Thursday, September 13, 2012

What's That Smell? Is It Dan's Mist? #BB14

And I wonder what Dan's Mist would smell like?  I'm thinking like a new pair of tennis shoes, with a lingering chlorine smell.  Or is it odorless at first, causing you to look around and wonder who farted after Dan leaves the room?

Alison Grodner just tweeted this..

Couple of comments:

1.  Alison needs some ratings tonight.  That's why she wants you to watch the show live.  I think the DVR viewings count towards ratings, too, but they have to be viewed within a certain time period to count.

2.  Alison is using "#mist" in her tweet.  I believe nothing would make Alison happier than having Dan and Ian in the Finals.  That's a good story for her to tell.

3.  I didn't see this for myself, but apparently Danielle has indicated to Dan that she will use the POV live tonight to save him.   Dan went to the Memory Wall this afternoon and told everyone that he would be voting Shane out tonight.  So that is what I think Alison is referring to when she mentions a blindside.

4.  I have been waiting for Ian to leave the house for a few weeks now, but I don't have any strong feelings one way or another about Shane.  I would say Ian deserves to win more than Shane.  Shane has won a few competitions, but he doesn't know the game very well.  Shane would not take Dan to the end, so that is why Dan needs to get rid of him.  Even though it would be easier to beat him for jury votes, if Shane has any power at the end of the game Dan is likely leaving in third place, which is the worst place.  Just ask Janelle.

5.  Would Danielle flip out if Shane leaves?  I am wiggling my fingers around like Mr. Burns at the thought of that.  Heh heh heh...

6.  I'll say one least these players came to play.  Remember last year, when Adam dropped out of the final endurance competition because "his arms hurt"?  You're not going to see that shit tonight.  Hell no.  Whoever the Final Three are, they are going to hang on for dear life.

7.  If tonight is an endurance competition, be assured that I will be covering the action for you, as usual.  I'm pretty sure it will be an endurance competition.  I think Sunday's show is going to be a "best of" show, with season highlights and maybe unseen footage.  And then Wednesday is the 90 minute finale.

It's the beginning of the end for BB14.


  1. I'd like to think the mist smells like cinnamon.

    Since we can't evict Dani tonight, I guess Shane will do.

    I'm hoping Dani is the next evictee. That would probably be at Ian's hands, though. She'll go off crying & cry for days & months of how she was done wrong. Poor thang, and after she was stalked and put in harm's way; and whatever assorted maladies she will come up with.

    Oh, well, time will tell ...... :)

  2. Maybe cinnamon with an aftershave-type top note?


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