be good for her too.

12.  She is going to accept being on slop as a diet technique and make the best of it.   She has always wondered what it tastes like so she will try not to be the type of house guest who whines about it.

13.  She doesn't along with opinionated, extremely talkative people, and acknowledges that this is because she is like that, and there may not be enough room in the house for both of them.

14.  She is certain to cry in the house this year, particularly when she has PMS.

15.  She doesn't mind a little mess, but doesn't want to live with dirty people with filthy habits.

16.  The Hudsucker Proxy is her favorite movie. It is cool and creative and she says we should check it out if we haven't seen it yet.  (I think Tim Robbins is the star.)   She doesn't read books very often and jokes that all she reads is websites.

17.  Her favorite musician is John Mayer.  Also Michael Buble, Mary J. Blige and Fiona Apple.  She will buy their CD's immediately without even hearing one song.

18.  She gives a shout out to "Birthday Cake" whom I guess is someone who posts on the message boards or websites.  Jodi says that "they both liked Danny" last year so she remembers that.  OK. Hmmm.   Who the fuck is Danny?  Does she mean Dom?  Once again I do think she watched the show last year, but got the name wrong.  She is going to have to get the details right if she wants to win the fact-based mental challenges, huh?

19.  Unless Danny is someone else entirely.  Maybe she was talking about Real World or Flavor of Love, or something like that.  I think she knew what she meant, but I don't.  I hope she knows which show she was cast for.

FEEDWATCHER FORECAST:  I can see why they cast Jodi.  She is very energetic and her smile looks great on camera.  I think the fans are going to give her a beating due to the things she said about Jeff and Jordan as well as her resemblance to Kalia.  I will go ahead and counsel Jodi now to be sure to be very dainty with her chewing and swallowing at all times in the house because someone will surely release a YouTube video of her eating and Evel Dick is going to show it over and over on his podcast.

I think Jodi will at least make the Jury.  Everyone will think they can wait and get her out later, so that will be to her advantage.  I think it is going to suck for her to be in the house with all of those bikini bombshells, but she seems confident in her own skin, so that's a plus.

Jodi is a server in a chain restaurant.  I'm pretty sure she would be that server that isn't content to just bring you extra honey mustard or quietly refill your Diet Coke and scurry back to her station.  She is going to stand there and interrupt your table talk and will not recognize the subtle clues to back the fuck up and go away.  However she would sing Happy Birthday the loudest when they all come to your table with a cupcake and candle.  I'm guessing Macaroni Grill?  PF Changs? TGI Fridays?   We'll find out soon enough where Jodi works because she is going to tell us on the live feeds!  And tell us again!  And again!!

All in good fun Jodi.  Please don't run over here and kick my ass.

Who Will Be Jodi's Mentor?  Whoever chooses last for their last female team member.  Oooo Ouch.  I know, I know I'm going to hell for being so mean.  Guilty as charged.

First Look at Houseguests and Mentors Poolside #BB14

Missy from Real Networks just tweeted out this photo.  I think we can assume the Mentors are holding up the towel.

A few FeedWatcher comments:

1.  I guess Danielle Reyes is not one of the Mentors.
2.  Someone small with nice legs is the 4th Mystery Mentor.  Dani Donato?  Maybe Britney, but I don't see her as a villain, unless you count her sassy DR sesssions. Natalie Martinez?  Hmmm.
3.  Check out Wil Heuser in his Speedo.  A courageous choice.

Don't see much male eye candy, but the female eye candy dish is full, huh?  I'll bet Jenn is loving life.

Newbie Preview - Meet Ashley Iocco, Wanna Be #BB14

Meet Ashley Iocco, one of the lucky newbies cast to appear on Big Brother 14.  This is a recap of an interview conducted by SuperPass, and is content exclusive to their website.

1.  Ashley is supposedly 26, and the Powers-that-Be would like us to think that she is from Pittsburgh.  She may have grown up there, but she lives in Los Angeles now and owns a spray tan business called Bronzique.

2.  The voice that Ashley is using is one of those put-on baby doll type voices.  You know, the kind that are designed to sound like a "blonde bombshell".  To make sure we all understand, Ashley says very stupid infantile things, and outlandish statements regarding her time in the Big Brother house.

**I'm not going to lie.  I am very annoyed by the Casting of Ashley.  The fact that she would slip through the Big Brother casting process and take a spot in this summer's game pisses me off.  I don't blame Ashley herself so much--she is probably to be congratulated for finally making it.  Although I fear it will be at our expense.**

**I typically spend a lot of time writing these recaps.  I watch the interviews through the first time and start typing an outline and taking pictures. Then I listen again a few times to flesh out my topics and usually have to rewind the tape a few times to be as accurate as possible.  There used to be a lot of filler in these SuperPass interviews, but now they are cut and spliced so that the entire segment is action-packed.  I listened to Ashley's interview last night.  I really don't want to listen to it again so sorry if this is a half-assed recap of her interview.**

**I'm just going to hit the high points and tell you what I think you need to know about Ashley Iocco.**

3.  Ashley will not be tanning in the Big Brother house.  She was not allowed to bring her spray tanning machine with her.

4.  You've probably heard that her strategy this year is the "Snow White Strategy".  She plans to hypnotize her dwarves with her love and energy so that they will do what she wants them to do.  She will also have a "family alliance" with a mother and father and brothers and sisters.  She will also have a "secret alliance".

5.  She wants to play honestly, but she wants to win so she will eventually have to lie.  She points out that "in Snow White, the dwarves must die!"  Complete with contrived giggles.

6.  She is going to hypnotize people "with her eyeballs".

7.  Ashley says she went to Penn State.  It's kind of hard to get into Penn State, so even if she didn't graduate (and who knows if she did graduate, or what she studied) she has to have something going on upstairs.  You know, in her brain.  I did find the following info about her from a Pennsylvania news website.
8.  Ashley claims she is a Big Brother fan from way back and her family watches too.  I think she is a big liar, because she says that she "begged and begged her mom to get the live feeds from when it first started".  Then she wavers and asks Laremy the interviewer about Showtime.  Turns out she actually watched Showtime, not the live feeds, but that doesn't stop her from going on and on about how she "tapped into the live feeds to find out about the alliances". 

9.  She doesn't like Shelley, but likes Jeff and Jordan.  (Sounds like a "Sequester Fan" for sure.)

10.  She said she had to get out of Pennsylvania so she moved to New York.  Then she moved to West Hollywood about 7 months ago and says her parents are going to follow her out there.

11.  Here is the home page for Ashley's website.

12.  Here is a snippet of customer reviews on her website, which make it apparent that she also had the same business when she lived in New York.

13.  She claims to have been a Big Brother fan since the very beginning, "from when Chicken George ran the house".  She applied to be on the show when she was freshman in college, but she didn't make it.  She didn't mention which season that was.  When she moved to L.A. she was "scouted" for Eva Longoria's new dating show, but she didn't make it.  The casting director asked if she wanted to be on Big Brother, and she said yes.  I can only assume that this casting director is Robin Kass.  I would love to know why she wasn't good enough for Eva Longoria, but is good enough for us.

14.  She loves Channing Tatum and is upset that she won't get to see Magic Mike.  (With any luck, she'll still be able to catch it in the dollar theater in a couple of weeks.)

15.  I'll leave you with this, Ashley's blank IMDB page.

FEEDWATCHER FORECAST:  I hope Ashley surprises me.  Maybe she could turn out to be an incredibly evil bitch, lying and backstabbing at every turn.  Or maybe she will be one of those house guests who goes nuts, throwing furniture around and refusing to go to the Diary Room.  (We haven't had one of those in a few years, so maybe we're due.)

I'll say this:  If she wants to put on a different persona, she should let the fans know about that beforehand, like in the SuperPass interview.  My take on Ashley would be entirely different if  she talked like a brainiac and shared her plan to act like a ditzy slut.


Who Will Be Ashley's Mentor?  Not Dan, unless he loses the draft big time.  At this point, I think Robin Kass is really Ashley's mentor.  No bueno Robin, no bueno.