Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The NBC vs. ABC Feud Continues...

NBC's legal assault of ABC is moving ahead---the legal team is hustling in order to stop ABC's The Glass House from airing on June 18th.

You can say all you want about lawyers, but they will work 24/7 on a hot case.  Yes, you have to pay them, but everybody likes to make fun of attorneys....until you need one.  Then that shit isn't funny anymore.

The Hollywood Reporter tells us that a deposition was held last Sunday that lasted 7 hours....Kenny Rosen, Executive Producer of The Glass House and former producer of Big Brother was grilled about what he knows and how he used that knowledge.

Even if NBC loses the lawsuit, ABC losing the services of their Executive Producer for a full day within two weeks of the show's kick-off is a big blow.  If you've ever been deposed, then you know that there is a lot of prep time beforehand, and follow up afterwards.

I'm sure Kenny is excited about his new job and all, but his ass is on the line here.  You can read the Hollywood Reporter article here.

Wondering who will be living in The Glass House?  Well, you can find out here.