Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Fans Turn on (Faux) Janelle #BB14

OK.  So the big news of this evening is JanelleGate.  I just made up that stupid name, but you can read about the situation here.

The fans are all abuzz about this.  Of course. This is a Big Deal in BB Land.

But many fans are confronting "Janelle" on Twitter about the pictures.  No surprise there.  Anyone with a laptop knows that over 50% of the people who tweet are nasty bitches who would NEVER have the BALLS to speak to someone in person the way they speak to them on Twitter.

So I'm not surprised that people are being aggressive towards her.  What I am surprised about, however, is that she is responding to them so quickly. Isn't she on a plane on the way to a dream vacation in Greece?  Shouldn't she be sipping champagne and watching the personal video-on-demand in International First Class?  Snuggling with "the Hubs"?

Janelle isn't a very frequent Tweeter.  Her conduct today on Twitter is far from the norm.  If she is really going on vacation today, what does she care what we think about it?  She could just tweet a picture of herself, with her FACE, when she arrives in Greece to prove it to us, if she cares so much.  Or on the plane, for that matter, since she is apparently able to tweet over the ocean with ease. is a sample of the "Janelle" vs. "Fan" interactions.  What do you think?

When does Janelle ever "look like crap"?  Especially dressed like she was in the photograph, and working that designer bag to the nines?  Here is the picture she tweeted, in case you didn't see it before it was deleted.

And then the dreadful "Survivor Shannon" crawled out from the bushes of Louisiana (or whereever) and started taking pot shots at our Janie.  "Faux Janelle" has one thing in common with the Real Janelle--they don't put up with a lot of shit very easily. "Faux Janelle", who is supposedly on a plane en route to the vacation of her dreams with her husband, bitterly fought back with Shannon.

Boston Rob even got hit by the shrapnel.  How dare!

Note that I do believe the Real Janelle would use a hashtag called #fuckingdumbass.  In fact, we should all try to get that phrase to trend today, in honor of our Janie.

Who is Survivor Shannon?  I don't remember which Survivor season he was on, but he had a fresh mouth and talked like a bad ass.  I hear him "star" on podcasts and he is entertaining in a train wreck sort of way.  I'm not a "Johnny Fairplay" fan either, so maybe this type of person is just not my cup of tea.  (Note that he needs to use the word Survivor in his tweet name....otherwise he would just be a man named Shannon.)

Then, Missyae from @TheGameSurvivor appears and tweets the following---note that he has previously stated that Survivor Shannon is a good friend of his.

And also:

Beau a moron?  Remember him from BB6?  I think calling Beau a moron would be a compliment, compared to his usual adjectives.

Please don't attack Faux Janelle.  Remember they are all doing their best to put a good show on for us this summer.  It's still nearly two weeks until the premiere, and we're all losing our shit already!

My Biggest Fear (as far as BB14 is concerned, that is):  Janelle won't be on BB14 at all, and I will stare at my computer screen blankly on July 12th, wondering where it all went wrong....

The Janelle Frenzy Has Begun. Will She...or Won't She? The Picture Fraud. #BB14

Who would think there would be such a scandalous cluster on a quiet, steamy (102 degrees) Saturday afternoon?

In case you've been actually out there in the world having a life, let me bring you up on the events of today, as they relate to Janelle Pierzina, Big Brother Goddess.


This is very old news at this point, from Wednesday (years in Big Brother Pre-Season time).  Janelle was identified by Jim, aka Missyae @TheGameSurvivor who is the only credible source right now for BB14 rumors, as one of the four mentors involved with the upcoming Big Brother season.  You can read about that here.

Missyae has also said that the Mentors will "go inside" on Sunday (tomorrow).  I think that means they are going into sequester, since the season doesn't premiere until July 12th.  Typically the house guests enter the house 4-5 days before the show premieres on CBS.  The house guests get settled in, get schooled on the rules, and start getting used to the cameras.  After the west coast premiere ends, the live feeds start, in conjunction with the first episode of Showtime's Big Brother After Dark (i.e. 12:00 am EST July 13th)

Due to this rumored Mentor Twist, however, I think the time period between entering the house and the show's premiere is longer this year to include the introduction of the Mentors to the houseguests.  I'm guessing that the house guests have some sort of audition period with the mentors, maybe even interview with them for a spot on their team.  Then the Mentors will pick their teams somehow, a draft of sorts.  I hope we will see that happen live, but it is likely to be presented on tape during the first episode, or will be teased for the second CBS episode.  It's their hook this year. This is the payoff pitch.

[I'm just guessing about the last paragraph.  Other than my experience with Big Brother live feed watching and my own creativity, I have no inside information other than that provided by the usual public sources.]

OK, back to Janelle...

She has been tweeting about her great weekend and upcoming vacation, supposedly to Athens, Greece.  I wrote about that here.

Then, a few hours ago, she tweeting that her husband upgraded her flight to first class, and posted a picture which now seems so strange.  As you can see, it doesn't show her face---just a body that COULD be Janelle at the airport counter.  I wrote about it here

But then, the strange part.  Our friend Missyae at @TheGameSurvivor received some information from an internet sleuth.  The picture above was posted in W Magazine's website at least one year ago.  Here it the picture from W Magazine, included with a story about handbags:

And here's the thing.  Janelle's tweet with the picture attached has disappeared. It's gonzo.

But of course I took a picture of it, so we'll always have it right here.  Now when I think about it, it is strange that Janelle didn't include a head shot.  She's not shy about showing pictures of herself.   In fact, just the other day she tweeted this.

Or did she?  Was someone else already covering her Twitter account for her while she is already embroiled in Big Brother 14?

The fans are having a strong reaction to all of this. More on that later....

But let me say a few things:

1.  Janelle is one of the biggest Big Brother fans out there.  She visits the websites, watches the live feeds, and obsesses about it every year just like we do.  Would she really use the hashtag #bigbrotherfansrnuts?  Followed by a #fuckya?  As far as she wants us to know, she is going on vacation.  What does she care what we think about it?  I have been following her on Twitter for over a year now, and she doesn't really tweet that much.  I think the tweets supposedly posted by her today are more than she would usually do in a month or more.

2.  Janelle understands the pre-season Big Brother excitement---would this minor incident be enough for her to call us all nuts?  After all, some of the scariest stalkers in all the land have contacted her during the Real SuperPass live Big Brother shows.  And Janelle barely blinked an eye at their batshit shennanigans.

3.  Don't believe me?  Well, you can read about it here.  And here

4.  So no, I don't think Janelle wrote this.

5. On the bright side, no one is talking about The Glass House anymore, are they?   As BB3's Roddy Mancuso would say, "it's a big SO WHAT!"

It's FIrst Class All the Way for Janelle #BB14

Does that look like a "Going to Greece" outfit?  It looks like a ready to "Get to Work" kicking ass on BB14 outfit to me.

She says it herself in the hashtag....#BYEBYEBITCHES.

Loving the Mark Jacobs Vuitton bag...

Janelle Tweets About Her "Vacation" #BB14

Well, it may very well be the summer of dreams for us, too!

Janelle has enjoyed a nice weekend so far by the sound of it. She had a beautiful meal at home with her husband last night and then went out for brunch today. 

This may be your last day in Minnesota for a while, Janelle.  Hopefully until mid-September....

AGP Scrambles to Plug the Leak... #BB14

Our favorite spoiler this year, Missyae @TheGameSurvivor  has a few comments for us this afternoon about what is happening in Big Brother Land.

 As I have said in the past, this guy is a professional and runs several reality show websites.  I don't think Jim would jeopardize his Reality Reputation by creating bogus rumors.  (Hear that, TheCornerOffice?)

If you have been out of the country (maybe playing Survivor?) and don't know about the Mentor Twist, you can read about the the man behind @TheGameSurvivor and find links to all of my Mentor Twist posts here. There are a few Mentor Twist posts that I wrote more recently that aren't linked in that post, but you can use the search box for the Mentor Twist label if you feel you need more info.

OK--so according to Missyae, there is a lot of blaming and finger-pointing going on behind the scenes regarding the release of this information.  You can just feel the paranoia and panic.

For the most part, these rumors are only drumming up excitement about the upcoming season.  But I guess in some circumstances releasing this information could hurt the game.

For example, if the newbies are home trolling the internet for information about the upcoming season (I would be...) their knowledge of the Mentors could really screw things up.   I guess they could start doing extensive research on the Mentors, but more importantly the element of surprise would be gone.

And Production doesn't want to lose any house guests over naughty behavior.  You know, like trying feverishly to contact Janelle to beg, "Pick Me!!!  Pick Me!!"

So I'm thinking the newbies are already in sequester somewhere.  The Mentors are leaving their homes tomorrow (Sunday July 1st), but I'm guessing they enter the house shortly after the newbies go in, rocking their world and the game. 

Missyae runs a Big Brother Whispers Facebook page where (I'm guessing) he gives out some additional inside information.
I don't have a Facebook page.  I'm tempted, but I really can't handle another distraction right now.  I have my hands full with this, running my business, blah blah blah.

Please follow him on Facebook and tell him I sent you.  If something juicy comes up that he doesn't post on Twitter, maybe you can let me know?  You know I like to Dish the Dirt!

Welcome to Big Brother 14

The past week has been a whirl of excitement and rumors.  The upcoming week is sure to include the same.

I just want to take a moment to welcome new visitors to my website, and to thank those that keep coming back for their support.  I have been writing live feed updates for years, but only started keeping my own website during BB11.  I actually set up the website and started posting a day or two before Chima Simone's unprecedented breakdown and expulsion.  That ended up being great timing!  I was right there with the story at the right time.

Some people wonder where I get the time to do this every summer.  Sometimes I do, too.  I own my own business and try to schedule my appointments and commitments around my Feed Watching schedule as much as possible. 

I will be writing live feed updates every day, and taking pictures as well.  Sometimes when the feeds are down I watch the Flashbacks and then I recap those, too.  My favorite events to recap are the live HOH endurance competitions---last year they had more of them then ever, so I hope we can expect the same for BB14. 

In the past week, visitors from the following countries have visited the website.

Do you all read the site in English?  Or is it converted into other languages?  What a trip it would be to see one of my posts in Russian!

Also, from time-to-time I post the leading search terms here on the website.  This will give us all an idea of what people are searching for on the internet.  Sometimes I am amused that they typed those words or phrases into Google and were linked here on my blog, and other times I am horrified! 

Here are the most popular search terms in the past week that brought people here to my website.  As you might expect, there is A LOT of interest in the BB14 rumors and TV schedules.  But there are a few surprises---why does someone keep searching for Michael Donnellan (BB6)?  Michael, is that you?  If so, you are even creepier than I thought....

Media Day Pictures from Inside the Big Brother House! #BB14

If you are a Big Brother fan, you probably know that last weekend (June 22 - 23rd) was the annual Big Brother Media Day.

A very lucky select group of media personnel get to tour the new Big Brother house and they usually get to play some competitions, eat slop, etc.  They even had a nomination ceremony.   This year Brendon and Rachel appeared to host Media Day, which was surely an experience for those in attendance.

(That alone is one reason why I don't think Rachel should be a Mentor this year, but whatever.  I'll get over it.  See the latest rumor here.)

The house looks like a spaceship!  The decor is insane!  I think there may even be some video game references, particularly in the hallway to the Diary Room, but that's not my area of expertise, to say the least.

(I play Bejeweled on my iPhone, but that's about it.)

These pictures are courtesy of WeLoveBigBrother, and you can see all of them linked here.

I don't think we should get excited by that chicken in one of the photos---I'm pretty sure he was used somehow in the  Media Day competition.  I don't think he is a permanent resident.  I hope they don't eat him.

I'm not sure I like the decor this year.  It doesn't look like a real house in any way, shape or form.  But of course that won't stop my BB addiction....


Every single year, some jackass on the internet says that they have early pictures of the Big Brother house guests, and it turns out that the pictures are the Media Day people.  So don't be taken in by those jackasses.  After seeing the pictures at the above link, you will know a lot  more than they do.


You might recall way back last week (at least a year ago, in BB time) that there was a rumor leak that the house would have an 80's decor.  Well, of course that prediction was fake.  It came from the phonies at TheCornerOffice.  You can read about the rumors they initially tweeted, and then about the reveal of the hoax here.

Jeff and Jordan Do America - Live Chat

Jeff and Jordan did a "live chat" with their Facebook fans last Thursday, June 28th.  They are promoting their new show Jeff and Jordan Do America, which premieres on July 18th.

Where does it premiere?  On CBSi.  I'm not sure where that is, or how we will find it.  Maybe we will find it on You Tube.  Who knows.

This "live chat" features Jeff and Jordan sitting in front of a blue screen, reading questions from fans about their new show, and their new life together in California.   There is a strange white spot on the blue screen that I found distracting, but that's me.

A few notes:

*  Jordan hates the traffic and the noise of Southern California, but likes everything else.

*  They have a little one-bedroom apartment in Santa Monica that Jeff describes as a good "starter apartment". 

*  Turns out Jeff hurt his arm when a bull gored him!  Wow.  I wrote about Jeff's injury and have pictures of their new apartment here.

*  They really are cute together, and have a great rapport.  Jeff has so much experience now with hosting and being filmed--he's a natural.  I think he would be great on ESPN or Fox Sports, but he would need to get some speech training first.  His pronunciation of some basic words drives me crazy.  (Dese and dose).  He even coaches Jordan throughout the video on how to read the questions, etc.

*  They get asked when Jeff is going to propose every time they leave the house.  You can tell Jeff is annoyed by this--he kinds of goes off about it but in true Jeff fashion it is charming.

*  They plan to watch Big Brother this summer.  They just got TIVO so Jeff says there is no excuse not to.

*  Jordan had lunch with Rachel a few weeks ago, and Brendon wished Jeff a Happy Birthday.  It sounds like that is about the extent of their contract with Brenchal but they put a positive slant on it.

*  The video is posted below--the short promo clip is tacked on the front but the total playing time is over 30 minutes.  If you are a Jeff and Jordan fan it is a must.  You get a glimpse of their daily dramas about driving, cleaning, etc.  Just like a normal couple, as Jeff explains.

Update: The Final Mentor Was Revealed #BB14

Well, last night our trusty source for all of the juicy rumors revealed the 4th and final rumored mentor for this summer's show.


After much ado, the final "bad" mentor is none other than:

Rachel Reilly.

Yes, Rachel.

I saw this info posted last night by Missyae @TheGameSurvivor, and I was very disappointed by it.  So I just kept doing what I was doing and didn't update the blog.

Sorry.  It was 103 degrees yesterday (for real) and I had two cold beers last night and some smoked eggplant dip and pretty much passed out.

You know, I consider myself a Rachel fan, and wanted her to win last year.  But I was getting really excited about the possibility of seeing some old faces that we haven't seen lately.

Like Natalie from BB11---I was thinking that casting her as the villain mentor would be genius.  Most of the fans despised her during and after her season, but it takes a special kind of talent to create that type of controversy.  She was brilliantly deviant during BB11, and was in the background pulling a lot of strings.

I think she would have won, and probably should have won instead of Jordan.  Yes, Jordan pulled it out at the end by winning the final competitions, but Natalie kept beating the odds week after week in that house.  The Jury House chatter is what ruined her---Jessie heard the news from the recently-evicted house guests about her real age, and how she had been trash talking him.  So she lost his vote, and a few others.

And of course Jeff was spending his time in the Jury House trying to convince everyone to vote for Jordan.  Then the Big Brother world got swept in Jeff & Jordan fever, so Natalie was pretty much forgotten.

The BB12 house guests did spend a fair amount of time on the live feeds badmouthing Natalie, particularly Matt Hoffman.  It was very funny, in my opinion.

Natalie was a devious little bitch who rarely bathed, but I was looking forward to seeing her in action again this summer.  I pictured her joining forces with Mike Boogie and and clashing with Janelle.

Anyway.  Moving on...

I'm sure Rachel will once again provide plenty of drama.  She is quite a different player when Brendon isn't around, and we all know how competitive she can be.  I think she is going to be star struck by Janelle (who wouldn't be?) but I'm guessing we will see a new Rachel this year.  She will have a different attitude.

I've watched Rachel on the live feeds for two years now, and last year she came in feeling like the underdog.  She and Brendon felt that everyone was against them, they had to fight every week, yadda yadda yadda.

This year (if the rumors are true...) she is coming in as a former Winner, and a finalist on The Amazing Race.  She is a CBS contract player now, so I think she should relax and let it play out.

Can you imagine being a newbie house guest and finding out that you are going to get picked in a house guest draft by either:

Mike Boogie
Rachel Reilly
Janelle Pierzina
Dan Gheesling

Wouldn't you be crapping your pants?  I wouldn't want to get stuck with Mike Boogie.  I have heard Janelle say many times that she is a fan of Rachel's and she didn't like the way Brendon spoke to her on the show.

I think Rachel and Janelle will bond and create some great TV for us.  I think Dan Gheesling will be playing from the moment he walks in that house---they should all watch out for him.

It almost makes you forget that there are other houseguests, right?  And as Missyae says, there are some surprises coming about former Survivor contestants who will be cast on this year's show.

Hmmm..  If it's Boston Rob, I don't think I can take it.  (I love, love, love me some Boston Rob.)  I just don't think I can back away from the live feeds if Boston Rob is anywhere in that house.

I officially have a Boston Rob Problem.

So there are still plenty of surprises left to reveal....I guess we will have to wait and see!