Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sure to be the Rumor of the Week

I discussed some of the rumors floating around the web about BB14 earlier today.  You can read about it here.

 Well, I can't trace the exact source of the rumors, but people apparently think Russell Hantz from Survivor will be a cast member.  Russell is a controversial Survivor player, and has dragged his nephew and brother into the Reality Spotlight with him.  He is ruthless and isn't concerned with making friends.  So I can see why Big Brother would consider him.   I used to follow Russell on Twitter, and I frequently saw ass-kissing messages from Russell's fans crowing about how Russell and Evel Dick should be on The Amazing Race together, blah blah blah.

So this might be the same type of people making up the same type of stories.

But rumors of Survivor and Amazing Race house guests have cropped up in other places.  This Russell rumor is very juicy and is sure to put the fans into a craze.  He polarizes people and I think most of the fans will be outraged by this rumor.  So I plan to enjoy seeing all of the evidence posted online this week to prove or disprove Russell's casting.

Would you want Russell in the BB14 house?  I don't think I would want to behold Russell Hantz on the live feeds 24/7.  I imagine he won't wash his hands very often, and that will send the Live Feeders over the edge.  I would much rather have Colton in the BB14 house than Russell, if I had a choice.   If I have to watch Russell hook up with some sleezy ho in the HOH Room, I might become violently ill.

Robyn Kass is the casting director of a number of reality shows, including Big Brother.  The good people behind Hamsterwatch have noticed that Russell follows Robyn's Twitter now.

So now the chatter level starts to rise.  Big Brother Insider is in on it now.

Meanwhile, Robyn Kass tweets about the great L.A. weather today and other generalities like this:

Has everyone been cast yet?  Is that why she is out flying kites and lollygagging?  

Big Brother After Dark - Showtime Confirmation

As Monica (BB2) would say, "It's awwnnnn!"

Our friends at Showtime have now updated their website to confirm that Big Brother After Dark will air this summer.  The schedule has been updated, and the show has been listed in the "All Series" section of the website.

Note that this is Season #7 of BBAD--it didn't start airing until BB7 - All Stars.

More BB14 News and Rumors

 This time of year is very exciting for the Big Brother fans.  Kick-off is just a few weeks away, and lots of news, both real and bogus, is coming out daily. 

I think the lies are delicious, especially the blatant ones.

First, the news:


*  Did you know Lance Bass is a Big Brother fan?  Well, he is, and has been for years.  Apparently he has a weekly show on Sirius Radio called The Pop Ten.  Lance will be part of the Big Brother 14 media coverage team this year, and will score an interview with the evicted house guest each week on Friday, the day after they are eliminated.  Since Lance's show airs on Friday nights at 10:00 pm, I'm guessing he will air a taped interview.  I have a Sirius subscription so I will try to listen to this show if I can.  Of course I will blab about it here. 

* Media Day for BB14 started this weekend--I think on Friday.  Every year Big Brother has a Media Day, where a group of journalists are invited to visit the Big Brother house where they become privy to some Super Secret information.  Typically they also get to compete against each other in a few fun games, get to eat slop, etc.  Matt Whitfield from Yahoo participated again this is his tweet about the experience:

No one who participated can disclose information until July 2nd.  So mark that Monday on your calendar--that is sure to be a Big Day in BB14 Land.  July 2nd is also the revised date for the first Rumor Control show, starring Dani Donato and Rachel Reilly.  (I already discussed that here.)  I am digging Matt Whitfield's new Twitter picture.  Very chic.

*  So you may have seen this picture on the other Big Brother websites already--it was taken by one of the Media Day participants in conjunction with their visit--I'm not sure who to credit for it.  You can see their names are printed on the little HOH competition podiums.  And you can see podiums for Brendon and Rachel.  Does that mean that Brendon and Rachel will be on the show?  Probably not, since Production obviously intended for this picture to be leaked.  No way would anyone associated with Media Day break the confidentiality clause---there is too much at stake for them and their relationship with Production and the network.  I'm not discounting the fact that Rachel and Brendon may have participated in Media Day. Hell no.  That may have happened.


OK, now it gets exciting.  All you have to do to get 15 minutes of fame at this point is to post some "leaked information" about the upcoming BB14 season.  You know, that "your friend" in Production told you.

I love it all, but take it with a grain of salt.  I found a PowerPoint presentation that was posted on TV Grapevine with some truly outrageous information about the upcoming season.  The following is a summary of what was disclosed in the presentation.  You might want to sit down for this.

*  There will be 18 houseguests this year.
*  They are all new - no repeat Big Brother houseguests this year.
*   The first HOH will nominate three people, and 2 of them will be evicted.  (Twist #1)
*  You can win HOH every week if you'd like to--the HOH is no longer on the bench for the week following their HOH Reign.  (Twist #2)
*  There will be two double-evictions this year.  (Twist #3) 
*  The first HOH will also bestow an "Ultimate Golden Key" on another house guest soon after winning HOH.  (Twist #4)
*  This Ultimate Golden Key will keep the holder safe until the Final 8, however they will sit in sequester somewhere as a Have Not, waiting to come back in the game.  They will automatically be nominated when they return, unless they can win HOH.  (That would solve the "Porsche Problem", wouldn't it?)
*  Two previous Survivor contestants (Laura from Survivor #19 and Colton from the last Survivor) will be BB14 house guests, as well as "Joey Fitness" from the last season of The Amazing Race. 

Some of this sounds like it could be true-- but the Ultimate Golden Key situation sounds too risky for the Powers that Be.  Why would someone sit in sequester that long?  Wouldn't there be a huge chance they would leave?  Even if they weren't a Have Not I think that is a risk for Production.  After all, you can leave if you want to--and who could eat slop that whole time?  With cold showers? 

I could see why they would cast Colton---I think he would be a no-brainer as a BB house guest.  Dislike him or Hate him, he was good TV on the last season of Survivor, and his time was cut short after his appendicitis attack.  The Survivor season just wasn't the same after he was airlifted out.  I'd love to cover Colton on the Live Feeds.  Can you imagine what he would say when he's not "on"? So count me in on that.  In fact, the BB commercial talking about BB house guests you "love to hate" kind of describes Colton to a T. 

[Note to first HOH:  Please don't give Colton that Ultimate Golden Key.   We need Colton on all 4 cams please. Thank you].

And Laura?  WTF?  I've watched every season of Survivor, but I have no memory of this lady.  Do you remember her?  I thought she was that Janoo lady, but I guess not.

I'm not sure which of the Two Douches above are Joey Fitness.  I don't have time to pay attention to those types of details when I watch The Amazing Race (which is only when notable contestants like Brenchal or R'Amber compete).   I think they were both Jersey Guys, and they didn't do as well on some of the competitions as you would think they would.

In fact, the mere mention of Joey Fitness makes me think this whole pack of rumors is bogus.  It kind of has @MissCleoBB14 written all over it, doesn't it?  Just my two cents.

Once again, I don't know who to credit for the video containing these rumors, but I found it on the TV Grapevine website --it is about halfway down the page.  There is some snappy music in the background, so you can chair dance while you read all about the "leak" from "a really good friend".


Glass House Live Feed Updates - NOT

I know we were all excited about The Glass House at one point.  There was the juicy CBS lawsuit (which they lost) and the fact that the show would get a good month's head start on BB14.

But then, I watched two different live feed streams---the last 15 minutes of the first live stream, and then most of another stream later in the week.  You know, the one where the yoga teacher visited the house.

I did a recap of the first live feed, which you can read about here.

I also watched the first episode of the ABC broadcast last week.  At that point, I made up my mind that I would not be watching any more live feeds from The Glass House, nor would I be discussing it very much.

I just don't care about it.  

The Glass House live feeds are totally different than the Big Brother Live Feeds.  Let me break it down for you:

1.  The Big Brother live feed cams are focused on the action at all times---24/7 during the season.  Now, there are times when they can't show the live feeders what is happening, and we get a screen with footage of the fish tank (FISH), or the front of the house (FOTH), or my favorite, the control room with the "We'll Be Right Back" screen (WBRB).  I like that one because you can see dozens of camera streams, and a bunch of production employees hunkered down to watch.  That view is not unlike the one you see at NASA during a shuttle launch.  A lot of live feeders get REALLY angry when the Big Brother live feeds are interrupted.  They call RealNetworks to complain, they berate the production team on Twitter, they threaten to cancel their feeds, or file a class action lawsuit.  I think all of that anger is displaced.  It's a good time to take a break.  Get up and move around a little.  Walk your dog.  Do a load of laundry.  Have a chat with an actual human being.   Based on my years of BB live feed watching experience, the feeds are interrupted for important reasons that we can't do anything about.  It is not a conspiracy against anyone.  Here are some examples of reasons why the feeds are interrupted:

             a.  The house guests are singing or humming copyrighted material.  Prime examples of repeat offenders are Kalia (BB13), and Amy (BB3).  When you broadcast a song, the network has to pay the parties involved with creating that song.  It's that simple.  Paying constant royalties is not part of the show's budget.  So the feed is interrupted, and the offending house guest is warned.  And warned. And warned again, if necessary.

            b.  The house guests are talking about real people who have not given their consent to be discussed by the house guest.  When the house guests agree to be on the show, they have a few (?) people in their lives sign consent forms.  Usually their close family members or friends.  The house guests can tell stories about other people, but they can't name them or give details about them that might cause a lawsuit.  As an example, let's say you used to be friends with someone who has a sharp wit and tongue like James Rhine (BB6 & BB7).  And let's say your relationship with James Rhine ended in a bad way.  Would you want him talking about you by name on the live feeds, describing all of your dirty laundry?  Well,  I wouldn't either.  To prevent lawsuits, the feeds are interrupted, and the offending  house guest is warned.  ("James, STOP THAT!")  There is one example I can (kind of) describe to illustrate this:  Chiara (BB3) was using sign language to tell a few of the girls who she was dating before she came into the house.  It was a very powerful person, from a very powerful family.  A family that could squash Les Moonves like a bug.  She then started describing the mental health problems that someone in  loverboy's family had.  Unfortunately it took them a while to find out what Chiara was saying, even though she was using basic schoolyard sign language.  That's all I can say about that. 

             c.  There are key parts of the show that CBS wants to keep a secret until the television broadcast.  CBS pays production bazillions of dollars for the rights to broadcast Big Brother.  They allow the live feeds to occur, but they want to save some secrets for their own show.   This is usually the case for the Power of Veto competitions, and the nomination and Veto ceremonies.  

             d.  During these competitions and ceremonies, the directors can be heard giving the house guests direction about where to stand, what to say, etc.  I'm pretty sure that they would have to paid extra if their voice was broadcast, so they can't let us hear that.  It might even be a union issue.  I would love to get some feedback from someone about that, if they know more details.

           e.  Sometimes, shit goes down in that house.  In a way that could result in violence or somebody getting hurt or maybe even killed.  At those times I think it is an "all hands on deck" situation and they don't have time to deal with the camera views, nor do they need us all witnessing what went on.  Last year I posted about two of these instances here (BB6) and here (BB4).   I can think of two more examples of this:  on BB9 Alison had an allergic reaction to something that made her face swell up, requiring medics to attend to her in the Diary Room.  It was life threatening.  At the same time, Amanda,  who was on slop that week had a diabetic seizure and was inside the house, convulsing.  It was crazy to have those two things happen at the same time.  The show's medic earned her paycheck that day.  They both ended up going to the hospital but came back in the house later on that evening.  The other example was the famous BB8 situation where Evel Dick and Jen got into it, and she claimed he burned her with a cigarette.  (Evel Dick recently told a story on a podcast that somebody in Florida called the California authorities and told them someone was being tortured in the BB house.  The cops actually came to the set and Production had to show them the footage before they would leave.  Live feeders are crazy, no?)

Anyway, as usual I digress, but the point is that the Big Brother live feeds are always on, except for these occasions I have described.  For the most part.  

2.  In contrast, The Glass House live feeds are produced as a show in and of themselves.  They are only live for a few hours each week, and everyone in the house is putting on a show for us.  They know the show is live and are posing and acting out to get the most camera time.  They do what they are told by the viewers  (i.e. stupid yoga poses)  and answer the stiff and forced questions posed by the weird female voice (i.e. would you use someone elses' toothbrush).  The live feeds for The Glass House do not exist to show us what is going on in the house at all.  They exist so that the viewers can build some sort of connection with the players.  You know, so we can vote on who is in Limbo.  Or whatever.

So the live feeds are not the same thing at all.  And did you know that all of The Glass House contestants stay in a hotel every weekend?  Supposedly they are "in isolation" but you can't tell me that the producers don't give them some hints and direction regarding what they should do.

So watching and the recapping The Glass House live feeds is no fun, as far as I'm concerned.  And it's hard to type when you keep getting hit with waves of douche chills.

 ***FYI RealNetwork's SuperPass is offering the Big Brother 14 live feed package at a 25% discount through July 11th.  You can order the feeds by clicking on the icon on the top left of this website.