Friday, May 4, 2012

Spotlight: Brenchal TAR Finale Celebration - Part 3

This series of posts is one of my personal favorites, and is actually the reason for this entire Brenchal celebration.  I wanted to read it this morning and yadda yadda yadda half of my day is gone.   I refer to the series as the Garlic Bread Incident and will post the entries in order.

To summarize,  we are mid-season of Big Brother 12 and while the houseguests are trying to get along with each other, there is a lot of drama and hate brewing and everybody knows it.

Except for Brendon.

He has no idea that his neurotic micro-managing of the kitchen is setting people off.  He fancied himself as the chef of the house, and a culinary expert.  Every dish that he made had at least a dozen different spices in it.  While I think the houseguests generally enjoyed his cooking and appreciated his efforts, his superior attitude about it rubbed Matt and Britney the wrong way.

I don't think Brendon had any idea that they were mocking him, which made it even funnier to me.  Also, it was obvious that the camera crew was enjoying it, too.  As Matt and Britney made fun of Brendon's garlic bread in the backyard, the camera inside the house would give us a great close up of his chopping and slicing.

This all went down on August 1, 2010.  So here you go, and I hope you enjoy it.

Celebration Blog Post #6 - The Garlic Bread Incident #1    LINK

Celebration Blog Post #7 - The Garlic Bread Incident #2    LINK

Celebration Blog Post #8 - The Garlic Bread Incident #3    LINK

Spotlight - Brenchal TAR Finale Celebration - Part 2

Celebration Blog Post #3 - July 16, 2010 - Who Wants to See Her HOH Room?

The post at this LINK documents Rachel's first HOH win during Big Brother 12 after the season's first live eviction show.  Rachel is in her element wearing a super-short sparkly dress.  In an unprecedented move, Big Brother gives her a bottle of booze!  Enzo and Lane want cocaine!  And Britney needs a drink! 

Celebration Blog Post #4 - July 17, 2010 - The Dick Don't Lie.

I apologize to Brendon's family about this LINK.  But hey, it could be a lot worse, right?

Celebration Blog Post #5 - July 31, 2010 - Mac and Cheese ---Over Brendon's Dead Body!

If you watched the BB12 live feeds, then you know that Brendon and Rachel fought a lot.  They loved a lot, but they fought a lot, too.  One constant source of friction was Rachel's eating and drinking habits.  Brendon was constantly bitching at her about her poor nutrition, as well as her tendencies to get wasted and flash the cameras.  He was also a Nazi about the kitchen, and felt like any culinary activity had to be cleared with him first.  In this LINK, Brendon micromanages poor Rachel as she tries to put together one of America's favorite fatty dishes.

Spotlight: Brenchal TAR Finale Celebration - Part 1

As you all know, the lovestruck, argumentative and sparkly duo that is Brenchal is appearing on the finale of The Amazing Race this Sunday night.  I always knew they would go far, because I saw a photo of both of them rappelling down some sort of huge silver pole near the end of filming last year.

But will they win?  I hope so and will be on the edge of my seat watching on Sunday.

In celebration, I will be featuring some classic blog posts about Brendon and Rachel.  Kind of a showmance retrospective.

Way back in July 2010, we were introduced to Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly just before the premiere of Big Brother 12.  As usual, the Big Brother houseguests were interviewed just before entering the house.

 Brenchal Celebration Post #1 - July 3, 2010

At this LINK, I cover my first impressions of Brendon Villegas.  Basically, I thought he was hot, hottie, hot.  And smart to boot.  Brendon was remarkably candid about his family issues, and mentioned that his Big Brother casting was no accident.

Brenchal Celebration Post #2 - July 7, 2010

At this LINK, I cover my first impressions of Rachel Reilly.  Her interview with Chelsia was much shorter than the other houseguests.  I remember tthere was some sort of air conditioning issue in the interview room, which might explain the length of the interview.  Even though Rachel's interview was short, she managed to mention her huge jugs several times.

Once a Reality Star......Always a Reality Star

Well well well.

Jeff and Jordan are once again poised to capitalize on their Big Brother fame with a new reality series that is (surprise surprise) affiliated with CBS.

The following article comes to us from Reality Nation---you can find the link here.  Not a lot of news about the content of the show, but I'm guessing promotion for the show will fit nicely with the Big Brother summer schedule.

They are living together in California, so the show might just focus on them setting up their home as hilarity ensues.

Jeff and Jordan Get Show on CBSi

Super couple to star in web series together

Big Brother fan favorites Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd have started filming their own reality show on CBSi.

Jeff tweeted the news today. “Excited for me & Jordan to start filming our new show today for CBSi,” he said. “Already having a blast!! More info to come…”

He also included the above photo in the tweet.

Jeff and Jordan recently moved to Los Angeles together so Jeff could pursue such outlets. Jordan had previously said she was done with reality TV for a bit, but it looks like CBS tossed an offer at the Big Brother sweethearts she just could refuse.

“Just left chicago, about to start our new adventure w/CBS interactive,” Jordan tweeted today.

So what’s CBSi? “CBS Interactive is the premier online content network for information and entertainment” according to the website. “Our brands dive deep into the things people care most about across news, sports, entertainment, technology and business. With hundreds of millions of unique visitors from around the world each month, CBS Interactive is a global top 10 web property and the largest premium content network online.”

There’s no further information on the web series at this time. But as soon as we know the details on what the show will be about and where and when you can watch, we’ll keep you updated.