Friday, July 6, 2012

Evel Dick Continues to Give Good Tweet #BB14

Evel Dick continues to mix it up on Twitter at all hours of the day and night.  He tweets back and forth with former houseguests, and commoners like you and me.

His non-smoking streak continues---I think today is Day #12, so that is an admirable feat.

You can sign up for his RTVZone podcats at the links he provides below.   If you haven't watched his podcasts before, he is as unfiltered as you'd think he would be.  You can find my recaps of the free podcasts last year at the following links.

 The BB-related RTVZone podcasts ended abruptly after that last one, and that's all I'll have to say about that.  Except that within a week, Dick had emergency gall bladder surgery--I think it had ruptured, but he recovered in time to conduct interviews after the finale in the backyard of the BB house.  I think I got at least $10 of entertainment from the podcasts last year, right?

I'm sure I will break down after a few beers and get out my credit card to sign up for this year. 

Newbie Preview - Meet Danielle Murphree, Undercover Nurse #BB14

Meet Danielle Murphree, who hails from Tuscaloosa Alabama.  This interview was conducted by SuperPass and is part of the host of exclusive content that is there for the viewing.  If you have a membership, that is. And you can get that membership for only $29.99 if you buy before July 12th.  Just click the link in the upper left corner of this page and have at it.  What else do you have to do this weekend, anyway?  We all know the rest of your summer is going to be Big Brother, Big Brother, Big Brother.  Just accept it and stop pretending you don't want to watch the drama unfold with your own eyes...

OK.  Enough lecturing.  Let's get down to business.

1.  Danielle is a nurse who graduated from nursing school about one year ago.  She enjoys nursing and loves helping people when they are at their weakest.  She tries to be a smiling face and comfort her patients.  She deals with a lot of Alzheimer's, dementia and "schitzo" patients, and a lot of physical rehab patients who have been in accidents.

2.  UH OH - Danielle isn't going to tell anyone in the house that she is a nurse.   She doesn't want people to think that she is smart, or has a high-paying job.  Instead, she is going to say she is a kindergarten teacher and brings up a host of kindergarten activities that she will chat about.  She is careful to point out that kindergarten teachers aren't necessarily stupid...(ha ha ha).

3.  She thinks she will be a hero-type because she won't be mean to people and she is genuine and nice.  She will also defend people who are being attacked.  She thinks having a good social game will help her in the house and keep her from being a target.

4.  She may be a floater in the house, but then she says that after week 9 or 10,  if you are a floater she is going to target you, rather than the super-competitive people.  She wants to win at least three HOH's and 3 Veto comps.

5.  She is hoping to win the money, of course, and also to make friends she will know forever.  She is excited about the food competitions and the overall BB experience.  She thinks she could live on slop all summer if she had to.  She may not be happy or nice on slop, but she could do it.

6.  She has kind of a classic soft Southern accent.  I'm from the South, too, so I know a Redneck voice when I hear one.  Danielle has more of the Scarlett O'Hara Southern Belle voice, which is much easier to listen to.  (FeedWatcher Tip:  This type of accent will help you get out of A LOT of traffic tickets in the Midwest and Northeast, too.)

7.  She is super athletic and played basketball and did gymnastics, so she thinks she will do well in the competitions.  She was a cheerleaderfor 8 years and likes to run.

8.  She did not tell her family she was going on BB so she gives them a little wave now and says she loves them..  Her godparents and sister knew, but not her mom and dad.   They are very controlling and want her to get her Masters Degree instead of going on TV.  They will be worried that she will embarrass them by her words or actions.  Her mom is a shy reserved homebody and Danielle likes to go out and dance.

9.  Her parents met in California at Camp Pendleton.  They are both Marines and her Dad jumped through her Mom's window at Camp when she was in the shower (!??!)  They are both out of the service right now but she says that "once a Marine, always a Marine" and that Marine attitude doesn't go away.  The whole mentality gets old for Danielle.

10.  She thinks her Dad will love the show--he is a lot like her and she thinks he would be a "huge camera whore" if he was on Big Brother, and would do a lot of things to embarrass her.  He is a big dancer and does goofy things all of the time like an Elvis impersonation and even signs his name with "TCB" by it.  Her mom is very shy and "doesn't want people to see her".  She is much more like her father than her mother.

11.  There is a 100% chance that Danielle will cry in the BB house, and "it won't be once or twice".   Her weakness is that she will may be an emotional player.  If she loses, it is because she was perceived as a threat.

12.  She has one younger brother named Colt who "is that guy who does the hair flip" and one sister named Christy who is actually her "godsister".  (Godparents and families may be more of a Southern thing, but I'm not sure.  It's pretty dated, in my opinion.)

13.  What if she wins BB?  She has two cousins with cystic fibrosis and Danielle "carries that trait" so she would donate money to them and that cause if she won. She would also buy a car and go to Hawaii or Fiji, and probably buy her mom a new car too.  And then give the rest to charity.  (Don't forget about the taxes, Danielle.)

14.  She grew up in tiny town named Grant which is near Huntsville.  No one from Grant has ever done a reality show as far as she knows.  Her parents live there and would love for her to move to Huntsville so she can be closer to home.  She loves living in Tuscaloosa and says "Roll Tide Roll" since she went to college at University of Alabama.  She was in a sorority but she is not allowed to say which one.

15.  She is "definitely single" and if anything happened in the house, it would be because it is a real romance and not just a showmance.  She mentions having a relationship like Britney and Lane, i.e. a tight friendship in the house rather than a lover.

16.  She hates cheaters, liars, and guys who "think they can get anybody they want".  That drives her crazy.

17.  She hates to say it, but on a competitive level she thinks she compares to Rachel.  She thinks she would be good in a endurance competition, but dreads "getting hit in the face with a diploma" (BB11) or having paint splashed on her head (BB12).  She says she has a lot of hair and doesn't want to mess it up.  She also mentions the competition where they had to crawl through the honey as somehting she wouldn't like to do.

18.  She has been a "huge Big Brother fan" since Season 10 and has been re-watching the seasons a lot lately to get ready for this year.  She also reads internet websites, googling Big Brother and clicking on all of the links.  She mainly looks at, and maybe Big Brother Network.

19.  She thinks she will be brutal in the Diary Room and regret it later.  (We hope, huh?) 

20.  The person she would most not want to see in the house is Rachel, and mentions her conduct when she was losing and whining about it.  Also her bully tendency to intimidate other people.  Danielle can't stand her as a player or as a person.  She would love to see Dan, Lane, Enzo or Britney or people that are sweet like that.  She likes Jeff and Jordan but has seen them twice and needs a break. 

21.  She watches Bachelor, Bachelorette (the "find your true love shows") and The Amazing Race and of course Survivor.  She was cheering against Rachel on TAR and thinks she could get along with Brendon if Rachel wasn't around because she appreciates his softer emotional side. 

22.  She didn't like Shelly's game last year because she lied so much.  She loved Cassi's game play and "hated it that it didn't work out". (What game play? I liked Cassi too but mainly because she was hot.)   She doesn't want to go all out and win the first HOH because she doesn't know people well enough to put them up on the block.

23.  In her HOH basket she would love some chocolate---any kind of chocolate like Snickers Reeses, playing cards, music, and some muscato wine.  She likes sweet wine.  She loves cereal and has all types of cereal--Fruity Pebbles, Fruit Loops are in her kitchen at home.  She does like to cook and hopes her cast mates like pasta or pizza.  She is not a "vegetable person or a seafood person".  If she is on slop and "they have salami and seaweed you're going to see "operation see Danielle get thin".  (Is salami a vegetable?  Or a seafood?)

24.  She reads a lot and has been reading the Hunger Games.  She is considering reading 50 Shades of Grey since everyone is talking about it.  Her guilty obsession is "One Direction because they are the cutest things to come along since Backstreet Boys or N'Sync." She also likes country music like Carrie Underwood and Luke Bryan ("he's so good lookin') but also music like Rhianna and Chris Brown.

25.  She doesn't like demonic scary movies, but the movies she likes are varied, like 300, Underworld, and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.  Paranormal Activity "scares the mess out of her" so she doesn't like that.

26.  She likes scrapbooking and is a dog person.  She hates cats and kitty litter and is creeped out by the way cats move around the house.

27.  She wants to play an honest game and hopes we won't judge her too harshly.  Danielle:  "I'm gonna be me!"

FEEDWATCHER FORECAST:  I want to pull for Danielle, but I have a lot of concerns at this point.  Why would she not say she is a nurse?  What does that matter?  If I  were her cast mate I would have 1,000 questions for her on those long lazy days in the house about her nurses training, and why my elbow hurts, etc etc etc.  I think it is hard to hide something like that and it will prevent her from bonding with other people.  Also, she is talking out of both sides of her mouth--is she going to be competitive and win all of those HOH's?  Or is she going to throw the comps and float for 8 weeks?  I heard her say both of those things in this video. Also, does she despise Rachel, or is she just like Rachel?  She also said these things, too.  I think we might get lucky and see her be Britney-like in the DR, though, which is always fun.

Why do all of the liars on these shows say they are school teachers?  They do this on Big Brother, The Amazing Race, and it never works out.  If I were Danielle, I would say that I have tons of student loans from nursing school, and justify winning that way.  And then she can feel free to be caring and nurturing and give advice on all of everyone's boo boos that always happen in the competitions.

I don't think Danielle will do very well, unless all of the other train wrecks on the show start acting out early in the game to postpone her eviction.  If she makes the Jury (and that is a Big If) she will be one of the first ones sitting on the bench.

Who Will Be Danielle's Mentor?  Obviously she would want Dan.  And he may want her if he believes she is a teacher.  I don't think the "Bad" mentors will want her, since she has "honest game" written all over her.

Newbie Preview - Meet Shane Meany. Well, Sort Of. #BB14

***CAUTION***  As stated below this video froze while I was watching it and appears to be no longer available on the SuperPass website.  I don't think that indicates that Alison Grodner Productions made Mr. Meany disappear like they made Mike-the-Sailboat-Instructor disappear, but who knows.  You can read about Mike's disappearing act here.

Meet Shane Meany, one of the lucky newbies cast for Big Brother 14.  This interview is content exclusive to SuperPass, where you can watch the live feeds starting on July 12th for a first hand view of all of the juicy action.

OK, here we go.

1.  Shane is a house flipper and this means he is a big risk taker.  The economy has been very rough and that calls for special skills,  He has a partner he works with and they have been quite successful and are very competitive.  This gives him a leg up on his competition, in his opinion.  You know, because he is competitive and takes risks.  (OK...)

2.  UH OH:  Shane is not going to tell anyone he is a house flipper.  He's crafty like that.  He is going to tell them he is a beer and wine salesman and does some personal training on the side so they don't know what a risk taker he is, and that he "handles money".

2.  UH OH #2:  Shane lets us know that he was also "Bachelor 2010 of Vermont in Cosmopolitan Magazine" and he doesn't want anyone to know that, either.  He also does some modeling on the side but I think he plans to disclose that.  Or not, I couldn't understand what he said after listening twice.

3.  UH OH #3:  Shane is "definitely going to be a hero in the Big Brother house".  He's going to start off being the nice guy and depending on the twist will take it from there.  He may become a villain at that time.

4.  UH OH #4:  Shane is a big fan of Hayden "for obvious reasons"  (what reasons are those?), and also a big fan of Brendon and Jeff.  I think he said the word "obviously" a few times, too, in conjunction with Brendon and Jeff.  I guess we are supposed to draw a correlation between their good looks and his?    Or is Shane just a fan of the best looking male houseguests?

I can't draw any conclusions at this point.  The video froze up on me and when I tried to go back and restart it, Shane's SuperPass interview is no where to be found.

I can't make my FEEDWATCHER FORECAST without seeing the entire video, in fairness to Shane.  Because if I had to draw all of my conclusions now, I would conclude that Shane Meany is douche who will not get very far in the game.

Whenever people go into the house and lie about who they are and what they do, it's not a good omen for their game (hence the Uh Oh's above).  Particularly when the things that they are hiding seem stupid.

For example, if someone works in real estate, are you automatically fearful of their totally awesome set of skills? the current economy I would assume that real estate professionals are going through tough times and need cash.  And if I hear that someone is the "Bachelor 2010 of Vermont in Cosmopolitan Magazine"?  I think I would just think they are a douche, so maybe that is why he wants to keep this super-important information private.

And don't even get me started on those puka shells.  Ha ha ha.

I will post an update link here when and if I ever get to finish watching Shane's SuperPass video.