Sunday, September 30, 2012

Twitter Roundup #BB14

I have a long list of things I need to do today, but somehow I get on Twitter and time just flies.  Here are notable Twitter updates for all of you BB SuperFans who are missing your favorite houseguests.

I didn't want to follow Ashley on Twitter, but I gave in so I could get her Frank updates.  Turns out she is a great Tweeter and I am really enjoying it.  Thanks Ashley for the positive vibes!

Frank even wore a collared shirt for this date night with Ashley and Mike.  Hey Frank, take your hat off!  Mike Boogie did!

 Different occasion, different black dress.

Ashley had access to crayons in the Jury House, and made a list of things to do with her mother when she came to visit.  That's a good list, but I would also add the Getty Museum in Malibu.  You have to ride a tram to get up there---I was so scared on that thing, but the museum at the top of the mountain is incredible.  Lots of garden space and views.

 I wonder if Mrs. Iocco will hang this on the refrigerator.

I hope Ashley wins her lawsuit.  She better put that on her dream board.

Dan's wife Chelsea made him an HoH basket for his return to Michigan.  That's a cute idea.  But she should make her husband fresh guacamole, not the packaged stuff.

I don't follow Kara Monaco, but I found the following pictures of her and Adam Poch (BB13).  I guess she visited NYC in her new role as the St. Pauli Girl.  Supposedly Kara likes the rock and roll types. 

Jenn had a big Welcome Home party in Brooklyn last night at a local bar.  Here she is with her cake.  Pretty awesome, huh? 

And now, back to Frank.  These are a little out of order, but I'll try to put them in context.  Frank flew home to Memphis late Friday, with a layover in the Dallas airport..

He went out with his buddies on Saturday night, going to downtown Memphis.  You know you can catch a good buzz at a place called Silky O'Sullivans.

 This picture is an instant classic.

Frank is visiting Seattle next week with Dan and Ian for a chat.  They picked the three most popular BB14 house guests to visit the SuperPass offices for a live chat.  That is scheduled to happen this Thursday and I will recap that.  I think that is my last day with SuperPass access, so PREESH to Real Networks for the timing on that.

Frank told his buddy Chris that he couldn't drink in the Dallas airport because he was going to see Nana later that night.  I guess that Nana doesn't put up with any crap.

Frank's little brother tweeted this picture of the two of them as kids.  Cute.

And Frank obviously tweeted this before he met up with Mike Boogie.  And Memphis and Ashley, of course.

And finally, Shane has been MIA from Twitter, other than a quick tweet to say he'd try to come back later.  He and Danielle are supposed to do a Blog Talk Radio chat on Tuesday, apparently.  There are some "Shanielle" fans out there that think Dani is flying to Vermont for the occasion.  Blog Talk Radio is just a call in show, so I don't think they need to be in the same room for that. 

I think Shane should tell her the truth before she starts buying plane tickets.  

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