Thursday, September 6, 2012

Wil Heuser on American Idol #BB14

Wil Heuser hasn't released his 2nd Big Brother video yet---the first was part of a trilogy, but all good things take time, I guess.

This short clip shows Wil on American Idol back in the day.  He is featured in a clump of "bad auditions", but I'm not sure he deserves that.  He doesn't seem to be taking it very seriously, since he crosses his eyes in the middle of the song.  I think he should have worn his Captain's Hat with a go-go outfit, if he really wanted to get crazy.

Interestingly enough, I read in the news today that American Idol only has one judge under contract at the moment ---Mariah Carey--although they plan to have 4 judges.  I haven't watched that show in about 10 years, but it sounds like a huge cluster to me.

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