Thursday, October 4, 2012

SuperPass Chat with Dan, Frank and Ian Part #1 #BB14

Once again, I was sitting right on time to watch a SuperPass show and missed part of it.  I could even hear Dan talking behind the music on the preview screen that I was watching.   Apparently I had to click some effing screen to see it live.  Yadda yadda yadda 36 minutes blew by...

As you can see they are all sitting on a panel with Spicy and are taking calls from fans who are really happy to get through to talk to their favorite BB guys.  I don't know if you can tell, but Frank is wearing a PBS T-shirt, a little nod to last night's presidential debate.  No politics here on my website, though.  Spicy proudly sports her Frank Eudy T-shirt.

People are calling in and are just gushing over them and it is a big love fest.  All callers will receive an autographed picture--the first 15 or so.  It sounds kind of like Dan is trying to take control of things.  He gave a coach's whistle out to a few callers, and even has a little bottle of "mist" and sprays the camera when one of his fans deserves it.  One caller complimented Frank on mending fences with Dan, and another caller asked Ian if he's been dating.  No, he hasn't.

Chelsea announced a special guest on the line.  I immediately knew who it was, but she said hello a few times and no one got it.  It was KRISTIN from BB12 and Ian just erupted in a big smile when he heard it was her.  She congratulated him on his win and he told her that if she visited Pittsburgh or New Orleans than "the beers are on him".

Ian had to explain to her that he goes to school in New Orleans and thanked her for calling.  Then Dan took over and asked Kristin if she would go out with Ian if he ever visited Los Angeles.  She said she would.

Ian:  Mom, book that plane ticket!  Book it now!

(Now THAT is funny.  I wonder if Mom approves?)

After Kristin hung up Dan chided Ian that he was going to hang up on her!  And Dan got him a date!  Kristin said she "would pick him up in her Smart Car".

They all clapped about the date.  Kristin said "people tweeted her about Ian".  She's one of those people who can't be bothered to keep up with Big Brother, I guess.  I wonder what she's so busy doing?

A caller asked Dan if he has spoken to Danielle.  He kind of side stepped that, but mentioned hearing that Danielle's bag on Ebay was over $60,000.  He thinks that when you start messing with someone's money, it is not cool and wants everyone to take it easy on her.

A guy called in from "Forchan" (?) and asked Ian about posting there.  Dan explained for "non computer nerds like Frank and Spicy" that is some sort of secret message board where you post anonymously.  Ian mentions "getting a trip" and says any postings that appear to be by him are false.  Dan and Frank haven't posted, either, so those are false as well.

A guy called in and got negative with Frank, saying that didn't he think all of his bragging about winning competitions hurt him in the game, mentioning how he carved his water bottle with his BB stats.  Dan interrupts and says that Frank's water bottle reminds him of "Mr. Echo on Lost" and they all nod.  (?)

Dan is selling Mr. Monk Monk and has some glib patter about why he's doing that.  He actually had a chat with Mr. Monk Monk about why he needed to go.

They have all seen Wil's parody videos and loved them.  Dan took over that conversation and said that Wil was very talented and his impressions of Joe were particularly good.  Spicy signs off for a 5 minute break and Dan says he has some "Renegade" armbands for her to thank her for her support this year.

Frank:  The asskisser of the year right here...

Spicy says that the other Real employees gave her shit for wearing her TeamFrank T-shirt, calling her an asskisser for wearing it.

 This is Frank listening to the caller who was accusing him of bragging too much.

Also, during the interview Spicy had Frank introduce one of the callers so Dan had to get in on that and asked to introduce one, too.  Dan is very competitive in this situation.  A caller also asked Frank if he would be able to get a job now.  He said he sure hoped so, but he needed to get home first so he could start looking for work.  Spicy asked them what they did last night.  Ian and Dan went to eat pizza and "have hipster ice cream".  Then they sat in the hotel room and talked.  Frank got in too late and missed the pizza party, but sat in the room with them (Room 116) and talked for awhile.  Sounds like they missed the debate.  Dan said he heard about it but somehow restrained himself from cheering at the results.

Overall the tone is light and fun.  Part #2 up next.  (You can see my Part #2 recap here.)

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  1. A guy called in from "Forchan" (?) and asked Ian about posting there.



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