Monday, July 2, 2012

What if the Real Janelle is in Danger? #BB14

Because it seems like that Greek disco she was in today is in Russia!  Was she hijacked or kidnapped on the way to Mykonos?

Somebody call Interpol!

Ha ha. Thanks to Max Jaxx who sent me the link for this. In fact, I think this language (Russian?) looks so scary maybe I shouldn't link to it?  What if they come and abduct me too?

If you aren't up to speed with JanelleGate, you can start learning here.

I have to go to bed now here on the East Coast. I started Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred this afternoon and it hurts too much to type.  Seriously.

OK. Faux Janelle is Just F*cking With Us #BB14

So, according to "Janelle", she left for Greece last Saturday with her friends on a girls trip to Mykonos.  Sounds fun, right?

Well, if you've been keeping up with JanelleGate, you know that she is one of the rumored Mentors on this years BB14 season, and that her tweets have been widely scrutinized as to their validity. If you were actually living your life the past few days and missed all of this excitement, you can catch up by going here and here, then here and finally here.  And you probably should read this about how Janelle has had it UP TO HERE with a certain someone with loose lips.

OK. Now you know everything I know.

Faux Janelle tweeted this last night.

Let's take another look at the entire picture, okay?

That is one of the worst photoshops I have ever seen.  And couldn't they photoshop some Greek background stuff in there?

Trust me, I'm not the only one crapping on this picture.   But I guess that Kristin will believe anything. Unless maybe she is passive-aggressive and is trying to point out that Janelle is a new mother, prancing around in a slutty fashion for all to see, in order to subtly shame her.

Nah.  I think Kristin is probably a dumbass. 

Then Faux Janelle tweets again tonight from Greece, sending us a picture of a New York disco.

You know, I get the feeling Beau gets really, really good blow in Miami.  Hardly stepped on.  I mean, "allegedly".

Evel Dick gets the joke and comes back the following information to prove that Janelle is indeed on a vacation across the world.  I'm such a dork I laughed out loud when I saw this.

And, then Dick dishes a few insults, just because he can.

Dick used to do some shows for SuperPass, but he had some sort of payment issue with them and now he tosses grenades in their direction whenever he can.

Rumor Control with Dani and Rachel #BB14

This show is exclusive content from RealPlayer Superpass and originally aired on July 2, 2012.  I made sure I was sitting at my computer promptly at the start time, but like a dumbass I didn't click on the Live Show button so I missed the first half hour.  I hate to be late so I am scrambling to get on track here.

Dani looks gorgeous, but what else is new? 

Apparently Rachel was to appear on Skype but since she is in Costa Rica she was having some problems with it and ended up calling in.  I guess the calls got shut off.  I heard her call back in later though.  Someone asked her if she thought Janelle would be on the show.  Rachel said she talked to Janelle last week and Janelle told her she was going to Greece.

Both Spicy and Dani were silent for a second, and then kind of laughed about it.  Apparently neither of them believe Janelle's twitter pictures and Spicy told the story about the purse picture.   (You can read about JanelleGate here.)  Dani said that she had friends tweet for her when she was in the house, so she thinks it is funny.

When Rachel calls back in the screen looks like this, with a photo of her instead of the Skype screen:

***It was obvious to me that Dani believes the Mentor Twist, because she seems to believe Janelle will be on the show.**

Dani said Janelle was so popular and it is great for CBS' business when they bring back old players so she understands.
At one point Spicy and Dani said "Rachel, are you still there?" and when there was no answer they both kind of laughed and Spicy basically blamed Costa Rica. (Was Rachel's appearance taped?  It could have been---I will try to listen to the whole show later this week when SuperPass posts it up and listen for it.  I guess they could have "planted" the call or pre-taped it.  It was just a little too convenient for Rachel to be present only to deny Janelle's involvement.)

OK - this is the how I usually log the live shows---I am picking up at this point with my usual format.

CQ = Caller Question

1.  CQ - What about the rumors that Rachel will be a Mentor?  Dani rolls her eyes and says that it would be kind of stupid to have her in the house three years in a she doesn't think that rumor is true.

2.  CQ - What about Will and Boogie as Mentors?  Dani says that they were both so much fun to watch on BB7 because they had nothing to lose.  They are both "super wealthy" and just played balls out and it was great to watch.
3.  CQ - A girl said that she knows Mike Boogie from work and he took off a few months to "go on Big Brother".  What does Dani think?  She has met Mike and thinks he is funny and nice, but he won't be a good mentor.

4.  CQ -  What mentor would you want to work with?  Dani - I think Dan is a good all-around player and that's who I would want.

5.  CQ - What about the rumor that there is a new add-on room in the house this year?  Dani - I don't see how they could do that--I would be shocked.  Where would they put it?  Add another floor?  Spicy - Yeah, having been there for the tour last week, I don't see how they could do it. 

6.  CQ - What about the rumor that the HOH can play the following week in the HOH comp?  Dani - she basically said as a player she likes that, but she knows that the viewers don't want to see the same people win over and over.  There would probably be a big strong guy who would keep winning.

7.  CQ - Dani, do you still hang out with Kalia?  Both Spicy and Dani said they didn't understand the caller due to feedback, so they cut her off.  (I heard it.)

8.  CQ - I heard a rumor that this was an All Stars year?  Dani - I don't think it is.  Spicy - Do you think they will do an All Stars?  Dani - Every reality show has one, everybody looks forward to it so yes I think they will.  She mentioned Top Chef which is one of her favorite TV shows.  (Mine too.)

9.  CQ - What are our favorite challenges?  Dani - I love the endurance challenges.  That's why I like Big Brother!  I mean, who looks forward to see True-False competition?  Spicy compliments Dani's buff physique.

Spicy is doing a great job with her energy level and rolling with the punches when there are technical problems.  She is much more comfortable this year and is good at thinking on her feet.

10.  CQ - He wishes Dom had been voted back in last year instead of Brendon. What does Dani think about people voting HG back in?  Dani gives a big thumbs down to that and says we don't know what it's like in there and we shouldn't be making it a popularity contest.  She does bring up the America's Player in BB8 but says that was "just one vote".

11.  CQ  What about the rumor that the Mentors get to leave the house?  Dani doesn't like it and thinks it sucks.  If they're on the show, they should have to stay in the house.  They joke about having every one on the same team sleep in the same bed.

12.  CQ - Had a Q for Rachel but since she is gone she just wants to say that she is a big Rachel fan.  Then she asks if Dani's relationship with her dad is better.  Dani says no, they aren't speaking and things happen that we don't see.  Dani adds that she knows she put herself out there but we shouldn't judge her.  There was a lot that happened after BB8 that was unresolved.  Spicy made soothing sounds and comments.

***Dani said she still doesn't know what happened to her dad last year on BB13 and why he left the show***

Spicy says that she is positive that Rachel is in Costa Rica and we can "cross her off our lists for BB14".  Janelle will be on Rumor Control this Friday, and Chelsia will be hosting instead of Spicy.  Spicy thanks us for hanging in there with all of the technical problems.

New Tidbits About the Mentor Twist #BB14

There are a few more details leaking out about the Mentor Twist, from our frequent spoiler source Missyae @TheGameSurvivor.

Mixed in among the shouting, blaming, and threats I described earlier (you can read about the Twitter War between Missyae, Evel Dick, et al here.)  were some interesting nuggets of information about the rumored twist.

It sounds like everyone is in sequester.  Basically that means that they are confined to a local hotel room, with a "minder" assigned to them to ensure they don't do anything to get disqualified.  You know, like try to call home or talk to the other prisoners house guests who are also sequestered.

I know from past house guest chatter that there is a per diem amount they can spend for room service, etc.  Usually they are given past seasons of Big Brother to watch, and also movies.  I think they can have books, too.  Some house guests get rooms with balconies, some don't.

Last year they gave the Duos the option of having separate rooms.  I heard Jordan say on the live feeds that she and Jeff got separate rooms in case they went crazy confined to one hotel room.  She didn't want to start fighting with Jeff before the season began.  But then they ended up calling each other and stayed together in the same room, after all. 

In sequester they are usually allowed to use the work out room or go to the pool at certain times, in shifts, but always with their minders.  Sometimes on the live feeds you hear them saying that they remember seeing the other house guests at the hotel.  (I heard Britney say during BB12 that she saw Annie as a blonde, before BB "asked her" to dye it brown for the show.)  The mentors are sure to be located at a separate hotel so there is no chance the newbies will see them.  Probably the Survivor cast member, too.  (I swear if it is Boston Rob I am going to DIE!!!)  (If he shows up in the house and I never post again, please alert an ambulance to come scrape me up and rescue my dog.)

It sounds like the newbies will enter the house on Saturday, followed after a short time by the Mentors. 

Cursing! Fingerpointing! Accusations! Who's Right About the Rumors? #BB14

You know, I turn my back on Twitter for a few hours and all hell breaks loose.  Sometimes I actually have to leave my house in order to Bring Home the Bacon and unfortunately the drama continues without me.

There is a Twitter War going on right now between the following parties:

In this Corner:

1.  Missyae @TheGameSurvivor  - who is our source for all of the Mentor Twist Rumors, of course,
2.  Shannon Elkins, aka Survivor Shannon.  He was on one of the Survivor seasons and is known to be a loudmouth jackass-type of guy.  Calls it as he sees it.  He is a good friend of Missyae, and also of Russell Hantz.

In Another Corner:

3.  Survivor Sucks - As you probably know, this is a website for Survivor fans.  Apparently they couldn't get along with Missyae so he left and started his own Survivor Whispers website.  So they are trash-talking his rumors.  Even though he has already been SUED by CBS because the shit he reported was real.  You can read about that here.)

In Some Other Corner, or Planet:

4.  Evel Dick -  At first he didn't believe the Mentor Twist rumors, then when it looked like they might be true I guess he got upset that he wasn't asked, yadda yadda yadda.

Mix in some bad attitudes, some bad tempers, and maybe some nicotine withdrawals, etc, and there you have your Twitter War.  (I think Shannon called Dick a junkie!)

Here are some excerpts. Enjoy.

Need Help Buying the Live Feeds? #BB14

I have received a few messages from Big Brother fans who have always wanted to buy the live feeds, but don't feel comfortable making that decision.

I am here to help and walk you through it.  In the old days (2 -3 years ago) you had to download a "RealPlayer" on your computer and then use that to watch the live feeds.  It is much easier now--now you just log on to the live feed stream over the internet from whereever you are.  (As long as you have an internet connection, that is.)  This year you also get free mobile access to the live feeds --last year I think you had to pay an extra $5 but this year it is included with your basic SuperPass subscription.

If you'd like to sign up for a SuperPass subscription,  you can take advantage of the Early Bird Special through July 11th, and save 25%, paying only $29.99 for three months worth of access.  I'm no mathematician, but that works out to about 33 cents per day.  Big Brother provides a lot of drama for the price, if you ask me.  Three months of SuperPass is enough to cover the entire BB14 season.  After that you can either cancel or sign up for another 3 months. Contrary to popular opinion, it is pretty easy to cancel, although sometimes they offer you a free month or two when you call to cancel.  I've never had a problem with it, and I have been ordering the live feeds for over 10 years now.  (!)

Big Brother 14 will premiere on CBS on July 12th--you can still sign up for the live feeds after the Early Bird Special Offer expires, but then the price increases to  $39.99 for a three-month subscription (44 cents per day), or $14.99 per month (50 cents per day).

With any of the plans there is a free 3-day trial period--you can try it for free before your credit card is charged.

OK, if you click the button on the upper left corner of this website, you will see a log on screen with the following picture.

Now, I understand SuperPass featuring popular Big Brother players like Brenchal and Jeff & Jordan.  I'm not sure what the deal is with these photographs of Ozzie and Coach from Survivor.  Have you ever seen Ozzie look like that?  Maybe his hair is clean in that snapshot and that is what is throwing me off.  I'm not sure if they are trying to confess something about their relationship.  Not that there is anything wrong with it.  I'm just sayin'.  (Did you know that Ozzie has dated Lindsey Lohan?)

Once you indicate that you'd like to sign up, you are taken to a screen asking for your basic info and your credit card info.  After you sign up, note that your credit card will not be charged for three days, reflecting the 3-day trial period mentioned above.

Then, you're ready to go.  It's that simple.  Right now you will see this screen:

The live feeds will broadcast in that big "Thanks for Watching" window.  There are usually 4 diffferent camera views, or you can view the "quad" view and see all four at once.    Down at the bottom there are links to current shows and videos.  You can also enter a chat room while you watch the feeds--at any given time there are hundreds of chat rooms to visit where you can discuss the live feed action and make friends online.  I'm not a regular chatter, personally (too busy writing live feed updates for this website) but I know there are former houseguests who chat frequently.  One time Bunky from BB2 came into the chat room and talked to us.

There are also links to watch Flashbacks--you pick a date, time and camera view that you'd like to see and you can watch the action anytime.  This is great if you missed something, or actually needed to leave your house to buy food or other items necessary for survival.

CAUTION:  The live feeds are addictive.  If you've never signed up for them, you are in for a treat.

There are also a number of original shows created by SuperPass for the Big Brother fans (also Survivor and The Amazing Race).  I hit the drop down menu on the screen above to show you.  I see Rumor Control listed and am going to do my best to watch the first show scheduled for tonight at 6:00 PM EST.  (Dani Donato and Rachel Reilly!)  There is a show called Tribal Talk that I assume will cover the upcoming season of Survivor--I plan to watch that  too.

Every Thursday there is the Happy Hour leading up to the live show.  Looks like the hosting line up is a little different this year.

Also the aforementioned Rumor Control, to discuss the rumors before the season starts.  I don't have to tell you how exciting that hosting line up is---these three ladies are the Queens of Big Brother as far as I'm concerned.

This year there is also a new show hosted by Matt Hoffman (BB12) and Adam Poch (BB13) called Rants & Roars.  I am guessing the two of them will burp, fart, and discuss Big Brother 14 in some sort of manly fashion.  Or maybe Adam will sip Appletinis and talk about Donna Martin.  ***whatever***  I've seen Matt host podcasts before and I trust him to keep things moving in an intelligent and humorous manner.  Big Matt fan here.  Big fan.

So this gives you an idea of what you will experience with the live feeds, as well as the sign-up process.   Thank you in advance for your support this season.  Please bookmark this page, or follow me on Twitter to get immediate notification of any live updates or other relevant posts.

It's just a few weeks away!  So exciting!

Want a Tour of the BB House? #BB14

Well, Spicy is ready to give us one.  I just watched a video of a tour conducted by Spicy (from the Celebrity Smack website and Reality Nation) and snapped some photos for you.  The tour is content exclusive to Superpass.  The video is just over 6 1/2 minutes long, so it's pretty fast-paced.

This picture is from a room with round beds--I think she said they were positioned to look like headphones.  As you can see, the back wall is decorated to look like the volume bars (or whatever you call them) of a stereo system.

She said the  bed was very uncomfortable and that the pillows weren't very cushy and soft.  Almost sounds like the Have Not room, huh?  I'm guessing we'll call this room the Stereo Room.  As you can see there is a boom box in the background--she tried on the headphones but said there was no sound, since you can't have music in the Big Brother house.

She called this room the Kicks Room --there is a huge painting of a sneaker on one wall, and you can see all of the shoes displayed on the back wall.  Spicy thought they would all be nailed down,but she picked one up and they appear to be all loose.  (I'm guessing these shoes will factor into some competitions---it would be smart to choose this as a bedroom so you could start memorizing the patterns and the order to be ready for future competitions....on the sly.)

The next stop was the kitchen---I liked how Spicy started opening drawers and snooping around in there.  The fridge is brand new in the house, but is also empty.  She correctly pointed out that we may never see it look this clean again.

Next you can see a close up of the famous dining room table, and a view of the living room.  Spicy said the decor was "Tokyo Pop", so I guess that explains the dinosaur.

Then Spicy walked down the hall to the Diary Room.  She said the room wasn't "finished yet" so she couldn't show it to us, but all of the crying, complaining, confessing and of course the voting will happen just beyond that door.

Next is a quick trip through the Big Brother bathroom.  Spicy said she wants to look at the toilet, since we don't get to see it very often.  Looks like they don't want anybody to drop their drawers in there right now.  I can't read the sign taped to the toilet seat, but I'm guessing it says something like "don't even think about it!".  There is also a scale in there, but I don't see any magazines.

She pointed out that there is nail polish for them, and that Danielle would love it.  (?)  She also mentioned Lane's auto erotic activities in the shower, so I think the name dropping is of no importance to those of us who are looking for clues.

Then Spicy walked into the "arcade" room, which is kind of the lounge area for the houseguests.  Years ago this room was the gym, then the sauna room, etc etc etc.  The Fortune Teller has been replaced by this colorful game.  Spicy gives it a try to see if it works and is excited when it does.  (Spicy:  Hell yeah!)

Then she went up the spiral staircase, where we see the chess board, and she went into the new HOH room.   There is a bonsai tree type decor there---I like the little lights that are all over the bonsai tree but that's all I can say about that. (I'm trying not to be negative about the house decor.  I'll just leave it at that.  For now.)  Spicy points out the spy screen for us.

Then she makes a Special Point to show us this nondescript door, saying that in the past that is where Pandora's Box was.  She says there are surprises in store for us this year behind that door.  If you are a regular reader of this website, you will guess that the door is going to lead to Mentor's home base, whatever that is.  (If not, type in Mentor Twist into the search box in the left margin of this website and you will find links to everything you need to know about the rumors for this season.)

Then Spicy strolls outside to survey the famous Big Brother backyard.

She even lounged on the couch and fake-smoked, calling out BB13's walking cancer stick Shelly.  (To be fair, Spicy just said Shelly's name, and I said the rest.)

She also looked at the washer and dryer and commented on the fact that they are brand new.  She said the old green set they used to have was pretty beat up--I think they had been using the old ones for about 3 years so I guess it was time for new appliances.  Lots and lots and lots of towels blow through there every year.

That concludes the tour.  You can see it for yourself on the SuperPass home screen.