Sunday, July 1, 2012

Our BB14 Spoiler Source Sure Gets Around. #BB14

Our trusty source for all of the juicy Mentor Twist spoilers sure gets around.  While taking a little YouTube break today, I came across the following:

Do you know who this guy is?  Well, it is none other than Jessie Misskelley, one of the famous Arkansas West Memphis Three.  He went into prison as a teenager and was released in August 2011 after new evidence was examined by the judge.

If you haven't seen the three West Memphis Three HBO documentaries, I recommend catching up on those pronto.

Missyae @TheGameSurvivor's real name is Jim, as you can probably tell from the short clip above.  You can learn more about his background here.

Don't Remember Much About Dan? Me Either. #BB14

Unless you swore off using the internet last week, you know that Dan Gheesling, winner of BB10 is one of the rumored Mentors who will be leading a team on this summer's Big Brother 14.

I've had plenty to say about the other three rumored mentors:  Janelle Pierzina (BB6, BB7), Mike Boogie Malin (BB2, BB7 Winner) and of course Rachel Reilly (BB12, BB13 Winner).  But I haven't said much about Dan.

I liked Dan, but for some reason I don't remember liking the BB10 season very much.  I think I had a lot going on in life that year, or maybe it was because I was never really rooting for anyone.  Also, although I had the live feeds, I don't think I was writing live feed updates that year, so that played a part in it.  Writing the live feeds makes you feel like a part of the action, I guess.  I hadn't started this website yet, and I was tired of writing updates for one of the other big BB websites.   I might say more about that sometime, but this is about Dan.

He was a very intelligent player, and always had strategy in mind.  If anyone had to win, I'm glad it was Dan.

After his season ended, he went back home to Michigan and his normal life of being a high school football coach.  So there hasn't been a lot of news about him, and that's probably just the way Dan likes it.

To get ready for this season, I did some poking around to see what I can find.

This video was shot in Detroit, where Dan was working the casting process for BB12 back in 2010.  I am impressed by how at ease Dan is in front of the camera, and he has a great energy level.  He has a brilliant future ahead of him when he is finished with coaching, I think, to get a job in broadcasting.  The contestants we see here are pretty scary---get a load of the dude with the gnarly beard.  Can you imagine having to share the bathroom sink with that guy?

And here is a clip of Dan on The Bonnie Hunt Show a few days after he won BB10.  This is interesting, because Bonnie asks him about some statements he made about leaving the country if a female is elected president.  Dan says he strategically said that during the casting process to "tell them what they wanted to hear".  He doesn't say whether he felt that way or not, though.  So what we do know is that Dan is playing the game at all times.  I think Dan will avoid a lot of the drama in the house, and that will suit his long game just fine.  Bonnie mispronounces his name as "Dan Greesling".  Funny.

That's about all I could find on Dan, other than numerous Big Brother 10 clips.  He wrote a book this year about the reality TV casting process, and did some press with that, but other than that he keeps it pretty quiet.

I'm calling Dan as the Dark Horse this year.  His Mentor team may not bring the drama that Rachel and Janelle's teams may bring, but that's how Dan likes it, I'm sure.

And let's not forget his job is a teacher and football coach, so he knows a little something about how to motivate people.  He's just a little boring, that's all.

Brrrrring! Get the Phone..It's Chilltown #BB14

In preparation for the kickoff of Big Brother 14 on July 12th, we are all eagerly waiting to see how the rumored Mentor Twist will pan out.  I don't think there are too many doubters at this point, but this is Big Brother PreSeason and anything can happen.  Some new information can come out tomorrow that starts a fresh round of speculation.

This clip made me smile, and laugh out loud when Mike Boogie pulled out the sleep mask.  It is a complete set of the BB7 Famous Chilltown Phone Calls, including one on Housecalls taped after the finale.

I think I just fell in love with Dr. Will all over again.  And I have to give it up to Mike Boogie, who is truly ruthless and probably didn't get the respect that he deserved since he is always overshadowed by Will.

Well, Mike Boogie certainly doesn't GIVE a lot of respect, so I'm not sure we owe him any.  Just ask Erika Landin.

Enjoy.  I dare you not to love it.

Rosie O'Donnell Hates Mike Boogie #BB14

While we prepare ourselves for the upcoming Big Brother 14 season with the rumored and much-discussed Mentor Twist, let's take a quick trip back to 2006.

This YouTube clip was filmed the day after the BB7 - AllStars finale, and features Janelle Pierzina, Mike Boogie Malin, and Erika Landin on The View.

Rosie makes no secret of her obvious distaste for Mike Boogie.  This clip is really fun and features the following highlights:

*  Rosie makes everyone move around so she doesn't have to sit by Mike Boogie.
*  We see the clips of Mike Boogie calling Erika a Ho and saying that he used her up.
*  We also see clips of them making out.
*  We see clips of Janelle and Dr. Will steaming it up in the hot tub and in the Diary Room.

I have to say Mike handles himself very well here.  The entire segment was pretty much a Mike Hatefest but he seemed to take it in stride.  After all, he did win half a million dollars the night before.

Fun Fact #1:  This isn't a Fun Fact for Mike, mind you.  He mentions that he is going to use his earnings to invest in three restaurants in Atlanta.  Well, he did, and they are all closed now.   Tough times and a bad location don't spell success in the restaurant world.

Fun Fact #2:  After BB6, The View was offered a guest appearance by the winner, Maggie Asburn.  Rosie refused to have Maggie on the show as a guest unless Janelle made an appearance as well.  This is kind of unusual, since Janelle wasn't even in the Final Two or Three.  But she's the star, baby.  We all know that.  Also, Rosie was very vocal during the season about her dislike of the Nerd Herd.

Enjoy and let's get ready for Big Brother 14!  I'm ordering the Live Feeds later tonight so I won't miss any of the exclusive pre-season shows starring previous house guests!  You can order the live feeds from the link on the upper left corner of this website.  Thanks for your support!

Mommy, I Want a Janie Doll!

If you've been scouting around for the latest news about the Mentor Twist, or JanelleGate, I don't have to tell you that things are getting crazy out there.

People are making up all kinds of things, and photoshopping like crazy.  I think some of them are trying to be funny, others are looking to build website traffic however they can get it, and I suspect some of the craziness exists due to widespread low literacy skills.  It's like the Telephone Game, only on the internet.  People don't understand what they just read, so they mangle it and pass it on.


Let's cleanse our palate with an old YouTube clip from BB7, All Stars, that happens to feature two of the upcoming BB14's rumored Mentors, Janelle and Mike Boogie. 

It's just a normal afternoon in the backyard.  Janelle's hair is wet, and most of the boys are shirtless.  Mike Boogie asks Janelle how the "Mommy Mommy I want a Janie Doll" chant started and Janelle explains it. 

The clip features a shirtless Dr. Will!  And nonstop blabbering by Howie!  And Marcellas and Beau get hit by the conversational shrapnel!  As well as the movie V for Vendetta!  And Kaysar is there, too, but he doesn't say much.

Apparently Janelle is Furious #BB14

Our trusty informant Missyae @TheGameSurvivor checked in last night with a few updates about the Big Brother 14 Mentor Twist situation.

There have been rumors threats floating around out there about Russell Hantz being one of the Big Brother house guests this year.  No dice on that.  That is the Russell Missyae is referring to below,  not the bald, angry, part-time UFC player who appeared on BB11.  (I wrote about the Russell Hantz rumors way back in June. You can read about it here.)

Also, we get an update on JanelleGate, which erupted yesterday when someone fake-tweeted a picture of Janelle getting on a plane to Greece, while talking about Rome.  (We think the tweeter was Beau, Janelle's friend from BB6, who probably doesn't have the time to actually learn the European capitals.  He's too busy with the US's 48 states!  ha ha ha)  If you don't know about JanelleGate, you can learn about it here and here.

Anyway, Janelle is FURIOUS with her blabber mouth friend who couldn't keep their trap shut about her rumored upcoming appearance on Big Brother 14 as one of the four mentors.  (Don't know about the Mentor Twist?  Just type that phase into the search box in the left margin of this website and you will discover a world of infotainment regarding this bombshell rumor.)

Well, who is Janelle mad at?  At first I thought it was Beau. I pictured him in a club in Miami doing rails ("allegedly") and chattering nonstop about his not-so-secret information.

But I must apologize to Beau for blaming him.  I should not have been so quick to judge.

James Rhine?  Whaaat?  Well, let's all just chew on that for awhile.

Regarding Dan Gheesling (another rumored Mentor for BB14), I don't follow his tweets, but I know he has been tweeting about his weekend escapades and even told one fan to check the GPS coordinates of a picture he tweeted, just to prove he is back home in Minneapolis or where ever it is he lives.  He's checking into Foursqure, too.  (I can't imagine why ANYONE would want to do that at ANY TIME, but that's just me.  I roll quietly.)

Apparently Mrs. Gheesling is the culprit.  Uh huh.

There are sure to be a flurry of Tweet Checkers out there regarding all of this.  In 24 hours, the novelty will wear off and we'll be on to the next topic.

But it's fun now.

Evel Dick Entertains the Fans #BB14

Evel Dick is quite the night owl, as anyone who watched the BB8 live feeds knows.  He stayed up all night last night tweeting with fans and friends.

Also, he has stopped protesting that the Mentor Twist rumors are false, and is getting in on the JanelleGate scandal.  This scandal occurred yesterday, but you can catch up on the scandal here and here.

OK. So people have been sending around photoshopped pictures of Janelle and her now-famous Mark Jacobs Vuitton bag in front of the Acropolis, at a Greek fast food place, etc etc etc.  Rachel is even included in a few pictures along with Janelle as they circle the globe on "vacation".

Dick is getting in all of the comedy action by sharing a few pictures of his own.

Please.  Like Janie would be caught dead dressed like that.  Then Dick took a left turn into the truly absurd.

 Dick has some news for us regarding his Dick at Night podcasts.  He is going to "release a video" in the next day or so to give us the details on his show, and also to dispel some rumors.  I'm not sure if the rumors have to do with him being approached or not being approached to be a Mentor this year. 

I guess time will tell.  Evel Dick still isn't smoking, but he doesn't sound very committed.  He says he feels he hasn't actually quit, but is in between his last and next cigarettes.  Speaking from experience, it is very, very hard to quit smoking.  There is the addiction component (nicotine), the physical component (what do I do with my hands now?) and the emotional component (habits die hard).  He almost went to the store to buy a pack on Day #5, but stuck to his guns.  He only used the E-cigarette for the first two days but then quit Cold Turkey.  But tomorrow (Monday) will be one week so that is a big achievement.  Note however, that Dick will NOT be NOT SMOKING in the BB14 house.

Apparently Dick has been in communication with the producers of the new Big Brother Canada program.  I think he lived in Canada at one point.  

And Dick is EXTREMELY bothered by the rumor that we will once again see Rachel this summer on Big Brother.  He REALLY doesn't like seeing her on Big Brother.  He might stop watching Big Brother all together due to this.  But not this year---he has a show to put on.

The two ladies he is tweeting with above are Amy Crews (BB3 Amy, the Cheese Lover) and Jun Song (winner of BB4).

He was also kind enough to answer a few questions about the BB casting process.  (BB:  Dick, STOP THAT!)
And then someone asks about his daughter Danielle.

Aww.  I guess we won't get that happy ending we all hoped for.  In remembrance of happier times, I'll sign off with some classic photos of Dick and Danielle, circa BB8, when Dani's hair was blonder and they were both just a little less angry.