Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What Were People Searching For This Summer? #BB14

These are the top ten search terms this summer that brought people to this website.  Clearly there is a pattern here, right?

Right up until he was evicted, Mike Boogie and his Baby Mama situation were the top search topics.  After almost every CBS episode through mid-August, the searches for information about his personal situation went wild.  Huge spikes in the data.

I don't know who the Baby Mama is, but I posted several updates of Mike discussing his single status, and his easy arrangements with Brady's mom.  I heard Mike say that she didn't want to be public about it, so that is that to me.  Someone actually contacted me with some information about her, but I didn't pursue it.  She's just a normal person and is not a public figure.   Children and family type stuff just feels off limits to me...none of our business, I guess.  But fun to speculate about.

I thought people would be clamoring for info about Kara Monaco after the show premiered way back on July 12th, but it was all Mike, Mike, Mike.

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