Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Out of Nowhere, a Fresh Scandal! #BB14

I feel badly about dragging Brendon back into this, but remember Molly Shepherd?  The "girl" who was "Skypeing" with him the summer after BB12?

Well, apparently that troll has come out from under a rock and is pestering Dr. Ragan Fox.  Ragan is having none of it, and is exposing Molly and his/her evil ways for all to see.

So, you might want to hesitate before posting any ill-advised, drunken pictures or videos of your dick for "Molly" to see.

PS:  From the FeedWatcher archives, I am (not really) pleased to present:

I apologize for hitting James Rhine with the schrapnel.  James is one of my favorites, but I can't whitewash history.

Evel Dick Has Something to Tell Us! #BB14

He's been saying he has Big News for us for a few days now.  He just posted on YouTube for us to give us a newsy update.
His body language is...interesting.

These are the Highlights of what Evel Dick has to tell us:

*  Concedes that this indeed appears to be a "Mentor Season", and that those selected are "about exactly what you've heard".  Obviously he is referencing our new Big Brother Rumor Hero Missyae @TheGameSurvivor.
*  He even mentions today's rumors of a Mentor who is still considering backing out.  (You can read about that here.)
*  He has been rounding up guest stars for his RTVZone podcasts for this upcoming year.  He mentioned James Rhine, Jun Song, and Jeff Schroeder.  I'm also guessing that his connections with Russell and Brandon Hantz might also come into play, particularly with Russsell's brother a confirmed BB14 newbie.  (Don't know about that?  Just type "Willie Hantz" in the seach box on the left side of this page, including a video interview of them that CBS forced the TV station to take down this morning.  Here is the video if you are too buzzed on this July 4th to search.
*  Unfortunately he has to charge for RTVZone access this year, and he is visibly uncomfortable asking us for the sale (or maybe just visibly uncomfortable).  I have had my own business for several years now, and that was the hardest part for me to learn too---setting a firm price for my services and then collecting it promptly.  Hey Dick, people don't mind paying for a solid, RELIABLE service that has value to them.  Your fans love you and want to hear your take on things.  I watched all of the RTVZone BB podcasts last year and savored each one.
*  But you need to be RELIABLE.  If I fork over the $9.99 for the season Early Bird Special (and let's face it I probably will...) I want to make sure you will be around all summer.  Unless you need major surgery, I expect you to show up and put up. 

Here is the video Evel Dick posted.  We will hear more soon about how to take advantage of the Early Bird Offer.  The management of RTVZone has changed, so Dick is scrambling to put together a new infrastructure for this year.

OK, Who Can Speak Mandarin? #BB14

Julie gives us a special BB14 message in Mandarin here.  I thought at first that she was going to go Short and Corny, but instead she goes off on a long tangent!  What is she saying?

Please let us all know!  I once had a co-worker who taught me to say something filthy in Mandarin, but I didn't get to practice it enough and have forgotten.  Something along the lines like "Go Eff Yourself!"

I'm not implying that The Chenbot curses here.  Hell no.

Newbie Preview - The Lost Willie Hantz Tape #BB14

Some quick-witted Big Brother fan grabbed that video that was posted too early by a local TV station (you can read about that here).

Here it is. He actually seems more humble than his brother Russell (not hard, I know) so maybe he has a shot at the prize.  If he keeps his head down and lets the others create targets of themselves, he might just have a decent shot at winning, for a Hantz.

He already seems to be the star of the preseason so's that "Hantz" je ne sais quois I guess.

Fans are in a Frenzy - Rumors Run Wild! #BB14

The BB14 commercial that was released today displayed the pictures and names of 10 newbie houseguests--5 female and 5 male.  And I'm pretty sure there were an additional two house guests pictured "dancing", bringing the newbie total to twelve.

Is that all?  No, says the 2012 Big Brother Fan of the Year (elected by me) Missyae, @TheGameSurvivor, always ready to chat and slowly spill the beans.

Also, apparently there is a rumor floating out there that Janelle is restless and wants to leave sequester.  Missyae fielded a follower question about this and answered.

That doesn't mean she's not restless, it just means she didn't leave.  This isn't Janelle's first time at the rodeo, people.  I know she misses her daughter Violet and all that, but she knew exactly what she was getting into so I don't think this is true.

Surely Alison Grodner can calm down our Janie with some in-suite beauty treatments like a massage, pedicure, etc.  Bring in a rack of cute clothes and let her choose.  Do whatever you need to do, Alison.  Put it on our tab.

So, who are these other house guests that didn't show up in the commercial today?  According to Missyae, there is at least one former Survivor player who was cast.  And due to his previous legal snafus with CBS (you can read about that here) he is treading lightly on delivering that information.

There may be two Survivors.  I guess we'll see...

I'll say it again:  If it's Boston Rob I will DIE!!!    DIE, I tell you!

This whole Pre Season process is so delicious, I almost want to wait another week or two before the premier.

So he has a few more little detail for us regarding the Mentors, and the whole scene.

It also sounds like Rachel's Mentor spot might be in play..I wouldn't mind her being replaced with another female villain everyone loves to hate like Natalie Martinez (BB11) or Alison Irwin (BB4 and BB7).  But that's just me.  I think if Rachel's iffy it's on the Production side, not Rachel's side.  Just a guess.

And this:

Janelle is supposed to appear on Friday's Rumor Control show on SuperPass.  Is she going to come down with a stomach virus "in Greece"?  Have "Skype trouble" (although that is highly plausible)?

What does this all mean?

Really, I don't know if I can take all of this.  My business is going to go to hell in a handbasket if I don't start minding my P's and Q's.  I usually work my ass off right up until the premier so I can feed my BB addiction without guilt for awhile but all of these rumors are wreaking havoc with the earning of my fat stax, yo!

(Ha ha--I've been watching Breaking Bad to get ready for the July 15th premier of that and I love me some Jessie Pinkman.)  (I don't really talk like that...I have an advanced college degree, yo!)

Somebody Jumped the Gun - #BB14

You may know that Reality Nation, which is a SuperPass entity, planned to release the Big Brother cast interviews tomorrow.  They have first right on that, I think, then all of the other interviews can be released.

However, a local TV station (WXIA?)  jumped the gun and posted video interviews with Kara Monaco and Willie Hantz.  I posted a still of Kara's interview (repeated below) and also a link to the interview. But someone must have chewed their ass about it, so both videos have been removed from the website.

I was able to watch the entire Kara interview before it disappeared, and Kara did say she was a Jordan fan, and also a fan of Evel Dick.  She mentioned that yes he was a jerk, but he won the game and you can't argue with that.  She is not a fan of Natalie (BB11) and I think she said she would hate to be around someone like Rachel.  She acknowledged Rachel's BB win, but said her voice is very annoying.

Once again, she DOES NOT want anyone to know that she was Playmate of the year.  You can see the rest of Kara's Newbie Preview here.

I didn't get a chance to see Willie's WXIA video--they were taking it down just as I was trying to view it.  But I read that he also mentions Rachel, saying he hopes there are "a bunch of Rachels running around in the house".  I would assume that he means to take the heat off of himself, but who knows.  I don't know Willie.  Yet.

I do know that Missyae says this about him.

More Willie Hantz Contamination - #BB14

I want to move on to exciting coverage of the other newbie Big Brother 14 house guests, as well as dishing about Missyae's other new news, but I feel compelled to disgust you with a few more Willie Hantz tidbits.

I guess that is what Alison Grodner Productions had in mind, huh?  The commercial said there would be people we would love to hate.  I guess he's close enough.

Here is the header on his Twitter account.

Nice, huh?  I'm pretty sure his daddy or uncle or half-step cousin or whatever Russel is the one tweeting for him right now, because Willie is already locked in to the Big Brother house.

I certainly don't know Willie Hantz, but I don't think there is any way in hell he will be able to keep his real last name a secret in there.

Imagine that you are that hot Playmate Kara and you are looking at the other house guests.  Wouldn't you be thinking something is up with that guy?  How was he cast on the same show that I was?

That is what the cast of BB13 was thinking about Lawon Exum.  They kept thinking that he had some sort of secret big job or famous connections.  He couldn't be as big an idiot as he seemed to be, right?  Because that would mean that I.....never mind.

Newbie Preview - Big Brother is Infected with Willie Hantz - #BB14

Yes, one of the infamous Hantz family has infected the Big Brother 14 house.  This guy is Willie Hantz, although Missyae says he is going to use another name inside the house.

[I wonder if he has tattoos that say 'Hantz' like his brother or cousin or step-half-cousin Brandon Hantz has?]

The new Big Brother commercial I posted (you can see it  here)  shows a quick flash of Willie, the 'Tankerman' along with a lot of gorgeous newbies.  How did that guy get in there?

Well, he is none other than Willie Hantz, some sort of close relative to the Hantz family.  Someone found a video of him drinking a shot from some sort of sperm-shaped container.  His voice sounds just like Russell Hantz's voice, whom I think is standing just off camera.

I would be right on that if I were in the Big Brother house, but I think I would approach him privately and go gangster on him and threaten to expose him if he didn't cooperate with me.

Who am I kidding?  No way would I go in that damn house, with people like me watching their every move and blabbing about it!  No effing way!

So now Brandon Hantz (Remember him? From Survivor?) is tweeting about this situation.

Oh dear.

Newbie Preview - Prepare Yourself for Wil Heuser - #BB14

Dear Robyn Kass:  I have forgiven you now for casting Adam Poch, and about 1/3 for casting Lawon last year.  Thank you for bringing us Wil.

Wil Heuser lives in Louisville, and says he was some sort of 'teenybopper' singer with a few albums in his youth.

Instead of talking about him, maybe you should watch him instead.  This is a local web show interview that gives us plenty to chew on.

He was also on American Idol, I guess.  I haven't watched that show in years and years, so I have no idea how he did.
I'll bet Janelle will be fighting to choose Wil for her team.  Although, I think he actually plays for another team.

Newbie Preview - Kara Monaco - #BB14

Kara is a beautiful 29 year old blonde model.  She seems quiet and kind of Jordan-like, and of course she mentions Jordan as one of her favorite players.

But she has watched Big Brother since season 7 and is here to play the game.  This is the link to a local interview of Kara conducted just before she went in the house, I'm guessing.

Big Secret - She was a Playmate of the Year, and wants to keep that quiet in the house if she can.  (Being able to do that would be a miracle.)  This is obviously a professional video--it's Kara in a striptease but I must emphasize the word "tease".  Beautiful girl next door type.

She says she will do anything to win the game.  She's single.

There are A LOT of YouTube videos of Kara to choose from.  I've picked one more for you that will do us all a bit of good.  A Sexy Legs workout video!

First Look at the BB14 Newbies! #BB14

This is a new commercial showing a handful of the new cast.


I'm digging Julie's new flowing locks.

Hey Alison, We May Be Dumb, But We're Not Stupid! #BB14

Well, well, well.

Our new bestie Missyae @TheGameSurvivor has unloaded a big load of gossip today and I am just going to have to rearrange my schedule today to cover all of the action.


For the last two weeks, we have had the following sources for juicy rumored spoilers regarding the upcoming Big Brother 14 season:

1.  Missyae @TheGameSurvivor

2.  TheCornerOffice14

Today, Missye drops the following BOMB on us:

TheCornerOffice14 is rumored to be none other than Alison Grodner herself!  Or possibly one of her lackeys, typing away at her instruction.

I don't want to be a prissy "I Told You So"-type person, but I FUCKING TOLD YOU SO!

I know Missyae is tempering his info by calling it a rumor, rather than a spoiler, but I certainly think this is the case.

Just feast your hungry eyes on this post that I wrote way, way back on June 27th.  That is at least three years in Big Brother Pre Season time.

PS #1  Alison, I know you will read this, so I just want you to know this is all in good fun and we are all jacked up about the new season.  You know I have been watching from the beginning, but I've never seen the level of excitement we have this year.  A few info leaks don't hurt the fans, and I hope it doesn't hurt your game.

PS #2  Obviously we don't give a SHIT about The Glass House!  ha ha ha

PS #3  To all the readers, I'm just getting started today....stay tuned.