Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Another All Nighter for Evel Dick #BB14

Evel Dick tweets all night long out there in Colorado.  That can't be healthy, right?  I'm actually not sure what he is doing for income out there----he might be working in a bar or something so in that case his timing makes perfect sense.

His latest fixation is the fan's cruel treatment of Danielle.  One thing that has set him off is the Survivor Sucks message board where the "fans" are bragging about placing false bids on Danielle's Ebay merchandise.  For example, look at the current price on her Big Brother bag....over $60,000.

C'mon now....

 So here is Dick's rant about all of this.

OK.  Whew....Dick is finished now.

Whoops...spoke too soon.

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