Friday, September 21, 2012

Twitter Pic Roundup #BB14

There are a lot of Twitter pics cropping up starring the cast of BB14.  Here are a few that I thought you might like.

Here is a picture Dan tweeted of himself with Memphis.

 This is Wil with Missy from SuperPass.

This is a picture Missy tweeted of Ashley and Frank.  I think this is from the Thursday night SuperPass wrap party.  I am going to watch this footage of the wrap party sometime over this weekend and recap it for you.   Frank is sporting his own line of signature T-shirts.

Speaking of those shirts, you can get your very own at this link to show your support for Team Frank.

I know in advance that at least one reader will object to this picture of Robin Kass "fraternizing" with Frank right after his eviction.  Sorry.

Wil Heuser mixed it up with his fellow cast members, as well as civilians who attended the party.

Nobody has tweeted more pictures then Jodi Rollins...she's nobody's wall flower, that's for sure.  Some of you might recognize Michael "Cowboy" from BB5.  If you don't know, one of the twists of BB5 was that the producers also cast Cowboy's sister, whom he had never met.  I'm not even sure that he knew she existed.  That's kind of sick, isn't it?  And certainly evil. His sister Nakomis appeared on BB7, the All Stars season, but Cowboy himself didn't make the cut, and was left standing on the front steps with his bags packed.

And here she is with Kalia from BB13.

And Jordan Lloyd.  Jordan looks so skinny, doesn't she? 

And Adam Poch, who probably can't stop himself from making that face whenever cameras come out.

And with Ian Terry, who appears to be wearing Puka Beads.

In the limosine on the way to the wrap party with Wil.  Note that this was taken before they started boozing it up.  Yes, before.

And with Dani Donato.  Wonder if Dominic was there?


Yes, Dom was there with Dani.  Reader Char provided a link with this picture.  They certainly look "coupley", don't they?  I think the guy with them is from SuperPass.

And here is Ian sitting with his parents, being interviewed by Missy.  Missy was one of Ian's biggest supporters the entire BB14 season.   How is Ian going to get laid if he keeps dragging his parents around with him in LA?

And speaking of Ian getting laid, I guess he can cross Kristin off his list, from the sound of this exchange.  I didn't even get a "maybe" from this.


  1. I read somewhere that Ian's puka beads Jeff game him during their CBS interview.

  2. Wow, sorry. Let's try that again.

    I read somewhere that Ian's puka beads are the ones Jeff gave him during their CBS interview.

  3. Yep, Dominic was there with Dani D.

  4. Thanks Char. I think they are a cute couple! I am going to update the post with this picture


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