Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Rachel Takes Over WE TV

I'm sure you know by now that the Reality Event of the Season was held in September when Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas were married in LA.  Their wedding was planned by a Celebrity Wedding Planner for his show My Fair Wedding, which appears on WE TV.

The episode with Brendon and Rachel will be broadcast on Saturday night, December 15th.  I must admit I've never watched WE TV, and had to do some channel surfing to see if my cable provider includes it in my channel line up.  It turns out that Comcast does offer WE TV, but it must be part of some sort of expanded cable option because I'm not allowed to watch it.  So, I guess I can't watch the Brenchel episode in a timely manner on December 15th.

But I'm not too upset about it...turns out that Comcast does offer episodes of My Fair Wedding that I can watch On Demand.  Better late than never.

If you're a Big Brother fan, this show is a must see, since it features a wide variety of reality stars from different reality shows, who were no doubt drunk as shit during the presentation.  And get this:  Matt Hoffman (BB12) officiated the ceremony!

WE TV has an article "written" by Rachel about her bachelorette party in Vegas that you can read at this link.

Still Hungry for Brenchel Wedding News?  Well, enjoy these posts from the FeedWatcher Archive, from last September, replete with boozy Twitter party pictures.

**  Brenchel Marries - Brendon Puts a Ring On It  

**  More Brenchel Wedding Snaps

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