Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Twitter Roundup #BB14

Let's take a spin through Twitter, looking for interesting tidbits about the BB14 house guests. 

Britney went to Long John Silvers...she's been jonesing on some of that fried food for a long, long time.  I heard her discuss this a number of times on the live feeds.

Britney wasn't asked to go to Seattle for the SuperPass chat on Thursday.  But Ian, Dan and Frank were..

Britney enjoyed her Long John Silvers grub, as did her fan Zach.  He is one of her biggest fans and she talked about him when she interviewed with Jeff Schroeder after her eviction. She snagged something collectible for him from the house.  (You can see that here.)  In order for me to ever visit Long John Silvers, I would need to be very, very stoned.  There is a location about three miles from my house, but since there is a Taco Bell a block away from it, the odds are low that I would go to Long John Silvers, even with a raging case of munchies.  Taco Bell would win, I think.

Wil checked the mail and received his Big Brother key. 

Here he is in the "studio".  I would love to see pictures of him filming his parodies.  You know, dressed up like Dan or something.

 Janelle received her BB14 key, too, and promptly put it up for sale.  She's all about the dollars, yo.

Jenn is happy, but has no details for us beyond that.

Speaking of Jenn, this fan won her Jury House painting.  I actually tried to win that painting.  **whatever***  I think that looks like the cover of a novel.

And now, Frank's twitter news.  Frank is going to be a prolific tweeter, I predict.  He has a lot of fan love and let's face it, he has the time.  He is still in Memphis but I guess he will leave for Seattle later today or tomorrow.

Here is Frank with some chick who interviewed him.

 Frank enjoyed some sushi in Memphis.

Frank indeed got to take Teddy B out of the house, and is contemplating selling him.  How can he sell Ted after all they've been through?  

Frank went out to breakfast at Cracker Barrel with his dad this morning.  Maybe today is that big day for a father-son chat.  Frank is going to have a hard time finding egg whites at Cracker Barrel.  That has got to be one of the most unhealthy places ever.  Even worse than Long John Silver, but not as bad as Taco Bell.

And, like a true celebrity, some fans spotted Frank at Cracker Barrel and tweeted out a picture they took with him.  I guess Sid Eudy is camera shy.

One last tweet----from Rachel at her exercise class.  Can you imagine competing against a Rachel-Frank alliance?  Damn.  That would be tough to beat.

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