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SuperPass Live Chat with Dan, Frank and Ian Part 2 #BB14

After the break Missy leads the interview.  (You can see my recap of Part #1 here.)

She jumps right into it by reading a fan question that sounds like it was slamming Frank for being barefoot in the BB house.  Frank said why should he wear shoes if he didn't need to?  Missy asks Frank his shoe size and he says 12.

Dan says his favorite time so far in Seattle was when Frank showed up at the hotel room (Room 116) with his fluffy iconic hair and they all sat down and talked.  He liked that part.  Then Missy put Frank on blast by saying he is the only one who has EVER visited the set who asked where he could use a mirror in the studio.

Frank:  Why you gotta call me out like that?  Everyboy's watchin!

Missy touches The Hair and says she can't see where he trimmed it.  (Missy is TeamIan.)

Dan  takes a question and goes on an on and on about it.  Dominating this part of the chat as well.  Something about why he voted out Joe and not Shane. Dan plugs his new website where he is going to watch the BB episodes for the first time and give his commentary about them as he watches.  I think you can buy access to this important event and he might have guests come in, too.  Dan is a great businessman.  That is for sure.

Mike Boogie told Frank there were some things he needed to see, so he watched some episodes at Mike's house, up until the part where he was evicted.  He hasn't had time to watch the rest yet, but jokes why would he watch it if he wasn't on there?

Ian answers a question by saying he made a Final Two deal with Dan right after the OTEV POV challenge.  Dan can't just let Ian talk, so he pulls out his "Mist" and sprays Ian while he speaks.  Both Ian and Frank say "please no more mist" and Ian said it smelled like orange.

Not content to just spray mist, Dan monopolizes things by telling Missy it's getting hot in there, and he needs to take off his shirt.   Oh ha ha Dan is wearing that same old T-shirt.  He's like fucking Carrot Top on there, with his props and canned jokes.

A caller asked how Dan could read the Bible all of the time and then steal all of those things from the house and sell them?  Dan chuckles that he loves that question and refers to his stolen items as "artifacts that he took to give to the fans".  (Ebay isn't "giving", Dan.)

Missy says that Frank smells really good.   Dan wonders if maybe she smells the Mist, but Missy says no, she's smelling Frank and he smells good.  Ian says Frank does use deodarant and is not stinky.

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Someone called in to ask if Frank had regrets.  Frank had two.  He apologized to Dan, but wished they had voted Danielle and Dan out early in the game, instead of JoJo.  Ian said yes when Frank said that.  Frank also wished that he had kept Wil instead of Joe, because he thinks he could have worked with him.

They asked Ian if he would change anything.

Ian:  No, because I won!

He says that the BB game is like dominos, one change would lead to another and he wouldn't want to change something after how he finished.  Ian says that Joe "cried wolf" too many times in the house and that kept people from taking him seriously and working with him.  Ian says in hindsight, Joe had a pretty good grasp on what was going on in there, but no one would listen to him at that point.

A guy called in to shoot the breeze with Dan and asked him how he got "outchicked".  Dan talks about his beautiful wife and says he told both Ian and Frank that "he just knew" immediately when he met Chelsea and that would happen for them, too.

A caller asks Frank about his dad.  Frank watched the episode with his father on there and explains again why he chose to keep his father's job private.  Dan has to take over that conversation as well, and starts saying that he would have wanted to keep Frank if he knew that, so he could ask him a million questions about professional wrestling.  Dan can't imagine having a dad who "flew off the ropes".

(I believe that Dan wanted to ask questions, but I do not believe it would have kept Frank in longer.)

A caller wishes that SuperPass had a camera in the Jury House, and wants to know if Frank could tell them a little something from the Jury House they they might not know.  Frank said they had a blast in the Jury House and then finally admitted that he had a week of "QCT" in the Jury House.  He explains this is Quality Cuddle Time with Ashley.

Frank:  I needed it--I was upset from being evicted but was lickin' my wounds and needed some cuddle time!

Then he says it was entertaining to hear Britney "go off" on Danielle in the jury house.  Frank said they seemed like they were such good friends in the house, but you wouldn't think so listening to Britney in the Jury House.

Ian said that he was really angered by Danielle's behavior towards him in the final weeks of the game.  She was threatening him and calling him a coward and he says he would NEVER take someone to the end who displayed such poor sportsmanship.

Frank says that it will be hard to maintain a long distance relationship, but he did spend some with Ashley while Mike was working last week, and she's coming to visit him in Naples in a few weeks.  He grins and says they want to "see what's up" and take it from there.  Ian and Dan give a shout out to Ashley.  Frank does too, and gives a shout out to Barb and Auggie, too.  (Ashley's parents.  ha ha ha)

Missy wants to know what each of them are surprised to learn after watching the show on TV.  Ian mentions Danielle again, saying her comments about wanting to snap his neck hurt him.  And also the false allegations she made in the early weeks of the game about him spying on her and Kara in the shower.  That could have had a very bad impact on him, and he didn't appreciate it.  (Knowing what we know now about Danielle, she probably did make that crap up.)

Frank was surprised at how much everyone wanted him out from the first week.  He didn't realize that, but then Missy says a strong pair in the house is dangerous, and everyone knew he was Mike's strongest team member.  Frank adds that they were loyal to each other and would never have turned on Mike.   Dan makes a joke out of it by plugging his website and said that his biggest disappointment was that the website crashed on the live show after he mentioned it.  Then he said he was surprised Frank's dad is Sid Vicious because he would have loved to talk about wrestling with Frank.

A caller says that Danielle was so in love with Dan, she would have "turned Morman" to be his second wife.  Ian may buy a hammock for his house.  Dan says his mom bought a present for him and never got to give it to him before he went into the house.  It was in her trunk, and it turned out that it was a hammock for Dan's house.   They laugh and Ian says Lawon's suntan oil was what clogged up the material on the old hammock.

Missy asked Ian how many beers he's had.  He's putting a few down during the chat and is losing a few inhibitions, I think.

A lady calls in who loves Frank and Dan prods Frank  to hold up a Frank Eudy shirt and give the website address where this fan can buy a shirt.  Dan holds up the blue and green one that Mike wore at the Finale and has him give the website again.  (Ha ha ha)  Dan might sell his filthy flowered shorts on Ebay and they all make fun of that.

Ian cashed his big check and bought a laptop.  He is going to try and live a normal life though, but he will pay off his school loans.

Dan:  What about a trip to LA to see Kristin?

Ian:  Oh yeah, a trip to LA to see Kristin!

Frank:  Hashtag first class!

They all laugh.  A caller calls in mention the chat that Danielle and Shane did on Tuesday and says that Shane is so bitter, saying that Dan stole $500,000 from him, and that Danielle had cancer surgery and went bowling in Vermont two days later.

Ian starts talking about that, and says that he is about $50,000 in debt right now, so he needs the money as much as Shane does.  Then the caller admits she is the one from Survivor Sucks who got in the really harsh call on Danielle (JaniTholemyBaby).  When she mentions her name both Ian and Dan light up with laughter.  Jani just barrels on saying that "on Sucks, they set up the PMA Foundation, and that stands for People with Multiple Ailments".  She also adds that Jokers Updates were the ones bidding up Danielle's bag, not the Survivor Sucks people.  Missy cuts her off and wants to move on, of course.  Frank interjects that Dan didn't steal Shane's money, Shane gave his money away.  Jani liked that answer and left happy.   Another successful stealth call from Jani.

The following two pictures show Dan smirking while Ian discussed the Shanielle chat.  (You know damn well the two of them probably listened to it together.)

Somebody called in from Dearborn.  Frank never considered pro wrestling.  He saw the toll it took on his dad's body and how dangerous it could be.  Frank wasn't big enough, so he would have had to do a lot of flips and other scary things.  Frank is going to try to avoid blowing his prize money.  Dan is going to take Chelsea on a trip somewhere and says she deserves a break.

Missy: All of that baby talk in the house with Mike and Janelle and Britney...any babies coming up soon?

Dan:  You mean with Frank and Ashley?

They all laugh.  Dan says it will be a while for him, but looks forward to Dan Jr. playing BB42 with Frank Jr. and Ian Jr.

Frank:  And let's not forget Brady!

Missy:  And Violet!

Frank got a free first class upgrade at the Memphis airport because everybody at home is such a big fan of the show.  Frank slaps Ian on the back and says "we're gettin' some strange tonight!"

(ha ha ha  Ian's mom is watching this)

Someone from Jokers contacted Missy and strongly denies that they were behind Danielle's fraudulent auction. (It was Survivor Sucks.  Of course.)

Here is a picture of Ian drinking his beer. Rolling Rock, it looks like.

Dan will likely never come back to BB.  He has nothing left to prove.  He feels that Frank and Ian will both go back, and that Frank will get his redemption.  He repeats this, saying in two years to play it back and remember.

Chelsea and Laremy and Spicy come in and snuggle up behind the cast as Chelsea announces that they will all have lunch tomorrow.  And that at 10:00 pm tonight the feeds will restart from the beginning on SuperPass.   Chelsea can't keep her hands off Frank's hair as you can see below.

And it two weeks, Danielle and Shane will be there, live.  (!)  I'm sure JaniTholeMyBaby is clearing her calendar now for this important chat.  She may need to call from a different line, though, because they have her phone number now.

I did a big bong hit right after Part #2 started, so I forgot to take pictures for awhile.  Sorry about that, my friends.  I don't know if I will still have SuperPass access tomorrow, but if I do I will try and cover the lunch, since they are going to broadcast it.

I wish we had a live feed following this crew around tonight!  The cast and SuperPass crew are going to go out and get RIPPED tonight!  And Ian might get some STRANGE!  Look out Seattle!

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