Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Head is Exploding - Mentor Twist - #BB14

@TheGameSurvivor just messed up my entire summer with the following update.  If indeed this is true, then I may never leave the house.


Yes, it is JANELLE!!!!

For a change, I have no words. Just wow.

The CornerOffice Admits it is a Hoax? #BB14

Earlier today, I reported what @TheCornerOffice14 was reporting this year regarding spoilers for the upcoming BB14 season.  As mentioned in the post, I suspected that it was fake, probably created by CBS or AGP.  You can read that post here.

Well, in the past hour or so they tweeting some things that make it clear it is a hoax, probably created by a BB website to generate publicity.  A publicity stunt.  Or, #PublicityStunt, as the case may be.

OK OK - One More Mentor Update! #BB14

@TheGameSurvivor just keeps giving it hardcore today!

Here is my wild guess - just putting it out there based on what I've seen so far:

"Good Mentors"

Kaysar Ridha
Janelle Pierzina or Danielle Donato

"Bad Mentors"

Mike Boogie
Danielle Reyes or Danielle Donato

I am guessing "good" and "bad" mean straight game players vs. naughty liars.

NOTE:  It was rumored that Danielle Reyes hooked up with Mike Boogie after All Stars for a drunken one-nighter, leading to the eventual break up of her marriage.  Can you imagine that drama in the house?

I'm just sayin'.......

Yet More Rumor Updates - Mentor Twist #BB14

Our trusty CBS spoiler source has  had plenty of caffeine today, from the looks of it.


OK, OK, by now you should surely be familiar with the rumored Mentor Twist.  If you aren't, you can get up to speed here.

@TheGameSurvivor is dishing out more info about the structure of the Mentor arrangement.  In other words, what's in it for them?

*  Cash money if one of the Mentees on their team wins the game.  $100K prize money, but apparently at that point they will not receive the $20,000 base salary and $2,000 weekly stipend.  (So even if the Mentor does a crappy job and all of their team gets the boot after Week #4, they would still receive $28,000 if they last a full month.  Assuming the $20K salary isn't prorated over the entire season.)

* The Mentors are hopeful that they can enter the game at some point for the big prize, but I don't think that is set in stone. (So, let's say they cast a bunch of Lawons and Adams this year, I guess having the Mentors enter the game would help save the summer TV ratings.  More eggs in the basket?   And Alison Grodner Productions needs a new casting director.)

@TheGameSurvivor also ruled out a few former house guests who have been rumored to be Mentors.

* No James Rhine. (He would have been a good coach, I think.)
* No Maggie.  (Who?)
* No Matt Hoffman.  (Probably would have been a shoe-in if he had reached the finals in BB12)
* No Ronnie Talbott.  (Probably better suited for All Stars.  We haven't seen enough of Ronnie, in my opinion.  A fascinating character and fan of the game.)

Once again this all may or may not be accurate.  But so far it is the most plausible set of rumors to date.



* No Lisa Donohue (BB3)
* No Eric Stein (BB8)
* No Chelsia Hart  (BB9)
* No Michelle Noonan (BB11)
* No Chima Simone (BB11  ha ha ha)

The CornerOffice is At it Again - Rumors Fly #BB14

The fine folks at the CornerOffice are still at work this year, dishing spoilers about the upcoming Big Brother season.

Before we get to the juicy rumors, lets take a look at how they fared with their predictions last year.  The CornerOffice Twitter account for BB13 was actually shut down  after a flurry of tweets were posted about BB13, indicating that the information was indeed highly classified.  I actually thought at the time that the twitter account was staffed by Alison Grodner Productions, to add a little excitement and to distract from some of the other rumors floating around out there.

That process would make sense, wouldn't it?  Let's say that the current gossip about the Mentor Twist is true---wouldn't they want to put something else out there to cast some doubt?  Here is the link to the CornerOffice13 predictions last year.  As you can see, some of the rumored spoilers were true--for example, Lawon was indeed on another planet (and still is).  But some of the other information was way off base.

I'm guessing all of the rumors start with a grain of truth, and that how much the insider knows about the truth depends on their job grade.  For example,  Alison knows everything, but she isn't telling.  But someone lower down the ranks, like a Production Assistant, might know exactly how many women will be on the cast, and how big they are---because they have to arrange for the costumes for the first food challenge, for example.

But enough about my thoughts, lets get on with the BB14 chatter.


*  These rumors from CornerOffice14 also feature returning house guests, but instead of being Mentors, the returning house guests will work as hosts for challenges and competitions.  Or something like that. (Don't we do that already?  With Janelle, Jeff & Jordan, etc.)
*  The returning house guests won't have much of an impact on the game.  (Then why have them?)
*  The house has been renovated, and now has an arcade.
*  There will be "upstairs neighbors".  (Better not be the effing Fortune Teller.)

I don't want to crap all over their rumors, but they still sound kind of corporate to me.  The content, and the voice writing them.  For example, the punctuation is perfect, and the twitter account is not locked.  In fact, I predict there will be more bombshell rumors coming from this account, and then it too will be shut down for the year.  This might even be from CBS---the details about the house, just as The Talk is about to televise a tour makes me suspicious.

Controversy sells.

But I thank TheCornerOffice for sharing what they know.  I love all the mystery and speculation.  So fun.

***Haven't heard about the Mentor Twist?  You can catch up with everything I know as of right now, at this link.***

More Rumor Updates - The Mentor Twist - #BB14

Another day, another flurry of rumors.

I'm going to go ahead and name my source for the Mentor Twist rumors.  I don't think they will mind, and it is already spreading quickly throughout the internet.


Big Brother 14 will feature four mentors from previous seasons of the show.  So far the rules of their engagement are only speculative, but the source has confirmed that there will be two men and two women.

*  Mike Boogie Malin is confirmed as one of the males
*  The other males WILL NOT include Jase (BB5), Dr. Will Kirby, or Evel Dick (!).
*  Evel Dick WAS NOT considered, nor invited to participate.  (If this is true, I can't imagine he will be very supportive of the new season.)
*  It doesn't seem like Jessie is the other male mentor.  (Whew!)
*  One of the female mentors is on the fence about it, and may back out. 
*  I don't think Janelle is ruled out....hmmm.
*  Colton Cumbie from Survivor is apparently not one of the new house guests, nor is Alex Stein from The Glass House.
*  The new villian is going to be a Real Bitch!
*  Another tweeter chimed in that they heard Kaysar is one of the mentors.  (I think his Big Brother game was HORRIBLE both seasons he played, but certainly the BB fans loved him, and he has BAD BLOOD with Mike Boogie, so I could justify this casting.  IF he still looks good...)
*  The cast is going into the house this Sunday.  (Therefore, the Media Day gag order expires on Monday!)

Need to catch up on previous posts about the Mentor Twist? 

Link to Post #1 about the rumored Twist
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I have excerpted tweets from the source---Missyae is famous for Survivor Spoilers and is a very generous tweeter.  Information like this is so fun to dish about!