Thursday, October 4, 2012

Twitter Roundup #BB14

Frank, Dan and Ian have made the pilgrimage to Seattle for a SuperPass visit.  They have a chat that is scheduled to start any minute now, actually.

A few days ago, Dan's wife tweeted that Dan has signed with CAA (Creative Artist's Agency) for representation.  I think they are going to rep him for speaking engagements.  Through my job, I used to have speakers' catalogs from several different agencies.  The speakers are separated by type  (political figures, athletes, entertainers, etc) and there was a short bio for each of them, and there was a separate price sheet enclosed that listed the speech rates for each celebrity.  I remember Colin Powell had really high rates, but I could spend hours at my desk just thumbing through that catalog and checking the price sheet.

Congrats to Dan.  This is a big deal.  I'm guessing Dan's speech rate will start at $15,000 or so, and companies can hire him to present a speech at their meetings.  He will have to give a big cut to the agency, but he's still going to earn a fortune from this.  The companies he presents for will also likely cover his travel expenses.  The one I used to work for would pick up speakers on a private jet, if they asked us to.  I don't know if Dan has the juice for that yet, but who knows...

Dan flew to Seattle with his favorite movie in his carry-on bag, apparently.

Frank checked into the hotel and went for dinner downstairs.  Dan tweeted his room number.  Swing by and see him if you can.  I'm sure he'd love it.

Speaking of dinner, Frank ordered a big fat steak with a big fat huge glob of herb butter on top.  Wow.  Fatty-licious.

 This lucky Team Frank fan won Frank's Jury House painting.

Frank saw this T-shirt in the hotel gift shop.  Ha.

Frank ate breakfast downstairs.  If you know anything about Seattle, it is pretty easy to figure out where they are staying.  It is very near the old Real World Seattle house, I think.  Seattle is one gorgeous place.  Really nice.  I worked there for 6 weeks a few years ago, and there are a few bridges I would cross in the morning on the way to the office where I was over water, with a different mountain range on either side.  Hard to feel stressed out in surroundings like that...

 Is Dan standing on his tippy toes here?

Frank got in one last workout on the bleachers at his old high school.

Shane tweeted a picture of his evening with Danielle.  I listened live to their chat on BBAD Radio on Tuesday night.  It was BRUTAL, with many callers berating Danielle about her lies about cancer.  (You can google BBAD Radio and find the archived version pretty easily.  Chef Joe did one, too, but I haven't had the chance to listen yet.)  Shane mentioned that he returned home to find that his roommate burned his bed, without giving an explanation.  Hmmm.  Don't worry Shane.  I hear it gets better. 

Here's an interesting twitter conversation between Shanielle and Chris, who is one of Shane's friends. 

Janelle got some new lipstick. Wowza.  Can you imagine looking into the mirror and seeing that?

And Rachel and Brendon have made some fitness goals for October and are encouraging fans and friends everywhere to join them.  They pledge to workout and eat right for the entire month of October.   This twitter exchange is a few days old, but is interesting because James Rhine is getting in on the action.

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