Saturday, September 1, 2012

Time to Wake Up #BB14

Dan got on the scale and he weighs 140 pounds.  He says he has lost 25 pounds this summer.  Danielle doesn't understand that---he's only been on slop for one week.

(I suspect everyone loses weight from the lack of alcohol.  Dan has discussed enjoying cocktails with his family on the weekend, drinking beer, etc., so the extreme cut back in those empty calories would do it.)

Dan says he eats out a lot at home.  Ian got up to go the bathroom and got back in bed, telling us all that he is "casually petting his snake".  He is jokingly referring to "Snakie", his stuffed animal.

Ian will need to learn to use a filter on himself as he grows and matures.  He doesn't need to verbalize his every thought, every time.

Dan says that at the end of BB10, he and Memphis faced the Jury for the Q & A and then had three days with absolutely nothing to do before Finale.  They say that BB has changed since then.  Dan thinks there is at least one live competition and remembers Jordan "rolling a ball".  Frank doesn't think that was a live competition and we go to FISH as they chat about it.

(That was a live competition, because I remember hearing the audience cheer for Jordan as she won.  She was playing against Natalie Martinez, who was a polarizing character on the show.  And Kevin, who was like a piece of furniture in that house, no matter what he thinks...)

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